Who’s Really on Welfare?


I’m sure that you’ve heard that the biggest recipients of welfare and other benefits provided by the government are White people. There is no denying that. In fact it would be reasonable to assume that any country that provides such benefits would have the racial majority as their biggest clients. I’m quite sure there are more Christians on welfare than there are Muslims. But when we divide peoples into races or religions or sexes, the overall number is not as significant as the percentage of each group that receive assistance.

So what percentage of each group receives benefits? Good luck coming up with that number. I’m sure the information is somewhere but after a half an hour of trying to find something (and I work very fast) I just gave up. It isn’t like anyone’s paying me to write this garbage. The point being that there were plenty of sources that made the claim that more White people were on welfare than Black people but nothing that broke down honest percentages of each group. One might think that if broken down by group percentages that resulted in similar results, ie. Whites received more welfare than Blacks percentage wise that someone on the left would be screaming through a bullhorn about White privilege. That would be front page material.

Of course a larger percentage of Black people are on welfare than Whites. Unemployment statistics don’t lie and especially during the Obama regime Blacks did not fare well and certainly not as well as Whites (who also didn’t fare well). But what is also not being told about this little tale is that Whites are also the biggest contributor to the welfare system. This should all be rather common sense shit.

So we can now wrap this mess up and move along right. Wrong.

What makes this entire narrative about more Whites on welfare than Blacks are the consequences of promoting that half truth.  Have you ever wondered why the media didn’t really seem to make a big deal about the Black unemployment rate during the Obama regime? For young Blacks the unemployment was close to 50%. But more Whites are on welfare than Blacks so we don’t need to make a big deal about that. Or even worry about it. In Democrat controlled big cities the unemployment rate among Blacks is much higher than the national average but more White people are on welfare than Blacks. Nice way to skirt around the issue when running for office again.

It is said that a half truth is a lie. The truth is, a disproportional amount of Blacks and probably Hispanics are receiving aid benefits. Yet by pretending this issue does not exist we also fail to address it in any meaningful way. Instead of finding out why this is occurring and coming up with viable solutions to the issue, the issue never gets addressed because we are all the same (maybe White people a bit worse). Maybe it is Black culture that is the problem as I suspect and this narrative keeps that theory from being explored.

This is the Democrat Party and others on the left. Tell a half truth that divides people and insures that nothing positive will ever happen.

We all suffer when anyone becomes a ward of the state but in this narrative the people who seem to need help the most are instead being conditioned to serve at the pleasure of their leftist overlords whom they owe for their very existence. They need slaves to vote for them.

Contrast this with what conservatives want which is basically you off welfare working at a real job and building your own future as a free person beholden to none not even us.




Why would Anyone want to be a Man?


Did you know that some women/girls want to be men? Yup. Some even go through some pretty expensive surgery to be men. Much like a man can never be a real woman a woman can never be a real man. The whole phony penis surgery and result would scare most sane people away.

I used to work for a company called Dr. Notes which was a kind of accounting and schedule computer program for doctors and dentists located in Deerfield Beach, Florida. I had been in sales a while at that point and I sensed something fishy was going on there (I was proven right later) and didn’t stay there very long. The owner was a fat ugly balding Hispanic guy who oddly enough had a pretty good looking wife. Obviously a trophy wife cause money buys the best in the available female pool. After a few days one of my fellow employees let the cat out of the bag. That short, balding, fat, Hispanic guy had once been a girl.

How the fuck is being a short, balding, fat Hispanic guy better than being a short Hispanic gal with hair on her head. Heck a lot of Hispanic guys like gals with a bit of blubber. Ok so she’s a lesbian but wtf provoked her to live her life looking like a used car salesman?

Is this boobie hate or something? Because other than a little extra body hair from hormones and the lack of boobies not much else is different. At least trans females are adding shit (very few go for penis removal), trans males are chopping stuff off. The thought of butchering perfectly good boobies makes me cringe.

And let me tell you something else tomboys thinking of doing this, life as a man sucks ass enough without making it worse by being a fake beta male. You’re also fairly likely to get your ass beat. You’re not used to choosing your words carefully and staying stupid women shit will certainly result in a beat down. And nobody cares. If you look like a guy and you get all bloody no one will help you. In fact if you walk around with a black eye from getting a beat down other men will try and pick fights with you and you’re gonna loose those fights because hormones can’t make you a lion.

So before you give up all the free shit and female privilege that comes with having a uterus you might just consider cutting your hair in a pixie and banging your girlfriend with a strappy. At least that way if you ever change your mind, and as we know all women do often, at least you’ll have a choice.

Welcome to the Machine


Call it what you will, the mainstream media, entertainment media, online social networks, establishment politicians, bankers, Brussels ….. they are all part of the machine attempting to control the great unwashed. This machine is not some rattle trap trying to push a minibike down the hill it is a behemoth that rivals even the largest maritime drive trains. It’s gearing reaches the far corners of the earth and it must feed.

What the machine wants is control. It wants to control wars, governments and most important of all people. It wants you to cheer as you send your young people to their demise and cheer even louder when they come home in a box. It wants you to need it and desire it and beg for it. It promises everything and delivers pain and misery and death.

Everyone who is more aware than a commie watching CNN while doing bong hits knows this. Well that isn’t fair I’m doing bong hits while writing this but you get my drift. We the awake people of earth know exactly what they are up to. With each passing day more and more of us are starting to figure it out too. How could we not. The curtain has been pulled back and they aren’t even trying to hide it anymore. Kinda makes George Carlin a prophet or something doesn’t it.

I gotta be honest I was scared to death of the machine for a very long time and probably most afraid when Donald J. Trump was sworn into office. But my president hasn’t disappointed me. Nope not one bit. Can you feel it? The tide turning?

The machine is getting a beating and it knows it. It is getting the kind of beating that even Antifa and BLM can’t save it from. People are waking up. And as they arise from their slumber they do so in a rage at what is going on and has been going on for far too long. The pillars of the machine, namely the media, is starting to crumble as the Genie escapes the bottle and their wicked plots are being uncovered and exposed.

This is the best of times. Times like these are what legends are made of. Tales pasted from one generation to the next. Songs of liberty and freedom. We are watching the machine burn and it’s fucking beautiful. Smells like victory!




Why would Anyone want to be a Woman?


I just don’t get it. All these men and boys wanting to be women. Seriously? Don’t they realize that women have penis envy? Maybe they should have thought about why before slipping on the too-too. Or maybe they should have just thought it out period (pun intended).

Now it is true that being a girl/woman has certain advantages. Those advantages change with age but they are always present. As a woman people are much less likely to judge you harshly for your own stupid decisions. Sex is generally regularly available. People buy you things and pay for your entertainment. And of course as Bruce Jenner learned, even a freak show with tits gets more attention than your average male.

Yeah with all those wonderful advantages the disadvantages far outweigh the advantages. Just getting up in the morning is a major ordeal that goes on for well more than an hour, shaving, bathing, putting on lotion, putting on makeup bla bla bla. There’s a reason why women are always late for shit. And that is every single time you wanna be presentable (365 days a year). No more 15 minutes in the shower throw on a pair of jeans and a tee shirt and out the door in 20 or less. Unless you wanna be a bull dyke and then the jeans and tee shirt still work. Or a hippy and then body care is only an option.

And being a girl/woman is pretty expensive. Pedicures and manicures, weaves, ect ect, not to mention the shoe and wardrobe collection that is mandatory. How about that jewelry box? Earrings, rings, necklaces, bangles, piercings. By the time we get to the cashier we could buy a decent used car.

So far we have only covered basic maintenance.

As children, girls are most often molested by their relatives or close friends not to mention other children. So much fun to be a girl huh. As she gets older and starts to blossom every man and a significant number of women want to fuck her. Everywhere she goes men (and some women) at looking her up and down like a piece of meat. She can’t go out walking in the dark alone. How often do you see pretty women at 7-11? Someone almost always must be with her as she is a fragile thing. How is this fun? But it doesn’t last.

At some point her sexual market value begins to decline. Usually sooner rather than later as women embrace porkitude. That’s when the craziness starts setting in. To go from rock start to “hey lady gtf outta the way” is probably pretty devastating.

I think being a woman is a fucking nightmare. No wonder they are so fucking crazy. What kinda lunatic wants that mess?

Of course being a man is no walk in the park either even if we can just whip it out to piss.

American Blacks vs Haitians


I live in South Florida and have since 1976. Aside from surviving several hurricanes and making daily lumber deliveries to Hialeah during the Miami riots when the cops shot a Black teacher off the back of a motorcycle, I’ve also been around to watch several groups of people float ashore. I’ve seen some pretty funny looking boats too some not much more than a few wooden pallets and a chair nailed to them. Maybe there was more to the “boat” when it left port.

When the Haitians started flooding into Florida the line between Black Americans and Haitian refugees was drawn almost immediately. Haitians speak French which is a rather arrogant language if you’ve even been around many French speaking people. It could also be said that niggas speaking French in general came off as arrogant to American Blacks. For whatever the reason the Haitian community was not embraced by the American Black community. The feeling seemed to be mutual both regarding the other as trash.

In the beginning Haitians started taking a lot of labor jobs that often went to minimal or complete lack of job experience Blacks and Whites. Simply stated they were willing to work for less.

Haitians as a people were very different than Americans the most noticeable difference was how they took care of themselves and their belongings. To be perfectly blunt they smelled bad. One Haitian at a place I worked at smelled so bad I swear he was carrying around a load in his pants all day every day. They got him for real cheap but he ruined the work truck and after he left the job it had to be sold at auction. Even their cars smelled bad. You always knew when a Haitians car was at a stop light. They probably ran too rich and put too much oil in the crankcase. But they all stunk like that. On top of the smell the insides of a typical Haitian car had most of the dashboard ripped out of it and of course the rest of the interior was a stinky mess. They were just God awful people.

But they also seemed to have some pretty conservative values.

Haitians go to church. They get dressed up to go to church. They will take any job they can qualify for. Their kids payed attention in school. They worked together to help each other and they collected old clothing to send back to Haiti. As the years rolled by they discovered soap. They began to appreciate their cars. Their kids were graduating high school and some of them were going on to college. In a generation a marginalized, uncivilized, very dark skinned people, came to America and made something out of themselves. Amazing.

Yet American Blacks and Haitian Americans are still rarely great buddies but for a different reason. Haitians have already either became par with the financial success of American Blacks or surpassed it. In one generation. To all them boys standing around a 50 gal drum fire drinking Lean and smokin weed (or rocks) that doesn’t settle too well. Dem are uppity niggas. I don’t hear many Haitians using that ghetto accent either which isn’t helping them connect with Black America.

Haitians were willing to do something American Blacks seem unwilling to do which is mainly become successful despite the obstacles. It wasn’t like their stinky cars were embraced when they first got to Florida. It wasn’t as if people didn’t keep several arms lengths away from that stench emanating from them. Even other Blacks shunned them. Yet despite all that …..

American Blacks have much to learn from their Haitian brethren. Haitians didn’t make excuses they worked for results and with more against them than American Blacks. They worked hard enough to get those results. In many cases they are now upper middle class. They knew the odds were stacked against them and they power kicked ass their work ethic, faith, and determination and are now respected members of the community. Imagine where they could go in 20, 50 or 100 years if they continue as they have been.

From a humble beginning in an island mud field to a 3 bedroom 2 car garage and kids in college. That is the American dream. You take it with hard work and faith, you don’t demand it.

Where are the Rights Nutcases when we Need Them?


I’ve been hearing this a lot from my conservative friends the last few years. Every time you turn around some lefty is doing something violent. There are lone wolf lefties and crowds of lefties out doing as much destruction and sometimes even murder on every street corner. So where are the violent conservatives that the liberals are always talking about? Right when we need them the most.

Leftists keep telling us that anyone who doesn’t believe like they do are murderous, violent, racist, sexist Nazis that wanna destroy the world and subjugate marginalized people. Ok so where are they? See I have to root for the Nazis and fascists because I do not believe like the leftists do and everyone needs someone to have their back. It is either I’m on the rainbow unicorn or I’m goosestepping in knee high black riding boots. If those are my only choices then those riding boots are pretty cool looking.

So where are the crazed murderous lunatics on my side? The Nazi side. The Fascist side. Shouldn’t some brown-shirts be patrolling the neighborhoods and kicking in some doors? How about a secret organization that bumps off the enemy leaders? A guy with a machete at a drum circle? No? Really? Awww come on man. WTF?

It would seem that the Nazi’s and the Fascists have a major disadvantage on the crazy train. We just can’t hold a candle to the complete mental breakdown of the left. I mean sure we can muster up a couple of fist fights to defend against the attacking hordes of leftists but as far as offensive attacks and acts of terrorism are concerned we just can’t hold a candle to the left.

And it isn’t like the left isn’t doing everything it can to bring out the savage barbarians on the right but everything they have done has produced a big nothing burger. Must be frustrating and even a little heartbreaking for them given their overall fragile nature. To try so hard and to fail so miserably. How does someone recover from something like that? Little wonder so many of them are having what seems to be emotional breakdowns which appear to cause symptoms of arrested development. It is a sad thing to behold indeed.

But back to my point, where the hell are our crazies? You fight fire with fire so it only makes sense that you need crazies to fight crazies. If I have to be a Nazi or a Fascist because I don’t wanna be an SJW then I wanna do it right. My dad always said if you’re gonna do something you might as well do it right. Besides have you ever seen a full dress SS uniform? I think that’s a look that would contrast nicely with my dark blonde hair. Certainly would get me into just about any BDSM dungeon facility without having to pay the cover. I can live with that since in an SS uniform I’d obviously be holding the whip. But I digress.

I’m just saying that if we actually have any conservative crazies out there that maybe you should make yourself known. Blow yourself up or something. We need to show the lefties that we can be just as crazy as they are. Am I right?


Jeff Sessions has to Go


I really hate writing this piece. I like Jeff Sessions. Jeff Sessions was instrumental in helping us get our president elected. I have a lot of admiration for him as a Christian and as a conservative and as a human being. We need more people like Jeff Sessions in our world. But Jeff Sessions has to go.

Jeff dug his own hole on this one. The act of recusing himself from the Trump Russia probe in and of itself means he must be replaced and replaced with someone who is very aggressive and won’t recuse himself. I do not believe Sessions recused himself to hurt the president on the contrary I believe his intentions were to take the heat off the President and I think most people believe that as well but by doing so he insured that Mueller along with his Hillary/Obama lawyer conspirators could run roughshod over the presidency.  You roll the dice and you win or lose. Jeff rolled and lost.

Sessions also seems very reluctant to go after anyone associated with the Obama regime including Hillary Clinton. These people need to see justice for what they have done as all Americans would if they were accused of treason and sedition. Additionally going after the previous administration would take a lot of heat off of Trump. So again as an employee of the President his job performance is wanting.

Jeff Sessions has done some good though. Going after pedophiles with a vengeance is exactly what this country and this world needs. That being said, it hardly makes up for the recusion or failure to go after potential criminals in the government or past governments.

So with a heavy heart we must bit farewell Jeff. Yes we like you. Yes we hope you continue to support the revolution. But it is time for someone else to take command of the justice Department.

No hard feelings.