Truckers and Toll Roads


I was asked by a follower to write about the burden of toll roads on truckers something I know nothing about. Then I remembered that journalism was the art of writing about something you know nothing about which of course makes me an expert. There isn’t a whole lot of information about the issue as there aren’t a lot of news stories to follow on the subject.

There is no uniform toll for truckers. Many travel across the country every day and each state has different costs that have to be factored into the truckers overhead. If they don’t drive the same route all the time it can get complicated. It is not unusual for one truck to be costing hundreds of dollars a week in tolls alone. This of course makes trucking more difficult for the self employed trucker or small trucking company in favor of the larger companies that can more easily absorb the costs. In the end as these tolls are part of the overhead the cost gets passed on down the line until it reaches the consumer.

But then we have the elephant in the room.

When I first started writing this Op-ed I thought I didn’t know anything about the subject but the more I got my mind wrapped around the subject I realized that I did know a lot about trucking and it wasn’t just because I went on a couple of long hauls in a semi. See where I live there are a lot of roads. When I think about it truckers are like cops there are good ones and bad ones. Some of the bad ones have lousy equipment and some are reckless drivers. The ones with poor equipment leave huge pieces of rubber in the middle of the expressway. Even the best equipped most experienced drivers have mishaps. Everyone has seen the damage a tractor trailer can do to the roadway itself and fixing roads doesn’t come cheap or easy. Someone has to pay for that and tolls help spread out the cost instead of ruining one driver because of an accident of which he may not even have been at fault. Also if the driver of a car was at fault in a mishap with a tractor trailer should he and would he likely to have the money to repair or replace the roadway? Of course not yet someone still has to pay for the repair.

That being said government will always look for excuse to loot as much money as it can. Truckers aren’t just paying collectively for the damage their type of truck can cause and wear but are often charged much more for road projects and expansions and probably a lot of graft as it is all done on the state level. Each state loots as much as it thinks it can get away with until the semis start circling the states capital.

I never met a rich trucker. The problem with this whole scheme is that it hurts the little guy the most and this doesn’t seem to be the pattern just in the trucking industry but in most industries in America. It is getting harder and harder for Joe and Jane Main Street to really make it on their own anymore. Harder every day to open a small business even of one. This is not the vision the Founders had for the country. America was supposed to be about the individual not the hive. Each man to seek his own destiny and though some are happy to work for others …. the chance to pave your own way should also be open but that road is getting shorter by the day.

Truckers do need to pay collectively for the damage they cause but no more than that. It is true that states will build roads and bridges and they will need money for these things but that burden is on the people. The people who want to things the trucks can carry. A nice highway is an invitation to outsiders to bring their wares to market to bring the consumer products, fuel, food, and raw materials we need. The more we saddle any business with extra costs the harder it is to become an individual business owner.

The left is always talking about small business. That mom and pop bookstore. The family owned shoe store. But what about the family farmer, the plumber, the individual trucker and all the small business owners that these people are constantly looting? What about them?


The Market Should Downturn


Before I begin I will remind my readers that before I retired I was a Registered Commodities Representative which meant I had to go through an F.B.I. screening process and pass a test from the Securities and Exchange Commission that some believe is more difficult than passing a lawyers bar exam. In fact many people fail the test several times before passing it. Prior to becoming an RCR I was both a broker and trader in the currencies markets and dabbled around a bit in the precious metals markets. I’m not trying to be braggadocios here just relaying my level of expertise in the investment market.

Prior to the events that occurred on September the 11th 2001 there was a predictable pattern involving the stock market and presidential elections. Roughly 6 months or so prior to any presidential election the big money men would analyze the political winds and in general begin to pull out of certain stock positions doing so very quietly as to not alarm the plebeians.The reason they would do this is uncertainty.

There are only 2 outcomes of any presidential race either the incumbent wins or the challenger. With money-men withdrawing from the market 6 months prior to the election the market always appears to get much weaker especially during the month of August when the plebeians are most likely to be on vacation. As many of you might be aware from a very colorful and patriotic Cadillac commercial, people in Europe tend to take the entire month of August off and go on vacation.

If the incumbent wins the election, the market quickly recovers in most cases. If the incumbent does not win the people with the big money will keep their risk capital on the sidelines for roughly 6 months while they try to figure out what policies the new president will be following (they rarely believe the shit any candidate says during the election). Again we would be looking at a time span somewhere between June and August when the plebeians have other things on their minds and these rich guys can buy back in at bargain prices. This also occurs immediately after the incumbent wins as the plebeians are either still wrapped up in the election cycle or spending whatever they have on hand for Christmas presents. Bargains to be had galore.

What if there is no incumbent? If there is no incumbent then the markets will be very soft for the better part of a year while everything washes out. “But what about 2001?” you might ask. “Wasn’t the markets still  very soft in September?” Good for you for paying attention to the world around you. There are exceptions to every rule.

Perhaps George Bush just couldn’t believe he had actually been elected president or was just so darn happy about it that all he wanted to do was party so he did. Instead of establishing any real policies during his first 6 months (actually right up until 9/11) in office he spent much of his time congratulating himself,  trying to appear presidential, and playing golf. Since the market had been unable to gauge the new guy it continued to weakening as some of the plebeians  also started to liquidate at least some of their assets. Predictably the 9/11 attacks pretty much finished off the markets with the plebeian investors losing roughly 70% of their assets with managed retirement funds taking the biggest hits.

This election the markets have been pretty stable all things considered. Why? The only rational answer is that Wall Street believes that by hook or by crook (probably by crook) that the fix is in. The markets didn’t change much because the markets expect the status-quo to continue without any interruption. They already know what to expect from Hillary Clinton because they own her. Friday changed all that and the markets reacted to uncertainty. The Mexican Peso tanked. Why? Because of Trumps stand on trade with Mexico. American companies will likely have to pay stiff tariffs to sell their wares across the boarder and sell them to Americans many of whom do not realize that their “American Made” car is actually a product of Mexico. How about the oil markets they tanked too right? Of course they did because if Trump gets elected oil and gas companies will have to compete with coal again. And without going through the entire stock list I’m quite sure that any America company making things in Mexico also saw a drop in their stock prices on Friday.

Markets often have downward turns on Fridays but whatever the real truth is, that will be exposed on Monday when the markets will tell us what is really going on behind the scenes. Once again there can be only 2 outcomes. In the morning no matter what, the market is going to slip further down to wash out the suckers. Don’t forget there are winners whether these stocks go up or down and in the investment market someone has to lose. The real power is going to want to take advantage of that. As the clock ticks towards noon (ie lunch time) the market will revel itself (when plebeians and weak brokers are out to lunch) . It will either begin to recover or continue to nose dive. A downward movement in the market means the market has lost faith in an easy (fixed) Clinton win and recovery means they expect by hook or by crook (likely crook) that Hillary will be elected president and nothing will fundamentally change.

So what happens if the markets continue on a downward spiral? Oh that’s easy haven’t you plebeians been paying attention? As sure as the sun rises in the east the mainstream media will blame Trump for any downward market movement implying that people must vote for Hillary or face a possible economic collapse. Some are jumping the gun a bit and are implying that now. Several analysts have been talking about a global economic bubble about to bust for months (some for years) and if it does any time between now, election day, or inauguration day the press will absolutely blame Donald Trump (not 8 years of progressive liberal economic failure).

The game is afoot but if you know the rules you can predict the outcome. Just pay attention to the details because they is where the devil is always hiding.


On November 9th the Revolution Begins


I was asked to write an Op-ed about what would happen if Hillary Clinton was installed as President of The United States. Make no mistake if she becomes President it won’t be because she won any election. Neither Mrs. Clinton nor her running mate can fill a high school gymnasium with supporters. Even Michael Moore, someone who is hated by the right and in turn hates the right has come out against Hillary and if he won’t follow Clinton how could anyone believe that the majority of Americans would.

Let us assume for a moment that Mrs. Clinton actually is installed as the President.

The most dangerous man in the world is the man who has nothing to lose. Surely Americans will suddenly realize that America as they thought they knew it no longer exists. The only conclusion any rational person could possibly draw is that America has been taken over by entities unknown and that the people are actually little more than slaves to this unknown power. Does anyone in their right mind believe that the people will actually accept this situation? There are over 90 million eligible Americans who have given up looking for a job in America. What does that group have to lose that they haven’t already lost.

“You think my life is such a precious thing to me, that I would trade my honor for a few more years …. of what” – Eddard Stark

That is the question of course. Will Americans embrace slavery because that is exactly what we are talking about here.

And what of the rest of the world? People around the globe have been watching this election cycle as if it is some kind of football game. They too have seen the lackluster support of the Hillary campaign while hordes of people have to be turned away from almost every Trump rally. They too will view a Clinton victory as the end of America and the end of freedom and liberty on a global scale because once it is gone in the United States there is no one else to ensure its survival.

November 9th, the day after the American presidential election will be the beginning of a revolution in America no matter who wins. If Trump wins it means the downfall of globalism and secret governments. Surely not all at once but it will surely usher the beginning of the end of that abomination. If Hillary Clinton is installed as president there will be a revolution in the streets of that there is no doubt the only real question is whether the new American revolution won’t bleed into every other nation on planet earth as the rest of earths population realizes that if Americans are slave then so must they be.

The day after this American election either means a new beginning or the beginning of the end.

Emasculated Men


When I was a kid growing up I watched in horror as my mother looked for any excuse to degrade my step father. Nothing was ever good enough for her. “You need to spend more time with the kids,” she’d say in one breath and in the next, “You’re wasting too much time with the kids.” The poor man worked a full time job in a boiler room of a factory at night and then drive 35 miles one way to junior college every day and after that 70 miles one way to university to get his degree in teaching. On top of that my mother was very beautiful and would firth with men every chance she got and of course men were always eager to flirt with her in return (she denies this to this day). I couldn’t understand why the man tolerated this and though I respected him greatly for the obvious sacrifice he made of himself on the alter of family and children I swore I would never live the life he was suffering through.

When I got a bit older and became a teenager I began to suspect that my step father was cheating on my mother. He would speak at teacher conferences as he had become an expert on autistic people (when that actually meant something in the 1970’s) that would take him on the road for up to 3 days away from the family. I went with him once and saw this stunning blonde woman (who I secretly wanted myself) flirt with him and he back with her. I imagined what might have been had I not been on that trip.

But I kept my mouth shut about it. In my way of thinking any break and relief and pleasure he got from the occasional side action he may have been getting was well deserved. Even now in my 50’s I look back at that thinking he deserved a little happiness in the miserable life he was leading. Personally had I been him, I would have left my mother as soon as I had gotten my degree.

When I was 15 (or was it 16 it was so long ago) my stepfather finally got exposed. He had managed to get one of his side bitches pregnant and she showed up at our home to tell him. So my mother divorced him and moved with us kids 1,500 miles away to ensure that he would never get his 2 weekends a month (fuck the kids) but she sure as hell wanted her money from him. Last I heard he was living (barely) in a trailer.

Through his example I never in all my life allowed women to treat me the way my mother had treated him. It was my life and if a woman wanted to come along for the ride that was fine but if she wanted to bitch and moan or question anything I did she got shown the door. I didn’t give a shit about what they wanted and I still don’t. Oh it isn’t like I treat them like dogs (well not all of them anyway) they just were never the most important things in my life. I considered my Harley and my dogs to be more important to my life than they were. The women were easy for me to replace a good bike and a good dog not so much. See I’m a man so I live life on my terms and mine alone.

As I mentioned I did admire my step father but I also viewed him as a piss poor excuse for a man. I grew up idolizing guys like Errol Flynn, Clint Eastwood, James Bond and John Wayne. To me these guys were real men. Brave, strong, no nonsense men who reeked of integrity and never took shit from the women in their lives. These were the kinds of guys I wanted to grow up to be.

I look at today’s males and I wonder what John Wayne would have thought of them. I know what I think of them and it isn’t good. I think they are weak, pussy whipped, wastes of food.

The vast majority of boys turning into so called men these days are just pathetic shadows of what being a man used to mean. Afraid of hard work, afraid of women, afraid of society as a whole who before they have even become men have it beaten into their skulls that they have no real place in society anymore except as walking wallets. Raised in so many cases by single mothers who threw their children’s lives away because they had unrealistic expectations of the men they married and have no idea how to raise a man into a boy. The result of which is pink shirt wearing pussies who are desperately trying to connect with their feminine side. It’s a disgrace.

I often hear women ask the question, “Where are all the good men?” Well princess you and your mom destroyed them. They are gone and they are not coming back. In fact if you think you have a rough time finding a good man just imagine what it is going to be like for your daughters. The drumbeat of feminism and the lure of easy divorce and the prospect of looting the wallets of two men hasn’t gone unnoticed by the boys you have been raising. They have either grown up to seek the comfort of other men where they can be another mans bitch or they just keep adding notches to their bed posts screwing one of you after another playing whatever game you have taught them to get you in the sack and leaving a $20 bill on the dresser for your cab ride home (assuming they are drunk enough to let you spend the entire night in their bed). And it is getting worse with each passing year.

Many of them are even trying to be women so they might have some worth in today’s society. Take Bruce Jenner as the perfect example. This Olympic Gold Metal icon was on a show about his wife and step daughters who act like the biggest sluts and whores in Hollywood. The Kardashian women are the epitome of what is wrong with women today and guess what, it isn’t men who have made their joke of a relativity show so popular. And what role did this Olympian play on the show? At best he was in the shadows and at worst he was the joke. Little wonder that he wanted the fame he so craved and so deserved only to come to the conclusion that the achieve these things he had to be just like them. His phony transformation worked and suddenly he was a star again and the politically correct light of acceptance fell upon him once more.

The state of males in Western Society today is little more than a very sad joke. Weak men are the reason Europe is now opening its doors to violent male invaders who rape and brutalize women and children throughout Europe. Women continue to welcome invading men into their lands who will put them in their place and strip them of their rights and privileges and use them in any way they see fit. In fact Sweden has gone so far as to ban the public display of Christmas lights as to not offend their invaders.

Several months ago the YouTube personality “Black Pigeon Speaks” uploaded a video in which he gave a very compelling case of how women destroy civilizations. We can see with our own eyes how women are doing this in Europe and how they may very well do the same by electing Hillary Clinton as President who believes in an open boarders policy. We are literally watching as women destroy the most free and liberty centric civilization known to human kind. And I’m not sure there is anything we can do to stop it anymore.


To The Government of the U.S.A.


Donald Trumps campaign has exposed you and the incredibly deep corruption you have created. You have lost your way. Have you people not read The Constitution of the United States of America? Have you not taken an oath to both defend and protect this world changing document? And if you have how is it that you have let your greed for money and power usurp the will of the Founding Fathers who created this great nation?

The eyes of the world are now open and look upon you with contempt. Even the people of these United States have lost both trust and faith in you and have for years now. And yet you have done nothing but confirm their suspicions of how corrupt you have become and how the rule of law does not apply to you but is used only as a mechanism to stifle resistance.  You have become everything the Founding Fathers fought against. You have even made suspects of those you call “constitutionalists.”

You are in fact traitors to the Union. You have mistakenly come to the conclusion that your technology and resources allows you to rule over us. It does not. It is the people who rule over you and for decades now you have failed the nation. You have failed the good people of this land and done everything you can to destroy her by allowing others to invade our nation and usurp our most treasured laws and traditions.

I issue this grave warning to you. If you cheat Mr. Trump out of the Presidency you will have placed the final straw on the proverbial camels back. All can see through so many rallies that Trump should be the clear winner of that there is no doubt. What is in doubt is whether you will cheat the system and the American people. If you do make no mistake it will be you whose heads will drop into baskets before the guillotines. We may die in defending our nation but we will not be the first nor the last and it is better to die as a free man than live as a slave. Do not underestimate those who rule over you. We are many and you are few and there are many within your own ranks who will desert you once the people have taken all they can from you.

Save yourselves. Remember who you are and how fragile your wealth and power truly is. Remind yourselves how important a free people are to the rest of the world who are now gathering together against your war mongering and your disregard for the sovereignty of other nations. Are you really willing to destroy mankind? Because that is what is inevitable if you continue on the path you have been on. There are no winners in what you have done and what you continue to do. You bunkers will not protect you against hundreds if not thousands of years of nuclear fallout.

It is time for you to drop to your knees, repent, and beg the forgiveness of the people. The time has come for the corruption to end. And make no mistake the lives you save will be your own. Do what is right before you seal your own fate.

Election Fraud: The Real Truth


For evidence of election fraud all one has to do is look at the Democrat primaries. By now every Sanders supporter knows without a doubt that their candidate never stood a chance. This of course is not the first instance of voter fraud either. Ron Paul was also the victim of voter fraud by both the Republican Party and the mainstream media who helped the GOP make sure that Paul would never gain enough momentum. The GOP also interfered with their own voting process not unlike the Democrats. We also have the example of the 2000 presidential race in which Jeb Bush stationed Florida State Troopers outside of key voting locations to discourage poor people from voting in a swing state. So yes election fraud happens and it has happened in every election in this new century so it doesn’t just happen it is common place.

So why are some in the media been acting as if Trump has some kind of duty to accept the election results no matter what? Well of course they are a major part of the establishment and have not only turned a blind eye to voter fraud when it serves their agenda but have been active in the fraud itself. Just ask Ron Paul how fair and balanced FOX News is.

But there is a little secret the press and the Washington establishment don’t want you to know. They want you to believe in massive voter fraud. Make no mistake that regardless of their rhetoric they want you to think that the election is predetermined and that you have no voice in anything government related especially presidential elections?

Why you might ask?

They know there will be people monitoring the polling stations. Citizens (hopefully you) are going to be hovering outside of those polling stations listening to the press ask people how they voted when they exited the polls and this time around it isn’t going to be nearly as easy to con the public as it was before even with the press protecting them. The people don’t trust the MSM anymore regardless of which side of the fence they are on politically.

You see what the shadow government and the press want you to do is stay at home. These false stories about Trump being behind in the polls (Hillary supporters do not attend her rallies apparently) and voter fraud are specifically designed for you to lose heart. They want you so depressed about Trump being behind in their made up poles and the idea of election fraud that you will just stay home and think “what difference does it make.” It is psychological warfare against you and if enough of you fall for it and fail to do your duty and go to the polls to vote for Mr. Trump they might get away with their fraud after all.

They are playing you for fools because they think that that is exactly what you are. Sheep that they can turn in any direction they want with a whistle.

On election day we will find out if they are right.


Hillary’s Threats of War


When Wikileaks and others started publishing what was really going on behind the scenes of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign both the White house and Mrs. Clinton started ramping up war rhetoric against Russia who they claim (without providing any evidence) hacked into DNC email accounts. Mrs. Clinton would have you believe that this is an attack on all Americans and not just her. The truth is all countries are involved in this type of activity and only a great fool would believe that the United States doesn’t do the exact same thing. In fact our government does it to us under the guise of “homeland security.”

Clinton and the Obama regime however has been making military threats against Russia.

The truth is that this is a fools game. Any military attack against Russia can only result in one outcome namely nuclear war but it isn’t just Russia that the United States might be having a nuclear war with if they do launch a military strike against Russia. There are many governments around the world which deeply resent Americas global military dominance and its dictatorial attitude because of it. For example it is highly likely that China would join into the fray as their citizens would be victims of any nuclear war between the United States and Russia and they are not alone. These countries could very likely band together in an all out effort against the United States.

Although some restraint might be expected at the beginning of any nuclear conflict this would quickly escalate into a full blown all missiles in the air confrontation as major cities are annihilated. The choice for countries like Russia and China would boil down to death or sovereignty. Either send everything that can launch against the United States or surrender unconditionally.

But regardless of how any nuclear war might end the results would be the same, nuclear winter. Millions would die in the first months after the war of nuclear poisoning, the skies would go black blocking out the sun and killing most vegetation, and the end of humankind would not be a question but only a matter of time.

The truth is there is no surviving a war against Russia. Hillary and Obama’s threats against Russia are irresponsible and extinction event dangerous and this is not the kind of rhetoric the American people should be tolerating.

Over the years some have tried to make the claim the President Obama is the Antichrist but what if the Antichrist is actually a woman. Remember Lilith the first woman God created? Or even Eve who committed the first sin? Are you willing to take a chance on someone who is threatening the extinction of the human race? Think long and hard before you decide.