Sorry Princess, You’re Going to Jail!


Sometimes I wonder if some people or maybe even most people spend any time at all living in the real world. Surely women do not. Many women live sheltered little lives where they make demands on the people closest to them and act like 8 year old brats when they don’t get their way. If there is any “privilege” in America it is female privilege.  Given the level of privilege females have in America it boggles the mind that they still manage to get away with pretending that they are somehow discriminated against when in truth they are the most protected and privileged group in America.

Take the abortion issue for example.

Let’s take a leap forward to a more ethical time when abortion finally gets the label it so richly deserves namely murder. That body growing inside a woman’s body is not a part of her body that she can, for the sake of convenience, dispose of as she pleases it is a human baby. Were it to become illegal, like all illegal activities there would be punishments on the books for those who performed an abortion and those who sought an abortion through illegal means. Just like the guy who smokes weed, he is just as criminally liable as the guy who sells the weed. That is the way it works with any case involving more than one interested party. All the parties are subject to the law.

But whoa Nelly wait just a minute here. These are women we’re talking about here not some middle aged white guy. How dare we even entertain the idea of holding women accountable for their own actions? In our Utopian paradise only abortion providers would be risking any criminal charges for trying to murder a baby. It’s only fair right?

It is just this kind of thinking that makes me dislike women as people in general.

I want to close this with something snappy or some great revelation certain to wow my audience but the truth is I think this issue just illustrates how completely out of touch with reality so many women are. As easy as it is to point in disgust at the females among us  there are also a lot of men who believe that same dam crap. They are just little angels aren’t they. What kind of angel murders her own child? The kind that belongs in prison that’s what kind.


Imagine a World without Donald Trump


Dinesh D’Souza is the creator of many patriotic films including “America: Imagine a World Without Her.” It is a fine movie that if you’ve never seen it, is a must see and you should do so immediately and you should probably add it to your collection. But this film got me thinking about what the world would be like without Donald Trump in it.

Imagine a world without Donald J. Trump. I wonder what Manhattan and Atlantic City would look like today? No Trump Towers that’s for sure. Of course most people are only familiar with Trumps masterpiece but there are many building in New York City with Trumps name on them. They’d be gone too. Makes you wonder what would be there in its place. Not likely to be more flamboyant that’s for sure.

Trump has so many high end properties world wide that the world of high class lodgings and entertainment would suffer severe blows without him. But Trumps impact on the world is much bigger than his own wealth and the gold accents he leaves everywhere he goes. How much wealth does Him being Himself, have others gained because of him. To be honest I have no idea how many employees Donald Trump has but given his vast holding I think hundreds of thousands go home with a Trump (or one of its subsidiaries) paycheck every week. Then of course there are all the businesses that Trump contracts out and their employees. Every business within a stones throw of any Trump business as well as their employees enjoy increased economic activity resulting in what benefits always accompany a larger purchaser base.

And what about this election. What would that have been like without Donald J.Trump? Well it would have turned out the way it was supposed to with good challenges brought up by Jindal, Walker and Rubio but with the establishment boy Jeb Bush securing the nomination. That was the way this story was supposed to end. And of course Hillary was supposed to win her nomination and after a heated battle between two political dynasties America would elect their first woman president calming the unwashed masses into believing that anyone can be anything bla bla bla.

You can forget about the wall or any real attempt to stop illegal immigration which of course wouldn’t be our real immigration policies as Democrats and Republicans alike continue to welcome in hoards of the same kind of people who are destroying Europe’s culture, identity and innocence. Oh you can bet the other candidates would have voiced their concern without Trump, they surely would have and as surely as the sun rises in the morning they would have lickity split  their way onto the next topic one of granddaddy’s whoppers no doubt.

Without Trump this election cycle we would once again be asking ourselves “Is this the best we can do?” The Republicans had, what 17 candidates at the beginning of this primary season. Can anyone honestly say that any of the rest were truly great men or women? The Democrats are faring even worse. Another season, another group of losers, what’s the point. Remember getting mad as hell when debates came on in years past? Always interrupting your favorite shows. This year it is put the debate on and get the popcorn.

Donald J. Trump is not a perfect man. But after all he’s done, all of his accomplishments, the impact he has made in this election, and the impact he has made on the individual lives of people all over the world, he may just be as perfect of a man and anyone could ever hope to be in their lives.

God blessed us …. every one.

What the Latest Happiness Poll Tells Us


I kinda stared at the title of this Op-ed for a while. It perplexes me. And yet it also regales me. They poll these kinds of things you know. Happiness. Because happiness is so easily defined.

As I get older I have come to realize that not only is happiness subjective, I can’t even tell when I’m happy or not. I look back at some of my own periods in life and see them completely different than when I was actually living them. Some have turned into happy memories. If the real truth is that we really don’t know whether we are happy or not how can you answer the question “Are you happy.” The correct answer is “I don’t know” because anything else is just a social response. There were other times in my life when I thought I was on top of the world Ma. They did not turn out well.

So how do we pole happiness?

And why would we even want to be happy. Happy suggests contentment and being content with things just as they are right now. Happiness is lack of motivation.

Many people can’t be happy until they attain their goals even if it takes a lifetime to attain them and even if they might fail. These are the potential John Galts of the world.

The others want to be happy. They want to be herded into their stalls, fed and sheltered, and they really don’t want to be solely responsible for their own well being. They are the happy people and it is of little surprise that most of the happy people live in countries chock full of entitlements (for as least as long as it will last).

The next time you see someone spouting happiness numbers and why we can’t be happy diatribes remember that happy is just a code-word for socialism and socialism has never had any long term benefits it eventually eats itself and leads to violent conflicts like Greece.

So I for one say bollix to happiness. I’m not satisfied with anything ever! I want everything to be better and I’m not gonna sit around being happy and hoping those things jump out of the sky. The best woman I ever had made me miserable. The best job I ever had made me miserable. The best motorcycle I ever had made me miserable. So take your happiness and shove it.

How to Battle Rally Protestors and Win!


Ever since the Occupy movement thought they could own New York City and other cities across America just because they were mad they didn’t get some free money in the way of bailouts and that someone else should pay for their pampered college lives, protesting has become totalitarian in its nature. The protesters don’t just want to be noticed they want to silence others. Some of them just want the $16 an hour they were promised. Through the years this process has developed from being noticed, to silencing opposing viewpoints, and have moved to trying to instigate their political rivals to lash out in violence.

What these modern day protesters are trying to do is to divide Americans by such a distance as to cause one side or both to see the one another and want nothing more than an excuse to lash out violently at them. That is the trap they are trying to set and like so many other traps they will likely fail. Still it would be better to come out on top as opposed to being even, or maybe a little less than even. If you’re going to a Trump Rally you can help turn this trend into our favor.

To find the right course of action you have to understand your advisory. You have to understand what they want and what motivates them. We, or rather they, have already established through their behavior that they wish to provoke us into pugilist incidences they could use to smear the opposition and claiming to be the victims themselves. And the mainstream media would eat it up.

So what motivates them? Actually that isn’t the right question now is it? The right question is, “What do we want them to be motivated to do?” Well of course we would love to expose them for what they really are instead of what they are pretending to be. The key in doing that lies in their own hypocrisy but ….. what we want them to do ….. what we need them to do, is become violent, and let it be clear, that it was the movement on the left responsible for the violence. That would cause a huge division on the left with the radicals being pushed out of the equation  Good for them, good for us and good for the republic.

Now that we know what we want and the reasons we want it how do we get what we want you might ask? Remember what I said earlier about their own hypocrisy? Much like Kirk and NOAD, we will use some of their own techniques against them. Now bear with me because this is going to sound awful silly but that is how you get to these snowflakes and hoodlums in the first place. What we need to do at every event and if possible get into groups or even on your own is bring flower petals. A good size bag of them. What you’re going to be looking for is which area of the protest has the most cameras on it. Find that spot, squeeze yourself in and start to gently toss flower petals at the protestors. Tell them you love than and wish them peace and joy. If you’re a woman bring a man just in case or several of your stocky girlfriends.

Trust me when I tell you that the very idea of conservatives, you know those devil people, could be showing them with flower petals. That’s their gig they have owned that since the 60’s WTF? Now of course with every well laid out plan, there are variables. There are only a few possible outcomes if some people got involved in this venture. 1) The protestors could ignore the flower petals (not a reasonable option but one that is possible). 2) They might actually enjoy being showered with flower petals and even possibly diffuse a tense situation by joy of flower petal showering. 3) The media would completely ignore the story. 4) The protestors would become enraged and lurch over the barriers.

Now of course we would like to see #4 unfold but in every other scenario we have results that are either inconsequential or wins for the republic. There is no negative.

So if I have managed to convince you that my diabolically evil scheme has the potential of bringing Team Trump some fantastic returns,  then share this Op-ed. Share it like the wind to the four corners of the earth and they will share it and they will share it. Now if you’ll excuse me for a moment it looks like the local flower shop is up for sale.

Is Anyone Accountable for Anything Anymore?

When I was a kid and I screwed up my father would say, “You made your bed now go lay down in it.” I’m not entirely sure anyone in America has a clue what that means anymore. For those of you who don’t know (and I’m sure there are more of you who don’t than I want to believe) it means you are accountable for your actions and must live with the results. In fact when I was a kid growing up in the 60’s and 70’s I think most everyone believed that. These days it doesn’t seem like anyone is accountable for their actions.

Our leaders sure aren’t accountable for their actions. Let’s have an honest moment here. Do you really believe that Hillary Clinton will ever spend one single day in a federal penitentiary? If you do you’re a special kind of stupid. People in power are rarely ever accountable for anything they do. Sure they might toss one of their own under the bus every once in a while to keep your illusions going but the real power ….. they could gun you down on main street with every news camera on them while they are doing it and never spend a day in jail and we all know it. Heck the media would help them cover it up and sweep it under the rug.

Truth is, it has always been like that. The rich and powerful have always gotten away with murder and they always will and trying to point the finger is part of our problem today. Most people are more than happy to be sheep and let someone else deal with the details. It isn’t until it gets really bad that anyone ever pays attention and then most people only pay attention until they think they can put up with whatever they are told to put up with.

But it isn’t just the rich and powerful who aren’t accountable for their actions anymore it is just about everyone. I saw some little children holding up a “Fuck Trump” sign outside of a Donald Trump rally and no one said a word. It wasn’t their parents fault it was someone elses fault. We certainly wouldn’t want to “shame” their parents. Kids failing at school? Not the teachers fault. Young people committing crimes? Not the parents fault (or at least not the single mothers fault). Cops filling suspects with so many holes they die looking like Swiss Cheese? Not the cops fault. Justice system a complete abomination? Don’t blame the lawyers or the judges they didn’t do it. We have to put limitations on how much patients can sue their doctors for because the doctors aren’t at fault when they botch a surgery. We have a Snowflake generation of idiots coming of age but don’t blame their professors.

For some reason most people have come to believe that if they make their bed and it comes out a mess someone else should have to lay down in it. One thing I have learned that I wish I understood clearly when I was much younger is, always investigate those who point their fingers first before you investigate the entity they are pointing at and you will almost always find that the finger pointer is just as guilty if not much more so than the thing they are pointing at.

You have the government you deserve. You have the justice system you deserve. You have an educational system that you deserve. You have assholes for kids because that is exactly what you deserve. It isn’t someone elses fault it is your fault. We have become a nation of people waiting around for someone else to do what we should be doing so that we can blame them if it all goes wrong. Let the government operate as it pleases. Let the schools raise your kids. Who cares how bad the justice system is as long as we aren’t the ones in handcuffs. Who cares what they teach in our university’s we don’t go there.

And the thing is by not being really involved in the things that affect our lives we feel terrible. Those people screaming profanities in the streets …. do they look happy? They are mad at everyone but themselves.

A couple of months ago I chided a young lady for not being really involved and waiting for others to do what she should be doing herself. I guess I “shamed” her. In fact I shamed her so much that she went out and got involved. Though I only know her from the internet when she returned from her involvement I could feel her light up like a Christmas tree just from her printed words. The experience had so excited her. There is a lesson in her experience for all to learn. She was no different than most people. She was just trying to get through her life as best she could. But for one shining moment she stopped waiting for someone else to do what she knew she should be doing. For one shining moment she stopped pointing her finger at everyone else. The funny thing is I’m pretty sure that moment changed something inside of her because not long after that she took other positive steps in her life perhaps because she realized that she wasn’t as helpless as she might have thought she was before.

The moral of the story is …… well …… if you haven’t figured that out by now …… you never will. Just keep pointing your finger.


Dear Ted Cruz

Have a seat Rafael.

It’s time to have a serious talk about the Republican Primaries. First of all, legalize aside I think you know that you’re not really qualified to run for President in the United States of America. Unless the word “natural” has suddenly lost all meaning you simply don’t qualify. If you can run for president then half the country of Vietnam can run for president too as well any anyone else who might have been born of an American G.I. as well as citizens from almost every other country in the world in which American servicemen spilled their seed and I think we both know that isn’t what the founding fathers intended.

But more importantly than where you were born is the simple reality of the situation. According to all reports it is impossible for you to beat Donald Trump now. Every report I have read says that you would have to win well over 80% of the delegates to beat Trump  and all the wishful thinking in the universe isn’t going to make that happen for you. The only real chance you have is if Trump has a heart attack and keels over. Nobody wants that and I assume you don’t want to win that way.

The only other shot you have is to win in a brokered convention. Do you really think the GOP would vote for you no matter what they are telling you right now? They hate your guts. You shut the government down with nothing positive to show for it and they got the blame. At least Trump hasn’t screwed them yet. If they are going to pick anyone it would be Romney or Ryan and you have to know that by doing so they will destroy the party forever. Is that what you want?

But let’s assume that it goes to a brokered convention and by some miracle they actually pick you. Do you honestly think Trump supporters are going to say “oh that’s nice” and vote for you in November? Really?  You wanna be the one who will have to take the blame for what happens after the convention if that occurs, because like always they will be blaming the guy who enabled them. That will be your footnote in history. And again it will destroy the Republican Party and probably result in a 3rd party run by Trump so you’ll never get to be president anyway. If you haven’t noticed yet Trump supporters are fiercely loyal and they sure aren’t going to support the guy who screwed them even if Trump told them to. I guess you wanna see Hillary in the White House because that is the only way that kind of mess can end.

Ted it is time for you to cowboy up and see the writing on the wall. You might get elected to be president some day but it won’t be this year. So do yourself and everyone else a favor and just bow out gracefully. Let the party heal, let the pundits get over themselves and let’s move forward as a team so we can defeat Hillary in November. You are putting your entire political career at stake for nothing and the person who can and probably will lose the most no matter how it turns out is you.

Wise up buddy. You’re on the highway to hell.



The Republican Party is Finished


I’m sure you’ve heard from career Republican politicians that if Donald Trump won the GOP nomination he would destroy the Republican Party. Well it’s already much too late for that because these same career politicians as well as conservative journalists and commentators have already sent the Republican Party to the dustbin of history they just haven’t figured that out yet. That’s right folks the Republican Party has already murdered itself, we are just waiting for it to finish bleeding out.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and this insane path that the Republican leadership has taken to defy their constituency will have consequences and those consequences will see the light of day no matter what games the GOP plays at the convention. Someone is going to have to pay for this level of corruption and it will be those most vocal in destroying the illusion that the people pick the parties nominee or even the presidency.

We are already starting to see the first seeds of the peoples vengeance begin to take root. Take John McCain as the first victim of political backlash. He may now loose the seat he should easily be able to keep. And guess what? Most of Trumps supporters will celebrate if he loses it.

When Donald Trump asserts that our elected officials in Washington are stupid he isn’t kidding. These clowns are so desperate to hold onto their power that they would watch America burn before giving it up and the American people, their employers, are seeing this first hand. They smell the stench of corruption in the GOP and are only tolerating it because it looks like Trump will win the nomination but the question is will they continue to vote for Republican House and Senate members when November rolls around? A lot of conservative voters still have an ugly taste in their mouths over the way the GOP handled their primaries in 2012, and the way they are handing the 2016 primaries and convention seems very likely to be the straw that breaks the camels back.

The American people are mad as hell. It is likely that the Republican Party will bleed itself to death and just as likely they that they will place the blame on Trumps shoulders instead of on their own where it so rightly belongs. The problem with that kind of thinking by the leadership is that it is a lie and the American people know it is a lie and that is the exact kind of thing the people are mad as hell over.

We are tired of being lied to. We are tired of the corruption. We are tired of politicians thinking they rule over us. We are tired of the economy. We are tired of immigration in general and illegal immigration in particular. We are tired of the media…..

and only a great fool would think that we are going to take it anymore.