I want to Own a Slave


Ever since America’s civil war the West has done a pretty good job trying to convince the world that it has eradicated slavery. Nothing could be further from the truth. The real truth is there are more slaves alive in the world today than there has ever been in human history with the highest concentration of slaves in Africa and Asia. And guess what, aside from a few small groups no ones cares least of all BLM even though there is a high concentration of slaves in Africa.

There is also the fastest growing cult in the world Islam that takes slaves, especially sex slaves, as part of their cultist ideology. But it isn’t just these muzzies, there are sex slaves world wide and even Israel, a country we are told was originally founded by slaves, has a big sex slave problem.

If slavery has always been a part of the human condition and it’s popularity has increased rather than decreased through the span of human existence and no one is doing a dam thing about it or at least nothing that is having any real effect, then who are we to take the high horse. It isn’t like we care enough to stop it.

The best part is that in todays world slaves are pretty cheap. Back during America’s Civil War slaves cost about $1,200. This was back in the time when a horse was worth ten to twenty dollars. In todays money the value of a pre Civil War slave would be about $40,000. You can buy a slave today on the Black market for about $90 unless the slave is a very young blonde virgin and then the price can run in the tens of thousands if not more.

So if the whole dam world is letting the slave market grow and thrive …. where’s my slave?

Of course I’d be looking for a young female slave. No not a child you idiot I’m not a pedophile but I’d sure bid on an 18 year old Asian girl. There are lots of Asian women in the world so much so China tried to curb their birth so I imagine that an Asian girl, even a very beautiful one could be had at bargain prices. If I really wanted to go cheap Black and Arab women are a dime a dozen.

How great would it be to own a female slave? Sex on demand without limits. A spotless home without a basket of dirty laundry. Pressed shirts and pants. Weeds pulled from the lawn. Someone to walk my dog when I don’t feel like it. Heck if I owned 2 of them I could have 3 somes every night.

Perhaps it is time for America to get off it’s high horse and just legalize slavery. Odds are America’s liberal justices will allow Muslims to eventually keep slaves so why not the rest of us? I’m sure some Asian girl living in North Korea (or maybe a couple of them) would be thrilled to come live in the U.S. even if it meant being my slave. And let’s be honest ….. what woman doesn’t look 10 times hotter wearing a leather BDSM slave collar.


Police Officers desperately need Dog Training


Across America police officers are shooting dogs. Lots of dogs. In fact on average police officers shoot 25 dogs each and every day. That’s a lot of dogs. The reason is always the same. Police officers shoot dogs only when they feel their lives are being threatened so apparently each and every day 25 dogs are threatening the lives of police officers or citizens those officers are sworn to protect. This however does not jive with facts and the fact is dogs kill 3 people per year in America a country of over 300 million people. That’s a pretty good track record for the dogs but not so much for the police officers.

Police officers who shoot dogs fall into 2 categories the sadistic and the inexperienced and the cure for both are exactly the same.

Many police officers, believe it or not, are inexperienced with dogs. A couple of months ago there was an incident in my neighborhood that required the presence of 2 squad cars. One of the neighbors had their dog out on the leash for protection before the officers arrived. One of the officers to her credit tried to make friends and comfort the dog who as very alert doing its job to protect its owner. The officer however made the mistake of offering her hand to the dog palm up. People who are experienced with dogs know that you offer your hand to a dog palm down like a paw and that the palms up gesture is a sign of aggression to a stranger.

Of course the dog began to bark and was aroused and the officer had one more reason to distrust and fear dogs or at least dogs she wasn’t accustomed to.

My little story could have turned out much worse with a nervous officer and a dead dog and thank goodness it didn’t but it could also have turned out much better. Had the officer in question had even a minimal of dog training she would have known to offer her hand to the dog palms down and that might have had the result the officer intended in the first place.

There is no question that the number of dogs killed by police officers in America is outrageous. Proper training in the handling of these family members is crucial in the quest for justice for the dogs and also the ability to root out the sadistic from the officers ranks. Police who have proper training in the handling of family pets don’t have the excuse that they were in fear for their lives.

Let’s not forget, if you kill one of their dogs you’ll do serious prison time.

Minds.com Failure: Promises Promises


I remember when I first joined Minds.com several months ago. It was and still is a fledgling social media site that was promoted by several YouTube celebrities whose videos I post on a regular basis. The word of mouth promises from these people was a censorship free platform that would challenge the likes of #facebook, #twitter, #google+ and other social media outlets who are now serving the left as unregistered political action committees.

Given the unprecedented trend towards censorship that is without question an affront to the principles of basic human rights endowed at birth by divine providence, it was not a difficult decision for me to expand the reach of my TNN page to a more user friendly platform especially given the declarations of YouTube content creators like Undoomed, Blaire White, Paul Joseph Watson and many many other YouTube creators that I am fans of. So of course I opened a brother page to my now successful Google+ page which over the course of the presidential primaries to date has received in the neighborhood of 70 – 80 million views.

There is little question to me now that my reach on Minds will never be that of Google+ which in the world or social media sites is itself little more than a gnat.  Even with my tendency to provide a plethora of content growth for me on Minds has been painfully slow. I have been on the internet for decades and have run many pages on different platforms and I’ve had pages dedicated to mopeds and scooters that have grown faster than my page on Minds. This result even with the endorsements of video content creators who have millions of subscribers.

Part of the problem is that the site doesn’t work properly and hasn’t since I opened a page there. Many links I post Minds is unable to post the accompanying link photo. This is problematic with urgent or otherwise important news stories or op-eds that are exclusive to a news organization. People just don’t pay attention to things without a picture or artwork. The Gateway Pundit is one of the most popular news sites for conservatives on the net and Minds is only capable of displaying about 30-40% of the accompanying are and/or photos in their feed. When this didn’t work properly when I joined I just blew it off as growing pains but it’s been months and I’m not even sure the problem is even being addressed. The same is true of #Bitchute.com as Minds can’t display their content correctly either and BitChute is a YouTube alternative that needs our support. Minds should be working extra hard for them. Google+, with its annoying lag and leftist pinko commie agenda can at least post a video and a news article properly in most cases. With Minds it’s pot luck.

Of course as I have mentioned in a previous op-ed Minds is also not some bastion of freedom of expression. Minds is overseen by a company that monitors content for “workplace viewing”. First WTF are you doing on social media at work anyway? If you worked for me I’d fire your ass if I caught you looking at social media at work and the content could be Hello Kitty and it wouldn’t make any difference. You are being paid to do a job not hang out with your friends. It’s called having a work ethic, hello. But of course anyone with two gray cells to rub together can recognize that “workplace viewing” isn’t much different than censorship in the name of the children. You are to believe that adults are too stupid to decide for themselves what is the proper behavior in the workplace so we need big brother to protect us.

So what was I saying? Oh yeah Minds limits the reach of content they determine is inappropriate for the workplace. Next year they’ll probably limit content creators reach because of the puppies. This is always the case with social media. These are bait and switch operations that invite you to be creative and provide content for their benefit with promises of a friendly atmosphere until the site becomes well established and then it is “you’d better watch what your posting on OUR site.” When you think about it the entire concept is kinda messed up. It is like a construction company dropping off equipment on a job site and then expecting people to show up with the materials and manpower to build the house the construction company wants to sell.

The thing is all these sites are shit. They are all run by the exact same kind of people and you either have to figure out how to get around them and stay off their censorship radar or just give up. Believe me I’ve thought of giving up many times. But then I think about the people whose lives I’m affecting and I trodge on for them. Christ someone has to.


Liberal Dreams Destroyed


Some people believe that the big liberal dream is to do as little as humanly possible in regards to work or anything that resembles work. When the A.C.A. started sending full time workers into the part time worker part of the job ledger leftists cheered as those people would now have more leisure time.

Now make no mistake there are entitled snowflakes who think everything should be free and others should be forced to pay for it and the reasoning behind this we are told is that everyone helping out each other and doing their part will make this world a better place, end starvation, end sexism, end prejudice, and turn the world into a utopia of love and happiness.

There is however one big problem with the liberal mindset even if their intentions could be described by some as noble. I mean who doesn’t want to feed starving children or anyone who is starving for that matter. Feed the children, feed the Jews, cloth the wardrobeless, are all noble pursuits and all are being addressed by someone. The problem arises when people are made to help one another rather than doing so out of the goodness of their hearts. This is where the whole socialist/communist model falls apart.

I used to be really great in sales and I got so good at it I became a high end investment broker. You have to get to know people and what makes them tick because in sales there is rarely any salary and if you want to eat and smoke cigarettes you’d better figure it out. One of the very first things I learned on my road to becoming a successful salesman is that other people don’t think like me. That one realization is what makes or breaks a potential salesperson.

My point of course is that people are not dairy cows. No matter how many carrots you dangle in front of their noses people will not always follow the herd and if enough people stop following the herd the other people will notice this and follow the people who weren’t following the herd and a new herd emerges. How you like that metaphor ride? Moo.

Socialism and communism both treat people with a herd or hive mentality and they must to maintain their societies. And since people are not bees and cows the ones who don’t want to follow the herd must be forced to follow the herd. We wouldn’t want to give those worker bees any funny ideas. Once you start forcing those who do not wish to follow the herd, to follow the herd you have to start spying on people because your resistance now goes underground. Suddenly everyone is a potential suspect. You’ll never be able to hire enough people to spy on everyone so you solicit the aid of the people in rooting out subversives. Now everyone is a spy the only question is for who. Of course not all the people you take behind the ally and put a bullet in the back of the head of are going to be real subversives but that is the price that is always required from this type of social and economic experiment. Besides they still serve the state as an example of what can happen if you defy the state even if the dead guy is innocent.

Socialism and communism have and will always fail due to something as simple as divine providence. Though we are mere animals, unlike so many other species we rarely think the same and when we even mostly think the same it is generally short lived. We were born to be different from each other. We were born to be free. Socialism and communism are unequipped as ideologies to deal with free thinking individuals and that will always be its downfall no matter who tries to implement it.


Excuses for Millennials


Did you hear the news? Millennial’s had crappy parents! Oh the agony! The less than stellar parenting skills that birthed the millennial generation is the whipping dog of the biggest group of spoiled brats the world has ever seen. Of course why wouldn’t they blame their parents. Someone must take the blame.

I’m not a millennial but I had some pretty crappy parents. My mother was a blonde beauty queen who always had to suck all the attention out of every room she was in. She was a bold flirt who humiliated the old man often in public. Nothing and no one was good enough for her and she was better than everyone else. The old man had been an MP in the Army for 7 years and was a strict disciplinarian who wasn’t afraid to hit his kids. My brother and I shared a board with one side that said “This side for Patrick” and the other that said “This side for Michael” that he used to beat us with when we misbehaved. He went to college full time and worked full time and he had a string of bimbos on the side he was nailing until he got caught and my entire world came crashing down. The fall from rich to poor can happen in an instant.

I suddenly faced a world in which there would be no college or secondary school of any kind with no viable skills, no money, and the impatience of youth. There was also no one around trying to extend my childhood. By the time todays millennials have to worry about buying their own health insurance my parents had already owned a house and I had become a master craftsman and had a wife and rented a house. In todays world many of the 26+ year old brats are out trying to find their first full time jobs.

Ok sure millennials might have gotten a rough start but it certainly wasn’t worse than mine so I’m having a really hard time having any empathy for a 21 year old student who has nothing better to do with their time than stand on a street corner with a sign bitching and moaning about not getting enough free stuff or not being treated nicely enough.

It’s a dog eat dog world not a life in a Disney park and I’m sorry your parents didn’t prepare you for reality but it is not my problem in fact it is not anyone elses problems but yours and yours alone. You can either crawl back into your safe space curled up in the fetal position or you can just face the real world as an adult. But don’t go blaming others, not even your parents if you choose the Binky and safe space. That choice is yours to pay the price for.

How I Survived Hurricane Irma


It’s Tuesday afternoon not far from one of the Presidents homes Mara Largo. The electricity has just come back on a bit more than an hour ago. First thing I did after turning on the air conditioning and closing all the windows and doors was to shower and wash the sprinkler water and sweat off. Florida is a miserably hot place during the off season. The house was an oven so I spent most of the day yesterday sitting in a chair next to a portable sprinkler drinking rum and sweet tea (I’m not a nice shade of beet).

Since about a day before the hurricane hit I was doing bong hits and swilling beer like it was the last beer in the world. You might think you’ll want to have your wits about you but trust me when I tell you that you don’t. Saturday and Sunday there were millions of drunken stoned people in South Florida. The thing is hurricanes are a lot more frightening than what you see on TV and the frightening part can go on for hours. You want that bottle courage. You might need to be fearless. In any case what you don’t want to be is scared out of your wits. What is going to happen will happen and there isn’t a dam thing you can do about it. Scared people do stupid things.

Of course drunk people do stupid things too like sitting on my front patio as the winds raged by drunk off my ass and getting drunker. If you’re gonna live, live large.

All in all in my area Irma was pretty unremarkable as hurricanes go. A few downed trees and fences was the extent of most of the damage. What I found amazing was how ill prepared some of my neighbors were. Two of my neighbors took their families to hotels after the storm because a couple of days without electricity was too much for them to bear. These are not the kind of people you go camping with unless your idea of camping is Motel 6. I was truly shocked how weak some of these people were. For a week these people knew the storm was coming and the very next day these people were looking for restaurants. Even in hurricane alley Americans are spoiled to the point where even one day of hardship is an epic disaster.

The most annoying people of the hurricane are always the people who managed to get their hands on a construction generator. Talk about noisy pieces of crap you can hear these things 5 blocks away. Imagine trying to sleep in a very humid hot environment to the sound of a gas powered construction generation. You just want to go to their house and burn it to the ground. It is worse when you can hear 2 or 3 of these monstrosities whirring and gasping all night and day long.

Basically what Irma or any hurricane is really like is a big wind and rain storm followed by camping. Ok so you might be camping in your home but it is that kind of roughing it. If you know what you’re doing and properly prepare it is an adventure. I was ready to be down for a week and be self sustaining during that period so for me the storm was as comfortable as it could be without torturing my neighbors with a power generator.

Friday Night on my Block (Hurricane Irma) in Florida


I was riding Cholo tonight in my lowrider adult 3 wheeler.  The thug life chooses you Vato. So I’m taking my hound for a walk on my lowrider bike and I spin it around the neighborhood. Most of the streets are pretty quiet except for my street and our sister street in the development.

We’re right in the path of hurricane Irma. So everyone is getting their games tight at home. Nothing left to buy at some of the stores. Wood and other crap going up all over the place. But by Friday night what’s gonna get done gets done with a handful of beta men practically begging their alpha neighbors to help them put up storm shutters.

The rest of us drank beer as the kids played in the street. I already had a beer in my bikes cup holder so I took my lowrider and my dog around our section of the development dropping her back at the house and then rejoining my neighbors. Not long after my lady shows up on the cotton candy and white 3 wheeler lowrider she rides (yeah Vato we both roll Cholo) and the party begins with beer swilling and joke telling and repairing damaged kids from play.  A little smoke when the kids weren’t looking and the women could look after them.

This is Florida in an upper-middle class neighborhood in the face of the strongest hurricane ever recorded. We partied and had fun with the kids. The only thing missing was the barbecue.

By midnight the adults with kids had had enough and went to bed. Homes as safe as they were gonna be and everyone was going to have a good nights sleep.

You see Floridians might be a little crazy (and so many of us are) but if you’re choosing a state to name Americas bad-ass state forget Texas. We da badasses beeotch!