According to what former 1st Lady (ahem) Trump is a deadbeat when it comes to the taxes he owes. Implying that Trump uses the sleaziest methods to avoid paying taxes he rightfully owes, Clinton looked smug as she dealt what she clearly believed to be a fatal blow to the Trump. Claiming that someone owes taxes requires proof. What it really boils down to is did he owe the taxes and how do we know what he did owe?

Everyone owes taxes right? Well no they don’t. About half of all the people living in America pay no taxes at all. They make no direct contribution to our federal government. They have no skin in the game yet they keep demanding more. So if some (near 1/2) pay no taxes at all to the IRS how do we determine who does and who does not pay taxes? Well of course we have laws and if someone has not been convicted of the crime of not having paid their IRS taxes it must be accepted that the man is innocent of such crimes until proven otherwise in a court of law as this is one of the fundamental cornerstones of this nation. Not to mention that Donald Trump isn’t facing any prosecution from any federal or governmental agency accusing him of not paying his taxes.

Clinton is desperately trying to create a story where there is none.

How did Trump get away with not owing taxes? Shall we all pretend that we aren’t taking every advantage the system has to offer that we are aware of? We don’t deduct our bills and expenses and donations when we can? I would think anyone who pays taxes would understand this and the only people who don’t ….. don’t pay taxes (probably don’t work full time either).

If you are smart you can deduct almost everything. The government has a huge amount of tax loopholes designed to get businesses and people to spend their money the way the government wants you to spend it. If the company spend enough of its money on things the government wants them to spend it on and gives enough to charities, the government assumes that that company has fulfilled its obligation to the nation for the year and they can easily end up paying nothing to the IRS. That is the law. This is the game the government expects us to play with it where the smart ones pay nothing or more correctly spend their tax money the way they want to, and the dumb ones pay the first price they hear.

So do you want a smart president or one that is boastful about being dumb.



Hillary: Sick or Sad?

HIllary Clinton Speaks At The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Awards Gala
WASHINGTON, DC – SEPTEMBER 15: Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks during the Congressional Hispanic Caucus InstituteÕs 39th Annual Gala Dinner on September 15, 2016 in Washington, DC. Hillary Clinton is beginning to campaign again after taking three days off the trail to recover from pneumonia. Clinton is campaigning in North Carolina and Washington D.C. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Anyone who tries to make the claim that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave a poor performance at the first Presidential debate is in denial. I was impressed. I was impressed that both she and her podium didn’t take a major tumble during the debate. Though there was a bit of empty space during her presentation, it wasn’t a remotely unusual amount for anyone speaking in public at any age.

But …..

What everyone seemed to miss was Hillary’s admission that she took off an entire week of the campaign trail to prepare for the debate. Why does everyone seem to be missing that? First she’s fine, then she has the flue and finally it is Trumps fault. She couldn’t have possibly gone out on the campaign trail continuing to draw crowds of hundreds and be ready to keep her head above water when debating the Master.

Whether Mrs. Cuckold has been deathly ill for the past couple of few weeks or …. as she now claims was preparing for the debate neither scenario makes her look very good. If she is ill she will not be able to conduct the business of the Presidency simple as that. If she took time off from her campaign trail to debate Trump while Trump does 1-3 per day almost every day and still manages to hold his own through an obvious cold or at least sniffles of his own …. then it is painfully obvious that Trump is the boss in that room not Clinton. Further Clinton should have known that saying she was off the trail to practice debating The Donald couldn’t possibly make her look good. Ever! Clearly it is not just e-mails that the former First Lady has difficulties keeping secret.

So is Hillary out on the campaign trail today or does she need to go back into hiding for medical care or practice debating Donald J. Trump?

As far as Mr. Trumps performance goes …. he reminds me of a chess player who lets his opponent do well at first while he measures him up while helping his opponent feel confident. I have a feeling the best is yet to come.

RMS Lusitania: The Ship that Changed the World


We scoff at members of Hamas for using civilians as shields especially children. When we hear stories about Palestinians or others, hiding rockets in schools, hospitals and libraries their evolution comes into question. What kinds of animals do such things? We display moral outrage yet hiding your war behind woman and children isn’t anything new and for the United States and England it wasn’t so long ago.

In 1915, 128 Americans  were lost at sea because they had been the unwitting shields in a covert arms program between The United States and Great Britain during a war America was not supposed to be involved in. Only 128 people had to die to thrust America into a war the people wanted as much as the plague.

Someone wanted to go to war pretty badly to make such a huge deal out of 128 lives to the point that a country had to enter a war that had been raging for years and was almost over. Someone would have to fuel some rage and a lot of it.

The RMS Lusitania which had briefly been the worlds largest passenger liner, had been ferrying munitions or at least it was on the day it was sunk by a German Submarine. It was also traveling without an escort of any kind which leads many historians into believing that it was supposed to be sunk all along. A bait ship.

By this time the Rothschilds and various other European bankers had already made their deal with England to acquire Israel for the Zionists. America was to be brought into the war and a red flag event would have been the most logical way to do it. Why else would a passenger ship of the statue of the RMS Lusitania not have a military escort in a war zone and why would the lives of women and children be put at such risk for what amounts to a shipload of bullets?

As far as covert operations are concerned this was about as good as it was going to get. Except for perhaps blowing up a skyscraper no other contrived event could have been blown from a molehill into a mountain by even the sleaziest of periodicals. There just weren’t passenger planes with 300 people on them back then. People were still using horse and buggy as the common for of transportation. You just couldn’t kill any more people than that at once back then without just mowing them down with a machine gun in large groups.

Doesn’t it seem that the media even back then would have wanted peaceful settlements to problems as opposed to rushing to war? War kills a whole lot more that 128. Were you going to send your kids off to war over 128 deaths that happened in a war zone on a British ship? And with a media not trying to inflame the situation it could have been defused without much effort.

However to inflame the population enough to demand we go to war takes a lot of effort.

And so like Benjamin Freedman said the press got to work and vilified the same Germany they had but months before been praising so that America joined the war effort and money was no object.

You can call the incident with the German submarine and the passenger liner a conspiracy or a series of happenstance but what cannot be denied is that  RMS Lusitania and U-20, the submarine involved in her sinking were responsible for over 30 years of conflict across western Europe.

Makes the Titanic story seem a little lame doesn’t it.

Social Media Tyranny


I find it appalling that social media sites such as Facebook (#facebook), Twitter (#twitter), Google+ (#google+) and others feel as if they have the right to ask for my cell phone number. Who the hell do these people think they are anyone. They ask, no they demand that you release your most sensitive information that you possess for the privilege of trolling their advertisement ladened sites. If you don’t produce your cell phone number they use that to threaten your account and delete your account over things that you post that may not soother their progressive sensibilities.

I have never nor will I ever give a social media site any real information on myself.

Yahoo just had a security breech that involved 500 million accounts. How many of those accounts contained real personal information? If it was only one that is too many and for what a free email account? We use free email accounts to give us anonymity not expose ourselves to the hackers of the world. We use social media sites for much the same reason. Our anonymity ensures our ability to express ourselves freely and promotes freedom of expression. Being forced to cough up your cell phone number for that privilege ensures that the sites administrators can curb your inalienable freedom of expression rights. Remember inalienable rights come from our creator not the government and certainly not owners of a social media site.

No some might say that since these sites are privately owned they can do whatever they want but since they all do it without exception this reeks of conspiracy and if they all do it this also means freedom of expression cannot exist online. What is the point of having a social media site in the first place if people are punished for being social? And we all know these sites all do that. They tweak the narrative to put forth their own political agenda which is most often at odds with Americas traditional values.

The point of my rant is this … do NOT give your cell number to anyone online unless you are making an online purchase and even then you should be using a prepaid card. The internet can be a dangerous place and social media sites are more interested in farming you for information they can use and/or sell than protecting you against hostile forces.

Feminism is for Idiots


I wonder if most women really understand the damage done to womanhood by the feminist movement. The nesters and nurturers have been replaced by clerks and factory workers. I doubt that was anyones dream. I’m sure when the feminist movement was and is pitched it is all so much more glamorous than that. Women are to become CEO’s, corporate lawyers, or owners of quaint little shops that sell quaint little items that just sell themselves. Life is wonderful, prince charming does whatever he is told and there is an exotic British nanny raising the kids. Oh and did I mention the pool boy Orlando her secret Latin lover?

Instead mommy comes home beat and exhausted from a job that has become nothing more than a grind with coworkers she can’t stand, daddy’s long gone, and her oldest boy has decided to become a woman and her youngest daughter a lesbian both of whom will still be living with mom when they are 35. Or she doesn’t have kids and instead is passed along a string of bad boys who treat her like the piece of shit she feels like inside. Thank you feminism. Not to mention feminism embraces the same people who want to kill you if you dishonor a man or are raped.

Before feminism things weren’t bad for women. Men placed them on pedestals caring for them and taking on the financial responsibility for them and their children. Women stayed home to be with her children and care for the home. And the children grew up to be responsible adults and leave the nest as soon as they could to make their fortunes and their mark on the legacy of the family by having their own.

What do we have today? A very large percentage of women in their 30’s and 40’s living alone and an even larger percentage not married. Our kids never leave the house and when we send them to college they behave like kindergartners not adults. The feminist mother isn’t respected by her adult children she is tolerated for enabling them to remain in a perpetual state of arrested development. And odds are one or more of mommys male “friends” will end up molesting one if not all of her daughters.

And as bad as all this sounds for women and children it will likely get so much worse before it ever gets better. Why? Because women are idiots. It’s true. Anyone trying to tell you that women are as intelligent as men are even bigger idiots. The most critical thinking exercise in the world is the game of Chess ….. name one great female chess player. You don’t have to remember her name just say what country she came from. What hemisphere? Clearly the point here is that there aren’t any. There aren’t many females in any discipline that require critical thinking skills and the more of these skills needed for the job the less female applicants. They know what they are.

As far as men are concerned it is their duty to protect women from bad outside influences but mostly from themselves. Left to their own devices women will cause harm to their own lives and everyone elses around them. What has unfolded over the last several decades is proof positive of that. In every country that promotes feminist values that country is currently in crisis…..coincidence? I think not. The oldest story in the world describes what some call “first sin” where a woman did not or could not obey even God and every human who came after Eve suffered for her behavior. Coincidence? I think not.

The feminist movement has created no great life for women. This movement has released the woman from the shackles of child bearing and household chores and delivered her to the chains of corporate slavery. The family and the meal she so proudly labored over at dinner time has been replaced with a frozen microwave delight with lowered cholesterol and more fiber, a glass of cheap wine, and the Hallmark Channel where she can watch the Utopian life feminism keeps promising her.

Feminism has taken the woman and turned her into a mildly effeminate man.

You’re living the dream girls.



Black Celebrities: No F’s Given


Beyonce Knowels and Jay Z have given thousands of dollars to BLM. Black football players refuse to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. Black Hollywood celebrities and sports celebrities and politicians consistently complain about the conditions and lack of opportunities in Black centric communities. The question I have to ask myself is “Do they really care about their fellow Blacks or is it just a attention whore tool?”

All these celebrities are multi millionaires. They live lavish lifestyles most White Americans can barely imagine so racist America has been very good to them.

What do these millionaires do with their money? Do they invest their money in the inner cities? Do they open businesses and education centers to lift up other Blacks? Do they behave in a way that shows that they believe their own rhetoric about sharing the wealth?

Hell no they don’t.

Black celebrities spend their money on mansions, fleets of cars, bling, travel, hoes, partying etc. Even the ones who do try and contribute to the Black community only spend a meager amount of their fortunes doing anything for “their” people. Can you imagine the difference these multi millionaires could make in the lives of Blacks who live in the inner cities if they actually did open free education centers and businesses that employ poor Blacks?

Instead people like Beyonce and her husband flood thousands of dollars into “movements” that make Blacks look like stupid, irrational, and violent niggers. These people have done more to push Blacks down than lift them up enabling Blacks with questionable mental stability to go on violent crime sprees.

Black celebrities don’t give a fuck about Black people! They never have.

The Truth about European Socialism


I can’t help but laugh every time I hear a progressive liberal talk about socialism in Europe. The level of absolute ignorance from these mental midgets is astounding. Hearing them talk about it socialism is Utopia but it is about as far away from Utopia as anyone with a brain can figure out both historically and in modern times.

Socialism is in fact the first step towards communism and both ideals have the exact same flaws.The most important flaw of course is the huge increase in power given to whatever government happens to be in control under socialist tyranny. That’s right boys and girls socialism is tyranny. Here in America we have, more or less, the right of freedom of speech and expression. This is not the case in Europe. Not too long ago a British man was arrested for …. get this …. reading a transcript from Winston Churchill. In several European countries it isn’t just illegal to question the Holocaust propaganda but several people in those countries are in prison for being brave enough to do so. The more power any government has the less power the people have and this can manifest itself in many different ways that seem to the uneducated observer as unrelated.

For Europe socialism in modern times has become a nightmare. Europe is currently literally being invaded by Third World peoples who are attracted to their system of entitlement and who can blame them. Why not invade another country who will feed, cloth and house you without any effort of your own aside from a boat ride across the Mediterranean. Why fend for yourself at all really? Some stupid hardworking taxpayer will do all the work while you reap all the benefits. There will of course come a time when these European governments will collapse because as Marget Thatcher said, “sooner or later you run out of other peoples money.”

The core of socialism is slavery. There is an old adage that a “free man takes care of himself and a slave must be cared for” which correctly implies that anyone who is on any government assisted program is in fact a slave as they are incapable of taking care of themselves. Yes slavery is not dead in Europe or even America for that matter as close to 50% of Americans can correctly be identified as slaves. If you are taking government benefits that you have not earned you are a slave like it or not. And don’t fool yourself into believing that because you paid taxes that you earned those benefits. If that was true once your contribution to these entitlement programs was exhausted you’d get cut off.

A government powerful enough to enslave their people through socialism rules over the people. Such governments are rarely if ever accountable for their actions and behavior and therefore act in ways that are not in their peoples best interest but instead enrich their politicians. Once again we can look at the massive invasion of Europe and to a slightly lessor extent the United States for proof of this assertion. Did Europeans vote to allow their countries to be invaded by the third world and have their countries eventually dominated by Islam? Did Americans vote to let a flood of South Americans into their country or Somalians or Syrian refugees (so called)? Did any of these citizens (who aren’t brain dead progressive liberals) really want this?

As anyone with open eyes can see the more America slips into this socialist mindset the weaker the country has become. In every measurable way America has slipped further into weakness and despair and even the false unemployment statistics can’t hide that fact anymore. On the international stage even third world countries have started mocking the United States for being weak and rightfully so. America has become so weak that even the Chinese have noticed making threats against Americas friends in the Pacific especially Japan who now questions Americas resolve in defending it.

European governments have condemned their entire continent to destruction simply because they have become so powerful that they need not concern themselves with their countries sovereignty and their peoples freedom and liberties. In America under a socialist president we too have seen our rights eroded and gross overreach by political leaders including the president. Socialists are not the friends of a free people they are their jailers and if the school system was doing its job you’d already know this without having to have it spoon fed to you.