Maybe Milo Yiannopoulos is Right?


When I was 22 years old I used to spend every possible moment at the Ft. Lauderdale strip. Some of you might know this location from the movie “Where the Boys Are” and some of you might have spent your college spring break vacations at the Strip. There was a time when the Strip was a meat factory. Sure guys would back their cars into parking spaces along the beach and pop their hoods open to show off their painted and decorated engines but the whole point of being there whether you were a guy or a gal was to get laid. And back in the early 80’s everyone was getting laid.

One of these times I met a smoking hot chick I’ll call Wendy (not her real name). Wendy could have easily passed for a 25 year old. She could have been a model and she had a smoking hot body. The night I met her on the Strip she told me she was 21 which sounded a little suspicious to me and after a while of making out and her holding my penis while I had to take a leak (her suggestion) she finally confessed that she was only 17. Meh 17 wasn’t much younger than me and she was every bit of a 10 so I didn’t think much about it.

We dated for 3 months. I met her mother and her other siblings and every weekend she’d stay with me in my apartment or where ever I was going on the weekend. I few times I stayed at her mothers house in her room and only a complete idiot wouldn’t have guessed that when I did I was banging her head on the headboard. Wendy was a sexual freak which was fine by me but I have to say I was a bit shocked when she asked me to run around the block after I showered because she preferred men that stank a bit. Who was I to argue she was so hot I would have run around the block 10 times. She had a neighbor girl who wanted me to talk her into doing a 3 way with her because she wanted to go down on her but Wendy was a cock girl and wasn’t into fish even if she didn’t have to reciprocate.

After about 3 months Wendy was having her birthday and her mom invited me over for the party. Finally she would turn 18 and I was out of the woods. By then I was head over heals for her. We meshed on every level and I was becoming part of the family. So I walked over to the kitchen table with her so she could blow out the candles and I look down at the cake and it says Happy 14th Birthday Wendy. I just stood there with my mouth open. A fart would have knocked me to the ground. For 3 months I had been dating and banging like there was no tomorrow a 13 year old girl.

Now I was totally screwed. I felt like a prisoner. I couldn’t very well dump her on the spot. What if she got mad and turned me in. I’d be going to jail and my entire life would be ruined. Our relationship began to erode after that and when I found out she had been screwing some 30 something year old cab driver behind my back (I guess he was stinkier than I was) I had my out and exited stage left.


Many years later when I was 41 and working as a broker/trader at a foreign currency investment firm the firm hired an 18 year old young lady. This girl was smoking and had big firm tits the size of my head. From the moment she started at the firm she started flirting with me. I wasn’t there for her. In fact I had no interest in women at all at the time. She was no dummy either. She was an International Baccalaureate student at a very well known university in my area so she was as intelligent as they come. This blatant flirting went on for 2 months and at first I was pretty angry about it and several times I yelled at her to leave me the fuck alone I was working and needed to concentrate on my job not some skirt.

After 2 months of this I started coming around. She was an adult and a smart one at that and here I had this beautiful woman literally throwing herself at me and I was blowing her off? WTF was I a homo or something. So I finally broke down and one day after work we went out for ice cream but the ice cream store was closed so instead we went to the beach and … well you know what happened. Not long after that we got an apartment together and for the next 6 months we were absolutely inseparable. Until I found out she had propositioned a friend of mine and his girlfriend for a 3 some (yeah I had a few of them with her) behind my back and then I moved her the fuck out.

While we were living together we ran into some of her old school mates who treated her like she had the plague. I didn’t really understand this until one of them took me aside when she went to the bathroom and informed me that my girlfriend had slept around with more than one of the teachers in her school when she was in high school and at least one of them had his life ruined because of that experience. Was she an innocent victim of an older man? Not hardly.

If this is how relatively straight girls act at ages we consider them to still be children it might make sense that gay boys might also follow suit and do the same to older men they are attracted to. So is Milo wrong? He certainly doesn’t consider himself a victim of the priest who he first started seeing when he was a minor and ended up having a 10 year relationship with.

It has only been a few decades that we have even had this idea that people who have gone through puberty are still children until they reach the age of 18. Actually even when they have turned 18 we still treat them like children until they turn 21 and we finally allow them to legally drink. But they can get themselves killed on the battlefield at 17. Does this make any sense to anyone? There was a time when teenagers were the monarchs of their countries.

To be honest I don’t know what the right answer here is but I do think we need to have an honest discussion about the issue. To try to make the claim that a sexually active 14 year old should be playing with Barbies and G.I. Joes is just ridiculous. Do they know what is good for them? Christ I’m not even sure I know what is good for me. Some of your mothers or grandmothers started having their own families at ages that would today get their husbands put in jail. And we wonder why our 20 something year olds act like children today on college campuses across America.

Regardless I have heard what Milo has said and I don’t have a problem with any of it. Yes there are teens who can be sexual predators or just prefer to company of older people when it comes to dating and/or sex. No Milo wasn’t a victim. Yes many adults prey on young children. Yiannopoulos has said all of these things and my own experiences tells me that he is correct. So should we burn him at the stake because he’s a faggot?

What if a pretty woman had made the same comments?

So you’ll just have to pardon me if #istandwithmilo

Or get your pitchforks and torches. But in my own personal opinion this is a topic that deserves a lot more debate and a lot less burning at the stake.




The Law Enforcement Trap


Donald Trump has said throughout his campaign and has repeated  as president, that he wants to be a president that enforces the law. Many of his supporters are, at least at this point, cheering him on for saying so. Who can blame them. There is so much lawlessness in the United States right now that it boggles the mind. Illegal aliens, violent leftists, inner city Blacks, and the list goes on and on.

The problem is he really can’t go around enforcing every law in the books. America has too many laws to begin with. Every year thousands of new laws are enacted across the country many of which are unconstitutional and/or violate the spirit and the intent of our founding fathers. We have so many laws now that it has been said that every single “law abiding” citizen violates at least one of these laws every single day. That is right you self righteous pricks you’re a criminal whether you believe it or not.

The police themselves (I refuse to call them “law enforcement” because that is not their role in the legal system) picks and chooses which laws they will administer at any given time. They have to do this or they’d be arresting every citizen they stumbled upon which would lead to a very dangerous situation as all the cops would be at the station filling out paperwork all the time.

There is a trap that the leftists are setting for our new president and it has to do with marijuana. Trump is right when he wants to harshly deal with first tier drugs like cocaine or heroine or meth but if he gets aggressive with marijuana he’s going to step right into the trap they are setting for him.

It is pretty common knowledge that marijuana is a pretty harmless plant that has many benefits besides just getting high. Certainly it is far less dangerous than either alcohol or tobacco and a lot less addictive. Forget about California or Colorado you need look no further than your next door neighbors. Almost every conservative I personally know smokes pot at least occasionally.  Not to mention that I have smoked pot with several police officers during my time on this flying blue ball. In fact a Florida Broward County Judge who was involved in the Anna Nicole Smith case a few years ago got caught smoking pot in a park on his lunch break. The point is millions of Americans smoke pot and live wonderful lives.


There is also the question of why marijuana was demonized in the first place. Remember the movie “Reefer Madness?” If you have never seen it get some weed and watch it and you’ll be laughing your arse off. Marijuana was demonized because hemp was threatening the wood and plastics industries. Thanks big business.

If Trump makes the mistake of going after marijuana he is going to alienate a very large portion of his base and the left is all to aware of this and that is why they are pressing him on it. He may even lose a large enough portion of his base to loose the next election. Trump wants to be one of the great presidents and this is not the path to that end. His best move would be to downgrade marijuana’s standing as a “drug” to the levels of cigarettes and alcohol and leave it up to the states as to how to handle it. But of course lobbyists from the alcohol industry and police unions will fight tooth and nail to stop any such attempt for the same reason marijuana was demonized in the first place.

Leftists will try to make marijuana Trump Achilles heel and force him to enforce federal laws because they know very well how damaging this can be to him. My advice to him would be that if he can’t see himself changing federal laws then he should simply do what police officers usually do and that is simply ignore it. The legacy and political career he would save would be his own.




Dear Trump Haters: You’re Going to Die


There is a limit to what people will take. We saw this in post WWI Germany. The same kind of artistic scum who revels in the acts of sexual perversions took over much of Germany and especially Berlin. Artists from all over Europe turned Berlin into  the Sodom and Gomorrah of Europe with prostitution, pedophilia, bestiality, BDSM and other perversions completely consuming the city. What few people seem to know these days is that the books we see in pictures being burned by the DAP were in fact pornography. Communists fresh from the Russian revolution were forming groups all over Germany bringing their filthy totalitarianism and oppression with them disguised as a progressive Utopia. Government officials worked against the will and the good of the people and then one day the silent majority was silent no more.

Is this what you really want? Because you are setting the groundwork for history to repeat itself with a vengeance. Conservatives may be as slow to act as the German people were but like the Germans there is only so much they are going to take. And unlike you progressive liberal lunatics we didn’t just now start purchasing firearms. We’ve had them for years and are well versed in using them. Many of us have many more than we could ever use so you can be sure we’ll be passing them out to our less armed friends when or if the time comes.

And you traitors in government and especially in the spy agencies don’t be so foolish as to believe that the military will back you. They won’t and most of them voted for the president and see him rightly as our commander in chief. A very large majority of the people who are now in our nations citizen militias served in the military themselves and know all the tactics  and are more than willing to fight and die for these United States. Those little snowflakes and agitators filling our city streets with their violence and treason aren’t going to survive for a New York second against men and women like these.

It is time for you to stop before it is too late. Not only are you risking your own lives but your risking your country and quite possibly the world. Because once Americas patriotic base decides they have had enough they aren’t going to stop and it will be a blood bath like the world hasn’t seen since our last civil war. Are you willing to destroy the world? This is the real question you need to ask yourself.

From the bottom of my heart I am begging you to get over your butt hurt feelings, get a grip on yourselves and do what is right not what “feels” right. You are in for a very rude awakening if you do not stop very soon. We are armed. We are every bit as dangerous as you think we are and you are poking a sleeping lion. A lion that once awoken is gonna tear everything up in site.

I Am A Proud NAZI!


Remember when crooked Hillary Clinton called Trump supporters “deplorables?” A more despicable comment I have never heard from an American politician. Do you remember how people reacted? Of course you do in fact we Trump supports who are now supporters of The President of the United States of America are still using the term to describe ourselves and we do so with gleaming pride. By doing so not only did we not crawl into the corner like whipped dogs but we empowered ourselves and it actually strengthened our movement and brought more people on board the trump train. The result was that even with a plethora of voter fraud Hillary was unable to beat the Donald.

Haven’t we learned anything from this experience?

Now these serpent progressive liberal scum are calling us White Nationalists and Nazis doing their best to shame us into silence. How do our people respond?? “No we aren’t.” If we had said that when Clinton called us deplorables she’d probably be in the White House right now.

I know this might sound a little messed up but the only way we are going to stop this crap from growing like weeds in your garden is to actually embrace these terms. I’m serious! I often get into, well I want to call them debates but that isn’t what they are they are pissing contests with liberals online who sometimes refer to me as a racist. I have found through a few years of experiencing this that if I say “you’re God dam right I’m a racist”, that it completely disarms them. This makes sense when you think about it. Where ya gonna go now snowflake?

See these people call you these kinds of names because they know it isn’t true and they are trying to hurt your feelings. Hurting you empowers them and by letting them get away with calling us these names we are only making them stronger. Oh what you think logical discourse will eventually get through to them? Don’t kid yourself. Rational discourse is playing to the choir. You have to fight fire with fire.

As for our Black, Hispanic and Asian friends (and everyone else who isn’t White) we need you to back us up on this. If you hear some schmuck calling Trump supporters Nazis or White Nationalists look them right in the eye and say “I am a proud Nazi/White Nationalist.” Where they gonna go? Nowhere that’s where.


What is it like to run The Trump News Network?


lion-logoFirst I’d like to welcome our friends from who are new to our little circle of deplorables.


Ever wonder what it is like to run TNN? Some of our followers actually think there is a staff and we get paid by someone. The truth is it’s a one man show and no one is paying me anything and yet we’ve managed to become the largest page/group of our kind on Google+ and we grow by about 20 new followers every day.

So let’s being on how may day starts shall we.

I try to begin each day with a space weather report from Suspiciousobservers . This is a very credible YouTube account and it is a good learning experience for those of you who aren’t rocket scientists. After that I have at least 30 online periodicals I review each day looking for stories that are interesting and unlikely to be reported by the dirty mainstream media. I have to do a lot of reading to filter out what I believe to be relevant and accurate and though some have complained about the volume of things I post these are but a small percentage of what I actually have either reviewed or read.

After checking the news sites online it is over to YouTube to see if any of my favorite YouTubers are posting anything I like for the page. Just like when I review the online periodicals I don’t always post everything I watch on YouTube for one reason or another but the percentages I do post are much higher from YouTube because over the years I have acquired several YouTube personalities that I have come to trust.

I’m also always looking for more sources of information so that takes up a bit of my daily time as well.

Next comes comment review. Every time I do this it takes about an hour so I only do this twice a day now (we get tons of comments). Approving comments with a thumbs up, responding to some of them and kicking people out of the group who comments or behaviors piss me the fuck off not to mention approving new members and reviewing some of the information sent to me by followers some of which I post on the page.

Then it is off to Google image search looking for art and memes that express ideas or concerns relative to conservatism, America, world events, our enemies, etc. I also seek out a bit of entertainment here and there just to keep the page from being stale and some of those more entertaining posts are why people come to the page in the first place. And of course every once in a while I write Op-eds for the page.

Sometimes this process repeats itself several times a day on a busy news day but this is basically what I do each day.  Often I get very little if any sleep at all.

Now bear in mind I have created this monster so there is no one else to blame but myself so I’m not complaining. But this is what it takes to create a successful site and I thought some of you might be a little curious as to the process. So there you have it. Thanks for riding along.


The Truth About Fake News


As everyone is aware of there has been a lot of talk about fake news. This idea was originally pushed by the mainstream media though they would likely never admit to it. For years now that mainstream media has been steadily loosing ground to citizen journalists and alternative news sources who have quite frankly been doing a much better job at investigative journalism and the reporting of facts. For the sake of argument we’ll call these unconventional sources of information the alt media since just about everything that doesn’t tow the progressive politically correct line has been assigned that moniker.

As we have seen time and time again from every single news source, the extremely opinionated mainstream media has been brazenly pushing the globalist agenda. There is very little deviation from this narrative as just about all of the MSM is owned by only 5 or 6 corporations which are, and you’ll probably find this difficult to accept, run by Jews and like several Hollywood actors some of these Jews have changed their names just like the Hollywood actors in an attempt to cover up their Jewry.

Why is the fact that the mainstream media is controlled by Jews important. Well first this has been the case for over 100 years that Jews who only make up a bit more than 2% of the population, have been in control of Americas major media sources. Second, and this may come as a surprise to some even though it is well documented, the Russian communist revolution was a Jewish revolution and even today there are communes in Israel. Even President Putin of Russia admitted that most of the top command and officers in the early days of Soviet Russia were in fact Jews including the commanders of Russian Gulags.

To understand why Jews push for socialism/communism one has to be familiar with something called the Talmud. Most modern Jews do not follow to Torah or as most Christians understand it as the Old Testament but instead follow the encyclopedia sized Talmud. The Talmud has nothing to do with God and is often referred to as the oral tradition which is basically ideas put forth by Rabbis.

Within the Talmud are passages which would be shocking and appalling to most people. The Mother Mary is described as a whore and Jesus Christ is said to be boiling in feces in hell. It also states that Jews cannot be convicted of most crimes like murder and rape against non Jews, even the rapes of children. In fact the Talmud considers all non Jews to be no better than animals and this “encyclopedia” states in no uncertain terms that non Jews are beasts of burden and are expected to toil and serve their Jewish masters. I worked construction for a bit less than 10 years in my youth and in all that time I only ever met one Jew who worked in the trades and he was the black sheep of his family. You won’t find many Jews involved in manual labor. They believe they are too good for such work and such work is to be done by the goyim.

In a very twisted way they see themselves as the rightful rulers of mankind (the chosen people) and part of the way they control the goyim (non Jews) is through the media. That control is slipping through their fingers as the alt media continues to grow beyond their control. No longer does the populace blindly accept the propaganda being served to them by these half dozen corporations.

The term “fake news” is being used as an excuse to destroy Americas first amendment just as freedom of speech and expression has been destroyed in Europe. To control the people you must control their minds which explains why most Europeans have failed to recognize that their nations are being invaded and conquered and their culture and racial identity will disappear within a few short decades. By the time most Western European nations realize this it will be much too late assuming it isn’t too late already. France has already lost control of its country and Germany isn’t far behind.

If you get involved in a debate with progressive liberals online (I do this often) you will discover very quickly that they will call any evidence presented to them that is contrary to their leftist indoctrination as “fake news.” This is the key to why this term was pushed. You can’t turn these people around or convince them or even get them to listen to you because …. fake news. This solidifies their victim base ensuring their devotion to the “cause.” Promise these victims utopia if only their dogma was the dominate one and you can probably see where this is going without having it spoon fed to you.

Fortunately this push has only had limited success in America because of Donald Trump who has at least to some extent turned the tables on the phrase. Because of that we are now looking at internet social media sites (the largest of which are also run by Jews) to start censoring the content of their users and none are more guilty of this than Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google. Over the last several weeks I have noticed a plethora of videos and accounts disappearing on YouTube because of political and social content that isn’t politically correct and this is getting worse with every passing day.

We are rapidly approaching a time that mirrors George Orwell’s prose and too many people are either failing to recognize this or failing to act to stop it. This is the slippery slope of totalitarianism and you should be very afraid. You should be so afraid that you become a constitutional activist.

Silence only encourages the tormentor.



The Evil in American Intelligence Agencies


You might have the misguided belief that the American people govern our great nation but nothing could be further from the truth. There is something in America coined “America’s permanent government” that represents appointed not elected  government bureaucrats and of course about 16 so called intelligence agencies. These people really don’t give a dam who you voted for and have for decades gotten away with doing anything they dam well please often with horrific results. People like to blame George W. Bush for 9/11, Iraq and Afghanistan but the truth is the responsibility  for all of these things and so much more falls right into the lap of these agencies. You don’t really believe that B.S. about a few guys with box cutters do you? If you do put your head back into the sand and stop reading. Americas “permanent government” is in fact Americas shadow government.

Donald Trump has exposed more pure evil in this country than InfoWars just by running for president. We have seen for ourselves how dirty and dishonest politicians on both sides of the fence truly are and it is astounding. Now because of his presidency we have discovered that the people we should be able to trust the most, namely our intelligence agencies, are the exact people we should trust the least.

It has now come to light that the intelligence agencies of these United States of America as well as Americas “permanent government” have been working around the clock to discredit Trumps presidency. They wouldn’t be exposing themselves so obviously if they didn’t have something to hide or maybe a lot of things to hide that they have been doing in the shadows and against the wishes of the people they are supposed to be serving. Whatever these things are must be pretty awful.

All of these people and groups are guilt of sedition at the very least.

So what can we the people do to help President Trump drain the swamp of these traitors? Not much really. Yeah we can wait around for a couple of years and vote some elected officials out of office like McCain and his band of RINO’s and a handful of Democrats but the problem is the people who aren’t elected.

They have exposed themselves and now it is our job to shame them and show zero confidence in them because that is exactly what they deserve. Well actually we used to shoot and hang people for treason and we should probably go back to that tradition. There are few incentives that are more effective than to know that if you leak information as a government official, or conspire against an elected president and get caught you’ll be facing the hangmen’s noose or a firing squad.

And just so you know, here’s a list of some of America’s intelligence agencies: