Get Over It Whites ARE Better!


I’m trying to figure out what the word “racism” actually means and I have come to the conclusion that it really has no meaning at all. In theory the roots of this word has something to do with someone looking down on someone else due to their race. Assuming superiority of your own race and treating other races as second class people.

First of all this belief that your own race, whatever that is, is not the superior race might just be an indication of a mental disorder. Humans by nature compete with each other and it is natural to view your “team” as the better team even if you’re not doing so well. You’ve just had some bad breaks or whatever. You are likely the member of many teams, religion (atheism is a religion so stfu), left/right/centrist, career, race, nationality, ect. Making some claim that one of the groups you belong to, in this case race, doesn’t compete with the other teams is just plain ignorant with a dash of stupid. Everything is a competition with humans.

Much like other social ideas that originate from the left, the term “racism” isn’t much different than calling someone a “cunt” except of course you can call anyone a cunt and racism has been made the sole property of whites. Why do you think that is? Why do you think Germans were considered racists? Because they were better.

We live in a world where if you succeed where others do not you must be destroyed. Examples of this can be found in sports, Hollywood, and politics all the time. Not to mention all of the heroes we have destroyed over the many decades. Stand out in any way and the odds are that you are headed for the chopping block. Just like grade school remember? We grow up so fast.

Let’s take the Germans as an example.

Without a doubt the NSDAP brought Germany to the top of the contest of nations. A country that the “Allies” had gone out of their way to try to destroy and was, for all intensive purposes destroyed after the Great War, was literally turned into a Phoenix from the ashes to become the worlds strongest military and economic powerhouse of its time. While other Western countries were struggling with The Great Depression, Germans, who just a few years before were whoring out their wives and daughters just for a scrap of food, were living the high life and taking vacations around the world. Of course they had to be destroyed and it took the whole world to do it.

In the race game whites are clobbering the competition. Just turn your head and just about everything you see was invented by whites. This isn’t because of privilege this is because of ingenuity. When colonialists brought the wheel to areas of Africa where there had never been a wheel instead of making something with that knowledge the Africans actually rejected that invention preferring to carry  things on their heads. When the Chinese showed whites how to make gunpowder they expanded that knowledge all the way to space travel and the atomic bomb. See the difference?

Seriously name more than a handful of inventions and innovations that were not the result of white ingenuity. Good luck with that. And while you are thinking about that let’s also try to come up with successful forms of government and economics envisioned by anyone that wasn’t white. The United States has a government and economic system spawn from the Greeks, Romans, and British as do other successful nations. You have to go pretty far back in history before you come to a point in history in which whites didn’t dominate invention, culture, philosophy, art, music etc.

So how does all of this not make the white race the superior human race on earth. I bet space aliens would figure this out with ease. I mean if you can handle space travel you should be able to grasp the obvious.

This can only lead to one conclusion when it comes to the word “racist”, which is it has no meaning. Race is just another competition and at least for now whites are winning hands down. The inability to recognize this is to reject the truth and once you start doing that nothing is real. Pushing back against this truth is just another exercise in what humans always do, destroy the successful. Someday in the future if another race assumes the top of the mountain they too will meet with the wrath of those who seek to destroy them and the cycle will continue.

So what is to be done? Sit back and enjoy the show because nothing you can do is going to stop it. This little scenario has been repeated several times throughout history in this and in other similar competitions and it isn’t going to stop today or next year. Whites have been on top for a long time and if they are strong and can fend off their attackers they will continue to be at the top of the race pole for a very long time. If they get weak someone else will assume that role and then they will be the racists and the bigots.

This is the truth and the way of things.


10 Tips for Black Women from a White Guy

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Most of the time when I see a traffic accident I just do a little rubber necking and continue on my way. There are people who take care of that kind of thing. I’m in a car so obviously I have someplace to go, and it really isn’t any of my business. Every once in a great while I do find myself pulling over and trying to help like when I see no one else is helping or that the people who are trying to help don’t seem to be doing a very good job. Today I’m going to discuss a train wreck called Black women and yeah I know I’m a “White Male” but given that people like me are the last people any Black person would come to for advice, and Black have been doing sooo well for themselves, I figured it was about time Blacks, and in todays case especially Black women, got some help they could actually use.

Black woman have a pretty bad image not just in the States but in many other countries as well. Fat, mouthy, uneducated slobs who let their prodigy reek havoc in every store you find yourself unlucky enough to see one in. If all of that wasn’t bad enough Black women also are seen as extremely prone to violence but perhaps Blacks in general are seen that way across the globe. No one held a gun to the heads of Black people and told them to behave like this. Lashing out for whatever reason is the behavior of children not adults.

Back to the Black women.

Now I get that the modern Black man is rarely a prize. It isn’t just White women who end up being single mothers after being with a Black man and yes I get that. But let’s not pile all the blame on Black men either. If you Negresses didn’t act the fool all the time yourselves maybe your men wouldn’t be fishing for mudsharks all day long. Besides what’s good for the gander is also good for the goose. You don’t have to be with Black men but if you want other men you’ll have to clean up your act in a big way. So here’s some advice you can follow so you can avoid the hood rat label.

  1. Stop talking like a nigger. Don’t give me that shocked look you know dam well what I mean. Proper dictation will get you almost as far in life as good looks will so stop speaking like a poor, uneducated, prone to violence Black bitch and learn to speak like a lady. Just because everyone else is acting the fool doesn’t mean you have to. A funny thing will happen when you start speaking properly, you’ll find people show much more respect for you. Even the Black ones or at least the successful Black ones you want to surround yourself with.
  2. Lose weight. Just because your excess fat tends to gather at your breasts and your bottom doesn’t mean you don’t look like a cow. Fat isn’t healthy and it isn’t attractive and being healthy and attractive are very important in our world. More importantly is that the older you get the more difficult it becomes for you skin to fit you properly after loosing weight and the older you get the less attractive your fat looks. Believe me any loss in breast size you experience will be well worth the cost of being trim and in shape so go buy a bike and get peddling.
  3. Learn to dress for your skin tone. No Black woman should ever wear Black or any really dark color. Black skin looks best against contrasting colors like pastels. Because Black womens hips aren’t usually as tall as those of a White women (why your butt looks rounder) you have a special challenge when it comes to covering your bubble butt. Some Black women look smoking in a pair of Daisy Dukes and others in a maxi dress. You have to find the look that works best with your figure and stick to that look.
  4. Feet. Some of you have nasty feet. You should get pedicures often and if you can’t afford that rub those callouses off with a stone in the shower. Raptor toenails? Are you kidding me. Toenails are not finger nails and shouldn’t be growing out an inch past your toes. Seriously that is disgusting. And while we are on the subject, simple red nail polish or the French style should be your staples not fingernails with piercings, animal prints and fake diamond glue ons.
  5. Attitude. A woman should be elegant and reserved. A lady holds herself with her back straight, chin up and her legs crossed. She is patient as she waits on others to serve her like not opening the door and just standing there waiting for the gentleman to open the door for her. She understands the power of silence and never uses foul language in public or in from of children. She carries herself as a princess not by demanding that others treat her as such but by her own elegance (see Audrey Hepburn and/or Jacqueline Kennedy as examples).
  6. Hair. It is perfectly normal for women to change their hair color and hair style. In every culture on planet earth this is true. Hair extensions and wigs have also been common place for as long as there have been women. Never feel that anyone has the right to question what you are doing to your hair just find the look that gets you the most positive responses from everyone not just the clowns in da hood. If you can walk into a high end restaurant without people looking at you with any other look besides lust you’ve probably nailed it. This is not to say that you must color your hair and add extensions or wigs. If you can find a way to make your natural hair look right with the rest of you by all means do that and that is good advice for any woman but we don’t always get lucky with the hair God gives us so do what you must to bring out the inner you.
  7. Work. No matter what you do for a living people will show you much more respect if you do your job well and concentrate on the task at hand rather than gossiping with your fellow workmates. Friendly, hardworking, smiling faces get more working hours and more promotions. Or you could be Black. Look at everything other than the customer, complain about your break time, take 15-20 minutes to go to the bathroom, show up late and leave early, etc. Which one do you think will get you further in life?
  8. Children. Your children are a reflection of you. If they are running around the store, making a lot of noise, and grabbing at things on the shelves the other people in the store are going to think you’re a low class hood rat who will be shoplifting while your rug rats are acting as your distraction. Basically a criminal. They aren’t looking at you like that because you’re Black they are looking at you like that because you don’t know how to raise your kids. If you don’t know how to raise your kids properly there is plenty of free help out there you can get and learn.
  9. Music. Stop going places and listening to or letting other people play rap or hip hop music in your presence. This music is degrading to women in general and especially degrading to Black women. Remember Blues, Jazz, and believe it or not there are some Black rock bands that will knock your socks off. And for the love of God stop Twerking. Whores Twerk, ladies Waltz.
  10. Makeup. You are not a clown don’t wear clown makeup. The girl who can master her makeup owns the world so go to a store like Macy’s or another relatively high end store and get a makeover. Tell whoever does your makeup that you want to look like a high end professional woman and pay attention to what your makeup artist is doing. Do this several times in different locations (might take a while but one at a time) because you are likely to get more than one look and you’ll be able to compare the reactions you get from others after every makeover to help you gauge which look is best for you.

You can call these tips acting White if you want but is that such a bad thing? Surely if you follow these tips you’ll attract more White guys, Asian guys, Latino guys and you may think you’re not interested in guys from other races but that might change if you start becoming attractive to them. It isn’t like to pool of available, decent, hard working Black men is that deep anyway and a lot of those guys are looking for White girls who can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch and will mostly obey them. You don’t have to hook up with a former (or future) convict.


The Mighty Hotdog


Baseball, hotdogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet. The only reliable thing on that list is the mighty hotdog. Mighty you say? Yes the Mighty hotdog, unequivocally yes! No matter how it is cooked it remains the king of all foods.

Talking about baseball if you ever actually get that fat ass off the couch and even go to a pony league ball game you’d better darn well have yourself a hotdog. People will start looking at you funny if you don’t. If it’s girls ball you’ll wanna bring cupcakes. And when you think about it a ballpark hotdog isn’t all that great. It’s usually the cheapest hotdogs they can find made out of pink slime wrapped up in a tasteless bun covered in aluminum foil. This is supposed to be good? Yet that first bite. Mmmmm donuts er I mean hotdogs. It is like the hotdogs fall under some strange transformation at the ballpark. If you made them out of meat like that and cooked em that way at home you’d toss them in the garbage. WTF is going on here?

Every patriotic celebration in America has hotdogs front and center. Pull out the barbecue and grab the hotdogs. Everyone can afford a hotdog. You can spend $10 or more for one and you can also buy 20 of them for $4. You can eat em from fancy buns, pieces of bread or just off a stick over the fire. Hotdogs at the beach, hotdogs at the lake, hotdogs camping, and hot dogs everywhere people gather for just about any reason.

Sure we have no idea what is in them and we don’t wanna know. Health Nazis have been warning us about hotdogs for 50 years so yeah we get it. Then one day we are taking a stroll and we smell that familiar smell as our pace quickens towards the hotdog cart. You give your order to the cart attendant and he pops the lid and there they are, dirty water dogs. Oh hell yeah it’s past lunch and that waters gotten nasty. There ain’t nothin like a dirty water dog. It gets covered with mustard, onions and chili, you pay your money and it’s gone. You look down at your hand knowing it was filled with something resembling meat and bread but it’s gone. You barely remember tasting it.

That’s power. Power over you. You have been dominated by the mighty hotdog and you cannot resist. You’ll never be able to resist. You are completely incapable of swearing that you’ll never have another hotdog again for the rest of your life. No matter how much you claim to hate hotdogs you and I both know that you’ll never be able to go hotdog free forever. Why fight it. Give in to the power of the mighty hotdog. Yeah even you fat, sissy kids who climb on rocks.


Don’t Get Raped


I was scrolling though a mess of Google images when I saw this sign that said “Don’t Get Raped” and the word “Get” and the “ed” were all crossed out. “Don’t Rape!” That doesn’t seem very helpful to me. Is a rapist going to see that sign and think “Gee ya know that sign is right I’m going to stop raping.”  Well it worked for me anyway. Ever since I saw the sign 20 minutes ago I haven’t raped anyone (I have thought of rape though). Maybe there should be a law? Oh wait there are laws with some pretty steep penalties too. You see these feminist marches and inevitably you’re going to see some bare breasts and maybe more. Maybe naked women. “Don’t rape!”

Now I realize many of you young ladies have rape fantasies. Actually the vast majority of you do. You should hear some of my fantasies. Maybe another time. Be that as it may, I’m also fairly certain that most of you realize that you don’t really wanna get raped because…..well it’s fucking rape and in your fantasy….you can’t rape the willing. If you do want to be raped then speak to someone who has been raped before you set yourself up for a good barbaric raping first. It probably isn’t what you imagine it to be. Or maybe it is not judging.

But for you relatively sane females out there who really really don’t want to get raped there are a few things you can do to lower the odds of someone or a group of someones taking all your holes behind a restaurant dumpster.

The very first thing you need to do is stop dressing like a whore. We are living in a brave new world of cultural diversity and some of the more diverse people we now find ourselves co-mingling with think you’re a cum dumpster and aren’t overly concerned with whether you want to be their cum dumpster or not. Dressing in 9″ heels and short shorts or skirts with tube tops will get you raped in 99% of the world. Just because you’ve been lucky so far doesn’t mean your luck will hold forever. And of course nice guys don’t hook up with sluts for more than a weekend (or a few weeks if she deepthroats) so cut the shit.

Second, you have no business going anywhere alone. I hate to break it to you sweetheart but you’ll never be the White Canary. You’ll never be Super Girl, or Cat Woman, or Wonder Woman either. There is no situation you can get into with a man that involves physical violence in which you have a chance of walking away unscathed unless you carry a gun and even then by the time you try to get it out of the bottom of your purse he’s already on you. Always travel with a friend even if it is just around the block if you can. The odds of you being assaulted decrease drastically with 2 people as opposed to one. Quite frankly that is good advice for anyone especially men who are by far the greater victims of violence.

Ease up on the club style makeup. A lot of these club makeup styles and facials that are heavy on makeup make a girl look like a hooker or sex slave. Yes the guys love it but more often than not it is the wrong guys whose attention you’ll be attracting and some of them are predators.

Looks and the company (or lack of) you keep can be contributing factors in rape. Always be aware of your surroundings. Don’t go to a club and get drunk. Many a young lass has had her knickers pulled down behind the dumpster of the club and woke up with dried semen on her thighs and no memory of what happened. The same with drugs stay away from them or you’re gonna get “passed out sex” by strangers fairly regularly.

Yes it would be nice if men stopped raping and it would also be nice if when it rained it rained Guinness but both are pretty unlikely to occur. The odds of me standing in a street with a sign that read “Demand it Rain Guinness!” and getting my stated result are exactly the same as you standing in the street without a top on and painted boobs getting men to stop raping. With that in mind it is important to take the following prudent steps so that you won’t get raped:

*be aware of your surroundings

*don’t get high or drunk in public

*dress like a lady

*don’t overdo your makeup

*always have a friend with you

*carry a weapon

If you follow these 6 simple steps you will drastically reduce the probability that you will get raped. Being alone, inebriated, wearing nightclub makeup and showing a lot of skin is going to increase your chances of getting raped though if you are trying to get raped acting and dressing like someone who wants to get raped is no guarantee that you will in fact get raped. Unless you’re in Europe. Yeah in Europe you’re gonna get raped and raped hard.

The Truth about the AR-15

The AR-15 is a very frightening looking weapon to most civilians. Wait that isn’t quite correct. The AR-15 can be made to look very frightening to most civilians. It can also be made to look like a hunting rifle. Ok so maybe even a hunting rifle might look frightening to some but most people have seen one up close. What makes the AR-15 so attractive to gun enthusiasts is that it is the mother of all transformers. It is basically just a platform to build upon and you can build it simple to futuristic to everything in between.

In the photo below is an AR-15. The part of that gun (not including the barrel) that is painted is the AR-15 everything else is added on.


Kinda looks like the handgun doesn’t it? Not so big and scary when it doesn’t have a lot of fancy military looking parts bolted on to it does it. The thing is, that no matter what you bolt to it, it doesn’t change what the gun is at it’s core. You can put big tires, jack up a car, and put loud exhaust on it but that doesn’t make it fast does it. Same thing with guns.

The photo below is that of an M-16


The M-16 is a military grade assault rifle made for the U.S. military. This weapon fires in both semi automatic (one bullet per finger pull) and fully automatic (one finger pull lots of bullets at once). You can make your AR-15 look just like this rifle. Just like you can make some men look like women. But an AR-15 will never be an M-16 or anything like it. It is just looks.

The photo below is that of a Kalashnikov or AK-47 the world premiere personal assault  weapon.


You can make your AR-15 look very similar to the Russian made AK-47 but it will never be in the same class as the AK-47 because the AK-47 can be fired in semi and fully auto modes just like the M-16 but the AR-15 cannot.

Below is a photo of an AR-15 with some pretty cool add ons.


Here’s another.


Now these might look pretty frightening to some of you but these are not the kinds of weapons you want to go to war with. These are just very cool defensive weapons. They can’t shoot any faster than Rooster Cogburn (John Wayne I’m old school) and his six shooters.

Hey guess what. You know those people in Washington and in the media know that the AR-15 is not an assault rifle. Yet they still keep pretending it is. Lying to you. Playing you for a chump. You ignorant disgusting unwashed masses that needyour betters to tell you what to think and do. Appeal to your ignorance that is what they do and your kind heart just trusted them to tell you the truth about things. Most Americans have kind trusting hearts.

But now you know. What has been seen and heard cannot be unseen and unheard. They will never be able to lie to you about the AR-15 again. Unless you want to be lied to. Unless you’d find it easier to deal with a comfortable lie. If that is the case there’s no helping you.


Better to Have Children


In todays Western society having children is looked upon as almost a curse. Pregnant women are often regarded with the same pity as one might offer a leper especially if the mother is very young. With booming divorce rates and out of wedlock pregnancies the prudent thinking is “poor thing her life is ruined” and in most cases that is probably correct and the lives of her children are probably facing the same result. This has become the reality in the west which explains why birth rates have become so unsustainable in more modern countries.

As it turns out this whole modern way of thinking has been a huge mistake and it has taken us several generations before the results of those mistakes have come to bear. Generations of free love and selfish interests have resulted in an older generation of lonely older people whose offspring tolerate them at best. Those are the lucky ones. For career driven men and women the right person or time never came and there aren’t even children around to despise them. The me generation are getting what they so richly deserve.

This societal nosedive hasn’t just ended with lonely middle age and older people either. As these people who led the charge of feminism, free love, men are like bicycles to a fish, wait to have children, and all the other nonsense that was spawned by the leftists slip into old age, they have no one to take care of them. In our modern world instead of 3 generations living in the same home together we have grandma in a home, the “kids” racking up a huge debt in a college dorm, mom acting like a 20 year old slut and monkey branching for her next financial victim, and dad trying to numb his troubles with a bottle and some young tart.

All of this is evidence of failure at epic proportions and this must continue for as long as people fail to recognize that there is a fundamental problem, what that problem is, and of course how to fix it. So how do we fix it?

The first step has to be to make divorce, especially when children are involved much more difficult than it currently is. This is done by taking the golden egg out of the equation. In all divorces the legal system favors the women even though women initiate 70% of divorces. The entire system encourages monkey branching and treating one partner as a winning lottery ticket ready to be cashed in at any time the female is restless or unsatisfied (as if a woman could ever be satisfied). The default result of any divorce with children should be that both parents have their children every other week with each parent paying their own way and for their own time with the children. If one parent is not willing to spend time with the children or unwilling to spend as much time with their children then that parent must pay the other parent for some of the childs expenses. It is simple and fair.

Next we need to stop trying to convince young people that if they marry and have children early it will ruin their lives. This is wrong for 2 reasons. First, having children is often the incentive to succeed in the financial world. When you have more than your own mouth to feed you are less likely to spend all your spare time getting drink and high with your less than motivated friends. Secondly a girls womb is like a flower. It has a relatively short shelf life and the longer a woman waits to have children the more likely that what children she might bear become a burden instead of an asset. The truth is the younger a woman is the more likely she is to have a successful birth.

Finally we need to get over our delicate little sensibilities when it comes to winter spring romances especially when it comes to older men and younger women. There will never be a shortage of very young women who prefer much older men. How is this not considered socially normal when it has been for eons but men taking hormones to look like women is promoted as the new in thing? An older man provides both emotional and financial stability to a young woman who wants to bear offspring and this should be encouraged as it is throughout most of the rest of the world. No daddy she doesn’t want to fuck you she just likes guys your age because they are more likely to be able to meet her needs.

These are of course classic solutions to a problem that will take generations to fix just like it took generations to create and it doesn’t look like enough people have noticed yet to even get the ball rolling back in the right direction. But a time will come very soon where this issue must be addressed as more and more people become elderly and unable to care for themselves with no one or no one willing to care for them. This is the true cost of divorce. This is the true cost of failing to procreate at a young age. This is the true cost of the death of the biological nuclear family.

And for what?