Horses for Pets or Meat


Believe it or not there was a time when Michael Moore made a good documentary. The first documentary I ever saw of his was the film Roger and Me about Moore trying to get an interview with the General Motors C.E.O.  After seeing that movie I never had another General Motors product in my driveway and never will. Near the end of that film Moore visited a woman who was breeding rabbits for pets or meat and the follow up to Roger and Me was the film Pets or Meat for those of you who don’t get the title.

We eat all different kinds of meat and there is no flesh than can be eaten that isn’t eaten someplace around the globe including human flesh. Yet in many areas of the world the consumption of some kinds of flesh is considered revolting. Jews and Muslims won’t eat pigs. Eastern Indians generally don’t eat cows. In the west we think consuming dogs, cats and horses should be a crime that carries a criminal penalty. We think that way about these species because we have an emotional bond to them and they mirror many of our own attributes.

I think it is time to reconsider our attitude toward eating horses.

Let us be honest here for a moment. If a species has no practical use to the most dominant species ie humans, humans aren’t prone to protect that species from extinction. Species like chickens, cows, pigs, and sheep will never go extinct because we eat them. All of these animals are every bit as personable as a dog or a cat or a horse yet we eat them anyway.  The difference is dogs and cats are convenient to keep as pets so we don’t eat them, horses are not.

The horse was once mans sole means of transportation and even long after the mechanical wagon or car was invented horses transported people and worked in fields and factories across the world. When I was a kid in upstate New York the house I grew up in had a second structure we used for a garage but its original purpose was to house a horse and buggy. Horses just didn’t have a purpose they were an important part of mans development as a species. The American Indian were savages compared to the Europeans who conquered them and much of the reason could be attributed to not having horses. Imagine having to walk and run everywhere.

Today in America horses are used for competitions, entertainment and as pets. That’s pretty much it. In both cases the odds are very good that before a horses life is over it will be abandoned and horses are euthanized quite often just because there is no one able to keep them. Horses cost quite a bit to maintain unless you already own a farm, and the cost is out of most peoples reach.

So what is going to become of the horse? We can’t race them all.

Farming American bison saved American bison. By farming I mean we eat them and they are delicious. The American bison is as much a symbol of the United States as the bald eagle and we still eat them (and they are still delicious).

Now I don’t know much about farming horses for meat or even if horse meat tastes good. Frankly I can’t imagine they do since they are very muscular animals that like to run so I think their meat is tough and not very well marbled. Still my dog can eat it.

A Horse is also a huge animal. I can’t even imagine what it takes to get rid of that carcass. If you’re gonna bury it you’ll need a plot of land and a backhoe and if you’re gonna burn it you’d probably have to cut it up.

The way I see it, to ensure a good horse population on the planet eating them or having them processed into something our pets can eat is the best thing we can do for them. We eat cows and they are among the sweetest and gentle critters on earth.

But but they are horses …..


Freedom is Overrated

z slave

It’s amazing how many people actually think they are free. It’s not remotely true of course in our modern world freedom is a mere illusion but if our owners don’t yank on our chains too hard it is an illusion we are all content to believe in. If we didn’t we’d take up arms against our oppressors but no one ever gets that right anyway. Usually the masses blame something their minds can grasp.

Obviously slavery is a good thing or people wouldn’t tolerate it.

Today we’re going to talk about the benefits of slavery to the slaves and compare that to the negatives of freedom. Let’s begin with freedom since people at least claim it is something they can’t live without.

Freedom is awesome right? You do whatever the heck you want whenever the heck you want to do it! If only that were true. In America you need to pay and get permission to do anything. Hungry? Teach a man to fish? Well before you do that make sure you go to a local outdoors supply company and purchase a license. Want to collect the rainwater that falls from the sky onto your land in a barrel? In some places you can go to jail for that. Oil, gold or anything else of real value found on your land goes to your owners not you. Even if you pay for your land in cash you have to pay your owners every year to keep it and they will take it from you if you don’t and your owners can take from you anytime they want anything you have including your own children while they shoot your poodle. You wouldn’t know freedom if it beat you over the head with a dead baby seal.

But let’s say you suddenly become truly free. That first breath of fresh air is awesome until you suddenly realize you are completely and solely responsible for yourself. If you are hungry you’re going to have to figure out a way to get food every single day. Shelter? Clothing? Yeah that is right you gotta figure it all out. If you fail you fail. Too bad. Die bitch! You also have to plan for your future not just your immediate needs. Someday you will be old and need medical attention. You’ll have to save money for that. Break your leg? You better forget that 55″ TV and put that money in the bank so if you break your leg you don’t become a cripple. There is no mommy or daddy pushing government papers around to bail you out for your failures. You’ll have to take your life a lot more seriously than most people do today. It will be hard to be truly free. The reason you are not is because you’ve already offered your freedom up for things. Your choice not judging.


Slavery on the other hand is a life of bliss. Sure you work but you’d have to work even if you were free. You don’t have to worry about whether there will be something to eat today, tomorrow or ever and the same with lodgings and clothing. All of your basic needs are provided for. True there have always been abuses but by and large most slave owners treat their slaves amazingly well mostly because it is just good business to do so. A healthy slave does a lot more work than one who is beaten or starved half to death. When slavery was actually legal slaves were much more expensive than they are today. Today you can get a pretty good slave for $500 or less but when slavery was legal it was closer to $40,000. One isn’t so cavalier with properties of such value especially ones that hold their value for several decades.

Slaves also don’t have to be bothered with thinking in general. This apparatus has been in place a long time. The media is happy to tell you what to think and most people are happy to believe the media which of course saves time to watch someone else be part of a sporting event or shop for the kinds of trinkets modern day slaves just love.

You see all these anti freedom movements and they exist because being a slave is easier. There is always someone to take care of you as a slave. You don’t have to be responsible for your finances or life choices. Why wouldn’t these people want to be slaves? To know that no matter what someone would take care of you.

In the free mans world no one gives a crap about you. Everyone is trying to survive on their own terms and by their own wits. If you make a mistake you have to pay for it. At any moment you could be without shelter, decent clothing, and food. That’s all some pretty frightening stuff. And when you raise a generation or two or three of sheltered gamers and drama queens you shouldn’t be surprised that they would wear a locked iron collar around their necks if that is what it took to make their lives safe and comfortable.

Ok so I get it, most people would prefer some sort of slavery to freedom so what. The so what part is that the people who are demanding slavery are growing in number with each generation of snowflakes we push out into the system. These people want their slavery and they will have it the question is, what happens to those of us mavericks that need to be free, risks and all? They will eventually force their slavery upon us just to become slaves themselves.

As I see it there can only really be one viable solution. To preserve freedom for anyone other than the global elite we must embrace the idea of slavery and with the right regulations legalize the practice. If memory serves me correctly didn’t Jesus once say something to the effect that there would always be poor. The poor have always been slaves as they beg to be taken care of unable to do so themselves. What if what Jesus meant is that there would always be slaves. There always have been slaves so he’d be right.

I believe a viable slave trade could be easily accomplished. Each slave must be given the choice to be free or slave. Of course once they choose slavery they also lose the ability to make any life choices themselves and may not always have the same owners as they would become commodities and could be bought and sold at their owners discretion. We could also bring back indentured servitude for people who might just want to try slavery out for 5 or 10 years.

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Keep in mind that when an institution is brought under government control there will be regulations like properly maintaining the slaves. Finally all those people who hate freedom will have a nice safe space where they could be sheltered from the responsibilities of the world and this can clearly be accomplished while still allowing those who wish to be free to be free.

The bonus in all of this is that our taxpayer dollars would no longer have to be spent on so called entitlements. Who knows how far reaching the program might go? Come from a poor neighborhood but you want to be a doctor? Ok be an indentured servant for 10 or 20 years and someone will pay for your education. Don’t want to go to jail and get gang raped? Slavery might be right for you. It could also restore families if women chose to be slaves to their men as opposed to a long date.


Now of course there are a lot of details to work out but I wouldn’t remotely be surprised if 2 things happened after legalizing slavery. First the economy would explode bringing down debt and second there would be long lines of people wanting to become slaves. I’d guess some would even be turned away.

You see, I want to be free. I really don’t care about anyone else. That being said if giving you what you want so that I can have what I want then I’m good. You should be able to be a slave if you want to be taken care of and I’m not so messed up in the head that I have to force you to be free just because I want to be free. I hope your entire family becomes slaves I might even buy one of you. Hold onto you for a couple of years and see how quickly you depreciate before deciding how long to keep you.

And everyone will be happy and you’ll have your roof, clothes, and food and never have to worry again.

Afraid to Leave Parents Home


I’d hate to be Michael Rotondo right now. He’s the 30 year old guy in New York whose parents are trying to kick him out of their home. Of course his parents are doing the right thing by throwing him out but still.

What few of the articles want to mention is that the guy spent the last few years trying to get custody of his child. I don’t believe the real story here is about some spoiled college drop out who can’t leave the nest, this story is about something completely different. This story is about what happens to men after a breakup involving children. It is also a dire warning to men regarding putting themselves in such situations in the first place.

Studies show that on average it takes men about 10 years to emotionally get over a long term relationship. That’s a real long time and a significant piece of ones life. What makes it seem even longer is that most men are smart enough not to go around sharing their feelings so they internalize it. If it takes a man 10 years just to get over a relationship he had believed was for life, imagine how long it takes for an involved father to get over losing his kids.

Make no mistake for a man a breakup involving children results in the loss of those children for the father. The absolute best case scenario is that the father will see his kids 2 weekends out of the month and some holidays assuming he doesn’t miss any payments. Of course since the ex has your kid(s) 95% of the time she’ll have plenty of time to poison them against you until eventually you are nothing but a wallet to them as you are to your ex.

When my ex and I split and the court ordered me to go to 3 months worth of visits with a psychologist (roughly once every 2 weeks for 1/2 hour) before I could see my toddler again because my ex was a complete monster and lied like a used car salesman and ….. well I was a man. It was like my son had died. In time I learned to put him out of my mind just to survive mentally but that took years. It felt like the world had crashed in on me and it felt that way for the typical 10 or so years the studies claimed it would. What was even worse was that it all happened so suddenly that I also had to move back into my parents house ….. at 39. They were taking money out of my paycheck after 3 months (plus arrears) and I had to pay that ($750 a month one child) and the lawyers and pay for every other hoop the courts wanted me to jump through to prove I wasn’t throwing babies into the air and catching them on my bayonet then eating them live.  I would have been homeless without my parents help and then the whole court experience would have been moot.

So here we have Michael Rotondo, a relatively young man of 30 who fought the pointless fight for his child. His world crashed down on him and he’s about to make the decision about whether he’s going to end up begging for money on the expressway or give it all he’s got. Given that he is going to court to try to maintain what became his protective shell from the world it could go either way. Some people never get back up.

But his parents offered him $1,800 to help him find a place to live! Ok let’s get real here $1,800 might pay for a hotel room for a couple of weeks but it is no where near the amount of money it takes to get an apartment so who can really blame the guy for not rushing out. He has no real marketable skills so minimum wage or close to it isn’t going to pay for an apartment either. From his point of view the $1,800 isn’t much different than getting kicked out with no help and even if it did pay for a month somewhere, there is no way he’d be able to pay for a second month even if he got a job right away.

Still his parents are doing the right thing. Michael has to get it together and start earning his way in the world if he ever expects to feel like a man again. It’s going to be a long hard road and it was so nice that the media helped him by pointing out that he dropped out of college. I wonder if that happened right around the time he lost his kid. But no matter, the media has made sure everyone knows he’s a bum so his road is going to be just that much harder for him.

Other than going to court to fight being evicted by his parents, this situation is not unusual in a country that defines fatherhood as someones wallet and little more. It happened to me and it took me a very long time to fight my way out of the abyss and it can happen to any man who is in a long term relationship and has kids. I bet it has happened to a few of you out there too.

So if you’re a man and you’re contemplating having a wife and family just understand going into it that it poses and extreme risk to you and your financial and psychological well being. And sadly not everyone comes out of it alive and even for the ones who do, a part of them dies.


Let’s stop pretending Women aren’t Stupid!

Large group of girl scouts of all ages

I wonder whose bright idea it was to let girls join Boy Scouts? If I were to guess, I’d say it was either a woman or one of those sickos who drive around in an ice cream truck that doesn’t have any ice cream in it. A while back they started letting homosexuals and trannies join Boy Scouts too and I wonder whose idea that was. I’m thinking my usual suspects. What I am sure of is that the scouts themselves nor their parents voted for this mess so it is either the pedo in the ice cream truck or some women.

The thing is, the Boy Scouts of America already had a group for boys and girls called Explorers. You’d think any responsible journalist would do enough research into the people they were reporting on that they would know about the Explorer program. I don’t recall seeing any articles that mentioned this branch of scouting.

You see I know it must be women and not perverts in ice cream trucks because quite frankly perverts in ice cream trucks are a lot smarter than to shoot themselves in the foot.

What about Brownies and Girl Scouts? Instead of encouraging girls to join a group that has a long history of being pro girl catering to girls specific needs, someone would rather see these girls join a group of boys and maybe get bullied or pregnant. This reminds me of the European women who stand on their countries boarders with signs and cheers welcoming those who will take from them and their children, everything they want without mercy. The next generation of pole dancers will be former BSA members.

How is it that women are standing for this? For the trannies, for the open boarders, for communism and violence. For putting their little girls in unnecessarily dangerous situations for some political point or agenda. It is like they are just hell bent on destroying themselves.

Oh sure not all women are the same. Women are always telling me that soooo. Fine then where are all the not incredibly stupid women at? If relatively intelligent women are the norm than why must the BSA take girls into their ranks? Why haven’t all these smart women stood up and said “this is stupid.” I don’t hear shit.

All I hear is the stupid women promoting some of the worst ideals I have ever heard in my entire life. All I see is women fighting in the streets and spewing filth. Where are these good, smart, stand up women. I’m too old to believe that a woman can’t make herself heard. So unless I start seeing some real change on the softer side of the fence, I’m gonna have to go with women are stupid. Because you’ve got to be pretty stupid to allow the kind of women who promote girls joining Boy Scouts, to represent you without fighting like a wild Cheetah.

If it was the other way around and it was a group of men trying to get boys into Brownies and Girl Scouts ….. that BS wouldn’t have lasted 10 minutes.


The Porn “Star” Diaries


Just to show you how out of touch with the people that the media is, since when is it illegal to have sex with a porn star? We really don’t know whether Trump had actual sex with “Stormy Daniels”. He probably did. I would have. Every real man reading this would have and probably several women would too. First you’re dealing with someone who at least in theory is pretty good at sex. Second she’s a “Porn Star”. There are very few bragging rights in the world that is better (especially for a man) than to be able to say “I screwed a porn star.” What kind of idiot thinks this is a negative in a mans life?

Then of course there’s the whole blackmail scheme.  Trumps a very rich man and people, especially women are constantly trying to shake him down for some of his money. When you tell someone, whether the story is true or not, that if they don’t get some money they are going to blab your private information all over town that is called extortion or blackmail. Story Daniels blackmailed Donald Trump. Not only did she blackmail the president but it wasn’t enough. When he gained even more fame as the presidential nominee and later winning the election it was time to blackmail Trump again. This time things turned out even better for Daniels. She got a fancy lawyer with political connections that was paid for by Democrat operatives, she got more than her 15 minutes on TV, and she’s also reigning in the big bucks stripping and/or turning tricks and whatever else the now old hag can make a buck at during her moment of fame.

Did he rape her? No. Did he take advantage of a much younger “girl”? No. Is there anything to suggest that Stormy Daniels was anything other than an eager participant in the alleged sexual encounter? No.

So which story here is worse? Some guy screwing a porn star 10 years ago, or some woman blackmailing a man simply because he’s rich and using a political party (DNC) to do it? What is worse, some guy’s lawyer paying off a whore with what amounts to nickels and dimes to people in that economic class, or a political party (DNC) trying to remove a lawfully elected president by any means possible.

What is worse of all, is a legacy media who turns a story about a blackmailing whore into the most important story in the nation.

And they wonder why the people scorn them instead of worshiping them like they used to.


Why I Left the Left


I grew up in the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate New York. It was a farming community with one factory that makes the original  wood and canvas director chairs, a company called Telescope. Grandpa ran a dairy farm that made maple syrup during the winter and dad was a school teacher of retarded kids/adults. I grew up in an academic household where many of my parents friends were involved in the school system in one way or another, or were pursuing degrees for that line of work.

Needless to say, like my parents most if not all of the people we associated with were Democrats. Which is kinda weird when you consider that much of the American Revolution was fought in my backyard. Ft. Ticonderoga and Fort William Henry are only a couple of the Revolutionary Forts that littered my neck of the words and there were  ruins of who knows what all over the place even deep in the woods of which there are plenty. During the Bicentennial all the Democrats bought or made (from kits) flintlock rifles and got dressed up in period gear and joined in small reenactment groups just for fun and to celebrate our nations 200th birthday. Everyone had guns they even had shooting classes in public school. Yet it was all primarily Democrat as I suspect it is today.

So I grew up being a good ole Democrat. At elementary school we chanted for Hubert Humphrey and again in high school for the rocket scientist Jimmy Carter. I saw every year the flotilla of garbage that floated down the Hudson River the way Jim Croce describes it in one of his raps, and in high school they told me that the state I just moved to (Florida) was going to be underwater in 30 years, and believing everything my teachers told me, took up the mantle for the only side that wanted to save the Panda.

Of course in my late teens and throughout my 20’s and probably pretty deep into my 30’s I knew everything. Everything that was important anyway. I stool outside of the famed Boca Hotel in sunny Boca Raton Florida with my white and beige bunny rabbit on the end of a leash protesting with PETA and even got on TV. I stood in the pouring rain in front of an abortion clinic with a big sign depicting a metal clothes hanger with a big red circle surrounding it and a diameter line that made it look like a European traffic sign implying “no more wire hangers”. I got on the front page of the Lifestyle section of the Sun Sentinel for that. I volunteered my time in the Loxahatchee Wildlife Refuge cutting down trees and I recycled before recycling was cool/mandatory.

Then near the end of my 30’s I had a life altering event that completely changed how I viewed things. The event itself is irrelevant but the aftermath was the real life changing event. I found myself in a position where I had to make as much money as I could. While I was doing all that cool Democrat stuff and partying I had seriously neglected my economic life. I had set myself up pretty good with a little house that had a very cheap mortgage.  I used to joke about how I could pick up tin cans along the roadside and still pay my mortgage. I didn’t need a lot of money so I didn’t work for a lot of money and worked here and there when I felt like it. Make shit, sell weed, there was plenty of options to not strap you into a cubical if you don’t need a lot of money.

So suddenly I didn’t have a cheap mortgage and I needed a dependable car (not one I was in the middle of hot rodding) and about the only real option available to me was telemarketing. I was getting a little too old to be going back out on the construction site with the rest of the felons.

In most sales jobs you don’t get paid if you don’t perform period. You might get a small weekly loan that you have to pay back called a draw but you are absolutely responsible for whether you’re going to be eating for the next week or having shelter. I learned many things from my time in sales but the one think I learned that had the biggest impact on my life was the realization that everything I was being taught and everything the Democrats were always claiming were all lies. All of it.

Let’s take people for example. Liberal minded people claim that all people are the same that we all want the same things basically and the only differences are the way people look not their race, not their culture, not their sex.  This kind of thinking makes sense right? I mean why wouldn’t you want the same things I want and think the same things I do? The problem is, anyone who has ever been successful at sales with tell you that everyone being so similar is complete bullshit.

People often base their sales decisions based on the overall profile of whatever race, sex, religion and/or culture that they are members of. Every good salesman knows this and they use that information to make sales. A salesman doesn’t pitch Mr. Patel in the same way as he would Ms. Jackson. Why? Could it be that he is more likely to be successful at selling his wares if he caters his pitch based on what he knows about women or Indian Businessmen?

Then there is that whole leftist thinking about work as if it is a bad thing. People always bitching about how they don’t get paid enough on 40 hours to support themselves. Dam there I was getting up early, putting on a suit and tie, about to go bust my hump for at least 12 hours on a weekday and some weeks that hamburger flipper was bringing home more than I was. I suddenly wanted to be at work when my work was compensated based on my production. I saw all these lazy people just going through the motions at work and just doing the bare minimal and bitching about not getting paid enough. When I stated really making the money, it was only after the money became the secondary goal. My goal was to be the best at what I was and there was never a boring moment because there was always something to do.

I was free!

I could finally see the world and people for what they are. I wasn’t slowly dying at a 9-5 with a one hour lunch and a weeks paid vacation. As a phone salesperson I became a subcontractor and I could make my own rules. What I released was that when I was young I should have pursued seriously an economic plan of working for myself instead of bitching about how someone else wasn’t paying me enough.

So why didn’t those kind and caring Democrats tell me that? Why did they keep pitching expensive education with near useless majors. Why did they keep telling me people are basically all the same when in fact that isn’t true. Why did they keep saying people had to be taken care of instead of freed to pursue their own happiness? Why is work bad and being a bum good?

For once I had to seriously question my beliefs and I realized they just didn’t hold water and worse, by believing in such nonsense I had cobbled myself in the economic world and that made me pig biting mad. So I became a libertarian because it made the most sense to me and though I do consider myself a libertarian, in general I support Republican candidates. I’m like a libertarian that leans to the right.

But all of this comes down to this; if I had moved from the left to at least the center much sooner in life my life would have been much better economically mostly from a state of mind point of view. I’m pretty sure everything about my life would have been better from the class of people I chose to hang around to the clothing I put on my back.

So if there is a young person in your life who seems to be leaning towards the left as most young people do, take some time, as much as it takes to turn him/her/it around. You can make a huge and lasting difference in that persons life so it is certainly worth at least the effort. If everyone did that conservative values, the correct values, will survive.

Muslims shooting Ducks in a Barrel


Women in the West are so easy. They walk around half naked all the time flaunting their sexuality and hopping on and off the cock carousel as often as they like which is often. All the while they behave like this, they constantly place themselves in dangerous situations believing that they have a right to be as nasty as they wanna be. Even actresses and female musicians are brazenly declaring how nasty they are.

Of course young children see this every day of their lives. Girls especially, will emulate the adult women they see are popular with other women so of course girls who have no business displaying their sexuality are doing so at younger and younger ages. They also buy into the narrative of the adult females they see on TV bragging about how they are sluts while dressed in the uniform of a whore.

Among Western men it’s all good. We have been nicely cucked into believing that not allowing our women to walk around looking like street corner hookers would somehow be curbing their rights so we just do them on the dumpster behind the bar at 1:30am and then go home. Or as many men seem to be doing, going completely otheir own way. If we were living in some protected space everything would stay fine but we don’t and it’s not fine at all.

Enter the goat pumpers. Men whose religion is a death cult and regard women and children as properties to be exploited.

Normal humans would be fearful of people whose culture is Islamic. Normal people would but in the West, people and especially women and girls have been programmed to believe that everyone’s the same inside and there is nothing to fear from millions of people who look and think nothing like you flooding into your countries. In fact in some Western European countries the local women are encouraged to have sexual relationships with these men.

So when we hear stories about Muslim invaders capturing, selling, and pimping out women and children why are we surprised? How is it that the people in government who allowed this mass migration to happen, didn’t know this was bound to happen? People don’t change who they are simply because you transplant them someplace else. If they were stoning women to death, throwing acid in womens faces, having sex with goats, and throwing homos off of roofs in their home countries, why wouldn’t they continue with those practices when they moved to your country?

And it’s so easy for them to do. Stupid, childish, naive women and girls can be captured with an open door. It is really just that easy. It is also pretty easy to get a good idea of that woman or girls attributes  because they often wear tight or reveling clothing. Just like shooting ducks in a barrel.

These stories are not going to stop. One sex slave trafficker gets busted and 2 more will pop up because millions more 3rd world barbarians are coming and they are coming for your wives, girlfriends, daughters, and sisters and these politically correct females will walk right into their slavery.

You’d think someone would want to stop this but they still keep letting them flood in and stay. It’s 2018 and slavery is alive and well and we invited it to our party to feast upon our women and children.

The weak will always surrender to the strong.