What Year is This?


I think I must be losing my mind. I could have sworn that when I woke up this morning it was the summer of 2016 but now I’m not so sure. It’s like I’m in some bizarre episode of The Twilight Zone. They say history repeats itself ….. maybe that is it. Maybe there is nothing strange going on here or maybe I have just managed to live long enough to hear the record play over.

How is it that after more than 50 years many Americans, especially young ones seem to be stuck in the 60’s? We’ve got all the same protesting for all the same reasons except this time around the protesting is phony.

Back in the 60’s we had a war that you had to go to whether you liked it or not and a lot of Americans who didn’t want to go and fight the Vietnamese came home in a box. Today the only people who come home in a box volunteered for that risk. Women burned their bars back in the 60’s to protest not being judged like men and today we have a few doing that but a lot more wishing they could be housewives or just answer someones phone. In the 60’s Blacks were an oppressed people and today we have Blacks trying to oppress Whites and drive America into communism after 50 years of affirmative action and almost 8 years of a Black president.

This is what makes these times seem so much like an episode of The Twilight Zone because we have all these similarities but nothing to support them. Perhaps we needed something to protest but there wasn’t anything to protest so we just made up a bunch of junk.

Or maybe it was just boredom.

Whatever the excuse the truth is people are being murdered and harassed and bullied over “issues” that simply do not exist or at least didn’t prior to 2008. A phony president presiding over a phony social construct that if left unchecked will become the reality. How much more of Black Lives Matter will Americans (and now Europeans) take before Whites start to display some real racism. It is pretty hard to look at the behavior of the BLM movement without believing that whoever it is you are (White, Hispanic, Asian etc) is superior to Blacks. You don’t see Asian people murdering cops or Hispanics burning down their neighborhoods do you?

And feminism? Are you kidding me? Check your privilege ladies. This topic doesn’t even justify a response.

And War? Americans are tired of War? Americans don’t go to War wtf are they tired of? Hearing about it? America has more people who want to fight people like Isis than it knows what to do with. The U.S. has had to kick people out of the armed services even officers. If you’re “tired of war” and not wearing a uniform stfu and sit down you clueless puke. You’re tired of hearing about war? I’m tired of hearing you period.

So what year is it? 1984 of course.


Debbie Wasserman Schultz Saves America!


Poor Bernie Sanders. Really? I don’t think so. In fact if Debbie Wasserman Schultz did anything she helped America dodge a bullet. No communist should ever EVER be allowed to get that close to the White House again. Sanders should have eaten a bullet long before he was robbed of the Democrat nomination for president. The man took his honeymoon in the former U.S.S.R. for Petes sake. Something horrible has happened to a large section of the American people that would cause them to support an enemy they defeated  just a few short years ago.

There is nothing about Bernie Sanders that remotely suggests that he would make an adequate president. Period. I shouldn’t have to give a big list (and it would be a big list) of reasons why. You should have enough gray matter between your ears to know why. You are not a child or some sheltered Judge who needs to hear evidence that proves that H2O and water are the same thing. This is what the people of America have allowed themselves to be reduced to. There is no more common sense. You are not like those who came before you, you are enlightened and must know the truth. Prove it.

I’m tired of hearing “prove it” over the tiniest details especially when the answer should be known through experience and common sense. My neighbor knows I spent years in which my sole transportation was a motorcycle in a place where severe tropical rainstorms are the norm (not to mention the hurricanes) and he just can’t understand why I’m a better mechanic on his motorcycles than the people with plaques and trophy’s and degrees and whatever other accolades they can pile on the clueless young man who suffered through hours upon hours of studying in which he learned to plug the computer into the motorcycle so he could find out what’s wrong with it.

The jury has rules and quite some time ago socialism and communism were ruled as unquestionably epic failures with the wonderful added frosting of force and violence by government that reminded each citizen of their role as the great unwashed serfs who toil for their masters. Systems in which wealth and power are concentrated in the smallest number of hands and the middle class gets negated to an annoying buzz and eventually disappears all together. Prove it. The mantra of the anti education class.

Regardless of how incredibly stupid a large percentage of Americans have become, as evidenced by the popularity of Bernie Sanders, Bernie Sanders could not be allowed to beat Hillary Clinton in the Democrat Primary. This was an extremely dangerous bullet we dodged and America, all of America owes Debbie Wasserman Schultz our gratitude. She has made the ultimate sacrifice  to protect America from a communist infestation that could have completely destroyed America within just a couple of election cycles. And that is more frightening than all of Khrushchev’s I.C.B.M.’s.

It isn’t that Schultz’s only contribution to America isn’t saving us from Sanders either because of the way she did it and how she got caught and her incredible timing she just gave our man Trump another bump and reason for Americans to either vote Trump or just stay home if they are swingers of the left.

And let us cut the bullshit and stop dreaming about Sander’s voters coming to our side. The truth is Sanders would have had enough of a challenge getting these people to actually vote in the first place. I didn’t see a lot of what I’d call early risers at the Sanders rallies. I did see a lot of White people who looked like they were trying to belong to some jungle tribe and of course the academic wing of the left (pssssst we call them commies) with their khaki shorts, Sperry Topsiders, Izod golf shit and Indiana Jones hats. The typical gaggle of snowflakes who have never walked out of the halls of expensive education and into the light of the real world. And of course the dregs of society and if you don’t know who they are you might be one. Which in all truthfulness wouldn’t seem out of the ordinary if it wasn’t for their growing numbers and you can bet that if Sanders had been allowed to win the nomination it would be much worse than just a buncha outcasts and degenerates but that these outcasts and degenerates would be running one of the top political parties on planet earth. But without Bernie they will never be able to get out of bed to go vote. They will keep procrastinating just like they have about everything else in their pathetic little lives so just forget about them. They are gonna stay home crawling back into their little Marxist dream world.

So from those of us across the isle who love America and the American way of life, from the bottom of our hearts Debbie Wasserman Schultz thank you. Thank you from saving our country from communism for now and maybe slowing down the drive to socialism (aka communism lite). I feel kinda bad thinking and saying all those nasty things about you over the last several years but when you had to come through for America you did, and you did it in a HUGE way. So go to Club Med for a few months, relax and enjoy yourself because what you did for America is priceless even though you’ll probably never get the credit for it. Some of us know and we love you Debbie! Thank you, thank you so much.


Blame a White Guy

white guy

According to “top men” the most murderous regime during the great war, was Communist Russia under Joseph Stalin. The number of people butchered during WWII behind the Iron Curtain is estimated between 20 and 60 million people making the claim of 6 million Jews by the Germans seem ridiculously small in comparison and yet not a single day of my life has gone by without hearing about how awful the Germans are and how angelic the Jews are. Given that the communist revolution in Russia was led by the Jews I guess that makes sense in a twisted justice kinda way.

On July 22nd a lone gunman targeted children for execution in a German shopping mall. Without any real evidence as to who the shooter might be, FOX News started blaming Whites. In fact to hear Sheppard Smith say it Neo-Nazis left over from WWII were at fault. He came to this conclusion because of the kind of boots the perp had been wearing according to some eyewitness. Smith went on a non stop tirade about some growing fringe element playing up to the narrative that there was just something wrong with the German people as a whole and that any resistance to the destruction of Germany via incoming hordes of “refugees” was simply Germany’s supremacist core nature. And people wonder how Germany got itself into this mess and why they don’t put a stop to it?

Blame a White guy. This has been the battle cry of every television news organization in America. George Zimmerman? White guy. Michael Brown not a criminal. Killed by a White guy. And why the hell not? It isn’t as if their advertisers don’t flash open wallets the minute they do. Blaming White guys is good for business. And even after they identified the shooter as some Jihadist from Iran they made sure to tell you that he was German-Iranian (duel citizenship) just to keep the White guy in the subconscious mix. FOX News, your conservative news source.

Of course since FOX News picked up on the White guy narrative and is clearly a neo Nazi right wing conspiracy network every other television news agency assumed it must be true and also ran with that story. Or was it really some kind of conspiracy that took advantage of an opportunity to paint Whites and especially Germans as devils?

During World War One the allies told their soldiers and their people that Germans would throw babies into the air, catch them on their bayonets and eat them. The Jews were tossing around the 6 million number even before WW-One. In fact the story about gassing came out of WWI and the research I have done on the great wars which has been quite extensive suggests that the Germans would have had a difficult time killing anyone with the pesticide Zyclon B.

It doesn’t seem like much has changed for Germany in more than 100 years and it looks like the narrative of always blaming the White guy even after there is no White involvement in a crime like in the Martin/Zimmerman case isn’t going away anytime soon.


The New Republican Party


Meet the new boss Donald J.Trump. Take a bow for the new revolution Mr. Trump. The change it had to come and we knew it all along. In 2012 we saw for ourselves how corrupt the Republican Party had become as we saw them pull out all the stops to destroy a good mans campaign they couldn’t control. We saw how the mainstream media was actually working with establishment Republicans to ensure that Dr. Ron Pauls presidential aspirations would never take off as both entities lied and treated Paul as a pariah. And if it wasn’t for Dr. Paul we wouldn’t be here today so my heartfelt thanks go to the founder of the Revolution, Dr. Ron Paul. Thank you Sir!

Welcome to the new Republican Party. The GOP is now the party of the people as it should be not the party of the wheelers and dealers or the RINO’s who up until this year and this moment acted as if they owned us and we were just Pavlovian dogs who salivated every time they rang the bell. Now it is time to cull the herd. There is no longer room for the Bushes, Kasichs, Cruzs, Grahams, in the Republican Party. They deserve to be sent out to pasture as they have betrayed the trust of the American people and the spirit of the Constitution and the Republic for which they were supposed to stand.

The Republican Party has changed despite all efforts to maintain the status quo  by both the RINO establishment who controlled the party and the mainstream media who needed the party to remain the same so America could be hijacked by socialism and open boarder America destroying scumbags.

We the people are now the Republican Party. We are the Revolution. And we will not go silently into this good night. The silent majority is no longer quiet and we will make the Republican Party and The United States of America GREAT again!

Smile and grin at the change all around … we won’t be fooled again.


Beating the Progressives


Lately I’m been hearing a handful of comments on the Trump page that I run on Google+ regarding some of the tactics I employ against the left. I do understand that these people mean well but I’ll be passing on their suggestions.

There is an old saying that you fight fire with fire. For those of you who don’t understand the term it is a literal expression. When dealing with a very large fire like a forest fire, fire fighters will often start fires to stop the spread of fire and in doing so allow the fire to burn itself out rather that trying to fight a fire with water or chemicals when those water/chemicals aren’t having any real affect.

A lot of conservatives aren’t overly thrilled buy the tactics Trump has been using to win the GOP nomination. My guess it that is the #nevertrump peoples biggest gripe. Oddly enough the Jeb’s, John’s and Marco’s of the world who throughout the primaries claimed Trump couldn’t insult his way to the top were proven dead wrong. Trump did insult his way to the top and if he keeps it up will insult his way to the White House.

The world has changed. Unless you’re a special snowflake most people let insults roll right off them but when those insults are true they take root. If you’ve ever played World of Warcraft you know exactly what I’m talking about. The biggest insult word is that game is “nigger” yet no one pops a gasket when someone calls them a nigger in Warcraft. In fact in game hackers actually took the time to figure out how to say the word nigger in the oppositions language which would have taken 2 computers, 2 accounts, and hours of trial and error (kek). And yet even after all that effort, as insults go it isn’t a very effective one. A better insult is PWNED which is a chess reference ie you were dominated by the least agile piece in the game.

How have the progressive liberals beaten conservatives for the last 8 years? That is right they have insulted their way to the top and insulted their way to justifying every idiotic program they promote no matter how many times those programs have failed. Maybe it’s time to take the hint.


But as we proceed into the general election I have decided to take a different approach. Yes of course I will continue to insult anyone stupid enough to vote for Hillary on a daily basis but I’m adding a new technique which some of you who are part of my Trump page might have already noticed. I’m adding thievery to my repertoire. That is right I’m going to take every chant, every insult, every idiotic thing progressive liberals say and turn it right back on them. Expressions like “Loud and Proud”, “Stop the Hate” and whatever else I can find I’m going to own. I’m going to steal them from these tards and make them a part of my arsenal and I would suggest you do the same. Trump is loud and he is proud and if any group in America are stone cold haters it is progressive liberals so this works.

I’m also going to own every a label progressive liberals throw at me; yeah I’m Republican and rich (I’m not rich) and I don’t give a dam about your stupid poverty stricken minimum wage loser ass. You bet I’m a racist (I’m not) and dam proud of it bitch.

I believe that if I can get enough Trump followers to adopt my new tactics we will totally disarm the left and leave them scratching their heads. They can’t argue policy they can only sling insults and if you take that away from them you leave them with nothing. And nothing is exactly what they deserve.


Civil War Across the Civilized World


While we are preparing for our next presidential election the rest of the civilized world has been on fire. Without any mandate from the people, global social engineers have decided that wherever Caucasian people live, these places should be flooded with brown people and of course the opposite would never be allowed to happen.

Over the next several years millions of brown people will be flooding into Europe (both east and west) and North America. These people bring nothing with them not even job skills so they become and immediate burden on the people already living there and some become permanent wards of the state and even their offspring become permanent wards with little to no incentive to give up their entitlement cards. They are also breeding like rabbits and those hordes of bunnies also tend to become permanent wards of the state.

Economically this is an absolute disaster both short and long term for the host countries and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that there is no scenario where this flood of migrants becomes a positive for any country (except one and it ain’t us). The fact is that civil war in every host country has become inevitable. There is no way in hell that the citizens of all these countries will sheepishly tolerate the murders, rapes, and the abuse of their women and children forever. And even if the abuse of the local women and children does not smotivate these brain washed progressive liberal douchebags the economic effects on these nations cannot be denied nor can it become sustainable. Sooner or later these nations will run out of money and if they aren’t already heavily into debt they will be bankrupt and financially destroyed without some kind of revolution to stop the process.

Civil war across the civilized world is now inevitable. The people will rise up against their leaders who have stabbed them in the back and destroyed their identity, culture and heritage. Simply stated if they do not they will be annihilated by Islam. Muslim leaders in Europe are not even remotely shy about telling Europeans that in a few short years they will be the ones dominating the western world and that they will force the indigenous people to convert to Islam, pay a fine, become slaves, or be beheaded. Homosexuals will be beheaded en mass. Sluts will be stoned to death. The devil has come in full force and the leaders of civilization have let him in because they are afraid of offending him.


This is our future. Submission to Islam or civil wars raging across the civilized world. Because most of the people in the civilized world have been disarmed, these folks will look like Palestinians throwing rocks at their oppressors. Perhaps the only reason the United States isn’t taking in such large numbers is because the citizens still have the means to kill tyrants and their child armies. Gun control? More like revolution control. Even in America we see clearly now that those in power who play ball are above the law.

And here’s the rub, the architects of this unfolding scenario knew this would happen. They bought the right politicians and their families decades ago. This is exactly what they want. It isn’t enough to rule us behind the scenes they want us to know who rules over us but they don’t want us to know until it is too late to stop them and that is why they want your guns. Pretty soon it may not even matter if you have a Kalashnikov or an M-16 because technology will so surpass those weapons so you might as well have a flintlock in your hands.

The funny part is, the people who are doing this to us cannot be named as if they are some dark evil that only gets worse once you name it and frankly there might be some truth in that. You know exactly who they are. You’ve heard them referred to by all kinds of names like banksters and Hollywood and MSM but they are and always have been the same group of people most people are afraid to specifically identify. According to Voltaire they already rule over us because no matter what they do we are afraid to criticize them. George Carlin is right one day the curtains will open and these people will reveal themselves because they will have attained a point where we are no longer capable of stopping them.

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And on that day you will wonder how you could have been so foolish. The writing was on the wall but you refused to read it. You might be able to ignore what is going on around you and concentrate on your own little insignificant life right now, but there is an evil coming and hiding from it won’t help your children or their children. And they will look back at you with hatred for not doing anything about it while you still had the chance.



There is NO Cop on Black Problem in America


The truth is there is no Cop on Black problem in America. That might sound like an odd statement to make given a couple of recent events that have yet to be thoroughly investigated, but for one reason or another 2 more  Blacks could be shot by cops today and it wouldn’t change that truth. Whites get shot and killed by cops all the time and no one gives a crap. Hispanics, Asians, Eastern Indians we all take the bullet and it isn’t always the case that the police officer or officers are justified in using deadly force. In fact often they are not justified. But unless you’re Black no one gives a shit. Boo hoo that’s the price of living in a free society.

Across America it seems that police departments have gotten a lot more militarized. It  isn’t just the frightening why they look with their tanks and assault army gear and machine guns. Christ when I was a kid it was 2 guys in a squad car. It is mostly the tactics they employ. They tell you to put your hands up and then they take you to the ground like a cowboy taking down a rodeo calf for almost anything. A lot of these guys also looked all pumped up on steroids. You can bet they are consuming something that “pumps them up”. Some of them are ex-military so fresh off the boat they think they are still in Afghanistan. Their police academy training in 2016 sure is a lot more military than a Sheriff Andy Taylor too. You couldn’t have set a better stage for excessive violence on behalf of police officers who somehow got it in their heads that they “enforce” laws. They do not. Juries do.

But this tinderbox of failed procedures and military training effects all Americans negatively not just Blacks. All of us are potential innocent victims of the police. All of us are potential victims of unjust prosecution and these things happen to all of us.

So what is Black Lives Matter doing? Perpetuating crime as if the Black community doesn’t have a big enough problem with its young Black men and more recently young Black women going to prison. As if fighting a negative stereotype by being worse that the stereotype could, on a cold day in Hell ever make anything better for anyone. Black Lives Matter and The New Black Panthers are the side show that prevents any significant change for the better and they are the tools required to not make the situation better, but to make it worse. Much worse for them and everyone else. That is simply shameful.

And I hope I don’t have to say that no matter who the victim of excessive police brutality is, violence is never the right answer.