Fatherhood in America


When I was a kid there were lots of great dads at least on TV there was. My Three Sons, Father Knows Best, Leave it to Beaver, The Brady Bunch, and Bonanza are just some of the programs that displayed the fathers love for his children. And perhaps my dad wasn’t Michael Brady or Ben Cartwright, but he was a lot closer to being like one of the TV dads of my childhood than todays dads are.

Who are todays dads? That middle aged guy living in an efficiency apartment he can barely afford if his car holds up. Our precious, fragile little college snowflakes aren’t going back home to live with dad. Mom has a basement and none of mommies little precious’ are ever going to have to worry as long as daddy is alive and mommy can still rub it in his face.

Todays dad sees his kids every other week if he’s lucky. Everytime the ex feels like jerking his chain he misses a visit. Lawyers aren’t much of an option when you’re barely able to pay for an efficiency apartment if the car holds out. He probably misses his garage and/or computer room. Todays dad might develop a drinking or drug problem while he adjusts to being single again. If he manages to find a woman who doesn’t mind all his baggage and the fact that he’s broke …. he’s already found a better woman and this makes mom nuts (as if she wasn’t nuts before).

Todays dad is a shell of a man on average. The best he can hope for is a 50/50 shot at having a family and if he tries and fails misery will undoubtedly follow him the rest of his days. Or at least for a hell of a long time.

And then there is the ultimate expression of American fatherhood the dad no one has ever seen. See kid when mom was a young girl her skin was smooth and soft and her breasts were supple and ripe and there wasn’t a decent looking guy in town who hadn’t bent her over their parents couch and spilled the beans. And if high school wasn’t enough your mom went to college where she experimented with lesbianism, slept with guys from other races and backgrounds and ended up with that case of genital warts her current fuck buddy keeps blaming her for. Somewhere along the line she got pregnant and she ended up having you because she was so high on weed she missed the deadline. That dad you’ve never known. Maybe Maury Povitch can find him.

For a long time in America we as a society have been abusing dad. He’s gotten smaller and weaker and indecisive preferring to spend much of his time in the kitchen making someone a sandwich. Any display of masculinity is absolutely verboten and so we have generations of confused girlymen. When we have a war with purses as weapons we’ll let those little bitches know. Destroying men destroys the family. Many young men today don’t even want to be in a relationship with a woman much less marry her and have children. Look America at todays college students and see what you have wrought.



The Time Bomb that Exploded

time bomb

We all knew it was coming.

Ever have this feeling like no matter what you were being told or what assurances you were being given, something you were about to do was going to turn out horribly wrong? I bet you have (unless you’re very young). I had a feeling like that in the spring of 2008. I could see right in that moment that things were going to turn our horribly wrong.

It wasn’t like I didn’t like the guy. I didn’t. I had no opinion of him at all in fact I had never heard of him. And when I did and heard his name ……. I just couldn’t believe the nation would vote for that in November. And yet they did. They took a poor foreign student and raised him up from community organizer ( anyone know how much that job pays and where I can sign up? ) and after just a couple of years of campaigning …. er I mean being in the senate, elected him president. Oh happy day. The races will unite the country will be rich again and the Black messiah would be greater than even the founding father of our country. That stuff made my skin crawl.

Ah Obamacare such high hopes. Remember when the Affordable Care Act lowered medical costs? Remember how it got pushed through without a single Republican vote? It isn’t even fully initiated yet and what is left to initiate will not bring prices down but raise them. I know a lot of you had that feeling we were discussing earlier. You just knew this couldn’t possibly turn out well no matter what they told you at first. See your own doctor?

Some people knew wayyyyyy back in the 90’s that there was something amiss with the Clintons. They associated themselves with criminals and there is no other way to put that. Strange things happened around the Clintons and if you believe them they sailed through it all in a soap bubble hardly knowing what was going on around them. Bodies and bimbos piled up everywhere not to mention obvious insider trading. Drugs namely cocaine. Some knew. Some knew it wouldn’t turn out well and NAFTA is proof that it didn’t. Not to mention the country’s humiliation for having to impeach a standing president for perjury. Herman Cain could have been president if he had not been like Bill and Black and republican.

Illegal immigration in southern Arizona.
371147 30: A U.S. Border Patrol agent looks through binoculars for undocumented immigrants trying to illegally enter the United States through Douglas, Arizona August 24, 1999. The Tucson sector of the U.S. Border Patrol leads the nation in apprehensions of undocumented immigrants with more than 387,000 last year. The Douglas office, which is responsible for patrolling about 30 of the sector”s 281 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border is by far the busiest, setting a record last year with about 157,000 apprehensions. This year, the office is on a pace to equal or surpass that record. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Newsmakers)

Has anyone noticed that all these potential time bombs are going off right now? I bet you have. Obama time bombs Clinton time bombs. Fewer people have houses. Fewer people have jobs. People have to pay for health insurance they’ll never be able to use (high deductibles). The moral fiber of the people is disintegrating. If we are still number one on the worlds political and economic stage we are only barely hanging on and everyone knows it. It has all come to pass as so many of us felt it would.


DNC’s October Surprise


Everyone has been hearing about Hillary Clintons health issues. At the time of this writing Clinton has no rallies scheduled. Not a one. The rallies she has had before now have been strikingly absent of any major show of support from her so called followers. Then there is her criminal activity regarding her private email server. According to the law she is unable to hold any public office much less the POTUS. These are facts that cannot be denied and regardless of the regimes attempts to put it to bed there are federal agencies who will not let it go and shouldn’t. Clinton will soon be required to give testimony under oath so she won’t be able to commit perjury without consequences in front of a federal judge. Things are so bad for Mrs. Clinton that the press has had to create false pole numbers to prop her up.

Let’s get real. Hillary will never make it to the November elections. Either her health will get the best of her and that apparently has already happened given her lack of rallies, or she will be officially disqualified by law. The question isn’t whether Hillary will make it to the November election she won’t, the question is who will replace her and whether this was pre-planned.

Enter Joe Biden. That’s right hapless Joe Biden. In most presidential elections where the standing POTUS has used up his term limit it is always assumed that the vice president will carry the torch. Biden hasn’t broken any laws or any serious ones anyway. Bernies supporters can and will rally around him because he isn’t part of the Hillary primary cheating scandal. The press will remind us about the untimely death of his son which will generate pity votes and conservatives will be so taken off guard that they won’t be ready for a Biden candidacy. Remember his name was floated around even in 2016 as a dark horse who could save the DNC from the Clinton stain.

Conservatives would be wise not to ignore Biden and start aiming their guns at him. Wikileaks is holding something back for an October surprise to finish Clinton off even if she manages to survive both her health and legal issues. If conservatives do not prepare for a Biden candidacy now, it may be much too late by October.

Trump is Smarter than You Are


I have to chuckle to myself when I hear people giving Donald Trump advice on how to beat Hillary. During the Republican Primaries Trump kicked the crap out of 16 or 17 of the best the GOP has to offer and with few exceptions every one of them spent more money than Trump did who, as we might recall funded his own primary campaign. That’s pretty impressive in anyone’s book and he did it largely by manipulating the press and mocking his opponents when they tried to attack him. He did this with very little support from the GOP if any and under constant attack by the press and both sides of the establishment pond of scum.

Given how Trump wrangled the GOP nomination under such circumstances anyone, and I mean anyone who thinks they know better than him needs to call a psychologist as soon as they can get near a phone and set an appointment immediately. Perhaps even consider having themselves institutionalized.

The one consistent in all this has been the press and the political pundits. These misguided ego maniacs have been wrong from the moment Trump announced his candidacy all the way through to the convention. How could they possibly be right about anything now? These are writers who know writing not people who have walked the walk of a political campaign. They also are writers (by far the easiest major in college) with opinions which I often wish they would keep to themselves. They aren’t experts on anything….except maybe writing. Maybe.

Look folks everything you are seeing Trump do is by design. He’s playing the press and political pundits like a fiddle and these tools are dancing to Trumps fiddle like the little people did for Darby O’Gill. The only amazing part is that these blowhards are such narcissists in their own right that they haven’t figured it out. Clearly MSM isn’t out looking for the best and the brightest.

So have a little faith everything is going exactly as planned. The networks are giving Trump all the free air time he wants and he continues to mock those who dare mess with him (rightly so). We all know the poles are lying so don’t even listen to that garbage look at the difference in support at both candidates rallies for the truth.

In 2017 we’re going to have a new president and it won’t be someone who is incapable of showing any remorse over the death of an American diplomat and the heroes that tried to save him. It is going to be a man who took on a big project in NYC that the city couldn’t fix for years and managed to finish in a matter of months and way under budget. No matter what the press, pundits, and pollsters tell you Trump is going to win and he is going to win by one of the biggest landslide elections America has ever known.

And you can take that check to the bank and cash it right now.


It is Time To Take Our Country Back


I have to admit that I am a bit astonished at the level of corruption,  distain and contempt for the American voter in the press and in Washington. Certainly I suspected what this election cycle has uncovered but not in my wildest dreams did I ever think either group would be so obnoxiously blatant in their daily rejection of the will of the people. Not since kings and queens ruled over the people has there been a group so willing to come out of the shadows so openly to express their superiority. This is what America has become.

Recently I was watching a recording of a television news program in which the moderator and all of the guests but one was lying bold faced to their viewers knowing that those watching were depending on these people to tell them the truth. Sadly this wasn’t an isolated incident and every television news source is guilty of this betrayal to their viewing audience. The excuse often given is that these so called news organization are there to make money and feeding the flames of controversy puts cash in their pockets but, though that may be a viable excuse for the likes of Jerry Springer and Maury Povitch, it is disgraceful that the press is involved in this behavior.

Politicians are even worse (if they possibly could be worse). These career criminals fan the flames of violence with their rhetoric for a few shekels and the privilege of looting the American people one more time with no regard for how their own behavior effects the nation short and long term health of the republic.

What happened to my America? Could it be that it was always like this and only now that this election cycle has exposed the truth that my eyes have been opened? Is it the internet that has given me insights into the real workings of government and journalism that distresses me so? Or has the wisdom of age forced me to see my country as it really is instead of what I imagined it to be?

I can’t give you the answers to my questions but if I threw a Hail Mary I’d have to guess that it was a combination of all of it. One thing that I can tell you for certain is that things have to change and not by just a little bit. The old guard must be removed and a new guard must ascend or as is stated in The Constitution, ” when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” There is no doubt that the peoples power is being usurped. There is no doubt that the people are being abused. There is no doubt that Americas government and press no longer represent the people but rather represent themselves at the peoples expense.

It is time for we as a people to stand up and be counted and to take back what rightfully belongs to us. Even the poorest among us live relatively comfortable lives compared to the rest of the world and this comfort has made us afraid to loose it even when our freedom, liberties and power are slowly stripped away from us. We can no longer afford to believe that the powers that be have our best interests at heart because it is frighteningly obvious that they do not.

There are only two ways that will fix this abomination. Voting out every incumbent that currently holds office rolling the dice on a better tomorrow or citizens taking up arms against their own government. I would prefer the former but human nature being what it is the people may allow things to get so close to the brink that the latter becomes the only real choice. In the end it is up to you to decide which course of action you are willing to take. We have elections coming up all across the nation this fall. Let us do the right thing before we are forced to risk our lives to make things right again.

Traitors Among Us


Remember the 2012 Republican Primaries? I was a huge Ron Paul fan and even though I didn’t agree with everything he said I saw him as the only chance to save the Republican Party from the GOP establishment and the country from the Obama regime. It became pretty clear early on that even though Ron Paul was shown clobbering Obama in all the poles, the press and the GOP were working together to make sure Dr. Paul never had a chance to win. The fix was in.

Needless to say I was very disappointed and disillusioned when Mitt Romney was given the nomination. I knew it wasn’t fair. I knew it stunk to high heaven of massive corruption but I fell in line because I’m a conservative and Romney was a successful businessman and I knew the Obama regime was cooking the books. Our country needed saving (and still does even more today) and I wasn’t going to sit on the sidelines and do nothing while Obama caused even more destruction to America. I felt betrayed and rightly so but it was what it was and none of us are strangers to establishment corruption on either side.

Today I look upon the GOP establishment elite with complete disgust. As a citizen I did in 2012 what they refused to do today in 2016 namely stand with my party. If they will  not stand with me now I will never stand with them again. The fact that these scumbags would even consider supporting Clinton or take actions that would result in Clinton being elected President tells me all I need to know about them.

The Republican Party is clearly corrupt. There are elected officials within the party that talk a big conservative game only to attain elected office, just like FOX News only pretends to be conservative while behind the scenes promoting an open boarders policy.  The likes of Paul Ryan, Lindsey Graham, and John McCain (just to name a very small few) make me want to hurl and the fact that they are eager and willing to work with an even bigger corrupt press who is even more eager and willing to work with them cuts me to the core.

For me this election is the last straw. America cannot survive another 4-8 years of progressive liberalism without turning into the nightmare of what Europe has become. Clintons Supreme Court picks will devastate the nation for decades and likely permanently. The economy will continue to slide downwards as entitlements expand, new wars will be forthcoming and our boarders and sovereignty will be lost forever. The light at the top of the hill will be gone forever and this has huge ramifications not just for America but for the rest of the free world.

All of this brought to you by the RINO’s in D.C.


What if Hillary Dies?


It has become painfully obvious that the Democrat Party presidential nominee is very ill. In fact Mrs. Clinton is so ill that it has been reported that her closest handler carries around a Diazepam pen. Diazepam auto-injector pens are used for for Acute Repetitive Seizures. Diazepam is prescribed for patients who experience recurrent seizures! In at least one video we can see Clinton in what appears to be a seizure shocking the reporters she was with.

Clearly Hillary Clinton is in no condition to lead the nation much less the free world. The office of the presidency is brutal and we can see that in the accelerated aging process every president to date has exhibited. How can someone with Clintons obvious health issues expect to survive 4 much less 8 years in office unless she would be a complete puppet to a shadow government?

But what if Hillary doesn’t survive the election in tact? That is a very real concern. How is she going to handle the debates if she gets flustered at her own events? The bottom line is Hillary has a good chance of not surviving the campaign and then what? Will they just give the presidency to Trump? Don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen.

Here’s a conspiracy theory you might want to think about …. what if Clinton was never expected to make it to the election?

There has been a lot of gossip over the last several years about Obama wanting a 3rd term. Of course he does he hasn’t finished destroying America yet and he can’t be certain Hillary will finish the job. What if she dies or becomes incapacitated a month before the election or a week or a day? Wouldn’t this give Obama an excuse to call a state emergency? Would he replace her as the candidate or perhaps delay the election for a year? Why isn’t anyone asking these questions?