W. Europe deserves Extinction



White guilt. I’ve always thought that was a pretty funny phrase. White guilt.

Guilt is a horrible thing and in many cases it is unfounded. It doesn’t matter how many people tell you “it isn’t your fault”, “there was nothing you could do”, “it’s no ones fault”, regret can quite easily turn to guilt even when none are at fault.

There are people who play other people using regret and guilt against them. I’m sure you have a relative who is happy to regularly remind you during the holidays about something you regret and/or feel guilty about. Smart people don’t often fall for this technique. Dumb people do.

Western Europeans are morons. I’m not kidding here. For the people in Western Europe to allow their politicians to open their boarders to millions upon millions of people whose religion tells them to dominate the world and either convert, tax, or murder infidels is the absolute height of stupidity. It is like they all took the same stupid pill all at the same time. And then just kept taking it.

Some of it was arrogance too. We the people of (place Euro nation name here) are so special and wonderful that any human being on planet earth can come to our nation, no all of the people can flood our nations and our culture will change them and give them better lives. This is what these morons actually believed and that is why no one right at the start screamed “Wooo Nelly.”

What makes these Western European cretins even worse is that it has been allowed to continue for years. Did they just go to the pub every night drinking their world away and not noticing it burning down around them while they sang and made merry? Or was it made Mary? Or Nancy’s or whatever European so called men have become. Not only am I challenging Western European manhood I’m declaring that it doesn’t exist.

And while this was going on and while these military aged men flooded their countries and raped and murdered their women and children, Western European women stood at their boarders with signs reading “Rape before racism” and “Rape before hate.” What they should have done is gotten big neon signs that read “Please rape me and my children.” Well maybe that is what Western European women want. Fond memories form WWII.

So how stupid are these people? Too stupid to exist that is how stupid. In fact we should move all the stupid White people from around the globe to Western Europe so that they can embrace their own stupidity. Oh don’t worry the smart White people in the United States, Eastern Europe, and Russia will survive as long as they stay smart and refuse the stupid pill. Think of it as culling the herd. We are improving the gene pool of the White race by getting rid of the ones that shouldn’t be breeding anyway. Not that they are.

So goodbye Western Europe. You time is right around the corner. Arrogance and absolute stupidity killed you so you deserve your fate. Fortunately I probably won’t have to live long enough to see the complete takeover by Islam. We’ll just put you in the same file as the Dodo bird.




Who is most likely to commit crimes?



Do you remember reading about the feudal period of Europe when Kings and Queens ruled the land? Have you ever wondered how and why that worked? Think about it. There were a lot more peasants and surfs than there were lords and ladies and though it is true that royalties defenders were better armed than the unwashed masses, those filthy, hovel living servants of royalty far outnumbered those who ruled over them. By sheer numbers alone they could have overthrown any of them. Hollywood often portrays these people as wooden pitchfork simpletons too weak and stupid to even defend themselves desperately in need of some hero on a tall horse and shining armor to rescue them. Yet these filthy cowards were also the blacksmiths. If you can make a horse shoe you can make a weapon. Besides bows and arrows are weapons even a child can make.

The truth is, with all their complaining about taxes and cruelties, those same unwashed masses would have had to have been fairly content to tolerate having a monarch. Even today some countries have monarchs and England even has a fake one showered in the riches of the kingdom for appearance and traditions sake only. Clearly Europeans are content with some type of government as it is a rare thing for the masses to overthrow governments there.

What about places that struggle with authority? Why are some peoples unable to maintain a leadership base that allows their nations to thrive in the same way European dominated countries do?

I have a theory on that and that is you cannot rule over people who are predisposed to violence.

First let’s establish which groups are predisposed to violence first. Islam is extremely predisposed to violence. By far, most of the worlds acts of terrorism are executed by Muslims in the name of their profit (HBUH). In America people with African roots are the most prone to violence and when given free reign in places like Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit and other large cities the results are disastrous. Hispanics are next on the list but what is really telling is that although both Blacks and Hispanics are population dominant in Americans prisons, White inmates are generally considered top of the heap in violence in the prison itself which of course shows that Whites are capable of much more violence than Blacks and Hispanics.

So how are Blacks and Hispanics doing running their own countries?

What passes for civilization in Africa is 100% the result of European colonialism. African countries don’t build cars, they don’t turn raw materials into construction materials and nothing you have ever purchased from Walmart has come from there directly. Odd for a continent chock full of natural resources. Although it could be successfully argued that the west is holding Africa back because it is, Africans would still be as primitive as the day the first White man arrived (who wasn’t a slave). At least the areas that did not enjoy having boarders with the Mediterranean Sea and easy access to Europe. Before the White man Africa was a continent of mostly small tribes who warred constantly with each other in the most brutal of ways. Much of Africa is still this way today. While we explore space, some of them are blowing (or sucking I’m not sure which) up the butts of their cattle.



Most of the America’s are Hispanic including all of South America and Mexico. Like Africa they have a plethora of resources yet even when presented with the opportunity to host the Olympics in the most modern of cities in Hispanic America, the result was less than what is expected by the world at an Olympic event with crime, rodents and garbage being major issues during the event. I know why South American criminals are using children that are not their own to come into the US but what I don’t know is how they are getting away with it. Hispanics are most often Catholics and pretty devote ones. You’d think God fearing people would get together and put an end to this but …. apparently not. The Hispanic Americas are also very violent places and most tour guides will tell you not to venture outside of the tourist areas and to be careful of your surrounds even in those areas.

And Muslims? If you study their religious texts their goal is to dominate the world by any means necessary. They believe in both murder and slavery and if you leave their religion and convert to any other religion one of your family members might kill you. If you are a female you might be murdered by a family member if you say or do something that might dishonor a family member.

Out of these 3 most violent groups the only group that has successfully run a nation is Muslims. Why? They are much less likely to commit crimes against each other.  Perhaps this is because the punishments for doing so are so severe or perhaps it is because they see themselves as more of a group against the rest of the world. Blacks and Hispanics on the other hand often seem to treat human life in general cheaply but their own groups lives as completely expendable.

What about White people didn’t you say they were much more capable of violence than just about anyone else?

Remember what Western Europe looked like before the “refugee” invasion? Some of those countries were almost exclusively White with light colored hair and eyes. Their crimes rates were so small and with so few violent crimes that in some countries  criminals were given private apartments with TVs and other amenities for committing the same crimes that would get an American criminal sent to a gay BDSM dungeon (a reference to an accurate comment made my Jesse Jackson) aka a federal penitentiary. Because they didn’t want to dehumanize the criminals.

So what does allowing more immigrants from places like Africa, the Middle East, South America, and Mexico mean for America? More importantly why would any politician or honest news organization pitch this nightmare to the American people and to Europeans?

Maybe someone should pull out a Ouija Board and ask Adolf Hitler.

Living in Fear of Violent Democrats



For several years now since the Trayvon Martin shooting the Democrats on the streets have been heavily involved in mayhem. Democrat violence has destroyed property and hurt people from coast to coast and one social branch of the Democrats is even responsible for the murders of police officers namely BLM. The number of Democrat based organizations causing mayhem is as outrageous  as the acts they commit. BLM, The New Black Panthers, Occupy, BAMN, La Raza, Antifa and others are currently working around the clock to bring about anarchy.

The incidences of mayhem and violence are not restricted to riots portrayed as protests by the MSM either. How many of you have a MAGA hat from the elections? Millions were sold. How often do you see someone wearing one in public? Do you wear yours in public? You are more likely to see the yellow and green of a John Deere hat than a MAGA hat. That tells us that people are afraid to wear their hats out in public because of potential Democrat violence. Sure not all Democrats are like that just like all Muslims don’t believe in Sharia law.  There is a significant number of people who identify as Democrat voters who are violent against people who do not share their political views.

I wear my MAGA hat in public almost every time I go out in public. I have 3 of them so yeah I’m gonna wear them. People look at me like I’m crazy. Like I’m just looking for trouble. Like at any moment one of the Democrat brown shirts are going to whisk me away. And yes I do realize that I am increasing the chances of not coming back from the grocery store and having to make a B line to the hospital on the way home considerably by wearing the hat. You never know when you’re going to run across an unhinged Democrat. Imagine that even without legislation, Democrats have curbed America’s freedom to decide what kind of hat we can wear.

I wear it because I feel I must consequences be dammed. That being said I do understand why so many others do not wear their hats in public. Democrats are violent, dangerous creatures. They cannot be depended on to behave in a civilized manner and you can never take your guard down when you’re in a situation where some may be present.

Since the government doesn’t seem to be interested in doing anything about these people (like locking them up) and the media insists on continuing to cover up what their cohorts are doing, violent Democrats is just something we have to live with.

What we don’t have to live with is their representatives holding public office.

In November …. vote them all out.

Television News is on the Ropes



If you needed any more proof that Americans are turning away from television news all you have to do is pay attention to Facebook and Google/YouTube. Television news broadcasting is in so much trouble right now that Facebook and YouTube have to bail them out by not just giving them a free platform to promote their product, but by having to promote them while attempting to quell internet news media. They will fail in this multi-million dollar attempt.

Let’s say today you go to either one of these platforms and look up CBS. How long do you think it would take you to find it? Maybe a second or two. Yet apparently with these incredible response times CBS is not getting the traffic that many others, often one person shows get. Not even close. My guess is that if you combined all the T.V. Facebook and T.V. YouTube accounts together they wouldn’t get as much traffic as PewDiePie.

What does it tell you when a guy who rates cheap video games is getting a boatload of followers and views while T.V. news isn’t? It tells Facebook and YouTube that accounts like the Pies must be destroyed. Talk about living in a bubble. People are no longer impressed by the mainstream media. Most people have had to seek out news sources they like while others depend on friends and acquaintances to help them find better reporting than the entertainment that passes for news on the boob tube. They are not going to suddenly start watching CBS or ABC or NBC or MSNBC or CNN or even FOX just because Facebook and YouTube are dumping tons of money on them. Did tons of money and the media’s support help Hillary become president?

There also seems to be a serious conflict of interest going on here.

Why are companies like Google and Facebook spending their own hard earned money to support other companies? Is there some kind of kickback going on here? Are Google and Facebook somehow tied financially to every news organization on cable T.V.? Is Comcast involved? How about the C.I.A.? Something fishy is going on here. These are very serious questions that require an answer. What sane business organization does this kind of thing? If I was a stockholder I’d be pissed. I don’t invest in companies to make social change I invest in them to make money and that is my money they are wasting.

Bringing television news to the forefront of these platforms is likely to cost both platforms subscribers and investors in the long run. They must know this. Not to mention the damage done to their coffers by spending millions on this project which could find itself instead in the pockets of their investors or used in some way to strengthen the companies value instead of weakening it.

None of this makes any sense without some kind of incredibly large conspiracy. What is going on behind the scenes is certainly not what is being shown to the general public or to the stockholders. These programs have yet to be put in place and people have already begun to seek out alternative sources like Minds and BitChute.

The nice thing about the internet is that you are never a prisoner of any platform. If you’ve been here long enough you already know that you’ll be a nomad sooner or later. Personally I have lost count a long time ago when it comes to sites I have used for periods of time only to discard them when they no longer served my needs like my former Facebook and Twitter accounts which I was happy to close when the time came.

There is no loyalty on the internet. What loyalty you do earn here can disappear in a heartbeat. We are a rather fickle culture. Both Facebook and Google are playing dangerous games with their companies and either they know it and just don’t care because their businesses are just fronts anyway, or they have created a bubble for themselves that they are incapable of venturing out of.

Television news turned itself into entertainment. Everyone knows it that is why tpeople stopped watching it. That kind of entertainment just isn’t all that entertaining. Cheap tricks are not going to save television news but responsible reporting might. Might.

What we are witnessing isn’t a comeback for television news, it is television news’ death rattle and Facebook and YouTube are going to bury it.

Which women are marriage material?



There is a woman who is on TV occasionally who is a relationship coach for mostly women. I started watching her videos because when it comes to politics and most male/female interactions she gets it right plus I’m always looking for fresh meat for the pages I run. Tonight’s episode was advice for women on how to make themselves marriage material except this time she got it all wrong. Instead of searching through dozens of videos and articles finding someone who got it right, I’ve decided to do it myself so you ladies who want to be married and have kids pay attention.

The very first thing on your list is looks. Men are visual creatures and for women there is no excuse not to look good. Your body can be improved in amazing ways at the gym by targeting certain muscles and no one is making you stuff that Twinky in your pie hole. You know the big bone excuse (much like the had a baby excuse) is complete BS so stop lying to yourself.

Beauty for many women lie in a makeup case. No matter how much of an ugly duckling you are, a skilled makeup artist can make anyone a beauty queen. You can learn the techniques from watching the hundreds of YouTube videos on the subject.

As far as clothing is concerned don’t dress like a slut.

Speaking of sluts if you’ve slept with several men you are not marriage material period. It is hard enough to put ones faith in someone who is never denied treats at the candy store to begin with but an “experienced” woman is for banging not risking everything you have on. This should make sense to you. If you have been riding the cock carousel it will take several years of being chaste before you can get back into line or you can hook up with a beta male for 4 or 5 years which is much the same thing.

What use are you? Men are pretty practical people and they’re not stupid. They know you’re going to hit the wall long before they do so looks will only get you so far. Believe it or not men like women who can cook, clean, and even sew. A woman who takes pride in her home as well as in her appearance. If he is going to commit to you he knows the end game will be kids and he wants his kids to have a good life and be taught by a responsible women. He certainly wants his little girls to be able to cook and clean and have pride in their homes when they grow up.

And lastly, have some kind of religious faith. Remember sitcoms like All in the Family and Family Guy where the wife is always dragging the husband to church? Those shows were written by men. A man who wants children wants his children to go to church.

What is left is your personality. Are you super outgoing and have lots of friends? Yeah guys aren’t big fans of gals like you. Most guys learn pretty early that when they are dating a girl it is most often her friends who end up getting between them and causing trouble in their relationships so smart guys are going to avoid popular women for long term commitments. You know what areas you lack in work on them while you wait for prince charming. Try to stand back and take a critical look at yourself. Do you tend to rattle on endlessly, complain a lot, or walk like a duck (yes how you walk is very important with each footfall slightly crossing the other and big toe forward)? Work on those things every day until you fix them.

If you get these things right you’ll increase the odds of finding someone you can put up with until one of you dies and have children with to keep you company if one of you goes before the other. Marriage has it’s ups and downs and there are times you may come to hate your partner but the pendulum always swings from love to hate and if you can embrace that, marriage might be for you and if it is, well you’d be wise to take my advice.

You may be entitled to sex on demand but a husband, you’ll have to earn.

I’ve had enough of the Left



I was in a conversation with someone who obviously didn’t much care for my president, when I just held up my hand in mid conversation and said “Stop. I don’t want to talk to you anymore.” and I just walked away. I can’t imagine what was going through that persons head as she watched me just turn and walk away from her but I was beyond caring. See I’m usually a very cordial person in public. I’m very polite, open doors for others, women and men. And I try to curb my tendency for spouting filthy language to the relative privacy of the local watering hole and my drunken friends.

Not this time. This time something changed. It was like being in a car accident. Everything just seemed to move at a 6 billion dollar mans pace (you know super slow motion) and I couldn’t hear a word this woman was saying as if I was having an out of body experience. The words just came out of my mouth on their own. Was I possessed?

No I just had enough.

I think over these many years of the Muslim socialist in the White House I’ve had every discourse anyone could ever possibly have had with progressive liberal socialist/communist Democrat LGBT BAMN douchebags one could possibly have with these kinds of people and I’ve just  had enough of trying to convince them of anything. If I told them the sky was blue they’d tell me it was green and if I proved to them that it was blue and why they’d start wanting an encyclopedias worth of sources and if they found a grammatical error in one of them would discount the findings. What’s the point.

Oh don’t gimmie that crap about changing peoples minds. You have to have a mind to change. You have to start out open minded and these people are anything but open minded. Worse they are also anything but nonviolent.

So I’m done. I really don’t want to have any kind of conversation with any left leaning person anymore. It is like talking to a post and I have better things to do with my life. The next one who says something about my MAGA hat or my Hillary for Prison tee shirt (I wear these things in public all the time) I’m just going to put up my hand and say “Stop. I don’t want to talk to you.”


My #walkaway Story

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I grew up in farm country in upstate New York and like most of the folks up there my family were Democrats. We were farm people so that was pretty much par for the course in the 60’s. When Nixon ran we supported Humphrey. Thank goodness Nixon won. By todays standards he was a saint and he did do a lot of good things. Humphrey was pretty low energy. Then Carter came up to bat and we supported him …. for as long as we could. By the time his first term was over America was ready to run him out of the country on a rail.

Then Reagan ran for President. He had a wonderful fatherly presence about him and he reminded us that America was in fact beautiful and we supported him for the entire 8 years he was in office. Next was George H. Bush. He was a wonderful foreign relations president but not so good at home with the whole economy thingy so after 4 years of new taxes America had enough. We supported him for as long as the economy allowed.

Bill Clinton was a hoot. America wanted a hillbilly way back with Carter but he failed us and we were open to giving another one a try. Bills wife looked pretty hot (remember the year), he was a pretty good looking and smooth guy, he probably smoked weed and he played saxophone on Arsenio Hall. So we supported him.

Clinton did pretty good and with the help of Newt Gingrich got America back on track economically. But the Republicans hated him like the Democrats hate Trump today. Well ok not violent hurting people and destroying others property kinda hatred but hatred nonetheless. They kept throwing special prosecutors and investigators at Clinton trying to get him on something, anything, until finally they caught him lying about getting a blowjob from an adult woman. And I supported Bill Clinton until his very last day in office. A lesson for both Republicans and Democrats.

I did not support Al Gore. I did not support H.W. When that election was over I really didn’t care except for the fact that Dubya’s brother Jeb, with or without his knowledge helped him cheat in my state of Florida by surrounding the voting places with state troopers to discourage minorities from voting which tarnished what was otherwise a fine career in Florida government from the guac bowl merchant.

I was not displeased with 43’s presidency. By that time I had become much more attune with global politics and global economics that I believed and still believe that he did as good of a job as most anyone who was in those primaries on either side. Although I am pretty sure his campaign cheated in Ohio in 2004 I supported Bush just the same. I was getting older and a corrupt political process seemed par fore the course to me.

Obama was another story. By the time he was roaring in the Democrat primaries I felt immediately that something was wrong. Hillary was supposed to win. I wanted the golden years of the Billy administration pushing the economy again. Obama was a nobody who never did anything. I wasn’t even sure he had ever held a real job plus there was a lot about his past that was classified and still is. Everything about this man was wrong. At this point in my life I had gotten very good at reading people as it was part of my job description and Barry simply gave me the willies.

I ended up supporting McCain after Hillary lost the primaries and most of the reason I did was because of Jon Stewart. I’d been a fan of the Daily Show since Stewart had taken over remembering him from a couple of lame movies he was in. It was something I watched in bed before the lights went out at night and McCain was a frequent guest on the show. Far as I could tell McCain and Stewart were best buds until Obama started getting noticed and then Stewart started acting rude to McCain. I should also mention that I liked Sarah Palin and still do and her first speech at the RNC convention was amazing. I don’t much care for either Stewart or McCain anymore.

I was pretty sure America had lost it’s mind when Obama was elected. Even though it was clear that the so called “legacy” media was all in for this guy I figured hey, maybe they know something I don’t know. Maybe he isn’t as bad as I thought and maybe I’m wrong about him. So for his first two years in office I didn’t pay much attention to him. There were bad signs right from the start but I had money to make and that occupied my time. Wasn’t like I could do anything about it anyway.

I worked in the financial markets so by the time 2012 rolled around I would have supported a tick infested rat with rabies over the president. I knew the books were being cooked. I knew everything that was coming out of his regime was a lie. No one else seemed to care. We sat and watched this man do no good for anyone for 8 years and everyone was acting as if that was the way it was supposed to be. It isn’t.

I will never support another Democrat in any elected office again. Republicans have their faults to be sure but Democrats are just plain evil. The evidence of that is all around. Even when the Republicans were conducting their witch hunt against Bill Clinton they never resorting to what we see from the Democrats today.

You see, before I was never that much of a party guy going with who I thought would do a better job and sometimes I was right and sometimes I was wrong. But my awakening began with Trevon Martin and Michael Brown. My awakening came with Occupy, The New Black Panthers, Black Lives Matter, Bamn, Antifa, Hollywood, the mainstream media, and all of the other people and groups guilty of sedition, violence, and in some cases murder that the Democrat Party has never spoken out against instead playing a game of cat and mouse not condemning and not supporting while the media paints them as simple protestors exercising their rights. My awakening came when Democrats could not leave people in peace in their own homes or in restaurants.

My awakening came from a sense of absolute disgust.

Never again.

Trump 2020!