Racist Hair?


You might remember a story from a couple of weeks ago of a couple of black college students confronting a white male student over his dreadlocks. Apparently they were under the impression that dreadlocks were a black only hairstyle. In other stories over that past few months white girls were confronted by blacks for having braids which is kinda funny since whites have been braiding their hair for centuries and you don’t see a lot of blacks braiding their hair in the history books about Africa. Most recently Lil Kim has been scorned for trying to look white and of course Beyonce has always been pretty white looking.

How has the world and especially America gotten so politically correct that people can’t look the way they want to look without bring scorned by someone. Some Black chicks look great in blonde hair just like some white chicks look great in black hair. You didn’t really think that Xena Warrior Princess had naturally black hair did you? Well if you did here’s a surprise her natural hair color is blonde. If Lil Kim gets crapped on for trying to look white why doesn’t everyone in the black community crap on Beyonce? That bitch looks like a white girl whose been to the beach. I’ve known a couple of white guys whose natural hair looked like afros.

I think for most people their goal as far as looks are concerned is to look as good as they possibly can at least to themselves. My own hair used to go all the way down to my butt and even now it is longer than most womens hair. My neighbors little girl who is all of 4 years old asked me last week “why do you have long hair?” I looked at her a smiled my Cheshire Cat grin and asked her why she had long hair. She smiled as if I have given her the right answer and scooted off.

Personally I think the contrast between skin and hair color is pretty hot looking. Some oriental women are as white as snow and have very black hair. I think we can all agree that is pretty hot looking. Natural blondes strive for deep tans because dark skin and light blonde hair is a hot look and everyone knows it.Braids look good on both some women and some men. Why do women wear makeup if not to alter their looks?

There really is no such thing as hair color or style belonging to a certain race or gender. Before the Moors started raiding European coasts for slaves a European man with long hair was normal and the better it looked ie the more that it was combed and washed the higher up the social ladder he was perceived to be.

Given the current politically correct atmosphere we live in, maybe a white guy with dreadlocks should be considered black and a black girl with straight hair should be considered white and any woman with short hair should be considered a man? Or maybe not because what you look like shouldn’t summarily dictate who you are. Crap when I was in college I dyed my long blonde hair green for fun because my after school job was as a after school counselor for kindergarten aged kids. They loved it and they always knew where I was which was important.

Messing with peoples hairstyle is just about as messed up as it gets. Who cares? If the person who wears the hair likes the hair, it shouldn’t be anyone elses business. I have had my hair long most of my life and I like it that way and if you don’t like it fuck you. If the length of my hair, or the color or style of someone elses hair is a problem for you then maybe it is time for you to seek psychological help.

But if you’re just looking for an excuse to start a fight with someone stop being a pussy and just walk up to them and punch them in the face. You’ll probably look pretty good in prison orange so go for it. Otherwise just shut your piehole and mind your own bees wax.



Cruz: Insane in the Membrane


Now that Ted Cruz is statistically eliminated as a possible winner of the Republican Parties Primary we can all expect Cruz to withdraw from the race and unite the party around Trump to defeat Clinton in November right? But nooooo. After a though ass whooping in the Northeast Cruz is choosing his V.P. choice. WTF?

I’m pretty old but even at my age I’ve never seen any GOP primary candidate choose their VP before the convention much less choose one when they are getting clobbered in the primaries. And his choice is Carly Fiorina? Seriously? A loser picking an even bigger loser? This can’t turn out well for Cruz (unless the female population in America is just as insane as he is).

What about Fiorina herself what is she thinking? Yeah ok she’s jobless and probably desperate for work but how could she possibly believe that becoming a losers VP choice could possibly advance her political career. She’s supposed to be a smart business woman but accepting Cruz’s insano plan says a lot about her judgement and it isn’t good.

Ted Cruz isn’t just proving how desperate he is to be president he is also showing that there are no lengths he won’t go to for that end. For the last couple of years or so he has been carefully grooming himself as a man of integrity but this moves clearly shows integrity is something he completely lacks. And again this displays his own judgement and it isn’t good.

It’s time to put Raphael back in his FEDEX box and ship him back to Canada where he belongs. He’s a charlatan with a case of snake oil who does not have the integrity to hold the highest office in the land. Obama was a disgrace as a president but Cruz would make Barry look like a church mouse.

Ted Cruz

England is to Blame for the Downfall of Europe


When Germany came to the aide of its friends at the start of WWI both France and England saw Germany as a treat to their extensive empires. The Germany army was strong and had France and England not declared war on them there would not have been a WWI at all in fact the war that started it would have been over very quickly. But both France and England got schooled by the Germans for interfering and were both losing the war badly as was Russia who was also involved. Germany, which didn’t really see either France or England as true enemies offered them both peace the terms of which were that all things would return to the way they were before that war began. This was probably the best peace offering in the history of warfare.

This offering however was humiliating to the two nations who had both been the controlling entities of Europe for centuries. Both countries still had massive empires and losing to Germany was akin to England being beaten by the American revolutionaries. So when the leading Jewish banks from mostly Germany came to England with promises of financing England’s war effort and also promising Americas involvement for a little scrap of land in the Middle East, England welcomed them with open arms. It only cost America 150 lives through the sinking of the British ship Lusitania which at the time was illegally trafficking arms shipments from the U.S. to England to get America involved in the conflict, yet even with Americas help no Allied troops ever breached the German Boarder. For The Jewish bankers betrayal of Germany they were rewarded with the Balfour Declaration which eventually led to the State of Israel.

When WWII broke out with Germany’s invasion of Poland it would be hard to call that invasion unjustified. After WWI large areas of Germany were carved up and much of Germany’s former territory was given to Poland. In fact part of the land given to Poland separated Germany into two unconnected parts. If that wasn’t bad enough after the war Poland had designs on Germany and to that end had tried to get France to join them in not just invading Germany but completely conquering Germany splitting the country down the middle forever wiping Germany completely off the map.

To add insult to injury native German people who after WWI found themselves to be a conquered people and part of Poland were being systematically abused by the Polish government and the Polish people. Thousands upon thousands of murders, rapes, torture, and the destruction of homes and businesses belonging to these Germans are well documented. Polish snipers also had great sport shooting German refugees who were trying to escape to what had then become a much smaller Germany.

Initially Germany under Adolf Hitler tried to work with the League of Nations a European version of the United Nations to resolve the issue offering several different plans through diplomacy but to no avail. With no relief from the international community and Poland threatening Germany boarders, Germany had no other real option than to invade Poland which obviously they did with extreme efficiency.

Once again the empires of France and England could not tolerate an equally strong Germany and declared war on Germany ensuring another war for the world to fight on their behalf to protect their dominance as world powers. England most of all desired another war with Germany long before the first shot was fired as some of Churchill’s statements indicate.


To ensure that Germany was forever to be the sniveling nation it has become today the victors of WWII picked up on a lie told by the Jewish Communists in Russia to try to distract the world from Russia’s own slaughter of between 40 and 60 million of its own people namely the Holocaust. The plague that devastated  Europe during the first half of the 20th century Typhus, was turned into the Holocaust and a pesticide, Zyclon B was turned into cyanide and claimed to be used to exterminate 6 million Jews. Two things should be noted here. First the International Red Cross has never claimed that more than 500,000 people died in Germany’s detention facilities (most according to them from Typhus) and second that according to the Jewish World Dictionary no significant loss in the population of the Jewish people was evident. Six million Jews represented about 1/3 of the worlds Jewish population at that time.

So here we have the situation in Europe today born from the seed of the Balfour Declaration in which Germany is still an occupied nation controlled by a shadow government due to the treaty of Geheimer Staatsvertrag enacted on May 21, 1949 which robs Germany of its ability to govern itself until 2099, committing cultural suicide driven by Zionists and with it taking the rest of Europe along for that suicidal ride to hell with millions of Muslim African and Middle Easterners destroying what little is left of Europe’s culture. Population estimates confirm that Europe will be dominated by Islam sometime within the next 20 or 30 years.

We could blame Jewish bankers for this entire mess and be quite justified for doing so because they held out the carrot but it was England that took the carrot. No one forced England to take the carrot instead of the generous offering of peace from the Germans. It was England’s arrogance and greed that set the wheels in motion and it is ultimately England who is to blame for beating down the German people until they weren’t even capable of protecting themselves from their own annihilation.

Now look at England today. The empire is long gone and Muslims have taken over large areas of their little piss ant island. I don’t cry for England not one tear. What is happening to England today and what will continue to happen to them in the future is richly deserved. Karma has prevailed.



Investing for Young People


I have been asked by a young person about investing and it occurred to me that many young people could benefit from my expertise in the subject. Before I get to the meat and potatoes let’s have a good look at your life and what goals you should be striving for. To begin the odds are pretty high that your parents have completely screwed up your families legacy. They probably divorced or wasted their lives with other pursuits throwing you to the wolves and expecting you to “make it on your own.” I doubt any of you are expecting any kind of inheritance in fact I suspect for most of you your parents will become a burden to you as they get old and/or pass away leaving you with the bill for their lack of vision.

What should your goals be? First of all you don’t want to be a burden on your own children so you’ll want to prepare for the day when you can no longer work. Don’t kid yourself into believing you can work until you are 65 or 70 because very few people make it that far. In all likelihood you’ll end up with a minor or major stroke, heart problems, cancer or some other illness or accident that will take you out of the job market long before social security kicks in and even if you make it to 65 you’re just kidding yourself if you think you can live on that unless you develop a craving for canned dog and cat food. Aside from preparing yourself for your last day of work you’ll also want to get a life insurance policy so your kids won’t have to dish out their own money to plant you in the ground. And finally you’ll want to build a family legacy by leaving something tangible behind for your child for them to build on.

One more thing before we continue. Investing is gambling plain and simple. There are no guarantees, people win and people lose and most people lose more than they win just like in Vegas or Atlantic City. Even the big players lose lots of money none of which is tax deductible. The government always wants a piece of your action but doesn’t want to share in your risk. Just like a trophy wife.

My best advice to young people requires an incredible amount of discipline and vision. The best investment you can make is something called annuities. Annuities pay something called dividends which means that quarterly, or every six months or yearly you can expect a check representing your share of the profits that the company made during those periods. You can get them through any stock broker or even your homeowners insurance agent. Most home insurance agents are also annuity brokers. The beauty of annuities is that they do not depend 100% on whether your stocks go up or down or not. Yes stock movement will affect your income potential but there is an old saying in the stock business, “you haven’t lost until you sell” and there is no reason to ever sell your annuities. Buy the stocks of products you like, coke, beer, tractors, whatever.

What you will need to do to begin is decide how much money you want to spend each month on purchasing these stocks and stick to that program no matter what. Additionally every time you get a dividend check you’ll want to add that to the kitty of what you are already spending. At first what you invest will be relatively small but as you continue to buy more annuities and adding to the pot with your profits after a few years you’ll be buying more and more each year. If you manage to continue doing this until you are no longer capable of working anymore you’ll live comfortably with a guarantee of some kind of income as long as you resist the urge to touch any of your stock or put less in the pot each year that you originally decided to put aside.  In fact as you claw your way up the economic ladder your minimal investment should increase not remain the same.

Now just because your parents screwed up with you doesn’t mean you have to screw up with your kids. Family is about building a legacy and odds are you’ll be the one who will have to start that ball rolling. You need to leave something behind for your children to build upon and annuities are the perfect vehicle for that. Bear in mind you will have to teach them about these stocks, building your families legacy, adding their own money to the annuity pot, and not ever touching what has been purchased other than the income they generate and only then once they have retired.

Doing what I have recommended here will ensure that your children and grandchildren will succeed in the financial world and that you won’t be pushing a shopping cart full of your belongings while eating Meow Mix when you get old. Start now. Start today. It is never too soon.

Dear Ted Cruz


It’s time to withdraw your candidacy Ted. Enough is enough already. There are several reasons why you should quit not to mention the one about you NOT being a natural born citizen. You claim to be a champion of the Constitution and yet you piss all over it by using legalese to cover your tracks but that won’t fool anyone in November.

The truth is you can’t win. Your candidacy is weakening the Republican Party and the only thing you can possibly accomplish now is ensuring that the Democrats will win in November which is the exact same excuse you are using to try to steal delegates. You might be fooling the hard warmongering right but they can’t win you the presidential election. At best (and this is a very long shot) you might win a brokered convention but that would only expose the GOP as the most corrupt party in the republic.

You claim to have conservative values? I don’t see any conservative values in lying or cheating. I don’t see conservative values in trying to steal the nomination from the front runner or win by the back door. Conservative values are honesty, ethics and fair play.

It’s time to stop the bullshit Ted. It is time for you and John and the rest of the GOP to get behind your partys new leader and work to make sure that Trump wins in November instead of chasing your own narcissism. It’s over. You’re done. The fat lady has sung her song. Get used to it and try growing up a little. You are risking your career here by continuing this farce.

There is no scenario  in which you come out on top if you continue fighting the will of the people. Put on your big boy pants and say goodbye Ted.

Sarah Palin for Vice President


To anyone who thinks Sarah Palin lost the 2008 Presidential election I’m here to say unequivocally that you sir or madam are full of shit. You are the result of progressive liberal programming and you don’t have a clue what you are talking about. And the fact that you would allow this to happen to you speaks volumes about how little attention you have paid to politics throughout the years.

When John McCain chose Sarah Palin to be his running mate he did so for all the wrong reasons. Mrs. Palin was a virtual unknown at the time and she is obviously a woman, which are the two major reasons McCain picked her. A former beauty queen turned political activist she shot her way up very quickly to governor of Alaska and among the people of Alaska she was an extremely popular governor. Her fiery speech at the convention turned the tide for the Republican party with her classy looks and her strong conservative values and for a short time it looked like the McCain/Palin ticket was actually going to overcome Bush’s bullshit wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as the real estate bubble bursting. That was one hell of a speech and one hell of an accomplishment for a little girl from bum fuck Egypt.

Instead of letting Sarah find her own path  McCain and his team took someone who wasn’t ready for the big stage and micro managed her as if she was some kind of puppet. The kind of puppet the McCain had quite frankly been looking for. Predictably Palin began to come apart at the seems from being micro managed to dealing with the pressure of being in the national spotlight and the unrelenting attacks from a progressive liberal media who was acting like a political action committee instead of the journalists they were claiming to be. CNN as well as other news networks were openly stumping for Obama for no other reason than he was Black and clearly that turned out so well.

The media and the progressive liberals didn’t just attack candidate Palin they also attacked her family and even the state of Alaska. These character butchers were so intent on destroying her that they even began to pile nuisance lawsuits against her and this is an important piece in the puzzle because after the 2008 loss she was forced to resign her governorship because of these lawsuits. You see unlike just about every other state in the union Alaska does not protect its governors from lawsuits while in office. In the other states you cannot file lawsuits against a governor until they leave office. Because this protection did not exist for Palin she had to defend herself while at the same time run a state. Sure she could have held her post and taken her paycheck while only pretending to still be in charge but instead she did something very noble in withdrawing which was the right thing to do. How many politicians do the right thing anymore?

Then there was Tina Fey’s near perfect Sarah Palin look and mannerisms that managed to convince people that Palin actually said she could see Russia from her house.  She never actually said that but even now 8 years later a majority of Americans think she did. Talk about being brainwashed.

Over the years Sarah has learned a lot about international politics and foreign affairs. A lot more than most of my readers have. She has had a couple of successful television programs centered around her love of her home state and she has still managed to be a wife to her husband, a mother to her children, and a grandmother to her grand children all the while dealing with the exact some kind of family issues normal people like you and me deal with on main street.She has continued to stump for the conservative cause and has been a strong voice for conservatism, Christianity and the Constitution even with the media and progressive liberals continuing to try to do everything they can…even after all these years to try to destroy her and her family. I wonder how many of you would fair as well against such an onslaught. The simple reality is, she is a remarkable woman no ifs ands or buts. She is battle tested and if Trump picks her as a running mate I feel sorry for the opposition because she’s going to shred them like the mama grizzly bear that she is.

Whether she gets the VP nod or not it is long overdue that conservatives start giving Palin the accolades she has earned and deserves. She has stood by us while in breech and it is long overdue that we stand by her. We owe her that much.


Progressive Liberals are Freaking Out


A lot of patriotic Americans are upset at the way progressive liberals have been behaving as of late. They shouldn’t be.

First of all the people who are “protesting” Donald Trump rallies are proving what many of us have been saying about them for a long time. These people have no respect for other peoples rights or the law of the land. Calling what they are doing “protesting” is a bit of a stretch. Screaming obscenities and trying to prevent others from hearing what they see as their opposition isn’t protesting it is oppression plain and simple.

What many “protestors” are doing comes right out of the Frankfurt School of pseudo intellectual communism. These useful idiots are promoting an ideology that has been a proven failure because they are either completely ignorant of the realities of the world around them or flat out stupid. But what the core of what they are doing proves is that even in 2016 socialism/communism are ideologies of force that require violence of one kind or another.

More importantly than the basics of stupidity that these morons are displaying is the fact that they know they are losing their battle to indoctrinate the hearts and minds of most of the American public. Their acts are acts of desperation and you can hear the desperation in their voices and see the desperation in their actions. They sense what everyone else senses and that is that their time in the sun is rapidly running out.

America has had enough of their failed progressive liberal ideals. We are tired of their divisiveness and “anything and everything is normal” mentality. For any civilization to survive there must be behavioral structures and limitations in place as history has proven time and time again. The NSDAP of post WWI Germany was born from exactly the kind of immorality, debauchery  and ultra left idealism (communism) that we see so prevalent on the left today.

So take heart patriot. What you are seeing is the disintegration of the left in America and the only people the radical left can con anymore is college Snowflakes who have never seen a good economy and a reasonable moral foundation (they all grew up during the Obama regime), the leeches and parasites, illegals, paid for disrupters, and the idiots who have been sheltered from the real world all their lives behind the now tarnished pillars of the corrupt educational system.

We are winning. We will win and they know it. And they are scared to death to see the gravy train of unearned riches and unjustified attention coming to an end. Pretty soon these violent little Snowflakes are going to have to grow up and live in the real world to their own devices and it scares the hell out of them. And not a moment too soon.