The Press Cult of Personality



Have you noticed that a news anchors work is mostly reading scripts? They didn’t write those scripts a team of writers did. How about during interviews? Do you think that the Ken doll or the Barbie wrote all those questions themselves? Probably not and they certainly don’t need to. They have underlings for that. I can go to any telemarketing center in America and find someone pretty or handsome enough to read the news on live TV for 22 minutes and you don’t need to pay them several millions of dollars a year to do so. Yet for some reason the networks do and so do a lot of local affiliates.

How many TV shows are there about “journalists” and movies that depict them as beyond reproach. Perhaps angelic would be a better term to use. And yet history shows that the press has colluded with government and/or certain political dogmas since there was a press. These are not the deliverers of truth and justice they pretend to be. Just consider the difference between how the press treated Richard M. Nixon to Barack H. Obama. If the same standards were used for both presidents either Nixon would have gotten a parade in the press or Obama would be trying to keep himself out of prison.

The press aren’t journalists in America they are celebrities (or at least they think they are). Gone are the days of a news anchor showing up to work in a 10 year old Chevy Impala and welcome to the 21st century of chauffeured drivers for the top dogs. People don’t get into journalism anymore to do investigative reporting they get into it for a shot at the red carpet. If you think I’m kidding watch a few episodes of The Designated Survivor or House of Cards or any of a number of TV shows and movies where real news anchors play themselves. It is astonishing.

It’s not just today’s celebrity journalists who have sold out either. Everyone knows Dan Rather is a lying S.O.B. but even the journalist god Walter Cronkite was a flaming communist. Why was Walter Cronkite famous anyway? Because he sorta looked like Bob Keeshan (Captain Kangaroo for you whipper snappers)?

Americans have to stop putting these news readers on the same platform as the Kardashian sisters (at least they have boobies). There are lots of people who can do their jobs and a few who can probably do them a lot better. Reading 22 minutes worth of news every night does not justify the kinds of wages that these people demand and the reason they get such big bucks is because of you America. Tom Brokaw could shoot someone in Times Square and millions of Americans would come to his defense. I probably shouldn’t mention the wage disparity between what Brian Williams makes and what the actual investigative reporter makes on NBC.

The news is entertainment.

It is nothing more.

Are you entertained enough to justify Wolf Blitzers salary?


The Internets Death Rattle

internet death


My first day online was in 1997. That is longer than a lot of people have been alive. A very large part of America has never known life without the internet. Certainly no one under 30 has known a world without the internet and probably most under 40 can’t remember what the world was like without the net.

In the beginning (because every great tale about creation begins that way) the internet was much like the wild west. First computers were insanely expensive. My Performa was over $2,500 at that time and when you factor in inflation it was even more expensive. I can’t tell you what it cost per month as I was getting my connection free from Clear Channel Communications as my ex worked there (I’m pretty sure they didn’t know).

I swear I must have looked up every perversion know to mankind. I looked up Nazi and ended up with homos in Nazi outfits doing things I wasn’t going to be watching. Found a few Mexican Donkey Shows, hot lesbian sex, and all the free porn in China. For a 37 year old guy who had to buy copies of a nudie magazine called Hustler in the hopes of seeing a half a dozen pages that resembled porn it was totally awesome. It still is. The porn has gotten much better and apparently I’m not the only one who thinks so as most people know what the film “Two Girls and a Cup” is about (if you don’t, do yourself a favor and just let it go and do not look it up).

But of course my weed whacking aside the internet had a ton of information in it. You could look up information …. get this …. without a credit card. Seriously it was free. Worried about a new person moving into the neighborhood just go online and look the person up. No credit card and/or cell phone required. As Jon Townsend, CEO of Jas. Townsend and Sons (now just Townsend Co) stated in one of the company’s Revolutionary War period pieces, “It is getting hard to find anything on the internet anymore.”

It is also getting harder to find people on the internet anyone. Oh sure there are people shopping on the internet. Gaming is also a draw. But when it comes to people being social online ….. not so much. It doesn’t help that the internet Axis powers Facebook, Google and Twitter (and now are just making it difficult for people to be social online. They most certainly are doing that by alienating a huge percentage of the product base (you). Take YouTube for example. YouTube is desperately trying to become the Internets TV station or at least one of them. They demonetized their users so they have to beg for money while picking up more advertisers than NBC. In many of the videos someone else created, there is a commercial every 2 minutes making viewing almost unbearable. I for one will see a ton of markers on a video showing where the commercials are and then not watch the video if it isn’t something I’m not 100% sure I’m going to want to watch.

We have traded our boats for the internet. You know that big hole in the water you toss money into. It is no longer fun to do research online and depending on the topic, if it is anything remotely controversial it is likely to have been scrubbed from the net (unless you know where to look). We have stopped leaving our homes to go shopping, we hardly ever go outside anymore and we aren’t getting much for those sacrifices. We can’t even make friends online anymore without having to cough up our cell phone number for the privilege.

As people get less and less from the internet and at higher and higher cost, a lot of people are just walking away. And as the internet Axis giants add more and more restrictions, fewer and fewer people are interested in using their services. No wonder they are looking for users overseas.

This might sound like a bad thing but it isn’t.

The internet is the evil that has made us all fat and lazy. It has given the leading voice to people most of us wouldn’t give the time of day to. It steals our anonymity and privacy and it sells us like an auctioneer at a cattle ranch to the highest bidders. All while indoctrinating it’s users with the false narrative of a Utopian future of one world order.

Wouldn’t it be nice if a guy could get up at 6am, walk out onto his driveway and pick up the morning paper and get a little news in before the rest of the family got up for breakfast and then church? Wouldn’t it be nice if he was capable of fixing things around the house and the kids were out riding their bikes and hanging out with the neighbor kids while the wife was kneading some dough? Wouldn’t it be nice if people were forced to hang out with each other again because they didn’t have the entire day to play video games. If you’re under 50 you’ll never know how nice those things really were.

Remember that boat I was talking about earlier? How many of us would have that boat out in the driveway right now if it wasn’t for all the time and money we spent on the internet? Probably every single one of us.

I’d think we’d all be much better off with that hole in the water than this one.

Maybe I’m not the only one.

France Saves the World!



You really have to wonder about the French people. Their president makes a bold move to save the world and his people are in the streets wearing yellow vests so that the world can see the yellow stripes up their backs because what? Because they want to see the world end? Well I guess if you’ve garnered a reputation as being surrender monkeys for the last century or so you just want it all to end. Didn’t these clowns vote this guy into office? Now I know what Ron White meant when he said “stupid is forever.”

France was just about to save the world and become the de-facto leader of the world when all those barely washed masses started crying foul because they might have to contribute. Did they think money to fight climate change grew on trees or something? I mean who cares how much money it costs it’s about saving the planet.

Of course none of this has to do with climate change or saving the planet.

The truth here is that the French government is desperate for money. Did you really think that a country that takes naps in the middle of the afternoon during the workday had the money to pay for all those “refugees”? Of course globalists can’t come right out and say “we need more tax dollars for our invaders.” That would expose their plans as unsustainable. Nothing like a bit of virtue signaling to get people to cough up some more of their lazily earned money. Global climate change should have been the perfect patsy but it wasn’t.

See migrants suck up a lot of money. Even more that the citizens who can’t work for one reason or another. Frankly they need a lot more services. In the coming months it will be exposed that these migrants are plunging their host nations into insurmountable debt which clearly Macron is desperate to avoid.

So where has Macron been lately? He doesn’t want to hear the protests. He can’t. Leaders usually know long before anyone else when their country has serious financial difficulties and it is probably do or die for France right now. He has to get more money and he has to do whatever he can to get it or Frances economy might crash under the weight of migrant entitlement. And frankly you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this mess out but even one of my favorite YouTubers Black Pigeon Speaks couldn’t see it when I briefly chatted with him during a Coach Red Pill live feed.

Macron is out. Whether he manages to survive until the next election cycle or not is the only question that remains. Democrats want to impeach Trump even though his ratings double Macrons so what chance does that guy have as his streets fill with citizens demanding his ouster?

The Yellow Jacket movement, yellow jackets because in places like France it is mandatory to have 2 of those jackets in your car, is spreading across Europe like a California wild fire in a poorly managed stretch of the forest. To date similar mass protests have erupted in 4 more countries all with the same core problem migration. If this movement continues to spread throughout Europe it will be the end of globalism for the time being and this is likely as most Western European countries are just overrun with Africans and Arabs.

With all of this exploding in Europe you might think Americans would suddenly realize the folly of mass migration but you’d be wrong of course. Somewhere around half of the nation supports the Democrats call for open boarders and communism. They must because they are still voting for them. Or at least their dead relatives are (several times).

This is a glimpse of the future of every western country that fails to take the red pill.

Germany Did Nothing Wrong



I have spent my entire life learning as much as I possibly can and not just from books either. Many of lifes insights come from getting out there and experiencing it yourself instead of spending countless hours glued to an office chair surfing the Net for information or relaxing in a Lazy-Boy chair muddling over text in something the ancients called books. I’ve done it all. Been there, done that and I got the jersey instead of the tee-shirt.

Over my half century of filling my mind full of what in most cases seemed to be Jeopardy material (ie pretty much useless) I have acquired a lot of experience, knowledge and skills. I am capable in every construction trade including some heavy equipment operation, I can take a car completely apart and get most of the parts back together properly, I have an extensive and documented knowledge of the investment and banking industries, and I know a bunch of other stuff about science, medicine, history and whatnot. Acquiring that much knowledge is a double edged sword when you have no one to pass it onto (thanks to my psycho ex-wife and the incredibly corrupt Broward County (Fl) legal system). If you’re a man with children getting a divorce in Broward County, Florida you are wasting your money getting a lawyer because the outcome is predetermined by whatever your soon to be ex is claiming, true or not. But I digress.

I guess you could call this blowing my own horn or better yet being braggadocios but it was just the path I chose to take with my life. Anyone can absorb information and seek out knowledge and having done so doesn’t make me someone special at all.

In all of my studies and experiences I have been exposed to more atrocities than anyone should ever be exposed to. They call it “going down the rabbit hole” which in essence means seeking the hidden and almost always uncomfortable truth. I’m done enough of that to, had I had my life to live over again, have chosen a different path than the one I took. As Sansa Stark, a character from the wildly popular HBO series Game of Thrones once said “Truth is either boring or terrible.” It certainly isn’t boring.

The real problem with discovering some of the more nasty truths of our existence especially in the areas of conspiracies and corruption is that no one wants to hear the conclusions. Finding real answers is often difficult business and trying to remain subjective while uncovering more and more of the real truth isn’t any easier.

What is most frustrating of all is when educated people, people I have come to appreciate via the written word, lectures, and in the media keep repeating outrageous lies they should know are untrue. It is after all their business to know isn’t it?

Case in point Germany.

Yes I know most of you have bought the well tailored propaganda pushed by various governments and all of the legacy news media and why wouldn’t you. It is the only information on the subject you’ve even been exposed to that didn’t sound like some crazed Neo-Nazi high on smack talk. Regardless of how it might sound the truth is the truth period. The truth is Germany did nothing wrong in either war and acted far more honorable that the Allies ever did. You’ve been lied to all your life and you’ve believed it because all you ever heard was lies.

I’m not going to explain myself here it would be a complete waste of my time. The other truth is you’d never believe me anyway. Only through your own research will you be about to come to the undeniable conclusion that Germany was completely innocent of everything it has been accused of regarding the world wars.

So why should you bother?

Germany is essentially a lost state. It became a lost state because of the lies told about it which today’s Germans and most of you mistakenly believe. The only other thing I have discovered in my studies of history that is more criminally outrageous is the burning of the library at Alexandria. That was a crime against humanity as is the destruction of the German people and their nation. We can’t save the library of Alexandria but we might just be able to save the German people …. if just enough of you care enough to find out what the truth really is.

Your government and the press lie to you today even though you have a world of information at your fingertips. Just imagine how much they lied when all people had was an AM radio with bad reception.

Why not use those fingertips for truth?


If Internet Social Media Sites Were Honest


Are you lonely, feel uncomfortable in social situations, have a narrative to spread or just strive to be a Shit Lord? Hi I’m Roger and here at GargleBook we’ve created the perfect platform for you to pretend you’re actually doing something with your life ……. or have friends.

GargleBook is a new and upcoming social platform that promotes freedom of expression. For now. So, for now we’d like you to create as much content for our up and coming site as possible. Jihadist? Communist? Antifa? We just don’t give a shit. For now. You know until we start raking in some bucks.

“But your site is free Mr. Horton what is your product?” It’s funny you should mention that because my dear golden goose you are. That’s right, we require you to give us all kinds of information about yourself for “verification purposes” and then we take that information and sell it to people who want to sell you shit you don’t want or need. Once we got some basic information from you like your email address and your cell phone number we start monitoring all of your electronic activities so that we can further refine your profile and sell your information for more.

You don’t want to give us your cell phone number?

That is a legitimate concern and you should be worried about your privacy which we promise to protect and (ahem) not share with others. If you don’t have a cell phone you probably aren’t a trend buyer and don’t have a credit card so you’re pretty much worthless to us. Oh we’re also going to need at least one credit card and we’ll get that from you by making up a company that will sell you cheap, useless items from mostly China. But “for now” we might let you join anyway to convince others to join.

Once we get large enough to attract users from Europe and China we won’t be needing you “I’m not giving you my cell phone” people so we’ll be demanding your cell number and if you don’t give it to us we’ll make up some excuse to lock you out of your account. For those of you dumb enough to remain stop posting so much. You enthusiasm was great while we were building this site but now you’re just annoying.

You can forget about that freedom of expression thingy too because once the bucks start rolling in we don’t want to start offending anyone. Besides freedom of expression is just an American construct and 300 million potential clients isn’t much compared to a world of 6 or 7 billion potential clients. Now if we can help discourage people from posting whatever the hell they want we can keep raking in the kind of livestock, I mean people who will buy crap and make us richer. And just to make this all look legit we’ll let the ADL do the censoring because Holocaust.

Sure you could be outside doing outside stuff in the cold dangerous world or even having sex but wouldn’t you rather be safe indoors in that oversized closet you claim is your computer room with a list of “friends” and “family” you’ll never ever have any real physical contact with covered in Skittles and drooling Mountain Dew? Of course you would. Besides everyone else is doing it.

So sign up today at GargleBook with no strings so we can let you and other users help each other get addicted to our service so when we ask you again for your cell phone number you’ll give it to us immediately to prevent disappointment and regret. We promise you’ll get at least one like …. from us once we get all your personal information.

Cha ching bitches!

*Image of Jack Hunter used without permission but I’m pretty sure he’d appreciate the publicity.

The High as Fork West Coast



Much of the rest of America looks at the West Coast in awe. What is wrong with these people? Where do they get their lunatic ideas from? There are certainly more than just a handful of people in America who might secretly celebrate if the entire West Coast fell into the sea, and it just might.

Slowly but surely the West Coast is becoming the worlds toilet. Major cities in every single West Coast state are becoming awash with homeless people whose brain functions are at best questionable. As these kinds of people congregate to “homeless friendly” coastal states they bring with them the kind of devastating filth that can destroy any city regardless of wealth. Used needles and the stench of human waste do not encourage conventions or tourists to linger long or return to the land of the Port-O-Potty (actually these people poo in the street not in a Pot-O-Potty but it sounded kewl in my head).

This glaring example displays on a small scale what happens when you invite questionable people to come live with you in your city, state or nation. Eventually (and generally in a relatively short period of time) these questionable people take over as taxes are raised to support them, and taxpayers who can escape the taxes and stench do so. It is a recipe for the murdering of a city.

But foul odors and messy streets are just the tip of the iceberg. Many if not the majority of these homeless are drug addicts and have serious mental issues. This mixture of mental health issues and drug addiction makes these homeless people volatile and dangerous. How does the West Coast deal with this? By making it easier for the homeless to be drug addicts of course. People shoot up right in the middle of the street yet very few ever go to jail. Well I guess if it is ok to drop a loaf in the middle of the sidewalk, shooting yourself up full of what passes for drugs on the streets is just okie dokie.

Let’s make something clear about “drugs”. Smoking weed and shooting up heroine or smoking crack or crank are very different things. It is just ridicules to lump all of those things together and you can bet the alcohol and tobacco industries as well as the for profit police departments all want to lump reefer in with these very hard and dangerous drugs to help line their own pockets but that is a bold faced lie. I wish more people on the West Coast smoked weed maybe they’d wake up. No this is about very addictive and dangerous drugs West Coast states promote like a pedophile handing out condoms to elementary school children.

You wonder why the police are told to stand down? Try dealing with someone on meth. They think they are invincible and sometimes they are. Or any other mixture of the kind of toxins you have to shoot into your body to get high on. Miss coke yet? Cocaine is a bit too mild a drug these days. I watched a video these guys made from Portland and they stated inequitably that “everyone’s high” just not quite as high as the proposed taxes to support the stoners. You can’t blame the stoners for fighting to keep that nightmare going and as they consume more of the city their political voice becomes the most heard as the producers make their escape.

The worst part about this entire situation is that the mostly White people who voted for this behavior on the part of their government are making their escape from these former great cities their idiotic ideas are destroying, are bringing these same moronic ideas to innocent cities in middle America.

These are the Dark Ages of America. A plague, the likes of the which mankind has never seen before (probably) that threatens to consume the entire nation. It is a plague born from the notion of creating heaven on earth without the wisdom to know that it is impossible and that the attempt is most likely to get the attention of the other side.

We’re being consumed by a plague of junkies and no one is saying “Just say NO!.”

National Socialism in America?

Adolf in the tub


Most people know about as much about National Socialism as they know what is at the bottom of the deepest ocean. What National Socialism is not is a system of government that has roots in either communism nor the first step towards communism, entitlement socialism. National Socialism isn’t mandatory it is voluntary with financial and other incentives provided by the taxpayers or other means towards people and companies that act in the best interest of the state.

We have a serious problem in America. Large conglomerates are not behaving as companies who are in business to make money, many are in the business of supporting a political agenda and often these agendas go against the founding principles and traditions of our very young Republic. One of the most powerful companies in America, the kind of power that can be considered a potential security threat, is run by a Pakistani leftist who does not hold America’s Constitution or traditions dear.

On top of their political leanings, many American companies do business with socialist Western Europe and China both of whom are heavily involved in state sponsored censorship. Hi tech and media wants their money so they have no problem selling America and Americans out for the gold being offered by Western Europe and China.

Should companies like this enjoy our nations tax breaks? Perhaps we should take a page from National Socialism and only offer tax breaks to companies that love our country more than they love throwing us all under the bus for profits. For that matter, maybe if you are caught violently “protesting” you should have your tax breaks suspended indefinitely as well. How many millions or perhaps even billions in tax breaks do you think the internet Axis powers Google, Facebook and Twitter take advantage of every year? How about Kelloggs?

I don’t think Google is very patriotic. I don’t think Facebook and Twitter are very patriotic either. In fact, given their assaults and freedom of expression and other parts of our Constitution on the internet all these companies are right up there with Benedict Arnold.

Something has to be done before corporations find a way to “fundamentally change” the freest country that has ever been spawned on this flying rock before it is too late.