The Violent Left

Lenin said that the goal of socialism is communism and communism has always been accompanied with violence towards citizens. In America we have seen the seeds of socialism being sown for several decades though leftist politicians, the media,  labor unions and our public school system but we have never seen these seeds take root until the Obama regime. His influences as a young man were all communist and he has done his best to grow the ugliness of the communist hate flower in America. Obama has become more successful in this regard than anyone else ever has. We now have a very large part of the American population demanding socialism through their support of self professed socialist Bernie Sanders who tries to downplay his communist leanings by referring to it as democratic socialism. This is often how socialism and communism begins but it always must at some point resort to force and violence because no matter where these seeds are sown there will always be resistance as people long to be free and crave liberty.

The left has always been about force and violence and we see plenty of that among supporters of the leftist idolatry. Take the Occupy movement as a perfect example. While young women were being raped in the makeshift camps Occupy members were working overtime to cover up those rapes denying the victims justice for the cause. In many areas where Occupy forces gathered vandalism was practically a daily event as “protesters” smashed windows and defaced the businesses of hard working people not to mention not allowing people whose families and mortgages on the line the opportunity to work and several businesses went out of business because of these groups of radical leftists who thought they could take over and conquer major American cities so they could force the government to pay off their college loans.

The violence of the left certainly didn’t end with the death of the Occupy movement. In colleges across America violent acts from the leftists have increased exponentially over the Obama reign of terror. Forget peoples Constitutional rights leftists demand segregated spaces, the firing of university staff who disagree with their dogma, and have denied the press access to their public displays of intolerance.

Black Lives Matter, a purely leftist group has called for violence against Whites and the police and the politicians on the left have embraced them. Recently during a White Lives Matter rally leftists began attacking peaceful members of the KKK because they didn’t like the rally or points of view that conflicted with their and then there is the Hispanic group La Rasa (another leftist group) who openly declares it will wage war with the U.S., kill Whites, and conquer California and of course leftist politicians embrace them as well.

This violence perpetrated by the left isn’t just an American phenomenon in the Western World but is spread throughout Europe as well. Leftist governments like the one in Germany hose peaceful refugee protesters with water cannons and in England simply reading quotes made by Winston Churchill or speaking out against the invasion of Islamic culture in England will get you imprisoned. Throughout Europe freedom of expression is practically nonexistent.  In America a simple act of mischief is now called a hate crime that is punishable with a lifetime prison sentence.

Things are just as bad in the virtual world online as sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ begin to clamp down on descent. These American companies who were born in the land of freedom of expression have betrayed in the most treasonous of ways their users inalienable rights hiding behind the fact that they are private companies who can do whatever the hell they want Americas culture and heritage be dammed.

People often talk about the intimidation, force and violence of the communist movement as if it is some distant memory of the past but the truth is this hive mentality of force is still prevalent right now today in our present.

All the while the leftists try to convince each other that they and they alone are the people of empathy for their fellow mankind, love of all things, and the most tolerant type of people on planet earth. Somehow lighting city streets on fire, violent protests, murder, beatings, rapes, and the denial of basic individual human rights all fall under the umbrella of social justice. Their Utopia isn’t peaceful discourse and the democratic process it is hatred of anything that doesn’t fit into their ideology.

We’ve seen this act before. Sadly we didn’t lean anything from our collective past.And it is that collective mindset that will lead to our ultimate destruction.



Who is Behind it All?


It continually amazes me when I hear people complain about the same things day in and day out and yet they are completely incapable of identifying the source or more likely much to afraid to do so. Voltaire said that if you want to know who rules over you then find out who you are not allowed to criticize. So who rules over you. Who are you truly afraid to citizen?

The answer is the same answer to the following questions:

Who established the North Atlantic African slave trade?

Who runs the media?

Who runs Hollywood?

Who runs the FED?

Who runs the world banking cartel?

Who is the driving force behind gun restrictions?

Why are we even in the Middle East?

Who leads the multicultural push that is currently destroying Europe?

It is all the same people and everyone (or at least most everyone) knows exactly who they are yet there are few souls among you who would dare to be brave enough to call these people out. And why are you not brave enough to say who they are? Because you know dam well that this 2% of the world rules over you. They are the money. They are the media. They control it all and everyone knows it but our handlers over at the GOP says we need to blindly support them.

The really strange part about all of this is that even knowing all this so many of you are the first to condemn anyone who speaks out. I thought we were about telling the truth not puking out convenient lies. How dangerous is the truth? We hold everyone on earth accountable for their behavior but no matter what these people do to us we just keep taking it and steadfastly defending them?


Are we lemmings?

How Would Trump Govern?

I have read a plethora of articles from clueless editors who claim they know what Donald Trumps presidency would look like. What experience do they themselves have with big business or big business men? Well the answer is none of course. Their own life experiences hover around the socialist public school system, a borderline communist secondary school system and the journalism professors who are likely either socialists or communists (as if there is much of a difference).

On the other hand having been a FOREX (currency) trader and RCR (registered commodities representative) I have worked around such men and taken bookoo bucks from these kinds of guys so I think I might just have a much better insight on the Donald than a bunch of panty waste editorial writers. It was my job to know how they think and what motivates them and steer them into a direction I wanted them to go.

The one thing I can tell you right off the bat about guys like Donald Trump is that they are extremely driven individuals. You’re not going to be reading a lot of news stories about how Trump is out golfing (unlike Obama) or going on vacations at the taxpayers expense. Trump has already been everywhere he ever wanted to go anyway. Guys like Trump don’t work from 9 to 5 or work a measly 40 hours a week. Successful people never work so little and expect success. We can expect Trump to be working practically around the clock as he tries to “Make America Great Again.”

Men like Trump have outstanding management skills which when the rubber hits road, is exactly what being the leader of the free world is supposed to do. Trump will assemble the best minds he can find in every category whether it is the economy, the military, education, infrastructure, etc. you name it and he’ll find the best experts he can to pow wow with. Once these people are assembled (and you can bet he’s already working on his short list) he is going to sit down with each group and/or their proposals and based on his own life experiences which in his case are extensive, decide on the best path to take.

Successful people like Trump aren’t likely to become entrenched in directions that don’t pan out. If he does something that isn’t showing the results he was looking for he’ll do something else and try again. This is a big change from the kinds of politics we see in Washington where programs fail and they just keep throwing more money at them hoping more cash will turn the tide. Trump is a miser when it comes to capital and he isn’t going to keep throwing your hard earned cash at something that isn’t working. Look at how little he has spent on his campaign and compare that to how much all the other candidates have spent. The guy’s a cheap bastard and that is exactly who we want holding our money bag.

And of course like all narcissists (everyone running for any office has a narcissistic streak) he will want to succeed. For Trump it is much more than simply succeeding he is going to want to go down in history as the greatest American president that ever lived. To do that trying simply isn’t good enough he is going to do everything in his power to be that guy and he has a lot of friends in very high places to help him accomplish that.

Trump is what he says he is a deal-maker and to be a deal-maker he is going to have to do what he has always done which is get along with everyone. That is really the only way anyone can ever get things done and he understands the game better than anyone else. People who want something from him with have to give him something in return that is how big business works and when he wants something he knows better than to simply demand it he will try to figure out what the other side really wants and give them just a little bit of that in exchange for a lot of what he wants. That is how big boys behave.

So for those of you who worry whether Trump can do the job or not make no mistake The Donald isn’t just going to do the job he’s going to be absolutely fabulous at it.


CNN’s Disgraceful Debate Performance


If you watched the GOP debate last night it looked a lot more like a wrestling cage match than a debate. There is some pretty clear evidence that Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz colluded together to attack Donald Trump last night meeting together in the hallway prior to the event and shaking hands during one of the commercial breaks. Not exactly a fair debate on those grounds alone.

But the most outrageous actions last night didn’t involve the candidates it involved the CNN debate moderators. Just about every single time (actually I can’t remember a time it didn’t happen) Ted Cruz pontificated, he did so well past his time having the buzzer go off at least 3 times each time he opened his mouth. Wolf Blitzer hardly said a word during any of this obvious hogging of the time unless it was Kasich or Carson who went over their time and then he was right on the case almost every time.

It wasn’t just that CNN allowed Cruz to be a time hog either. Cruz made it a point to mention Trump every time he spoke and this was a clear attempt to make the debate about him and Trump and instead of putting a stop to this obvious tactic CNN just allowed it to continue. Unless of course Kasich or Carson wanted in and then those two usually got shut down pretty quickly.

CNN is well know for trying to drive the election vote. In 2008 they brazenly supported Obama in his bid for the White House sounding more like a political action committee than a news source. They were a little less obvious about it in 2012 but still promoted Obama every chance they could. Clearly the brass at CNN had no interest in a fair and well moderated debate. They wanted a brawl and that is exactly what they got.

I’m getting a little tired of the way these debates are being conducted to be honest. I know who I’m supporting and no debate performance is going to change my mind. I’ve had enough of do nothing politicians who make all the promises I want to hear  during their campaigns and then once they get elected do whatever the hell their handlers and the people who shove money into their pockets tell them to do. I’m sick of party politics where I am expected to blindly obey my overseers and support whoever the GOP establishment tells me to support.

Our country is in big trouble and it is those politicians on the stage who are responsible for much of it. Our economy is so much in the shitter that stores I like and frequent are being shut down across the nation. All the while the politicians and the media are telling me we are in a recovery and they have been telling me this bullshit for 7 years. It’s enough already. I don’t know if Donald Trump can save us but I doubt he could do any worse and I’m willing to give him a shot. I know what the other clowns with do…..nothing like they always have and at least Trump has a list of accomplishments that go from here to Bangor and beyond.

So CNN can make a mockery out of the electoral process all they want and so can’t FOX, NBC and the rest but they will never change my mind. And just so the GOP understands clearly where I’m coming from …. If Trump doesn’t win the nomination don’t expect to see me at the polls in November. I’ll be doing something more constructive with my time …. like fishing.

#gop #republican #conservative

I Love Donald Trump!


I love Donald Trump. How could I not? I’ve been on this flying rock for more decades that I care to count and in all that time I have never heard anyone running for public office tell me that he/she loves me. Not once. Not one single time. And to be honest I was a little taken aback the first time I heard him tell me that he loves me. I wasn’t used to hearing that from anyone in government. What I am used to hearing is a pack of lies from a group of jackals that have never done a dam thing but betray their promises and me. I was so used to that then when someone genuinely stated that he loved me I just figured it was some stunt or something just squeezed into a speech to get me to vote for him.

But over the months I have come to believe that The Donald does love me. I have seen the tenderness he has shown towards others he has said he loves. The tender touch on the cheek of a Vet who desperately needs the government to get off their ass and make good on the promises it has made to him. The way he cares about his family. The anger in his voice when he speaks about the way our government has abused our trust and our republic. Stories I hear of his generosity that have never come from his own lips. I wasn’t even sure there were people like that still around in America anymore.

Donald Trump doesn’t just love me he loves you too.  He even loves you misguiding people who call him names and won’t be voting for him. He loves America and all the American people no matter who they are and you can feel it when he says it and he says it every time I’ve seen him. How could I not love a man who makes sure that I know every single day that he loves me?

Well I do love Donald Trump and his love for me has earned my admiration and my absolute loyalty. I’d take a bullet for that man. I will continue to fight day and night to make sure that Donald Trump gets his chance to sit in the big chair. Not just because we have very little left to lose anymore but because I love the man like a brother.

Thank you Donald Trump for loving me and I can’t wait to go to the polls and show you how much I love you.

There is a Storm Coming


Between now and Super Tuesday the Establishment is about to unleash a shit storm on Donald Trump like we’ve never seen before. All the lock step RINO’s in the GOP and the mainstream media are bout to launch a tsunami like we have never seen in a presidential primary at least not in our lifetimes.

Every candidate has had their turn at bat against Trump and now we see the GOP’s last hope approaching the podium and this time the establishment can’t afford to lose. You’re going to see a flurry of Republican politicians line up behind Rubio in an attempt to create the kind of momentum the party needs to maintain control. It must come down to a 2 or 3 man race so Cruz, Carson, and Kasich will be under enormous pressure to withdraw from the race after the Nevada primaries. As many accusations as can be levied against Trump will see the light of day and if you though a little phony poll by the Wall Street Journal and NBC was the end all as the election in S.C. exposed the truth don’t kid yourselves it was only a test.

This is the establishments last chance to defeat Trump.

Expect the worst.

What We Can Learn From Islam About Women

Before I begin let me state clearly that I am not fan of Islam. In fact I’d shoot them all with pig blood bullets if given the opportunity. But research into the fall of empires proves that when females are given the same freedoms as men, that civilization is doomed and will eventually either self destruct or be conquered. It happens to every civilization in which this occurs and it is currently happening to Western Civilization so this is more than mere coincidence. President Obama has done more damage to the United States of America than any foreign power ever has and he was voted into office twice by a majority of women whose sex is the majority in America. The decline of the U.S.A. since he took office is undeniable and now women are flocking to the socialist Bernie Sanders which, if he ever actually got elected would accelerate Americas downward spiral even faster. He is the danger that women … many women embrace.

Islam on the other has assumes absolute control over their females. In many Islamic countries not only are women not allowed to vote but they are also not allowed to drive a car and are forced to wear what amounts to garbage bags when they go out in public. Further you will never see a Muslim female at an abortion clinic or at the doctors office asking for contraceptives. They are breeders and they breed at the rate that Catholic families used to breed at. It is not uncommon to see a Muslim family with 8 or 10 children. On this level alone they will simply displace free peoples across the world in a few short years. The numbers don’t lie. Currently people who are not Muslim and live in the Western World are breeding on average (the ones that do breed) at around 1.5 children compare that to the number of children Muslim women are popping out and it is easy to see that they will displace the rest of us regardless of race in just a few short decades. In Europe with the refugee crisis it could happen in a single decade.

And what will happen to women’s freedoms when Islam dominates the West?

If we don’t take a more oppressive attitude towards females in the West we are doomed and our civilization will disappear from the face of the earth and it is as simple as that. I’m not suggesting that we hang women who have been raped or make our women walk the streets in garbage bags or honor murder our daughters but something more constraining must occur very soon and it may already be much too late. This has become an issue of survival. If we don’t do something very soon our granddaughters will be facing the hangman’s noose for being the victims of the crime of rape. What is worse? Exercising more male dominance over our female population now or watching our culture die and our women become walking garbage bags in the future.

Perhaps even some simple adjustments to our society might stem the tide like taking voting rights away from women and treating marriage like the contract that it is. In America 71% of all divorces are initiated by women. If a woman files for divorces perhaps there shouldn’t be any reward and she and her children are on her own. American courts treat children as the property of their mothers so perhaps knowing that they won’t be able to touch their husbands money would be incentive enough to work things out. We need to outlaw abortion because we desperately need our women to breed and it would probably be a good idea to outlaw contraceptives as well. Again we are talking about the survival of our culture here. We also need to make women financially dependent on men again.

This whole barefoot, pregnant, make me a sandwich agenda might seem harsh to people in the west but what is the alternative? The alternative is to continue as we have and go extinct or do what we must to survive. Are ideals about equality between the sexes justification for the suicide of our culture and heritage?

Remember what comes from Islam when it dominates a country; hanging of homosexuals, beheadings, hands and feet cut off for minor crimes, stoning to death of females who are accused of adultery, gang rapes as sport. This is our future if we …. or more correctly men fail to act.