Slavery Works

Slavery has been getting a pretty bum rap for the last 150 years or so. For most if not all of mankind’s existence slavery has been as alive and well as it is today and it is alive and well today. It will be alive and well long after we are gone  and like in the past and even today slavery spans all four corners of the globe (that’s right the earth isn’t just flat it’s a square). Regardless of the species, consistent behavior becomes an imprintable part of that creatures genes. If mankind has been under the yoke of slavery for its entire existence then being a slave must be considered what a human is, as with some insects where the male survives under complete servitude.

For many slavery can also be a much better option than say starving in the street. Food, shelter, clothing, maybe even a little medical attention here and there is a pretty good thing in most parts of the world. Many people arrived to the new world during Americas seeding as willing if not eager slaves. Anthony Johnson the man responsible for making slavery legal for a time in America wanted to leave his native Congo for the new world and paid for the trip by becoming an indentured servant. Clearly he has no issues with owning people as he owned others after his term of indentured servitude ended. He was Black.

How many have fantasies about sexual slavery?

In an online simulation game called Second Life anyone can do just about anything they could possibly dream up. It is a free user driven world that allows you to  be anything you want it to be. When you put adults in an online program with those kind of boundaries trouble is guaranteed to ensue. The “adult” areas of this “game” have every kink you could possibly imagine and sexual slavery is likely one of the most popular areas of the game. These are lifelike looking avatars having kinky and nasty sex and living lives in a world where sex is at least in theory the focus (as opposed to the reality of lots of lame pointless conversations when someone is actually speaking out in the open).

In the BDSM and related worlds where there are Masters, Mistresses, subs and slaves there is and always has been a shortage of Masters and Mistresses. The numbers aren’t even close the vast majority of people who play in this area of the game want to be submissive. No one is making them play a submissive role and because there are very few dominants being a submissive means a lot of quiet time with nothing to do but sometimes gab with other submissives. They wait sometimes hours or days for a chance to serve someone. You’d think there would be more people wanting to dominate others instead.

In John Normans fantasy novels about a place called counter earth or Gor, our planet, Earth is referred to as “the slave planet.”

The point obviously is that humans have an odd tolerance for being someone elses property. Like marriage. Those rings you put on your fingers might as well be going around your throats. But that’s cool when it is the right kind of slavery people can be happy.

How about prostitutes and pimps. We have come to glorify this type of relationship but there is no question that this is a Master/slave relationship. The woman or more often young and most often White girl either eagerly surrenders her freedom to or is forced to serve her more often than not Black master. He takes everything she earns renting her sexual skills out to strangers and she is housed, clothed, and fed.

The world was running just fine on slavery before Western Civilization decided it was dirty somehow. It sure wasn’t Africa that had a problem with slavery then or now. For the poor slavery provided the necessities and a purpose. For the conquered it provided life. It was for the most part a win win situation.

Look what slavery has given to the world on every continent, on every land, in every country slavery has served mankind well and helped us grow as a species.

In the bible God doesn’t seem to object to slavery much at least until Jesus came along. Muslims believe fully in the institute of slavery and there are a lot more Muslims than there are Americans. Having a Muslim president who is letting a flood of Muslims into America means that in the not too distant future, maybe 50 years slavery might just be coming back to America.

So maybe it is time to start learning to adapt once more to the inevitable and take a second look at slavery. Especially White people who will soon be the minority in every country they used to call theirs. Probably Blacks too. Black can pull a plow better than anyone.

It is what it is folks. Slavery is alive and well and here to stay. If you’re still bitching about what happened 2 or 300 years ago you just aren’t paying attention.



Glamorizing Slavery in America


It is a common process. Young girls and boys on the run from abusive households and foster homes in America in bus depots, train stations, and aimlessly wandering the streets of America. As common as that scenario is what is just as common are the vultures who frequent these bus depots, train stations and who hunt our streets looking for these children to exploit in Americas underground sex slave industry. No we aren’t talking about the Bunny Ranch in Nevada where women eagerly rent themselves out for cash and prizes we’re talking about children some of whom are actually simply abducted on their way home from school, fed drugs until they have become addicted, and them put out on the streets to be sexually abused and sometimes murdered for the financial benefit of people Americans have lovingly identified as pimps.

Aside from the occasional, quickly forgotten story you might have surfed past while watching T.V., the mainstream media has done a very nice job of glamorizing pimps as almost heroes of “da hood” while at the same time demonizing prostitutes as soiled women addicted to sex and drugs and money who by their own volition seek the sordid world of sex for sale. But it has gone much further than that.

In modern America everything cool is labeled “pimped.” Pimp your car, pimp your house, pimp your office space and so on. Even video games like Grand Theft Auto encourage their players to pimp, rob and murder hos and the public eats it up like starving dogs.

Let’s not mince words here. Pimps are slavers. They are not the heroes of “da hood” that they are so often painted as. There are no good pimps, these are all very nasty, violent and evil people. Many pimps even tattoo their “ho’s” to show that these children and young people are actually owned properties. One of the more common tattoo’s is a Black Panther tattooed on their slaves backs so that others know that the individual in question is Black owned property.


And once the child or young person becomes too old to bring in the big bucks anymore they are often murdered just in case they somehow get off drugs and expose their former owners. No one seems to care. Just another street urchin.

Pimping is the transformation of an innocent life into that of a sex slave/prostitute. Thus explains the use of the term in the transformation of a crappy  car or truck into a custom ride. The implication here is that pimping turns something broken into a thing of beauty and Americans have swallowed this narrative hook line and sinker.

We have in fact glamorized the sexual slavery of children and young adults.

Think about that the next time you’re surfing cable T.V. looking for something to watch and you decide to watch a show with the word pimp in it. Because every single time you watch one of these shows you become part of the problem. You become the promoter of child sex slavery.


Alex Jones & PizzaGate

alex jones

Alex Jones is quite a character. Always eager to take up a sigil of what he believes is right, Jones regularly appears to go after America’s shadow government, the Bilderberg Group, various corrupt politicians and political groups, and of course globalism. There is also a potential dark side to Mr.  Jones. For years I have read articles and seen videos of his suspected ties with the C.I.A. and other shady government groups claiming that he is little more than a mole to dupe weak minded people. His rather unhinged appearances on CNN suggest there may be something to that.  Whether this is true or not or whether this information is being put out there by the C.I.A. and others within Americas shadow government is beyond my current knowledge base (but I’ll be looking deeper into this soon).

When the PizzaGate scandal began to unfold Jones was at the forefront in exposing the mainly circumstantial evidence to the American public and although the “evidence” is largely circumstantial it is important to note that people have been convicted of all kinds of crimes including murder based on circumstantial evidence alone.  In fact even Ben Swann, a very highly regarded journalist who has been reporting for years in a segment called “Reality Check” has put together a very convincing case that there is indeed something to the PizzaGate accusations. Swann has been a journalist for a FOX News affiliate, RT, and CBS.

Since presenting this report Ben Swann’s YouTube account has disappeared and his reporting has seemed to lose the edge it once had. In fact his first story when returning to his job after making the PizaGate video was about construction fatigue. Not exactly the kind of hard hitting story he is so well known for.

Over the past few days Alex Jones seemingly out of nowhere made a video apologizing for his part in perpetuating the PizzaGate scandal.

“To my knowledge today, neither Mr. Alefantis, nor his restaurant Comet Ping Pong, were involved in any human trafficking, as was part of the theories about Pizzagate that were being written about in many media outlets and which we commented upon,” Mr. Jones said. “We apologize to the extent our commentaries could be construed as negative statements about Mr. Alefantis or Comet Ping Pong, and we hope that anyone else involved in commenting on Pizzagate will do the same thing.”

Something smells awful fishy here.

James Alefantis is not some simple chef, restaurateur, and small art gallery owner as I’m sure he and others would like you to believe. Some regard him as one of the most powerful men in Washington, D.C. That is pretty amazing for a guy who makes pizzas and sells artwork. It has also been reported that Alefantis has several global holdings, most of which  involve “kid friendly” bastions where groups of children gather. If Alefantis has nothing to do with the PizzaGate scandal he sure set himself up to look very suspicious indeed.

So why did Jones suddenly change his story? Isn’t Jones the king of conspiracy theories? Why would he suddenly backtrack on such a controversial conspiracy?

I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out that someone got to Jones. The global sex slave industry is an extremely powerful group of psychopaths which often caters to Hollywood elite and dirt-bag politicians. Would it be such a stretch of the imagination to believe that Jone’s life and the lives of his family were threatened by the gangsters? Perhaps he was even told that his staff was also at risk.

The thing is, if you have enough money and/or influence you can purchase anything you want in this world …. even children to be used as “sex toys”. These kinds of people have the funding to easily make people trying to expose them disappear. This is fact not theory and the fact is this happens globally including America and Hollywood and politicians have already been exposed as the main clients of this appalling enterprise.

I don’t think that there is any question that given Alex Jone’s abrupt turn around and the fact that the comments section on the last video he made on the subject was disabled shows that someone did get to Mr. Jones and that his life was and perhaps still is in danger. Jones better be real convincing in his apology about PizzaGate or he might just disappear off the face of our planet.



Why Ryans Bill Had to Fail


If you listen to the mainstream media what happened today when Paul Ryans health care bill was withdrawn by the White House was some kind of failure. This is just one more example of how the press is a bunch of clueless morons. Ryans bill had to fail and it was designed to fail.

Back in 2009 when the ACA was passed into law I told people that the program would implode on its own and all we had to do was wait it out and I was right. Obamacare was a disaster from day one and left to its own devices it will implode and that is why it must be allowed to do so.

Let’s say Ryans bill had passed. No matter how good a bill Dick Morris (former political adviser to President Bill Clinton) claims it to be, the problem is that without letting the ACA implode on its own, the Democrat party would try to use Ryans bill against the administration and the GOP by making the claim that everything would have been much better under Obama Care and that Trump and the GOP rushed a bad bill through congress. I call it the unicorns and rainbows syndrome.

Now bear in mind, as many of you probably noticed already progressives and many centrists don’t exactly spend much time doing research or crunching numbers. To the people who know how bad Obama Care is it is a pink elephant but the percentage of people who know this for certain is actually very small. Many, especially those on the left are a plastic ring short of a six pack. They have to see for themselves that Obama Care is a failure and the only way for that to happen is to let it fail.

Not all of the ACA has been implemented and it was specifically delayed so that the Democrats could blame the Republicans for their failure. So what Trump and the GOP need to do is to allow it to be fully implemented and implode so that people can see for themselves how absolutely horrible it actually is, and then Trump and the GOP ride in on their white horses and save the day. And make no mistake Rand Paul and Paul Ryan are in on this too.

Mark my words when the right time comes the ACA will be repealed and Trump will see that the nation gets a healthcare plan that makes sense.

Our new president is a very smart man who knows exactly what he is doing. Have faith my friends.


Amy Schumer, Leather Special Review


Last night like so many other nights I had a difficult time falling asleep and decided to watch a bit of Netflix hoping that might help. I usually watch a couple of episodes of Family Guy as good comedy often makes all the things going on in my head focus on one thing which makes it easier to fall asleep. Instead of my usual routine I saw the Schumer comedy video and thought “How bad could it really be?” and out of morbid curiosity decided to watch it for myself and decide for myself whether it was as bad as the ratings claimed it was (one star).

I mean how how bad could it really be? My sense of humor is twisted and there are several comedians whose politics I find despicable and yet I still find at least some of their jokes funny like Sara Silverman. As a human being Ms. Silverman has much to be desired but I was LMAO when I saw her on her TV show licking her dogs nutsack. Yeah I’m that twisted.

So let’s begin:

First off Amy Schumer is not an attractive woman. She looks as if she is at least 40 pounds overweight so her lack of curves (round is not curves) makes her look like a blob on stage. If Amy was trying to make herself look as bad as she possibly could she did an awesome job. Some people shouldn’t wear leather in public and she is definitely one of them. Not only does she not look good in leather but the outfit she wore was poorly tailored and it kept drawing attention to the only loose spot on the outfit her crotch. To add to the flab fest she had so much blush on that it looked spray painted on her face and her lipstick and blush combo made be wonder if she was color blind.

Schumers routine was simply disgusting and not in a good way. She began her monologue taking about how disgusting her vagina is  from it’s gaping size to her flapping labia to its goat smell on a good day. I can’t believe women in the audience thought any of that was funny. She went on to discuss how much she enjoyed sperm, how lazy she was in bed, shoving her fingers in her anus, puking and diarrhea.

To be fair I only watched a bit more than half the show. I just couldn’t take any more than that so I can’t say none of the show was funny but nothing I saw was remotely funny just disgusting. Between the horrible monologue, her terrible timing, her idiotic whooping and squeaking,  and the nasty image of her overweight frame and poor choice of fashion and juvenile face paint it was a burden to watch as much of her show as I managed to get through.

And I really have to ask Netflix if anyone at corporate actually watched this disaster before they added it to their list. It is mind blowing that they would actually even air the show and then to turn around and completely change their ratings system over this horrid mess makes one suspicious about their motivations and real agenda.

Here’s a clue Netflix, if you wanted some disgusting female comedian on your site you should have gotten Lisa Lampanelli the mudshark from hell. At least she is funny.


Islam in the U.S.A. Worst Than You Think


Most Americans share mixed feelings about Western Europe between astonished stupidity and deep sadness. Yes Europe is being ethnically cleansed and it is already much too late to do anything about it. In London the English have already become the minority and even if Europe finally wakes up and puts an end to the mass migration of third worlders rabbit breeding Muslims will eventually dominate the continent the only question is whether it is 20 or 50 years from now.

The situation in the U.S. isn’t much better and only a few short years behind Europe. We all know what happened to Deerborn Michigan but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

I live in a crime free upper middle class POA/HOA managed community in sunny South Florida. You’d think my neighborhood would be beyond the financial grasp of Muslim “refugees” but you’d be wrong. Today there is a Muslim family on just about every street. On my street the Muslims who live a few doors down have only one income, a grocery store deli manager. He also drives a pretty new Toyota. So how does a deli manager support 2 kids, a wife, live in an upper class neighborhood and drive a new car? Must be the new math or something because this doesn’t add up.

These people aren’t remotely trying to integrate into society. Even their elementary school age children look at the rest of us with contempt. They don’t wave they don’t smile. And get this, their Muslim friends all seem to own new cars. Hundreds of thousands of these backwards cretins have already arrived in America with corrupt judges working overtime to make sure that even more of them do. Do you know how many Muslims have already invaded the U.S.? I don’t and I sure as hell don’t trust what the government and the press is telling me and if you think think Deerborn Michigan is an isolated example you’re a special kind of stupid.

Europe waited too long. Let’s not follow their insane path.


You’ve Been Lied to All Your Life: Part 4

Lies deception

Did you know that most science is based on math? Yeah math that hated subject that appears to be the key to the universe. Math is responsible for may great things like when Milton Friedman proved mathematically that capitalism in its purest form is by far the superior economic system helping many more people than socialism or communism every could hope to do. He actually received a Nobel Peace prize in Economics. Not bad for a mathematician.

The point I’m hoping that most of you are getting here is that most of the universes truths has been and can be discovered by mathematics. If we can agree on that (and unless you’re a complete moron you must) we can move forward.

One of the most controversial issues is the so called Jewish Holocaust. Some believe everything they have been told while others claim that it is a complete fabrication claiming that not only did 6 million Jews not perish in German detainment facilities, that 6 million Jews didn’t perish at all.

Now we can do the whole he said she said nonsense but all of that is subjective and almost entirely based on hearsay. There is a reason why American courts and juries take eyewitness accounts with a grain of salt and totally dismiss them if the math and science don’t add up just like with the Michael Brown case in which dozens of people came forward claiming that Brown had his hands up int the air trying to surrender when the cop shot him to death.

So let’s look at the 6 million Holocaust claim from a mathematical point of view.

First of all 6 million Jews would have represented roughly 1/3 of the entire worlds Jewish population at the time. To date, no one, group or organization has been able to show any real drop in the world wide Jewish population during WWII. You’d think someone might have noticed that and recorded it but to the contrary the Jewish population actually increased.

But let’s get right to the elephant in the room Auschwitz.

The original claim was that 4 million Jews were gassed or shot at the Auschwitz detainment facility. To any thinking person this would be an insane claim and this number has been modified to 1 1/2 million Jews and yet the overall number of Jews killed by Germans in detainment facilities did not change. Mathematically this looks like this (using m for millions) 4m-2.5m=4m and 6m-2.5m=6m. If you showed these figures to your algebra teacher you would fail the class. But this isn’t the only math that doesn’t add up.

Auschwitz had 52 cremation ovens at its peek. Cremation in modern high tech crematory ovens takes 2 – 2 1/2 hours on average. Using these figures each oven at Auschwitz could cremate 9 bodies per day which equals 3,285 people per year or 16,425 between 1940 and 1945 per oven. That is a total of 854,100. The 854,100 is assuming that the ovens at Auschwitz were every bit as capable as modern equipment and that the ovens were working around the clock nonstop for 5 years. Clearly that would be impossible.


As much as I would like to go into the details of why anyone would make such a claim and even more why people swallowed and obvious impossibility that is not what this Op-ed is about. We are simply dealing with one piece of the truth puzzle here which is that the math doesn’t add up.