Progressive Liberals are Freaking Out


A lot of patriotic Americans are upset at the way progressive liberals have been behaving as of late. They shouldn’t be.

First of all the people who are “protesting” Donald Trump rallies are proving what many of us have been saying about them for a long time. These people have no respect for other peoples rights or the law of the land. Calling what they are doing “protesting” is a bit of a stretch. Screaming obscenities and trying to prevent others from hearing what they see as their opposition isn’t protesting it is oppression plain and simple.

What many “protestors” are doing comes right out of the Frankfurt School of pseudo intellectual communism. These useful idiots are promoting an ideology that has been a proven failure because they are either completely ignorant of the realities of the world around them or flat out stupid. But what the core of what they are doing proves is that even in 2016 socialism/communism are ideologies of force that require violence of one kind or another.

More importantly than the basics of stupidity that these morons are displaying is the fact that they know they are losing their battle to indoctrinate the hearts and minds of most of the American public. Their acts are acts of desperation and you can hear the desperation in their voices and see the desperation in their actions. They sense what everyone else senses and that is that their time in the sun is rapidly running out.

America has had enough of their failed progressive liberal ideals. We are tired of their divisiveness and “anything and everything is normal” mentality. For any civilization to survive there must be behavioral structures and limitations in place as history has proven time and time again. The NSDAP of post WWI Germany was born from exactly the kind of immorality, debauchery¬† and ultra left idealism (communism) that we see so prevalent on the left today.

So take heart patriot. What you are seeing is the disintegration of the left in America and the only people the radical left can con anymore is college Snowflakes who have never seen a good economy and a reasonable moral foundation (they all grew up during the Obama regime), the leeches and parasites, illegals, paid for disrupters, and the idiots who have been sheltered from the real world all their lives behind the now tarnished pillars of the corrupt educational system.

We are winning. We will win and they know it. And they are scared to death to see the gravy train of unearned riches and unjustified attention coming to an end. Pretty soon these violent little Snowflakes are going to have to grow up and live in the real world to their own devices and it scares the hell out of them. And not a moment too soon.


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