The Most Important Freedom of All

Themis 3391
Themis 3391

Any psychologist would look at the Constitution of the United States an easily identify which freedom is the most important because it is the first to be mention and of course it also makes the most sense. There is no freedom greater than the right to be able to express yourself. To speak your mind even when what you say is unpopular. One would think such a freedom was self evident or an axiom if you will but it is not. All across the world opinions and even inconvenient truths are suppressed and freedom of expression is a right few people even in the 21st century enjoy.

Now I know when I mention the rarity of the First Amendment to the Constitution you’re probably thinking about places like Communist China or Cuba and of course it is rather par for the course that communist countries oppress descent of any kind as communism by its very nature can only be viable when force is used. Descent of any kind threatens the collective. But to assume that state controlled expression only exists in communist countries or dictatorships would be a gross error.

The truth is in most of the Western World freedom of expression is as rare as it is in the 3rd world. In England a man was arrested for quoting Winston Churchill in public. In many European nations questioning or producing evidence that contradicts the post WWII Allies propaganda can get you thrown in jail in fact a Catholic Bishop was arrested in Germany for making the claim that he could find no viable evidence to support the Holocaust claim. In most of Europe simply posting anything online that goes against the progressive liberal narrative regarding Middle Eastern and African migration into Europe will get you visited by the local constables and likely arrested with the possibility of jail time. Even if what you are saying is true.

Freedom of expression is indeed a rare privilege in the age of space travel and flying cars. But is the freedom to speak ones mind actually the most important freedom of all?

There is something that all counties who oppress their populations have in common and that is that these countries either ban guns outright or regulate them to the point that the average citizen would be unlikely to be able to own one or at least not own one without the governments full knowledge of the number and type of weapons they might have as well as the amount of ammunition they have. Because of this average citizens are not only unable to defend themselves against criminals, terrorists and the mentally unstable but even more importantly they are unable to protect themselves from their own governments. Therefor there is nothing to stop the governments from doing as they please regardless of whether the citizenry approve of their actions or not.

Ask yourself this, “Did any citizen in Europe vote to have their country overrun my Islamic migrants?” Of course the answer is no and even after these migrants began killing and raping women and children the people are unable to halt the flow of these migrants and when they protest against the destruction of their culture and heritage they are met with water-cannons and armed police and military. They have to take it because there is nothing they can do about it but hold up signs and even their signs are an invitation of arrest and persecution. This is the result of government held unaccountable.

The point is that you cannot have freedom of expression without the ability to enforce it and the only way the people can enforce such a right is if the government fears the people more than the people fear the government. An armed uprising by the people helps to keep the government in check which is why the government is always trying to curb the peoples right to defend themselves.

In America we see the right of freedom of expression being threatened like never before and at the same time we are also seeing our right to defend ourselves also being threatened because these two rights walk hand in hand. These threats come almost exclusively by the left not because they really believe a Utopian society is possible but because the left desires to impose its ideology upon the people. There is no other way for them to succeed because again any descent is a threat to the collective they seek to create. They cannot convince so they must impose and to impose they must be able to do so without any viable resistance. This is the evil the pure evil that enslaves free people and free people are becoming a rare bird.

The most important right you have is the right to defend yourself against government because without that right no other right has teeth.

Here endith the lesson.



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