Everybody Knows the Secrets


Time and time again our government which in theory at least is supposed to answer to the people, tells us they have proof of this and that but they can’t show it to us because it would somehow expose the secrets of how our government collects information. Do you really believe this line of bullshit?

Edward Snowden who in my own personal opinion is an American hero who gave up everything to expose the dirty dealings of our government, has shown us all that organizations like the NSA and CIA spy on everyone all the time. We know that every electronic device on planet earth is monitored by them. We know that our TVs and our computers stare back at us whether we want them to or not. We know that they track us with our own cell phones and that these same phones can be turned on remotely by these organizations to spy on us. We know that there are satellites in space staring down at us.

So exactly what are they doing now that we don’t already know about? Space aliens? I mean seriously with all these tools at their disposal that everyone on planet earth knows about, how is it that their excuse about national security holds any water at all? Obviously it doesn’t.

So what can we conclude from the fact that these government agencies refuse to prove to the people that what they are saying is true? The only conclusion possible is that they are lying to us. The only conclusion possible is that they are at the very least violating the spirit of our Constitution and what the founding fathers demanded from government.

The only conclusion possible is that your deep state government plays you and the media for chumps. And it just keeps getting worse. Where is the proof that Syria gassed anyone? It doesn’t exist. Where is the proof that North Korea can get a rocket off the ground without it blowing up? So far almost every one of the rockets North Korean has fired has exploded and many of the weapons they parade around with are not actually weapons at all but decoys made to make people believe that they are a much bigger threat than they actually are.

There is no reason to trust the deep state. And the biggest question of all might be what unjustified harm are they doing in the name of the American people while we are out in the yard barbecuing hotdogs and hamburgers and pretending our country is run by the people instead of shady organizations doing evil deeds behind our back.



Boycott Halal & Kosher!


Did you know that every time you go to the grocery store you are supporting Jews and Muslims? Well it is true. A penny or two here a penny or two there and your money goes towards things you may or may not believe in. Sure when you by Hebrew National hotdogs you know the money is probably going to Israel or to support some Jewish cause but at least you know this upfront and no one is trying to hide this from you. In most cases however there are symbols on the products you buy that are purposely made hard for you to identify.

Take the Kosher symbol on Reynolds Wrap for example. You can identify the Kosher symbol by a tiny little “U” in a circle that just about anyone who wears glasses would have a difficult time finding. Clearly they are trying to hide this from you.


I didn’t even know you could eat Reynolds Wrap and I have no idea what animal it came from that justifies a Kosher certification.

The issue is what is being done with the money. Are Halal certified products used to promote Sharia Law in Western Countries or to financially support Jihad? Is the Kosher tax used to help Zionists financially and politically dominate the word? Why does aluminum foil need to be Kosher certified?

This is clearly a shakedown for the simple reason that you paying for these religious groups and that fact is being hidden from you. They don’t want you to know that they are in essence sending you a bill to promote their ideologies and forcing you to pay for that. Do you see any Christian certified products in your grocery store because I sure as hell don’t.

This goes on in every Western country without exception. You might think well it is only a few pennies but Jews and Muslims are making millions if not billions of dollars shaking these companies down every year and they don’t have to tell you what they are using the money for.

If you’ve had enough of being used as a pay pig by religions which are not your own then pay a little more attention to what you are buying before you make your purchases. Or you can just send me money every week because if you’re gonna be ok with being a pay pig then pay me …. pig.

Here are some symbols you can look for the next time you shop:





Ivanka has Become Problematic


Perhaps the biggest mistake President Trump has made is to allow his daughter Ivanka to have his ear as president and so far his biggest mistake as president has been at the behest of his favorite child.

His first mistake was to bomb Syria. Clearly there was no investigation by our government into whether Syria was actually guilty of a chemical attack as has been claimed by our government. Our government blamed the Syrians for the exact same thing in the past to only later discover that it was U.S. supported Al Qaeda forces that were actually responsible and yet even with this history our government failed to do its due diligence, blamed the Syrians again and sent 50 some odd missiles to Syria of which only half actually hit their target.

This is bad because what Trump allowed the military to  do was expose how ineffective our ship launched missiles are as opposed to the ones sent at a far greater distance by Russia at Isis on which most seemed to hit what they were aimed at. This entire charade was at the behest of Ivanka Trump according to numerous news sources.

The next mistake was to allow Israel, a rogue state who rarely complies with any international standards to attack Syria as they have done at least twice on some pretty flimsy evidence (as usual), the most recent attack by Israel on the Damascus International Airport last night. It should also be noted that Isis, it has been claimed, apologized to Israel for sending a rocket their way as apparently it was unintentional. Something stinks here and it stinks badly. There is some deep state thing going on between the Obama regime created Isis and Israel and if I had to make an educated guess it is that Israel intends to incorporate at least some of the land that was taken by Isis. Their relentless expansion attempts over the last several decades cannot be denied.


Now we have Ivanka Trump who is married to a Jew with close ties to Israel and a Jewish convert herself speaking in Europe about how America needs to be more involved on the world stage and take in an untold number of Syrian “refugees”. What ever happened to Donald Trumps promise to set up safe zones in the middle east and keep America out of international issues when he became president? Am I the only one who remembers that because I haven’t heard any of his supporters putting his feet to the flame over that one.

Ivanka has no business being involved in our governance and her seemingly touchy feely attitude towards foreign policy makes that clear. She has much too much influence on the President and if this keeps up it is going to cost him. It isn’t bad enough that he is taking crap from the RINOs in his own party he sure doesn’t need this bleeding heart to be a distraction.

Donald Trump made his supporters many promises during his campaign and I for one will hold President Trumps feet to the fire to make sure he keeps them. All of them.


It is Time to Take the Gloves Off

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I bet some of you thought that communism was pretty much finished with the fall of the U.S.S.R. In every situation in which communism has been tried it has failed miserably and rightly so as communism is governance by force. This should be common knowledge right? It certainly should be taught in every public school and on every college campus but clearly it has not been and this should come as no surprise to anyone.

In a novel written in 1980 by Marilyn Ferguson “The Aquarian Conspiracy: Personal and Social Transformation in the 1880’s” Ms. Ferguson clearly lays out the plan by leftists to infiltrate the public and secondary school systems in America, media,  as well as politics. According to the author this movement has been working for years (which has now proven to be decades) to change the face of America into some pseudo leftist Utopia. This is how the foundation was set to give us the violent leftists we witness across America and especially in Americas coastal regions.

We conservatives have been the victims of abuse by the left ever since President Trump started running for office. While the mainstream media which is part of this “Aquarian Conspiracy” tries to convince America that somehow conservatives in general and Trump supporters in particular are somehow to blame we have seen for ourselves how truly despicable Democrats are as their supporters try to silence any speech that is counter to the communist manifesto.


Recently these Democrat communists have kicked it up several notches embracing the violence and ignorance of Antifa which to date has been protected by politicians and the police. Other than Bernie Sanders, a pseudo communist himself who is likely setting the stage for sympathy ttowards the left, not a single Democrat in congress has spoken out against leftist un-American behavior but has in fact encouraged it. These traitors to our republic along with Hollywood scum have actually done everything they can to encourage these cretins to get more violent.

It is time for conservatives to let go of their peaceful nature and go on the offensive. Clearly government has no intention of solving this problem. Even the silence from the White House has become deafening. Shouldn’t someone at the DoJ be placing Berkeleys mayor under arrest so he can face charges of sedition? His ties to Antifa have been clearly established and yet nothing is done. How about Jerry Brown, Governor of California? Isn’t it his responsibility to protect ALL the citizens of California?

It is time for this movement to be crushed. Antifa is anti democracy, anti free expression, and anti America. They need to be put down like the rabid dogs they are and yet politicians and police have proven time and time again that they will do nothing as this group becomes more and more violent. The MSM tries to excuse these violent scumbags by claiming they are children as the age of childhood has been extended to 26 apparently but the truth is these are adults who in a just world would be held accountable for their behavior.


If the government and the media are not going to protect America then it is high time that we the people stand up and not just fight back but take the fight to the enemy. We should be giving these scumbags a taste of their own medicine. They should fear us. Trump supporters and in general and all true lovers of America need to start showing up at their rallies and giving them exactly what they have been dishing out to us. They need to be hunted down and beaten in their safe spaces. They claim to be afraid of us so let’s give them a real reason to be afraid. Let no Antifa member feel safe anywhere!

Sound radical you say? Maybe, but unless you enjoy being a little bitch it is time you actually did something instead of trying to claim a higher road which has only encouraged these retards. Because you do nothing they have become empowered. Because you do nothing the politicians and the police have refused to do their jobs. What is it going to take for you to act. The time is now and our cause is just.

It is time to bring the pain. They have been begging for this so let’s give it to them and give it to them without mercy. Some people can only learn through an ass beating. Let’s educate the trash.

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Europe is Finished.


There has been a lot of buzz around the net about the French election. Lots of unicorn and rainbow rhetoric about how the French will save their country, heritage, and identity by electing Marine La Pen. Well I hate to break it to you but it isn’t going to happen not now and not ever.

You have to understand that censorship is rampant in Europe and most Europeans have no clue what is really going on in their own countries. Even if they knew what was going on these people have been riding the P.C. train for so long it wouldn’t matter. You’ve heard of  cognitive dissonance yes? It is when people have been so brainwashed that they cannot compute information that goes against what they have been taught. Much like many of you refuse to entertain the idea that Adolf Hitler was not an evil man and that 6 million Jews did not die in German detainment facilities during WWII. The majority of the French will never believe that their entire socialist ideology is flawed.

Remember when the French refused to allow U.S. war planes to fly over their airspace even though America “saved” them twice in the same century? Perhaps you recall how the French taxed wealthy people at such a high rate that wealthy people began an exodus out of the country? These people are slaves to an ideology that works against them.

The French are not alone in this way of thinking in Europe. All of Europe is like this. The British people elected a Muslim for mayor of London. Let that sink in. Women and children are being raped all across Europe and how do their women react? If you guessed that these women are trying to stop massive immigration you’d be grossly mistaken.

Do you remember Geert Wilders from Holland? His country has suffered as much as any other European nation and yet he failed to win his election.


I feel great compassion for the people murdered and raped by Muslims as much as anyone but the truth is the French are not our friends. In fact they aren’t even their own friends. These people will sit at their cafes drinking coffee and eating Austrian crescent rolls while their country burns and their women surrender just as they have always done and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it.

America stands alone and does so on shaky ground. If you are living in Western Europe my advice to you is to move to Russia, China or Eastern Europe as quickly as you can. These countries might have their faults but at least they won’t surrender to the Islamic invasions of their countries. It may not be long before I must give the same advice to Americans.

But when the rubber hits the road it is already much too late for Western Europe. These idiots have invited their conquerors to destroy them.


The True Reason for Censorship


Unless you have been raised by wolves and only recently been freed from the wild, you’ve probably noticed leftists trying to label everyone who doesn’t believe exactly like they do as Nazis. If you have in fact been on a deserted island only to make good your escape days ago, you might not have noticed that social media outlets on the internet as well as video upload sites are “self censoring” on behalf of once again the left. Many think that this rather frightening mini chain of events is politically motivated but it goes much deeper than that.

In America we have, at least on paper certain creator given rights which were bestowed on mankind from the beginning. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness were our new nations mission statement but our inalienable rights did not end there. In an attempt to identify and carve inalienable rights in stone the founding fathers constructed a Bill of Rights. These rights were meant to be added to if other God given rights were identified after the original penning. The first of these inalienable right of course is freedom of speech/press (press meaning the written word).

What most Americans assume is that since America was founded and built largely by Europeans (Germans are America largest ethnic group) that at least by 2017 they too would have at the very least, the inalienable right of freedom of expression. Sadly this is not true and hasn’t been since the end of WWII. Most of Western Europe is yoked with the kind of censorship and draconian punishments for violating speech/press laws that would make the average American throw up. One man in England went to jail for reciting the words of Winston Churchill in public. Think about that for a minute.


Censorship became the norm in Europe after WWII to prevent people from debating or criticizing the official Allied version of the histories of the 2 great wars. What this means is that in just about all of Western Europe any person speaking or writing or researching the events of WWI and especially WWII is subject to arrest and a lengthy prison sentence. Kinda sounds a lot like the former Soviet Union doesn’t it? Well it should because this kind of censorship is promoted and demanded by the same people.

So what has the draconian censorship policies of Western Europe (that magical place admired by leftists) have to do with the increased drive toward censorship in America and on the internet? It is because in America we can still discuss, debate and research all of the first half of the 20th century that same time period which is verboten to debate in Europe. This idea of flooding Europe and America with Muslims and using Muslims to help in the censorship cause is just another distraction from the truth you are never supposed to know or even suspect.

Something sinks about what we have been told about the world wars and it must be pretty awful. I mean think about it for a moment we expose everything don’t we. Kennedy was a whore monger, Johnson hated Negros, Nixon covered up a bugging, Carter was an idiot, Regan had Iran/Contra, Bush 1 was C.I.A., Clinton had ties to cocaine smugglers and enjoyed cigar fun, Bush 2’s wife killed someone, Obama is bisexual and a doper …… what exactly do we not uncover in this country? Everything gets put out on the table doesn’t it … eventually.

What if whatever Western Europe is trying to hide about the world wars is so terrible that it can’t risk being uncovered? What if the people knew, how would they react if they knew,  and how do the powers that be prevent the people from knowing?

This is why people who resist leftists are being labeled as Nazis and this is why Jewish owned Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube are “self censoring” to hide the truth. And what could that truth possibly be? …… It is ok if you made it this far everyone else who has made it this far is at the very least beginning to suspect the same thing.

Just to prove my point you might be interested in doing a little experiment. Go make a list of 10 web-addys of  YouTube videos or news sites that present evidence that questions the official narrative of WWII. Now take the list you made and find a place to hide it for 6 months. Making a list of 10 articles from Stormtrooper doesn’t count they must all be from different posters. After the time period has passed go back and see how many of those videos and articles are still available online. Someone will make many of them disappear can you guess who? I bet you can. What group controls the lions share of the media?

Who is funding leftists?



How Google, Facebook, YouTube, & Twitter are Destroying Themselves.


Years ago I started playing this game called World of Warcraft. Blizzard, the company often identified as the owner of the game (it actually got sold to a French company Atari several years ago) tried to moderate user chat by threatening people with suspension and/or actually banning people in game. Many of the gamers who play the game are children and young adults so chat was often quite colorful to say the least. For example people called each other niggers on a regular basis and players would look for any excuse to humiliate other players. It was a free for all Blizzard thought it could control.

Blizzard was never able to control in game chat. What ended up happening was that small groups of people who got off causing others pain would complain about players they didn’t like getting them suspended or banned. This caused a lot of bad feeling within the game among players fearing the wrath of these small groups.


Sound familiar?

Years ago when I first started playing Warcraft which was decades ahead of its time (Just before the BC expansion for those of you who played) World of Warcraft was the center of the gaming community. Today WoW is little more than a joke and I’m sure the people at Blizzard would do anything to get the people they victimized back. Now of course this idea of controlling players wasn’t the only reason WoW became irrelevant but it was a major factor and some of the other factors that lead to its demise were encouraged by the same players who trolled chat looking for victims. Basically nerd SJWs.

There is a lesson to be learned here that Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are going to learn in a very painful way during the next several years if these organizations continue on the path of censorship as they have been. Just like with WoW someone is going to come along and take their product away. That’s right it is you, the users who are their product and it is you they sell to advertisers and you that their livelihoods depend on. Someone else is going to eventually come along and offer a platform for downloading videos so YouTube won’t be the only game in town and social media sites that offer freedom of expression and speech will eventually draw people away from the above mentions sites.

Fullscreen capture 732015 35704 AM

All of these sites are actually user created. Without user creations there is nothing to see. YouTube is trying to turn itself into a internet by demand TV station to try to ease its dependency of users but good luck with that. There are plenty of well established internet sites for that.

Now granted these companies will eventually pay the price for what they are doing now and rightly so. They will richly deserve what happens to them. Why you might ask? These are American companies who built themselves on freedom of expression and what they are doing now is about as un-American as it gets. They have a responsibility as American companies to spread our ideology of freedom of expression around the world and not turn America into the censorship cesspool nightmare that is Europe. These companies, these American companies, are betraying our values chasing the golden calf. They deserve to die and we can kill them by simply showing a little integrity and pushing them out of our lives as much as possible. Failure to do so is compliance.

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