Pretty Pink Houses for You and Me!


It used to be a nice street. You always had to be careful driving through. Kids, pets, old folks. There used to be tire swings in some of the backyards here. Sometimes a basketball hoop. And everybody knew the mailman. It used to be a nice street.

Some days you’d walk down the sidewalk and you could close your eyes and pretend you were on a big city sidewalk. You know the kind of big city that attracts people from all over the world. The kind of big city that has food cooking from all over the world 24 hours every day. Dinnertime especially smelled like an international food bazaar. It used to be a nice street.

This was the kind of street that people returned to long after they had gone. A car load of children filled with gasps pointing at one of the houses on the street as someone in the front seat gave the tour of an imaginary place made perfect by their fondest memories. It was the kind of street that created memories that lasted a lifetime and beyond. It used to be a nice street.

It isn’t a nice street anymore. The jobs moved away. The employees and the bosses fought all the time so the businesses just picked up and moved far away. After a while the people left too and there was no one to care for the street that had cared for so many. People even stopped visiting the street. It used to be such a nice street.

Every once in a while someone would lose their way and find themselves on the once nice street and remember. They would remember the young parents and the kids and the old folks and the dogs and the excited shrieks of children at play and wonder what had happened. Why did it happen? How could it have happened. It happened. It used to be a nice street.



Mexico is Our Enemy


Before I get started I’d like to disarm my easily triggered snowflake followers by pointing out that Mexican and Hispanic are not races. Because what is going on at the Mexican/U.S. boarder would be grounds for war between just about any other boardering countries in the world.

Several months ago when children from all over South America were flooding into the United States it became clear that Mexico was at war with the U.S.A. Crossing Mexicos southern boarder illegally is a very serious crime in Mexico placing the guilty party(s) into a situation they may or may not survive namely one of Mexicos seriously overcrowded and midevil prisons. Mexico has a very small southern boarder. And yet children and others were given free train rides to the American boarder.

This is not how friendly nations behave towards each other. When one country respects the boundaries of another they don’t just stand there and watch as their citizens flood into the neighbor country. That is an invasion and that has been going on for far too long between Mexico and The United States of America. And if that isn’t bad enough Mexico is inviting other countries to invade the U.S. and travel through Mexico to do so. An invasion doesn’t have to be one that includes physical violence. An aggressive takeover of one corporation by another is every bit an invasion and an invasion by volume just like what is going on all across Europe now. Welcome to the new age where third world countries conquer the civilized world by beating them psychologically.

So Donald Trump is right when he says Mexico should build the wall for us and they should be dam grateful if that is all they have to pay for the way they have been treating us. By all rights we should be blowing Mexico City off the face of the map. Who do these people think they are messing with anyway? They are a bug and we are the flyswatter.

Blaire White the “normal” Ladyboy


I’m not exactly sure when it happened. I’m not exactly sure why it happened. Well ok I got a little idea. Sometimes I go to YouTube and just click video based on the cover photo. Old age ya know. I’m sure the first Blaire White video had a nice looking cover. I’m sure it took me a few moments to figure out that Blaire had been born a boy. Here in South Florida seeing a transgender isn’t the most unusual thing. As ladyboys go Blaire White is quite passable and attractive which is probably more disturbing than those who are not.

What really sets White apart from most of the other homosexual and/or transgendered people on YouTube is the lack of over exaggerated behavior and movements. Blaire was the first tranny that I’ve ever mistakenly stumbled upon (dam you Jerry Springer) that was interesting enough and didn’t make my eyes burn to watch an entire video. Like White exclaims , “if the most interesting thing about you is being a trans then” get a life/job/hobby etc. That is refreshingly “not fabulous” but normal. Perhaps the thing that is most endearing about White is that “she” seems to be at piece with “her” condition and at peace with what to expect out of life.

blaire white

White also comes across as very conservative. I like that. And she takes a very conservative view of people who share her lifestyle. We need someone like Ms. White to help us remind those in the gay community that although we may not always agree on everything we got their back. I don’t know where anyone could have ever gotten the idea that conservatives, true conservatives would wish anyone ill or wish mistreatment on anyone or are remotely interested in holding anyone down but anyone who believe that we do are just dead wrong. That kinda hatred has always been a part of the left.

Donald Trumps presidential campaign is about bringing Americans together as best as we can and to date the politicians have done nothing but rip us apart while they get power and wealth. There is no room in America for people who don’t believe in Americans first and that means all Americans and Blaire White could be the voice within the campaign for the alternative lifestyle community (they aren’t all gay). Maybe all she needs is a nudge to get that done.

#TeamTrump #DonaldTrumpForPresident2016 #BlaireWhite

Understanding Trumps Strategy


Ever since Trump acquired enough delegates to secure his parties nomination, I have been watching and reading the opinions of political pundits and shaking my head. When Trump claims that Washington is stupid he isn’t kidding. From the halls of Congress to the keyboards of political “experts” the level of stupidity is simply astounding. Well they are either complete retards or blatant liars and in Trumps case I think I’ll put my money on the former.

To listen to these clowns in Washington tell it Trump is on the ropes. Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren has joined the Butcher of Benghazi and together they are tossing the progressive liberal playbook of sexism, racism, and hatred at Trump. It is a good thing Pocahontas has joined Killary too because ….. that voice. Hillary Clinton sounds like your mother in law from hell. If I had to listen to that voice day in and day out I’d be in prison for murder. And it would be worth it. While all this has been going on Trump has been mostly pretty quiet compared to the primaries and when he does speak it has been with the kind of cadence one might expect from…..well….a president.

The reason I find this entire situation so humorous,  and I find it absolutely hilarious, is because I know exactly what he is doing. I know what he is doing because I’ve done it myself to hundreds if not thousands (probably thousands) of potential investors. This is sales 1102 (not 1101). Right now Trump is pulling the classic sales maneuver of talking just enough to get Hillary to run at the mouth. It isn’t Donald Trump who is on the ropes it is Hillary Clinton and what Trump is allowing Clinton to do for him is expose her weak underbelly. In investment sales the first  step in taking someones money is to get them talking and to pretty much be quiet yourself or at least as quiet as you can be. The more information the potential client gives out during this first step, the more information you have to use against him when you begin your real pitch.


Because Clinton is on the ropes thanks to Bernie Sanders, she has to lay all her cards on the table. Sanders bloodied her up pretty good so she has to try to recover from that and to do so means pulling all the stops. Trump knows that todays poll numbers don’t mean a dam thing so he is pretty content to watch, listen and learn. Besides those false accusations of bigotry, sexism, racism and whatever aren’t going to sound very fresh 5 months from now so why not let her turn that part of the progressive liberal playbook into a tired and stale pile of rhetoric. What is Clinton going to have left in September and October? Probably not much.

This is the sales skill of this man. Having been in high end sales for many years I can tell you that a salesman who understands this strategy comes along once in maybe every 10,000 salespeople. Most of the people I worked for never understood how I was able to close clients they could not but I knew exactly what I was doing and I see this exact same process in Trump. I also see that Clinton does not have these skills as she is taking the bait hook line and sinker and because of that she doesn’t stand a snowballs chance in hell against this sales Master.

So be patient and forget the naysayers. They have been wrong wrong wrong so far so kick them out out out of your head and keep promoting the peoples champion. He knows what he is doing and it is going to be huge.


Hillary Can’t Win


Hillary Clinton has a very checkered past. She probably should have been prosecuted years ago but of course very few in politics are ever accountable for the things they do and I have always suspected that the only ones who ever do pay a price for their actions are the ones who just didn’t play ball. Clinton will never have to pay for anything she has ever done not even for violating rules and laws regarding her private e-mail server so let’s just take that off the table right now.

But even if Hillary is never held accountable to the American people she still can’t win an election that is months away. The problem for Hillary has to do with the progressive liberal policies enacted by President Obama which she mostly supported and wants to build upon.

First let’s talk about immigration. We can glance over the pond and see that even legal immigration is destroying the heritage and culture of the worlds greatest civilization. Between now and the U.S.A.s presidential election there will be many more incidences of atrocities carried out by Muslims and although the press will do its best to cover them up and downplay them where they can they won’t be able to hide them all. Expect the same in our country as illegals from Mexico become even more violent now that they are emboldened by a government which continues to let them get away with crimes while “protesting”  Trump events. Add to that the certainty of acts of murder and terror committed by Muslims within our boarders and it would be hard to believe that the majority of Americans will embrace Clintons open door no boarders policies.

Next on the list is the economy. When Americas economy turns to shit as it has throughout Obamas reign, so doesn’t the rest of the worlds economy and that doubles back on us. No one can claim that a country with 90 million people who have given up on looking for a job is doing well (unless you are a part of our treasonous press). The truth is in all likelihood the economy will be even worse by November especially considering that the European Union intends to punish England and any other country that tries to leave it and the only leverage they have is economic leverage. Even if the EU decides not to punish England (which is unlikely), the crows will come back to roost and Obamas idiotic economic policies will finally begin to show their full effect.

And finally we have the ACA (Obamacare). This misguided program has been a disaster since day one and over and over again has proven that it doesn’t work. The Democrats have been trying to delay full implementation for as long as they could (because they know it is an economic disaster) but again sooner or later this misdeed will catch up to them. Though it is true that Obama may be successful in delaying full implementation until after the elections the news regarding the ACA has been bad for years and certainly that delay in full implementation will be a campaign issue that can’t go away.

By the time November rolls around things are just going to get worse. There is no way to fix any of what these mental midgets have done before then and Hillary will be guilty not just by association but guilty because she was a part of the regime that is responsible for the decline in America.

Progressive liberalism is on its death bed in America and in Europe, and all we are waiting for is its final death rattle. And even all of King Obamas boot licking news media and corrupt donators won’t be able to put their ideology back together again.

The Fall of the Establishment


It all really started with Ron Paul. Ron Paul is the father of the new American revolution which began with him and the Republican Party. Dr. Paul’s presidential campaign in 2012 exposed the Republican Party for what it truly is and that cannot be denied, but what his campaign also did was expose the press for what it truly is as well and revealed the collusion between the GOP and the MSM. Both worked hand in hand to ensure that the good Senator would never be able to gain enough momentum to become the GOP nominee. This is a crime not just against conservatives but against all Americans because it mocked the entire election process and proved to the American people that not only did their votes not count, but that the entire process was just a cash cow for politicians and the media, and the establishment decided who led the people not the people themselves. What America saw was conspiracy exposed before their very eyes.

There is a price to pay for the level of arrogance displayed by establishment politicians and the press. People began to pay a lot more attention to what the press and the politicians were doing. They started to connect the dots and become much more open to conspiracy theories (which are often proven true many years later), secret political organizations, and more importantly they began to question everything they thought they knew. People began to wonder whether anything they had been told by the government and especially by the press was even remotely true or just so much bullshit designed to placate the masses while the real movers and shakers ruled their lives.


Then along comes Donald Trump. Establishment politicians and the press immediately labeled him as a joke. But Trump already had a huge fan base due to his TV show and his business acumen so he was far from an unknown. People liked Trump because whether they agreed with him or not they always knew where he stood and knew him to be tough as nails. America has been getting bitched slapped by political correctness for many years now and people were simply sick and tired of it because they recognized it as phony. What the people needed was a champion, someone who wasn’t afraid to take on the P.C. crowd like a lion and so they rallied around Trump despite the lies being puked out by the press they had long ago turned their backs on. Trump became the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party by crushing the GOP establishment and right now he is the only person alive who can save the GOP from the irrelevancy  that is just beyond the horizon. The Republican Party establishment has literally destroyed the party and the only one keeping it alive right now is Trump. If they force him to run in a 3rd party it will be their last nail in their coffin.

Trump reminded people how important a nations sovereignty and culture really are and this did not go unnoticed in Europe and especially England. While the British P.C. socialists cried like a bunch of little girls threatening to keep Trump out of the Empire, the people of England started paying much more attention to what Trump was saying across the pond. As they heard him say things like “we either have a country or we don’t” they began to question their own sovereignty. They also began to take a very critical look at what mass migration, especially the migration of peoples who did not hold the same values as they did, was doing to their proud country. Trump allowed them to believe that it was ok to resist. Did you see what he did in America?


Since the people of Great Brittan voted to leave the European Union and at least try to save their nation from what is now clearly a conspiracy to destabilize and destroy the individual countries of Europe, other European nations are starting to believe that giving up their rich culture and heritage and identity might not be such a great idea after all. The writing is on the wall. Even George Soros admits that the EU will likely eventually disintegrate.

All of this is simply wonderful news for the free people of the world many of whom had come to believe that all hope was lost. The tide is only beginning to turn. If Donald Trump is elected as President of the United States of America it will signal the end of political correctness and pseudo social justice. Yes there will be violence and that will increase as leftists begin to realize that their time has come and gone and that they in fact cannot force people to believe what they believe and do what they want them to do. Violence is after all the cornerstone of socialism/communism/social justice. But we will survive and the establishment has been and will continue to be damaged because they still believe they should rule over us and that they are still mostly in control.

Times have changed and it is no longer the political and media establishment that tells us how to live and behave but the people who have pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and taken that which rightly belongs to them….their own lives.

The GOP cannot survive by trying to throw Trump under the bus. Their only shot at survival is to get behind Trump with a vengeance but they are probably too arrogant and stupid for that. The EU cannot be saved by trying to throw England under the bus. The Union probably can’t be saved at all at this point and good riddance.

There is a new dawn and once again it has been lead by the light of freedom and liberty.

God bless Western Civilization.


Three Cheers for England!


These days it isn’t often you see a country saving itself. Greece is still holding out its tin cup to the rest of Europe. Greece is a self imposed slave nation which depends on the EU for survival because their people simply refuse to address the reality of their situation. So addicted to “entitlements” they are that they have eagerly given away their sovereignty to keep their socialist nightmare alive. Poor economically successful Germany has had to shoulder all of the economic stupidity of Europe and is much too far gone to save now. But the Germans don’t actually run Germany now do they? Just like post WWI Germany has to take its orders from Zionists who want to destroy her.


Fortunately there were still just enough patriots to save England at the final hour. Great Brittan will retain its sovereignty for a little while longer as the entire world looks towards America hoping that the land of the free and home of the brave will be able to hold onto its sovereignty as well and lead the free world out of the mess Israel got it into. Yes people know who is really to blame as many reports of a so called rise in antisemitism over the last several months attest to. You can’t hold the Jews responsible for anything without being accused of being a racist or bigot or antisemite. Voltaire was correct when he observed that it is the people who you are not allowed to criticize who rule over you.

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Some of you might be wondering how this might effect England, Europe and the rest of the world financially because the press told you these things were more important than England’s sovereignty as a nation. As an experienced broker and trader of currencies, commodities, and other venture capitalistic endeavors I can tell you from years worth of experience that what you are seeing right now in the financial markets is false trading meaning trades being executed for political reasons not economic ones.

No investor in their right mind would be selling right now. If anything they would be buying up the positions the suckers abandoned. But in this case there are very few suckers and a whole lot more conspiracy than anyone is going to tell you about for some time. What you have seen since England voted to exit the European Union is institutionalized trading. People who control very large sums of capital trying to send a warning to the rest of the EU that leaving the collective and refusing to surrender your countries sovereignty is going to hurt.

I mean think about it for a minute. This investment withdrawal occurred  extremely fast after the B.C.C. announced their projection. A bit too fast don’t you think? What exactly changes economically for England and the EU? Does England stop trading with the countries it abandoned? The truth is trades based on the BREXIT have already taken place and clearly there wasn’t much of an impact. That is how these markets work. Traders and investors know what is going to happen long before you read it in the news. How is that possible? Because it is their job to know. It is their job to know how to read people, cultures, nations, world banks and the real truth is if you’re waiting for some result to tell you how to execute your trades you’ve already waited much too long. Just to give you an idea, I called the housing collapse 2 1/2 years prior to that event to the month. I kept trying to tell my investors to stay away from RE but it was like talking to a wall. They don’t make more land. LOL idiots.

So what’s going to happen? Well even George Soros and the rest of the institutionalized investors and world bankers can only keep the market down for so long without losing their own ass no matter how dedicated they are to destroying Western Civilization. There will be way too many investors looking to buy in at the cheap so I suspect these market shenanigans with last maybe a week and maybe much less. So relax and remember you haven’t lost a dime until you sell.