Racist Hair?


You might remember a story from a couple of weeks ago of a couple of black college students confronting a white male student over his dreadlocks. Apparently they were under the impression that dreadlocks were a black only hairstyle. In other stories over that past few months white girls were confronted by blacks for having braids which is kinda funny since whites have been braiding their hair for centuries and you don’t see a lot of blacks braiding their hair in the history books about Africa. Most recently Lil Kim has been scorned for trying to look white and of course Beyonce has always been pretty white looking.

How has the world and especially America gotten so politically correct that people can’t look the way they want to look without bring scorned by someone. Some Black chicks look great in blonde hair just like some white chicks look great in black hair. You didn’t really think that Xena Warrior Princess had naturally black hair did you? Well if you did here’s a surprise her natural hair color is blonde. If Lil Kim gets crapped on for trying to look white why doesn’t everyone in the black community crap on Beyonce? That bitch looks like a white girl whose been to the beach. I’ve known a couple of white guys whose natural hair looked like afros.

I think for most people their goal as far as looks are concerned is to look as good as they possibly can at least to themselves. My own hair used to go all the way down to my butt and even now it is longer than most womens hair. My neighbors little girl who is all of 4 years old asked me last week “why do you have long hair?” I looked at her a smiled my Cheshire Cat grin and asked her why she had long hair. She smiled as if I have given her the right answer and scooted off.

Personally I think the contrast between skin and hair color is pretty hot looking. Some oriental women are as white as snow and have very black hair. I think we can all agree that is pretty hot looking. Natural blondes strive for deep tans because dark skin and light blonde hair is a hot look and everyone knows it.Braids look good on both some women and some men. Why do women wear makeup if not to alter their looks?

There really is no such thing as hair color or style belonging to a certain race or gender. Before the Moors started raiding European coasts for slaves a European man with long hair was normal and the better it looked ie the more that it was combed and washed the higher up the social ladder he was perceived to be.

Given the current politically correct atmosphere we live in, maybe a white guy with dreadlocks should be considered black and a black girl with straight hair should be considered white and any woman with short hair should be considered a man? Or maybe not because what you look like shouldn’t summarily dictate who you are. Crap when I was in college I dyed my long blonde hair green for fun because my after school job was as a after school counselor for kindergarten aged kids. They loved it and they always knew where I was which was important.

Messing with peoples hairstyle is just about as messed up as it gets. Who cares? If the person who wears the hair likes the hair, it shouldn’t be anyone elses business. I have had my hair long most of my life and I like it that way and if you don’t like it fuck you. If the length of my hair, or the color or style of someone elses hair is a problem for you then maybe it is time for you to seek psychological help.

But if you’re just looking for an excuse to start a fight with someone stop being a pussy and just walk up to them and punch them in the face. You’ll probably look pretty good in prison orange so go for it. Otherwise just shut your piehole and mind your own bees wax.



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