Practical Knowledge Vs. Academia


What is the job of an economist? Is this a job that is inherently political? Maybe it is about dictating morality? Of course anyone who can pronounce economist knows that it is a job of research, study, analyzation, and rational scientific conclusion. It is certainly not an economists job to be political or moral as by definition these influences would likely interfere with his work in a negative way. Yet the lefts answer to great economists like Milton Friedman and Thomas Sowell the latter of whom graduated from Friedman’s college courses as a devout Marxist, is Paul Krugman a man who has gotten very wealthy pushing a political and moral agenda that he tries to decorate with economic theories that have time and time again proven to be epic failures.

Krugman is who the left expects us to believe as his theories hover around big government and big spending as the cure all to Americas ills. He also believes that it is the responsibility of government to care for the people from cradle to grave.

As someone who has been more than an academic in economics I am a bit overwhelmed that we have universities in The United States that give Phd’s to people who simply do not understand economics or the many variables that surround the discipline.  I am however less surprised that he received a Nobel Prize given that Barrack Obama got one for doing absolutely nothing. That particular prize doesn’t hold the same kind of esteem it once did. Today it is akin to winning a states lottery …. except 2nd prize not first.

Perhaps it is just his lack of any practical experience. Remember Thomas Sowell? Even after taking Milton Friedman’s classes he still left college as a Marxist. So what happened that turned him into a capitalist? He got a job in economics that’s what happened. More importantly he got a job with the. U.S. government and it wasn’t long after getting that job until he began to question his own beliefs on economic and social justice. What Sowell discovered was that government, even good government (whatever the hell that means) is far too deeply steeped in corruption to ever spend the taxpayers money responsibly and that people rather than government were far more capable and willing to help those in need than government is unless of course it is an election season. Or as Sowell is so often quoted as saying people confuse feeling good with what works.

Krugman is the perfect poster child for the point I’m making today which is academia is completely incapable of providing answers for much of anything. They teach theories that they like but it isn’t based on whether any of these theories work because the people who teach these theories by and large have never had to put any of their theories to the test of reality. What really works? They are guessing at best.

You know who I want to learn from? Not some late 20’s hipster who rides a skateboard to work that is for sure. I want a grizzly old bastard who had done and seen it all and has enough respect for me as a student and his employer to set a good example by wearing a suit to work. I want to be taught by people who have years of practical hands on experience in the disciplines they teach. Anything else is just plain bullshit.

But as long as colleges continue to cater to style instead of substance, sports instead of practical education, dorm rooms and spring break, they will continue to produce graduates like Krugman who haven’t a practical clue about what they’re talking about but will be praised nonetheless for being just sober enough to graduate.

You see kids college doesn’t teach you much about the real world even though in theory (or maybe hypothesis at this point) their job is actually to prepare you for the adult world. The absolute best you can hope for is that you might come away with some snippet of information that you’ll actually find useful in the real world. The worst is that you’ll graduate with a fancy degree and move back into your old room at your parents house while you attempt to pay down at least some of your student loans.

To make it in this world today you have to take charge of your own life and actively seek the information you’ll need to succeed on your own even if you are going to college. Because those motherfuckers don’t know shit.



WARNING: You may be Susceptible to TMI


Sometimes I wonder if the people who write professional opinion based essays ever go outside and just breath the air. Often their “opinions” are as made up as fire breathing flying dragons but more often than not it comes in an air of condescension. A fan sent me to a page from ARS Technica  warning of the danger of information overload on the net spawning fake news. I have to wonder if the author Cathleen O’Grady’s solution would be limiting information.

Why don’t these people get it? Have they never been to a grocery store? Did anyone in their right mind believe that The Weekly News and World Report was real news? Well ok maybe those stories about Hillary being a reptilian and adopting space aliens was real but the rest of it was pretty much garbage. And they flew off the shelves. In fact when you go to check out of the grocery story you are besieged with a plethora of periodicals few of which contain anything that could remotely be classified as real news.

Now I don’t know about you but when I am checking out I am completely incapable of resisting the information overload that is before my very eyes. I always like to get into a long line with a cashier who is new or Black so I’ll have plenty of time in the isle to take in as much of this plethora of information as I can. Did I mention it is all free? No one ever buys that shit it is the conditioning you are fed while waiting to pay for your groceries. Wait! Maybe just one just as she swipes your last item across the register pad.

I think these people who are worried about the rest of us being incapable of knowing real from fake and blaming it on information overload are often pretty overwhelmed by the internet themselves. They certainly do seem to be extreme noobs at the big game. Perhaps these little fish or pikers as I like to call them are just biting off more than they can chew and should instead consider a meal more in line with their size and stature. I mean is anyone really doing anything about the information overload at the checkout counter? Not everyone is on the net but everyone has to buy groceries. Who here can say that they have never had an issue of The Globe staring back at them at the checkout line with that come hither look on the cover? That’s right you’re all susceptible to TMI.

If we can get these people properly focused they still have a chance at some point in their lives to becoming constructive members of society again. Ms. O’Grady may very well be a functioning retard but it is not for us to judge her and her kind but to help them find meaning and purpose in their lives such as they are.

Because the “C” in conservative is for caring.


70 I.Q. Points for Blacks and Hispanics


The data is in and it is what it is. According to several studies the median I.Q. score for both Blacks and Hispanics hovers somewhere around 70. This is not to say that most Blacks and Hispanics have an I.Q. of 70. It could mean that there is a moderate percentage of Blacks and Hispanics that are bringing the rest of the group down and maybe they have more of these types of individuals than say Europeans or Orientals.

People don’t want to talk about these findings. We’ll talk about every other idiotic statistic on planet earth but when it comes to topics that have to do with race or sex we have sets of beliefs that rarely mirror facts of any kind. People have created this fantasy that centers around everyone being equal in everything and have turned that fantasy into the gospel of modern times. Praise be multiculturalism and a sexually ambiguous species. Amen.

Of course we are not all the same. We have different bone structural norms and we are susceptible to different kinds of diseases based on race and sex. Simply, we are not all the same in much of anything. Life often deals cruel hands. Suck it up Twinky.

These I.Q. numbers might explain why these groups mostly occupy nations that most in the West would consider 3rd world countries and the truth is, without Western intervention many of these nations would still be using walking and mules as transportation. Some still rely on those means. It may be time to notice this.

Certainly on an economic level we have much to gain by lifting these people and their nations up out of the mud huts and shanty towns. The question that needs to be addressed is how to do so successfully. We know what doesn’t work, free money. For decades we have been giving away free money in various forms and the only real result is that the people who get this free money keep demanding more. Not exactly a success story.

Another reason we want to lift people up is purely self survival. It is the oldest story in the book. You cannot have flying cars and expect not to have people with mules despise you. The guy driving that beat up old pickup truck he can barely afford to put gas in hates you and your fuel efficient Prius. Wars are rarely won with technology they are won with numbers and so aren’t revolutions, few of which yield any positive results. They too, despite their level of intelligence must have opportunities to succeed. Welfare is an enabler like alcohol but opportunity is dignity building and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to embrace the dignity that comes from being able to care for yourself and to be able to care for yourself better based on effort and performance.

Let’s take China for example. Yes Communist China is still a frightening totalitarian nightmare but the people are generally happy. They are happy because opportunity exists to improve their lives if only by a little but make no mistake, even under a communist regime there are many Chinese millionaires because somewhere along the way the Chinese government realized that a happy people were much easier to control.

The more advanced nations of the world must control the rest of the world if they wish to maintain the peace and survive. Yes there are a couple of minor skirmishes being blown out of proportion around the world but as our world goes it is mostly peaceful. You control people by making them happy and you lose control when they are not, much like the left and the media have lost control over much of the population. The people were not happy with either so they lost control after decades of absolute control.

The point I’m trying to make here is that it really is the responsibility of more intelligent people to help others in productive ways when possible. Problematically the methods employed to do so are most often the exact opposite of what works.

Kinda makes you wonder who the really stupid ones are doesn’t it.

The Pot and the Kettle: FOX vs. CNN


I was watching a video on YouTube (I don’t watch television much anymore) from FOX News with one of my favorite FOX personalities hosting,  eviscerating CNN for bias news reporting. Did CNN go to far? Man those monkeys boarded the crazy train in ’08 weren’t you paying attention? Who’s surprised that CNN went so far as to make up stories to support the leftist agenda. Not me.

But here’s the thing, FOX has no room to talk. According to Hannity’s chart more than 90% of CNN’s Trump news was negative. An absolute disgrace but not completely unexpected. What was also plain to see was that 52% of FOX Trump news was also negative. Wait what?

First off is Sean trying to tell me that 52% of what Trump has done since taking office is negative? Because if it isn’t then Hannity is full of shit. What I see are 2 fake news organizations arguing about which one is more fake news. Most of FOX’s coverage on our president is negative. Must be ratings right? What is “fair and balanced” and does it have a plus or minus variation like polling stats? We aren’t taking 2 more stories that were negative we are likely talking about hundreds maybe even thousands.

And then there is that name on the chart that is just above FOX News, The Wall Street Journal. The Wall Street Journal hasn’t been shy about being Trump negative since the primaries. According to the chart, 70% of WSJ stores about Trump since he took office were negative. The fucking Wall Street Journal is owned by FOX News.

In another episode of Hannity raging Sean starts showing clips of commentators saying negative things about Trump just like most of the commentators on FOX do. They don’t see this hypocrisy or they don’t expect you to see it. My question is where is the conservative television news? Where is the pro Trump channel because that sure as hell isn’t FOX. Just because Hannity and Carlson are on FOX doesn’t make that network conservative. Remember when they fired Andrea Tantaros for being a little too pro Trump during the primaries when FOX was going Trump negative?


Sean Hannity should be ashamed of himself. These segments he is doing on how “fake news” CNN is may be accurate but it is also hypocritical in the worst possible way. It may be much easier to blame someone else for what your group is doing just because they do more of it but it does not negate the fact that FOX News and CNN and MSNBC, and ABC and CBS are all in cahoots. Lying also means purposely withholding information and they are all guilty of this. They are all guilty of making up stories.

So Sean I kinda like you but let’s get real…. you’re fake news just like all the rest.




BMX Resurrection and Transformation


The photo above is what a Tony Hawk Huckjam series BMX bike looked like 10 years ago. A couple of months ago I found a severely weathered one in someones pile of big garbage day rubbish. It was so bad that the chain was frozen solid with rust and I had to cut it off. The hand grips had liquefied from the hot Florida sun and I scraped them off with a wooden paint stirrer. In fact for the first month I covered the entire surface with white lithium grease to break down the rust and corrosion typical on a 10 year old bicycle that has spent most of it’s non riding life outdoors in a tropical environment. There was a reason that the bike was in that junk pile and any sane person would have kept on keeping on.

But I have a dream.

For several months I have been looking for a 1965 Schwinn Deluxe Stingray first because it was the kind of bike I spent most of my childhood on (mine was orange and in 1965 I was crazy about orange), and secondly to customize it. I always wanted to build a lowrider or at least my version of a lowrider. The problem is everyone who wants to build a lowrider wants a Schwinn Stingray and the ones for sale are either complete basket cases or pricey restore or custom completed projects.

And then I saw to Tony Hawk. What caught my eye were 2 things. The length of the frame would mean that this 20″ bike could be suitable for an adult and the second thing was the brushed aluminum. Not chrome but a three dimensional effect I knew would shine once I pulled all the worn stickers off.

I must have went out in the garage every day for almost 2 months trying to figure out if I could pull it off. Could I make a Tony Hawk 20″ BMX bike into a Lowrider? It would be my first attempt at such a build.


Well the other day I decided to risk it all and a considerable amount of money to test my theory. All of the parts have been ordered and are on route. in about 30 days I should be finished mostly because I found parts suppliers that sell at awesome prices but ship very slowly. The first of my parts should arrive on Thursday and it will be off to the races.

Of course no matter how it turns out I’ll be posting the build and finished product photos when I’m done. Wish me luck.

Dear European Men


It’s enough already. Seriously guys are you stupid or what? This whole B-List guy thing has got to stop. Enough with the cups of tea. Enough with riding your bicycle to work. Enough with whatever the fuck it is you’re trying to dress like. Enough with the whole being an academic gentleman bullshit. You are a disgrace to your heritage. You idiots come from Spartans, Romans, Gaul, Pikermen, and Vikings and you are letting your bitches destroy your countries and rob you of your manhood.

Let me make this perfectly clear you stupid fucks. Your women don’t want men like you. They really don’t no matter what comes out of their traps. You always have to take what they say with a grain of salt anyway and pay attention to what they do not what they say. They want the guys who will make them beg for mercy and even rape them because they want that kind of man. Why else would they ignore all the evidence, all the rapes including rapes on children if all they wanted to do was “help”? Wake up boys they want forced sex with their big black cock fantasies. What you don’t think they watch porn too? You think your woman really wants to be respected in bed? You fucking idiots.

Wake the fuck up boys and get your manhood back. No don’t beg them for it you’ve begged them enough and they have betrayed you for it. Throw that fucking bicycle into the garbage and go buy a big CC motorcycle. Watch some John Wayne movies. Put the tea down and pick up a beer and a shot of some whiskey. Beat the shit out of someone. Whatever it is you have to do to shake off those feminist chains you’re wearing so proudly. It is kinda like watching a continent of Pee Wee Hermines.

It is enough already.

Maybe if you became men those European bitches will want you again and stop craving the animals that are destroying your lands.

Send Refugees Back Home.


I’m going to take a hard stand against any form of refrugeeism. Not so much because I don’t want to see them in America or Europe, and I don’t want them in either of those 2 places, but because the West is doing the world a grave disservice by taking these people in.

Now obviously the flooding of refugees into the Western world in and of itself is nothing less than a curse upon the world. But what if by allowing this mass migration which is fueled more often by economic reasons than political ones, the West is actually damaging the peoples they are claiming to want to help?

Someone explain to me how encouraging people of color to migrate to racist countries helps them in any way. Unless these countries are not racist and the people moving there know that? If that is the case the entire mega million dollar anti racist industry goes up in smoke doesn’t it. Or maybe these people are migrating for purely economic reasons. Well surprise surprise it is more likely that they will be on welfare. It isn’t exactly like these host country’s had 100% employment is it? So where is someone who can’t speak the language and has no marketable skills going to get work? No where that’s where they are going to get welfare. As it is normal for people of the same kind to seek each other out especially in a strange land, they will seek to live in close proximity to each other and thus with a mix of welfare and consolidation of like people (also on welfare) we have the makings of a ghetto and in most host countries multiple ghettos. The police call them no go zones.

What of the country they came from? One inescapable narrative is that if you want to rape white women while getting paid for it you can screw up your country and you’re a refugee. Not a lot of incentive there to run responsible government. More incentive not to. And of course why work your tiny farm and make life better where you live when you can become rich overnight.

But what does all this migrating do to the countries they leave behind. It isn’t free this migration thingy. People have this image of some African bush family making the long trek across the jungles to the coast of the Mediterranean Ocean and then slapping together tires and turning that 51 Chevy pickup body into a boat a-la the Cuban boat crisis but these “refugees” don’t exactly come to the land of plenty that way. No they pay thousands of dollars for the trip and they always seem to have pricey cell phones.  That means it is not the poorest but the most affluent who are making the trek for White pussy and free money. It kinda says something about White pussy that people would pay and go through so much to get it ……. even if they have to rape that ass.

What happens to a country when all of their most affluent citizens move out?

Maybe it is true that Whites are the devil. It is Whites who are tolerating this even though very few voted for it. This process is actually destroying countries and building ghettos. As if the world doesn’t have enough ghettos. And what usually comes out of ghettos? If you said violent crime you win a cookie.

Migration is bad for everyone not just the host country. People die every day. Thousands do, men women and children. If you want to help them then help them where they live where it will do the most good. If you don’t want to help them… you don’t owe anyone anything except for your own family. Fuck em they ain’t going to stop dying because you stuck your nose in it. People have to save themselves. It is a cold hard world so suck it up buttercup.