Why Men Secretly Hate Women


Being with a woman isn ‘t much different than being with a child except for the sex part. Women are demanding, unrealistic, and have impossible standards no one can ever meet. They are selfish and self absorbed and are rarely accountable for their own actions. These are just some of the reasons men secretly hate women.

There is an old saying “If it wasn’t for the patch between their legs there would be a bounty on them.”

Recently one of my followers complained to me about all the negative things I post about women. Boo hoo here’s a tissue. I’m almost 60 and throughout my entire life women have been acting as if being a man and having male attributes is a sin. It gets a little worse every year too. Remember when the big catch phrase was “a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle”? Yeah women talk that shit in their 20’s when their sexual market value is at it’s peek but not so much later when they have screwed up their relationships and no one wants some crazy middle aged hag anymore.

I have to be honest and I think if a lot of men were being honest they would tell you the same thing which is aside from my sex partner I find conversations with women tedious and uncomfortable. I just don’t care for their company in general. I go out of my way to avoid social situations that involve women and when I do have to speak with one I try to make that conversation as short as possible. Even with my sex partner conversations often make me want to slam my head against the wall because all she really wants to do is make excuses and listen to herself talk.

I used to read these old science fiction books about a planet that experienced a real war between the sexes because of the way women behave and of course the women lost badly. After that war women had 2 choices (well the ones who had choices) in life which was to either be the obedient wife of a man or a sex slave for every man.

Women are getting out of control in our world and it is clear their end game is to rule over men. What they don’t seem to understand is that in every way the majority of men are much stronger than the majority of women and there will be a breaking point in the not too distant future. This makes me wonder if those old science fiction books from the late 60’s were just science fiction or a prophesy.

Take this as a warning ladies. You’ve already gone too far and the clock is ticking. At some point if this continues there will be a major backlash and when that moment comes things aren’t going to go well for you.




Did Obama Pimp Out His Own Daughter?

obama the pimp

It is absolutely impossible that President Obama did not know about Harvey Weinstein. The President has resources at his command that allows him to know what you had for breakfast and there are a plethora of spy agencies at his disposal not to mention groups whose specific job is to protect the president and his family. What Weinstein was doing to women and girls in Hollywood is no secret even before it got exposed to the general public.

What kind of parent would place their daughter into the hands of a man whose reputation was that if Weinstein? Would you? Under no circumstances would I.

Below is a photo of Malia Obama showing up for work at The Weinstein Company.


Who shows up to work like this? Any work? She doesn’t look very happy either. Would you let your 18 year old daughter show up to any job looking like this much less one whose CEO is Harvey Weinstein? The former president might as well have put a bow on her.

Why would the most powerful man in the world (at the time) pimp out his own daughter to the biggest pervert in Hollywood? Because Obama owed him. Not only did Weinstein contribute significantly to Obamas campaigns and the DNC he also wields incredible influence around the world and especially in Hollywood. Could it be that all these celebrities coming out against Trump were told to do so by the man who controls their careers?

And then there’s Malias behavior of doing drugs and drinking in public even though she isn’t old enough to purchase booze. Acting like a tramp at Lollapalooza while her father was still president sounds a lot like a cry for help.


Then there is Obama’s own background where he has been accused of paying for a homosexual prostitute and snorting coke prior to becoming president.


All of this evidence suggests that Obama owed Harvey Weinstein big time and as payment for all Weinstein did for him and the DNC he was willing to pimp out his own daughter as payment. Thank goodness we don’t live in Obama’s world anymore.

Western Europe Deserves to Die


Western Europe is gone and there is no taking it back. That is the truth few people will tell you. Western Europeans simply don’t breed enough to maintain their majority after they foolishly let hordes of 3rd worlders into their nations who in contrast breed like rabbits. I hate to say it but Western Europeans deserve this.

Throughout the history of mankind civilizations have been pitted against one another. The weak have always fallen to the strong and Western Europeans are weak. Western Europe isn’t just weak on the government level but on the common people level as well and it is that weakness which has doomed them. How could anyone not see the hordes of human animals crossing their boarders and be content to look the other way yet most Europeans have done exactly that.

The first to fall has been London where not only the mayor is a barbarian but the city is so overrun with barbarians that the British people have already become the minority in their own capital. What did the citizens do to stop it? Not a dam thing. Germans seem to think that allowing barbarians to overrun their nation is a good thing and that is just plain insanity.

Sometimes bad things happen to good people because of circumstance beyond their control but that is not what happened here. The people were either suicidal or so delusioned by their socialist liberal agenda that they sacrificed themselves and their prodigy for that ideology. And what is worst of all is they think they can force this epic fail of an ideology on nations who don’t want to play the suicidal game.

Western Europeans deserve to be wiped off the face of the earth like so many other civilizations before them who refused or were incapable of defend themselves against foreign invaders. The world has never been and will never be rainbows and unicorns and destruction has always awaited those who think they could make it so.

Goodbye Western Europe. You will be sorely missed.

Hollyweird and the News Media Connection


Abuse of women and children in Hollywood is nothing new it has been going on for decades. Several actors and actresses throughout the years have tried to draw attention to this very serious problem only to be ignored by the public and the MSM. In fact people have been punished by both Hollywood and the news media for speaking out.

It kinda makes you wonder how big a conspiracy this is and make no mistake it is a conspiracy. Where is the morality in either Hollywood or the news media that allowed this to go on for decades protecting Hollywood big wigs and actors who are involved? Well the answer is pretty simple but like usual the general public who have literally been brainwashed will completely ignore the truth because it goes against their conditioning enabling this to continue.

The thing that Hollywood and the news media both have in common is that both groups are almost completely run by Jews. Don’t pretend they aren’t because many Jewish periodicals brag about this. Wiener, Weinstein, Bloom, as well as a long list of Jewish perverts in Hollywood bear this out and it is historically consistent at least as far back as post WWI Berlin where actors, writers and for the most part other Jews in entertainment and media turned a great city into a den of perversion including child sex and bestiality.

The one shining moment in all of this is Donald Trump who since taking office instructed the D.O.J. under Jeff Sessions to actively go after pedophiles in Hollywood resulting in thousands of arrests and the dismantling of some child pedophile rings.

One has to wonder whether Trumps assault on Hollywood perverts is the real reason why Hollywood and the news media have been foaming at the mouth in their attempts to bring Trump down and whether R.I.N.O.’s and never Trumpers are attacking him for the exact same reason. The entire left has been promoting chuckolding and sex between adults and minor teenagers.

One thing is for sure, because of President Trump Pandora’s box has been pried open and just like in the tale it can never be closed again. A lot of heads are going to roll on this one and rightly so but never forget who has been behind it all. You may not wish to see the truth but at this point it is inescapable. It’s Jews.


The Truth about the Rise in Interracial Porn


I just finished watching a video by Tara Babcock (I swear that is her last name) about the rise in interracial porn and I just couldn’t stop laughing throughout the video. First of all this women is completely delusional.

Doing a little research on Ms. Babcock I found one of her videos on YouTube titled “Why I don’t do porn.” Really? You sure look like one of those cheap whores that do porn. So I went over to Google image search and typed in “Tara Babcock porn” and guess what. Yeah she does porn in one photo her head and chest was completely covered in sperm, bound to a table with ropes and wearing a posture slave collar. So much for an impartial opinion on her industry.

Tara completely misses why interracial porn is rising in popularity but here’s a clue, both the MGTOW movement and interracial porn are rising. If you don’t know MGTOW is a mans movement that suggests men throw off the yoke of oppressive relationships with women and just go their own way

Let’s be honest here the black men in these porn films have unusually large penises like donkey sized. In fact most of the men who watch interracial porn would also watch women having sex with dogs, donkeys and horses and for the exact same reason. It’s about humiliation. It is about all the nasty white whores we have met in our lives (and most of us have met a lot of them) whose holes are being destroyed by freak penises. It is about imagining the white women in our lives who have betrayed us in numerous ways being used as cum dumpsters in the worst ways possible.

In fact in many of the interracial porn videos the women are treated like trash. Men with the foot on a womans face while he is taking her bung hole from behind. Women in slave collars, women begging for black penis, women begging for butt sex, women chained or otherwise bound etc.

Interracial porn isn’t on the rise because porn watchers have become less racist it is on the rise because mens attitudes towards white women have taken a downward spiral. The rise in interracial porn should be a warning flag to white women not something to be celebrated. Because if they aren’t very careful no one will want them anymore in fact according to a study done not too long ago white women are already second from the bottom in desirability with Asian women on top of the heap.

Sure men might want to have sex with you but when it is over there’s $20 on the dresser for your cab ride home. And don’t call me I’ll call you (chuckles).


Hollywood Exposed: Thanks Harvey


Harvey Weinstein’s behavior tells us a lot about Hollywood. Yeah we all heard the stories and the rumors of what happens in Hollywood to actresses and actors but perhaps most people believed that those days of the casting couch were long behind the industry. After all it is 2017 right and we are talking about the holier than thou Hollywood celebrities the same celebrities that scold the America people at every chance and call for outright rebellion against the duly elected President of the United States.

But the people in show business have no moral ground to be pointing fingers at anyone. Suddenly all these “brave” actresses are coming forward with stories of inappropriate behavior and even rape from Hollywood’s biggest movers and shakers. So brave. Yet for decades no one said a peep. Where were all these gals then? If this was a crime (oh wait rape is a crime) these so called “brave” actresses might be considered accessories to the crimes as their silence enabled Weinstein to abuse women for decades. They knew and they said nothing. They knew that saying nothing meant the “show” would go on and their silence would mean this dirt-bag would be assaulting more young women and girls and still they said nothing.

These women are every bit as dirty as the perpetrator himself. The bottom line here is that a shot at wealth and fame is a hell of a lot more important to these kinds of women than even their own dignity is. Wannabe starlets whored themselves out for a shot at the big time. Imagine how many gals bobbed their heads up and down on Weinstein’s lap and are keeping quiet about it because they are more interested in their careers and money than whether they have to prostitute themselves to get them.

And then of course is the rest of Hollywood who for decades not just pretended that what Weinstein was doing either wasn’t really happening or was just a part of being in the industry. What Weinstein was doing was well known within the industry and no one spoke up or did anything to stop it. Little wonder this group of whores and pimps gave a standing ovation to Roman Polanski who is wanted in the U.S. for pedophilia crimes during a recent awards ceremony.

These accusations against Weinstein are not isolated incidences but an industry wide norm. If you want to make it on the big screen you have to have sex with the unshaven fat pigs whether you’re a man or a woman. If you’re a child in Hollywood ….. well look what happened to Miley Cyrus.

And these scumbags have the nerve to pretend they hold the moral high ground in American politics while they give standing ovations to child molesters?

Hollywood makes Washington D.C. look tame an innocent in comparison. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy as you will in the state that just decriminalized knowingly spreading¬† life threatening STD’s.

Dear NFL Players


So let me get this straight, a bunch of multi millionaires decided to make a spectacle out out of themselves disrespecting America and I’m still supposed to like you guys? Clearly you boys didn’t think this out very well as at the very least it looks like the sport is going to lose its taxpayer sponsorship which means less money for the teams which will trickle down to less money for you and the players who will eventually replace you in what 5 to maybe 10 years. Of course I remember the type of guys who played football in high school and college and they never seemed very bright. I guess you boys just couldn’t do the math huh.

The really sad part is that all you’ve really done is take a knee and humiliate yourselves. And what do you do with the millions you make every year to play a kids game? You spend it on hookers and cars and drugs don’t you. Most of you guys will be dead broke just a few years after your short careers are over because you’re stupid with the money you make. Maybe you should have invested some of it?

Maybe a good investment would be to open companies in the hood. You know, help your so called brothers and sisters out by providing them with jobs. But that task is for someone else isn’t it. It’s always someone else who is responsible. With all your millions you can’t get a few of your buddies to pool your money together and make a real difference instead of just being assholes to the country who made you rich beyond the dreams of the people who cheer for you every week. That’s pretty weak man and people see that.

You think you have political and social clout? You’re a jock. No one expects you to be very smart they just expect you to take a licking and keep on ticking which is what they are paying you to do. Make no mistake it is the people in those stands and at home watching TV who pay your salaries. That’s right you arrogant shits those same people who you are insulting are your bosses.

I’m not so sure that if you stopped this nonsense today that your industry could completely recover from what you have done here. Remember when professional baseball went on strike? They haven’t been the same since and what you idiots have done is far worse. But I will tell you one thing, the longer you drag this out the more damage you are going to do to the sport for yourselves and for everyone who comes up behind you. The crazy salaries days are over and unless you want to be working for 1965 player wages I suggest you wipe your noses, get back up on your feet, cover your hear with your hand, and sing the National Anthem to the top of your lungs the next time you hit the field.

We’ve had enough of your bullshit.