Where did Obama’s Money come from?


Have you ever wondered how Barrack Obama was able to immigrate from his home in Indonesia and go to college in the U.S.? Not just go to college but live well while in college. In fact his first 2 years of college he spent pretty much all of hie time getting high and laid. This was at Occidental. Apparently Columbia’s standards are not as high as they once were because after a 2 year binder of some kinda sex, maybe homo, and smoking weed and snorting/smoking coke he apparently qualified for one of the highest regarded universities in the nation.

During this time Barry, as he was known back then, lived off campus which is arguably considerably more expensive, and traveled extensively overseas. That is some pretty high living for some Indonesian kid. Snopes seems to be under the impression that a college scholarship is a suitable explanation but I was rolling 2 different scholarships myself in college and though they paid for my classes and books they didn’t pay for much else. Not coke, not weed, not hanging out in clubs with people who smoke weed and snort coke and certainly not a chance in hell of any of that international traveling Barry was doing.

I don’t recall any stories about 44 coming from a wealthy family do you? His stepfather had some moderate success as a businessman in Indonesia but but money goes pretty far in a place like that and few have any so it’s all relative. Besides wasn’t his mother a communist? Would a communist send their child to a rich kids school?

I realize I don’t have a lot of answers here just a lot of questions. Why hasn’t someone answered or even asked these questions. If Donald Trump is heard trying to squeeze one out in the morning it’s front page news and stays news until something else can be turned into a scandal. Surely it would be the end of life as we know it if the President got caught putting 2 scoops of sugar in his coffee.

To this day after 9 years of Obama trying to hog the spotlight and we still hardly know anything about him. Well he lies a lot we’ve learned that the hard way. Other than that most of his life has been shrouded in secrecy. As if he’s some kind of deity. You are not meant to know. You could never in this life come close to understanding what it is to be the Great and Powerful Oh-balm-ah. Kneel and beg forgives you ungrateful peasants!

Regardless of whether some consider the former president a deity or not he is a public figure and the public has a right to know even now that he is no longer in office, how some mixed kid from Indonesia with a twice broken home has the funding to go to some of America’s finest schools and jet set around the world at the same time.

I don’t know what is more suspicious where Obama’s money really came from, or the medias inability to be unbiased in their reporting. Because right now there is an army of people associated with news rooms across the nation that are trying anything no matter how tiny to smear Trump in. But y’all know that already.



The Problem with hunting Elephants


In the world of conservation you are supposed to learn what works from what doesn’t work from your failures and there have been plenty. One of the things learned is that trying to protect a species from extinction through legislation doesn’t always in fact protect that species.

As much as we as humans learn from failure, we can also learn from success. So besides mankind what other species is the least susceptible to extinction? Well certainly dogs and cats are not going extinct any time soon. These creatures are the most versatile species on planet earth and will adapt to anything. Among humans dogs and cats are meat, pets, and alarm/protection  systems. Science often uses them in horrible ways but that is only further proof of how abundant they truly are. I think we can also add pigs, chicken and cattle into the “not going anywhere soon” category. With these critters not even a foot or nutsack goes to waste.

What we learn from observing many of the most successful creatures on earth is that their survival as a species is enhanced not restricted by mankind. As they are useful to man they become important to man and if something is important to man he will do what needs to be done to preserve it.

What makes and elephant important to man? Well they are unusual in the animal world. They display the same emotional traits we associate with humans as cats and dogs also do. People like to make things out of their tusks. That’s about it. Because an elephant has so little value in the marketplace what we commonly find is a dead elephant rotting away with missing tusks. In a land that is often facing starvation that is a hell of a waste of meat.

The problem is, it takes a lot of money, food and time to grow an elephant and the only thing anyone wants from it are the tusks. This means ranching the species is not an attractive economic opportunity. As long as elephants are such a poorly managed asset by the human race they are in severe danger of extinction.

Perhaps you recall the American Bison which many often refer to as the buffalo. When I was a bit younger they came dangerously close to going extinct. But some people got together and started raising them on farms for leather and meat. The meat is actually very good and makes for quite a flavorful hamburger. To make a long story short the American Bison is no longer in danger of disappearing off the face of Gods green earth.

If elephants are going to survive they need to be regarded as a source of food and leather so that people have a reason to farm them. That means a few elephants are going to have to die straight up so that culinary experts have the opportunity to work with the meat and come up with $200 a plate meals that give you wood, leather workers will need hide to experiment with, and scientists will need samples for any hidden cure or benefit that might lie in the body of an elephant.

Clearly the solution does not jive with the bleeding heart propaganda that is usually attached to issues of conservation and that is a real shame. The same people who would take to the streets with posters and bullhorns to save these animals would be right back out in the streets with their posters and bullhorns if we actually tried to save them. These activists are the ones who stand on the way of any long term solution. Their solution seems to be to hug and kiss these animals as they slowly circle the bowl of extinction.

Almost any endangered species can thrive if only humans would eat them and wear their skins. I’m afraid that is the only hope elephants really have. Even worse, the way that works may never even be considered.

I See Mutants Everywhere


Usually I have a title already in mind when I start writing a piece and rarely does the title ever change by the time I’m finished.  Actually by the time I finished writing that sentence the topic of this Op-ed changed. Oops changed again. Sometimes I think I’ve got too much estrogen in my brain but unlike most who have plenty I am capable of collecting and prioritizing my thoughts so that I can reasonably communicate them. Is it just me or do people drive you crazy too? Most of the time I don’t want to be around any.

I don’t know if it is the times or what but I rarely want to be around people in general anymore. It’s like their brains don’t work or something. Logic and reason are concepts alien to most of the earths unwashed masses. In fact I’m not convinced mankind is so special after all. Aside from a relatively handful of individuals who gave mankind the appearance of intelligence through innovation and invention, the vast majority of human beings on this planet are irrational and reactionary. More instinct than thought just like any other animal in the forest.

Perhaps reason and intelligence are actually genetic mutations. If most humans are as dumb as a doorstop (and trust me they are I used to work in sales) then any variation of that would be considered a genetic mutation right? You know where I’m going with this don’t you. That’s right mankind is being propped up by mutants. Suddenly those Marvel and D.C. Comic book stories don’t seem so far fetched do they.

Unlike the comic book stories however the masses are not afraid of the mutants rather they are dependent on them. I mean think about it if it wasn’t for the mixed up brains of these mutants what if anything would have ever been invented? Mankind would still be killing each other over pussy and food. This entire scenario demands a rehashed line from what is now a rather obscure film, “I see mutants everywhere and they don’t even know they are mutants.”

There it is right there. The story title. Right at that moment was when I knew what the title for this piece would be. I thought you might be interested in the process given that I had already brought it up and all.

This is called pro-ranting. Yeah that’s right I got it.

You’re dazed and confused wondering what the fuck this Op-ed is about only to realize that the author doesn’t know what it’s about either. Let that sink in.

Oh wait I remember now. This Op-ed is about owning dogs and/or cats. So back on track. If you don’t have a pet you have to hang out with stupid humans. The end.

Trump Knew All Along


From practically the moment Trump took his oath of office his administration has been busting child pedophile rings especially in California. This got very little press as the PAC we refer to as the MSM was much more interested in fueling the Russia and impeachment stories. Never mind that the Democrats didn’t have the grounds or votes for impeachment it was still part of the daily story and still is a year later. Never mind that after a year of investigations that no collusion could be found between Russia and Trump (but collusion between Russia and Hillary Clinton was discovered in spades). The Russia story is oddly enough every bit as relevant on the television news rooms as it was a year ago as these “news” organizations desperately try to usurp the people. But I digress.

While his supporters demanded that Trump end the special prosecutor in the Russia nothing burger (unless you count Hillary’s exposure something which certainly the press doesn’t) The Donald just smiled saying Mueller was doing an awesome job. While Mueller was doing his awesome job Jeff Sessions was directing his DoJ to go after the peddlers of children.

Before any of Hollywood and Washingtons perversions started being exposed the Trump administration had arrested thousands of horrible excuses for human being across the country who were destroying the lives of thousands more helpless children and young adults. This may not have been big news on your television set but you can bet it was in Hollywood’s inner liberal circles.

Clearly actions taken by the Trump Administration opened the door for those whose lives were damaged by sexual deviants to come forward. Sooner or later the DoJ would have put enough people under arrest that someone would come forward and the first credible person who did would open the floodgates and that is exactly what happened.

The really interesting part is who the victims are coming out against. I will be the first to admit that there are sick sexual deviants on both sides of the isle but in this case almost all of those being accused are enemies of the President. Did he know that it would turn out that way right from the start? It sure seems like he did.

Did he also know that Mueller’s investigation would help expose Hillary and the D.N.C.?

Donald Trump promised something a lot of politicians have promised over the years yet never succeed at (or even tried for that matter). Trump promised to clean the swamp and he is cleaning the swamp in such a swift manner that it boggles the mind. Add that notch next to a better economy, better relations with foreign leaders that matter, fewer regulations, and America getting greater again which is exactly what is happening.

Anyone sick of winning yet?

What can Millennials do?


Ever watch videos of anti American, anti Trump or anti whateva protests during the work week and wonder what these people are doing with their lives? Seriously most of the rest of us have work and sometimes children to take care of and pay for.  And the weekends? Most of the rest of us who are lucky enough not to have to work on the weekend need our space time. Time to relax and maybe take a afternoon nap. Time to get a few things done around the apartment/house. Time to have some fun with our friends and family. We have stuff to do because we know how to do stuff.

What exactly do Millennials know how to do?

When I was in my 20’s I taught myself backyard auto repair. I got pretty good at it too. I also taught myself how to cook and cook well. In truth I learned how to cook because I like fine food and none of the females I dated (and I dated alot) seemed to know how to cook more than one or two meals. My second wife burned water.

When I was about 25 I started renting houses because I enjoy cohabiting with critters. I learned all kinds of things living in an old house that always needed something. I was always learning something at work and when I stopped learning I’d get a new job one where I could learn something. By the time I bought my first house at 30 I knew how to do all kinds of things. At 30.

Remember Moldly Locks? That pretty little upper-class darling that turned herself into some kinda monkey whore and got herself punched in the face for throwing bottles at conservatives? Doing porn and probably a few bucks from her parents allowed her to open a coffee shop in California. Last I heard, assuming she hasn’t conned some more money out of her parents or done more monkey porn, it was doing badly and very close to being shut down. How do you fail with a coffee shop in California? Especially if you’re kinda a hippie. This is a no brainer.


If you can’t make a decent cup of coffee and treat customers in a way that makes them return, what good are you?

From what I can see this is the problem with many Mellennials, they don’t know how to do anything. Worse they go to institutions of higher learning to to be taught how to do something productive with their lives and end up going into extreme debt with a useless major that teaches them nothing about the real world. Smoke another joint fucktard. Don’t get me wrong I’m all about smoking all the weed you want as long as you can still be functional and legally (more or less) support yourself but this generation of monkeys are not fictional and are contributing nothing of any real value.

At this point the question must be who is going to pay for these idiots when life passes them by and they still haven’t made anything out of themselves. Some of these people actually begin their working life at or near 30 years old. Given the attitude these people are entering the workplace with what are the odds of them being able to pay their own way at 40, 50 or 65? I bet they aren’t very good. Somebody has to pay for their room and board. Someone has to pay for their college loans.

What we have here is a near worthless generation that wants to destroy more than it wants to build. Perhaps the reason for this is because they don’t know how to build anything and even a bunch of panty wastes can destroy.

Tools 1101

Things Men Should Know

See that nice new Craftsman wench set the the cool modern black finish? Put them down you won’t be getting those unless you’re just trying to impress potential sex partners or the lawyer next door who knows less about tools that you do. Working with most shop tools is messy business so you want tools that are easy to wipe down like a smooth chrome or nickel plated finish. Anything that will make that tool peek out in a pile of muck for a long time. You want to be able to find the tool as easily as possible not have tools that disappear into the oil mess you created. I cannot tell you how many times I have totally lost it trying to find a tool that was right up in my face.


Tools come in 2 styles metric and inches and if you’re building up a toolbox for use you’ll need to get both sizes. Both sizes  of Allen wenches, box/open end wrenches etc. But it doesn’t end there. See that nice Snapon box wrench set you’ve been eyeballing? Yeah you’ve got to buy two of them. More often than not when removing a nut and bolt or adding one the wrench end on both sides will be the same size. Yes in many cases you can, for example use a box wrench on one end and a socket on the other but trust me you need 2 of every wrench and socket you have and with sockets you’ll also need 2 of every deep well socket too.


Now you see why in the last episode we discussed tool boxes. With all the wrenches and screwdrivers and files, and specialty tools a tool box gets filled up very quickly. I have 2 towers myself and all I do is household chores and work on bicycles. Tools are often solid metal and are very heavy when packed together in a box. A sturdy tool box is an absolute must. And yes get the ones with the wheels. You blew more on beer last weekend so shaddap about spending a couple of hundred bucks.


Tools are going to get dirty and most of the time you’re not going to have the time or the inclination to clean them. In most cases a light spray and wipe down with WD-40 is all any tools should need. If you’re out shopping garage sales and flea markets never let a rusted open or closed tool stop you from making a great deal on a purchase. Just toss the old tool into a bucket of used oil and leave it there for a month or cover it with white lithium grease for the same amount of time. White lithium grease is best but few people have any laying around.

A well made tool should last a lifetime. Men used to hand down their tools to their sons some were generations old. So if you’re going to be using your tools and not just buying them to hold onto your man card buy a decent set. If you’re going to be a profesional auto or truck mechanic get yourself a good set of Snapon or Matco tools and for around the house and for less professional use Craftsman and Lowes Kobalt are plenty good enough.

The Orville Review



You might know Seth McFarland. He created the adult cartoon Family Guy and does most of the voices on the show. He also starred in the movie TED and has hosted awards shows and roasts of celebrities. He’s had quite an amazing career thus far

You may have seen a preview of his new show on FOX called The Orville.

This show is billed as a Star Trek spoof but that isn’t exactly the truth. The Orville is a mix of Star Trek The Next Generation and Tim Allen’s Galaxy Quest leaning a tad more toward TNG.

Clearly McFarland is trying to escape the anonymity of his cartoon series. This sci-fi fantasy series couldn’t possibly be going for cheap laughs like Family Guy. It is every bit as serious as TNG. Yes Captain Stewie has graduated from global to galaxy domination.


The show isn’t terrible but it isn’t great either. I think the word that describes it best is mundane. Perhaps it seems mundane because humor is expected in anything McFarland does but Seth didn’t bring his toolbox of jokes to this show. He should have.

McFarlands Orville warps into outer space in a ship that looks like The Enterprise t-boned Galaxy Quest.  The production values are just short of TNG (Star Trek: The Next Generation) but very nice just the same and better than most sci-fi programming made for T.V.


The casting of The Orville isn’t bad and given half a chance they could be funny but they are not. There is a real social justice warrior tone to this show which in and of itself is annoying for a show that is supposed to be entertaining. Stories seem rehashed unoriginal and predictable. It has a fairly lazy pace which makes it perfect for those last few moments of television viewing in bed. Take care not to watch this show in front of a busy day or you may just pass out in front of the set and miss everything you had planned.

I wanted to like The Orville as since a kid I have been a huge Star Trek fan. Family Guy is one of my top 5 TV shows so I already liked Seth McFarland. The show had everything going for it but just missed the mark. The drama isn’t well done and the humor is practically nonexistent.  It is a boring TV show that can only get better over time because it just can’t get much worse.

Seth McFarland can’t be Captain Jean Luc Picard. He never will be and he needs to stop trying to be that guy. What he can be is the best Brian the Dog or Stewie or even Peter Griffin he can be. Could you even imagine the potential of a Captain Quagmire? Giggity!

It isn’t like the show is unbearable to watch it’s fine. You can watch it with your kids. You can watch it with your dog. Probably not the best idea you ever had to watch it with a date. Definitely watchable just before bed.

But if you were looking for something as good or better than Family Guy or even TED get used to disappointment.