Dear Ted Cruz


It’s time to withdraw your candidacy Ted. Enough is enough already. There are several reasons why you should quit not to mention the one about you NOT being a natural born citizen. You claim to be a champion of the Constitution and yet you piss all over it by using legalese to cover your tracks but that won’t fool anyone in November.

The truth is you can’t win. Your candidacy is weakening the Republican Party and the only thing you can possibly accomplish now is ensuring that the Democrats will win in November which is the exact same excuse you are using to try to steal delegates. You might be fooling the hard warmongering right but they can’t win you the presidential election. At best (and this is a very long shot) you might win a brokered convention but that would only expose the GOP as the most corrupt party in the republic.

You claim to have conservative values? I don’t see any conservative values in lying or cheating. I don’t see conservative values in trying to steal the nomination from the front runner or win by the back door. Conservative values are honesty, ethics and fair play.

It’s time to stop the bullshit Ted. It is time for you and John and the rest of the GOP to get behind your partys new leader and work to make sure that Trump wins in November instead of chasing your own narcissism. It’s over. You’re done. The fat lady has sung her song. Get used to it and try growing up a little. You are risking your career here by continuing this farce.

There is no scenario  in which you come out on top if you continue fighting the will of the people. Put on your big boy pants and say goodbye Ted.


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