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TNN is moving to over the next couple of months. Our page is already set up and posting. You do not need a cell phone or give up your cell phone to join the platform. Once you have joined you can find our page here:

Many of you have shared your displeasure with Google+ and more importantly the management at Google which has proven itself to have a leftist agenda. TNN will close its Google+ page in a couple of months when I am convinced that the majority of the followers who want to move had.

This message will be posted once a week until the end is near.


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So who else is on http://www.minds? Blaire White, Paul Joseph Watson, Stefan Molyneux, and Sargon of Akkar to name a few.


Fair & Balanced? Not Even Close!


If you thought FOX News represented conservatism you might be a liberal. You’d have to be a liberal to believe that nonsense. The truth is FOX News represents conservatives and our viewpoints about as good as the Commie News Network (CNN) does. If the fact that the owners of FOX support open boarders hasn’t convinced you that FOX doesn’t support conservative values maybe what happened to yesterday will.

I don’t watch a lot of television news anymore in fact I hardly ever do. If I want to be entertained there are hundreds of better choices than sitting through a half hour or an hour of propaganda. We all know they are full of shit and have their own political agendas.

But yesterday it was cold and raining outside and I was bored with the internet so while I was making dinner I thought I’d see what was on the TV news and since most of television news repulses me I though perhaps I could stand to watch the evening news on FOX. That was a mistake.

The first (and only) story I watch is people and various others protesting Trumps executive orders on immigration. After several minutes of watching this garbage all I could think of was “where’s the balance.” Where is the other side of this story FOX? It didn’t come and it was obvious from the camera angles that they were trying to make these protests look bigger than they actually were. Surprise surprise.

Then there were protesters in … OMG Israel. The thing was I never saw any more than 20 people in the frame and I’m not so sure how 20 people protesting in Israel is relevant or even news. Not a word about the Black on White crime wave going on across the country. So I flipped the channel over to CNN out of curiosity and guess what … the exact same footage of Israeli protesters I just saw on FOX. Where is the integrity gone in these news organizations?

The truth is FOX is no better than any of the rest of them and they are all shit.

Like most other nights I won’t be watching TV news tonight. I’d rather watch another episode of Family Guy for the 20th time.


Scientific Evidence in Historical Crime


Courts across America have come to rely on scientific evidence in determining the guilt of innocence of a person. These courts have come to rely on scientific evidence because photos, video and eyewitness testimony are all subjective and unreliable. In fact without any real scientific evidence of a crime it is very difficult to get anyone convicted of a major crime because we assume if there is no such evidence no crime could have been committed. The citizens have clearly embraced this approach to justice as juries time and time again fail to convict when scientific evidence of some kind is not produced. This makes sense because it is near impossible to commit a crime without leaving some type of scientific evidence behind. Anthropologists study past humankind and they make most determinations about mankind based on scientific evidence. Given this evidence we can assume that the truth of a crime or even a people past or present is most likely to be found in science.

What if someone was condemned of a major crime and there was no scientific evidence to support that conviction? Murder for example. Would it be worth sending someone to a life term in prison or to the electric chair without any scientific evidence to support the claim that the accused was actually the criminal? How many cases have been overturned in which scientific evidence proved the innocence of the accused even after eye witness claimed the person was guilty?

What if I told you an entire people somewhere in the history of humankind had been convicted by historians for crimes and ideals they never actually committed or subscribed to? And what if I told you there was no scientific evidence to back up that claim? What if there was more? What if in fact the scientific evidence suggested that these people were not guilty of the crimes that history accused them of?

It could be anyone really. Genghis Khan. Alexander the Great. Both of these men were ruthless butchers of people who enslaved humans everywhere they went a conquering. The only real difference between Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan is ….. well it’s in the name now isn’t it. One is a villain and the other is “the Great” and they both did more or less the same thing. What people are not, at some point in their history, guilty and innocent and how can we tell the difference?

This is why constantly revising history is so critically important. History does not remain the same at least it doesn’t for humans. In the world of people history evolves every bit as much as the present as new scientific discoveries get us closer to whatever truth there is for us to know. In the Nuremberg trails evidence was presented that supported the claim that Germans had used the bodies of Jews to make soap and lamp shades and people were convicted for crimes based largely on that “evidence.” It took decades afterward before the technology existed to determine that there was no human DNA in the soap and the lampshades were made from sheep.

The point of all this is that when it comes to revising history there are those who encourage such research and those who do not. Only one reason for not revising history makes sense, that there is some truth those who oppose revision don’t want you to know.


Ya Vol Mein Fuhrer Trump


Many on the left (and a handful of scumbags on the right) have made that claim that President Trump and his rise to power starkly resemble that of Adolf Hitler. Most sane people laugh this off but what might surprise you is that they are not wrong.

Adolf Hitler was a very populist candidate when he ran for Chancellor of Germany and well liked among the people. Economic times were not good for Germans at the time and Germany was being infiltrated by Communists much like America is being infiltrated by socialists and communists and to a lessor extent gypsies who were committing all kinds of crimes like illegals sometimes do in America. There is no doubt that there are some similarities here. Unfortunately they may not end here either.

There is somewhat of a consensus especially on the left, that the United States is too powerful a nation especially in relation to other nations around the globe. It should also be noted that the rest of the world has been looting these United States for decades. Socialism would not be possible in Europe if America wasn’t supplying their protection. American tax payers are literally subsidizing their socialism. Money that should be going for their own defense goes for lavish pensions, short work weeks, and extended maturity leave, while Americans bust their arses.

And what about all our corporations shipping your jobs overseas? Foreign countries have gotten fat off Americas wealth, resources, and innovations. Do you think they are going to want to give up on that so easily? Are the open boarders globalists going to give up on sharing Americas wealth with everyone effectively turning Americans into the planets slaves and each year having less to show for it.

Winston Churchill once stated that Germanys biggest crime was not letting the world profit off her under Adolf Hitler and that seems to be the most likely reason both England and France both declared war on Germany after Germany (some might say justly so) invaded an aggressive neighboring country that wasn’t even 50 years old. The theory or perhaps the excuse promoted by the English and the French to go to war was “balance of power” theory.  There is no stronger country than the United States at this time and in Hitlers time there was no stronger country than Germany in Europe.

So what we have here is history repeating itself with a large country that others have taken advantage of for a very long time, deciding it won’t be taken advantage of anymore. A country rediscovering its roots and that is wildly out of proportion militarily with the rest of the world. If history repeats itself other nations of the world will form alliances and try to destroy America.

I’m certainly not saying this outcome is inevitable it isn’t. But perhaps that is the thinking among some intellectuals and perhaps this is why they are so eager to placate our opponents. After all every friend that America has is leeching off of our wealth. Would they still be our friends if they couldn’t anymore? Are you sure?

I confident that history will in fact not repeat itself as it has so many times in the past, but will instead be paved in a new direction buy Americas new President. Donald Trump knows how to get what he wants from Americas “system” and the systems of several other countries he does business with including …. yes China. And unlike Adolf Hitler, Trump is more likely to strike back at Americas enemies quickly and decisively before a situation turns into an Isis. Had Hitler not hesitated he would have easily conquered all of Western Europe but he made the mistake of wanting peace while others wanted only war. I don’t think Trump is that guy. I think if you screw Trump he doesn’t forget that no matter who you think you are.

It is, with a little glance back into time, reasonable to compare Trumps rise to the rise of Adolf Hitler. You could make the very same case for any candidate in any election who surprised the press and the political pundits. And if you do not understand the man who currently resides in the White House then it is reasonable for you to believe that Trumps election could spell the end of the U.S. and perhaps all of Western Civilization. If you don’t know the man.

But if you don’t know President Donald Trump then that is on you. The man has been staring back at you from your television set for decades. He’s been on the cover of every newspaper and magazine since long before he ran for president. If you don’t know President Trump it can only be because you made a real effort to ignore him. So what place do you have in judging the man?

Yeah you can make a comparison with Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler but just remember that when you do you come off as a complete idiot to anyone else who has been paying even a little bit of attention to the last several decades.


What Happens When CNN Lies?


Have you noticed that CNN has been caught falsifying several stories lately? Well this isn’t the first time CNN has been a little shady with the truth and given their track record it’s a pretty good bet that they will continue to create their narrative instead of reporting. They aren’t alone. There isn’t a single television news source that hasn’t been caught at least once fudging the truth and some like MSNBC are actually little more than political action committees disguised as the press. They all really do seem to be in cahoots. The internet with its gaggle of wanna be investigative reporters isn’t much better either. It’s all bullshit and you have to sift through it all just to get a glimmer of what the truth might be and you’ll have to base that on your own judgement not anyone elses.

But when a big news organization like CNN is dishonest with its viewers, when their “news” is slanted to one side or the other, they do much more than disappoint their sentient viewers they destroy the truth.

Where do you think everyone else is getting their news from?

Much of what we see as news each day is gathered from only a handful of sources and just repeated or quoted. The author writes a flowery or doomsday explanation of what is going on and then quotes his single source in a sentence or so and we are to believe the author because he/she read someone elses report. And everyone does it. They are also all looking for the same thing. Something exciting that will draw people to their channel or web site. That’s what you’ve shown them over and over again you want. Obviously if CNN is reporting a juicy story confirmation is unnecessary right? They are CNN World for Pete’s sake.

When a CNN or an NBC or a FOX tells a lie or even a half truth it gets picked up by thousands instantly to be shared in other TV news sources, newspapers, and online and by the time anyone figures out that the story is complete bullshit it is much too late. If something CNN or any of the others present today is exposed as a hoax or dishonest tomorrow, six months from now a large percentage of the population will swear it is the truth and show you all kinds of references from print media to videos. All of them parroting the original false narrative joined by the conspiracy theorists some of whom are a bit unhinged.

Do you understand what I’m saying here? Their lies become what people believe to be the truth. They downplay their “corrections” as much as they possibly can in the hopes that their timing ensures you’re taking a leak. Think about how harmful this practice has the potential to be.You think CNN and MSNBC don’t know this? What some guy who plays video games all day long is smarter than the executives at CNN? I don’t think so. They know exactly what they are doing and you’re not getting any lube.

People talk about fighting for all kinds of things but few ever talk about fighting for the truth. You know what? I think people are a lot smarter than people give them credit for. I think given the right tools nearly anyone can make the right choices. People make bad choices because of lies. When lies are all you’re ever really exposed to, how can anyone expect you to do the right thing? Look at Europeans. Their press regularly lie to them to promote a leftist agenda that is destroying their culture and heritage in the name of cultural diversity.

What CNN does and what others in that industry do is turn lies into truth. It’s easy. Tell the truth most of the time and play yourself up as a big deal and slip that strategic lie in there that will eventually take root true or not.

And they will keep on getting away with it because we all like watching a train wreck even if it’s staged.


Women: Your Pussy is What You Are!


Let’s get real. A woman is what is between her legs. If you’re a fan of science you know that womens pussies are why they exist in the first place. It isn’t rocket science. Every species most basest reason for survival is to survive and the key to survival is procreation. Lots of procreation. Lack of procreation can cause cultural and national destruction as we can plainly see occurring in Europe as women use their pussies for manipulation instead of procreation. If you need reminding about what you are ladies, just ask post menopausal women if they are happier not bleeding out every month. The honest ones will tell you they are not.

You are not your tits.

Few men have any idea how obsessed with tits women really are. I would go so far as to say that women in fact think more about tits than men do. They are constantly comparing their own tits to the tits of other women and very few women are actually 100% happy with their tits not even the ones in low cut blouses. I’d just thought I’d throw this out there because I know somewhere some woman who has had some man spend 10K on her tits is going to try to  claim that she is her tits more than she is her pussy. Trust me sister you can have an A cup and every man in the world is still going to want to bang your head on his beds headboard. Remember Lindsey Wagner the 6 million Dollar Woman? The girl had misquote bites and there wasn’t a man alive who didn’t want her.


It is a womans pussy that guards her womanhood and no dressed up fairy can replace that. Oh there are those constructed women who want the world to believe they are women but everyone knows it can never be true. They are assorted variations of trannys but they can never be women. Hormone therapy, breast, implants and makeup can only at best make an appearance of a woman but to be born a real honest to goodness woman you must be born a woman and nothing says woman stronger than a womans pussy the one part of her that can’t be easily replaced.

You might be thinking that this “man” is trying to make the case that a womans pussy is all she is. This assessment would be unquestionably true that is exactly what I am saying. Everything you have and everything you are generates from your pussy. You parents were easier on you than your brothers because you have a pussy. Every door that is opened for you, every drink that someone else pays for every date you’ve ever been on and all the free stuff you’ve gotten and traffic tickets you’ve avoided has all been because of your pussy. All of it. It is the sole reason people are nice to you. In fact men have a saying about if women didn’t have pussies there would be a bounty on them.

So why would you mistreat your pussy?

Modern women do tend to mistreat the source of all they are. The first most obvious way women mistreat their pussies is by exercising their “sexual freedom” by sleeping around. First, your pussy is like a rubber band. Sure it will snap back a few times but you sure can wear it out. After a while of sleeping around and the occasional “omg it’s huge” you won’t even be able to enjoy an average mans penis anymore and risk hooking up with a less desirable man ( a couple of notches below your rung on the economic ladder) just so you can feel something down there. Much worse than that is you are cheapening your treasure. How much of a treasure can you be if all the boys at the playground know you? I’ve seen women before out on a date with a new guy they are all hot for only to realize that it will be their last day when one of the guys she screwed six months ago approaches her in front of her date and now her date  thinks she’s a major slut.


And then we have how women refer to their pussies. Cunts. Yes that’s right women seem to increasingly refer to their pussies as cunts. In fact you find a lot of expressions women now increasing use to refer to their pussies, that were once only the gutter room “who da man” sword fight you’d find in a football locker room. Oh and by the way guys you still can’t call a woman a cunt but you might get away with referring to her pussy as one.


A pussy should be mysterious because it is mysterious. It gives pleasure and life. It is both the source of all evil and the source of all goodness. As a treasure it should be treasured not treated like the drive through window of a Jack in the Box. Your ability to have all the benefits that having a pussy should bring you is in direct relationship to how you treat your pussy. Be good to your pussy. It is the source of all your power.


Totalitarians – The True Label of the DNC


I think it is time we stopped calling Democrats and their supporters liberals. I think we need to stop calling them progressives or progressive liberals or liberal progressives. Isn’t it about time we called them what they truly are dictated by their behavior? That’s what I think but I’ll let you be the judge. Let me make a case for why we should be calling these people “totalitarians” as opposed to the flowery sounding labels they like to dress themselves up with and then you can make your own decision.

First of all to be totalitarians you have to pretty much be willing to use violence to impose your will upon others. Clearly this is not a problem for the left. Since the “Occupy” movement leftists have been getting away with violent acts on property and persons with little or no recourse. The few ever arrested and prosecuted with any reasonable amount of punishment is minuscule compared to the numbers who have committed prison offenses in the name of protest. I was not aware the The Constitution of the United States of America’s intent was ever to tolerate damage to private property and the inflicting of harm to others as cornerstone of what it means to protest in the name of freedom of expression. Freedom of expression should never be at the expense of others. These are violent acts of sedition and yet the leftist media and the Democrats portray these acts as patriotic and coverup and divert attention away from what these people do.

Speaking about the news media, in general there is a frightening consensus between these 5 or 6 corporations  who own them about what should be made news and what should not be made news. For example every major American news source (yes including FOX News) is in favor of a global open doors policy and especially an open doors policy for the United States. For decades the mainstream media has been promoting the idea that the United States must become a Spanish speaking, and Hispanic populace lead nation. Since even I was a teen. Hardly the spirit of freedom of the press envisioned by the founding fathers. But totalitarians believe in one source of information the state, and the leftist media is always compliant with the state as long as it is run by leftists and the moment it is not they suddenly turn into investigative journalists …. or flat out lie to their audiences who, if they be totalitarians eat from the masters plate like Pavlovian dogs when a bell is rung with no interest in questioning where the food came from, what is in it, and how it got on the plate.

And finally we come to the Democrat politicians themselves. Still using insider trading and foreign donors with questionable motives to enrich themselves, these parasites on the backs of the taxpayers of main street, stand before the nation spewing lies as if they are geysers at Yosemite. Instead of leading their constituents into constructive discussion and debate with their fellow Americans whose opinions might differ, they have clearly taken the low road in trying to delegitimize a government they can no longer control as they remain silent about the violent behavior of their supporters.

So what are the cornerstones of totalitarianism? Violence, intimidation, information and opinion control, and corrupt greedy and ambitious politicians. Now to be fair there are also plenty of greedy and corrupt politicians on the right but those politicians are not inciting riot. They are not accusing their opponents of racist, sexism, homophobia, or any of the other low road soliloquies constantly spewing from the pie holes of the leftist media and political class.

And what about the right? What properties and persons have they harmed during the election season? Where has the right tried to silence political discourse? If even FOX News is not a true right wing news media source then where oh where in the mainstream media is a news source that supports conservatives with the vigor of a CNN or CNBC? There certainly is not one on the television set and when one emerges on the internet like a Beitbart or Gateway Pundit the entire mainstream media and totalitarian community comes together to make every attempt to stifle decent. Conservative friendly information networks are mostly restricted to the radio. The AM bad and scratchy reception radio.

So let’s start calling a man a man and a woman a woman and leftists what they truly are instead of allowing them to call themselves rainbow unicorns. They are not rainbow unicorns the are seditious totalitarians. Nothing more and nothing less.