Cruz: Insane in the Membrane


Now that Ted Cruz is statistically eliminated as a possible winner of the Republican Parties Primary we can all expect Cruz to withdraw from the race and unite the party around Trump to defeat Clinton in November right? But nooooo. After a though ass whooping in the Northeast Cruz is choosing his V.P. choice. WTF?

I’m pretty old but even at my age I’ve never seen any GOP primary candidate choose their VP before the convention much less choose one when they are getting clobbered in the primaries. And his choice is Carly Fiorina? Seriously? A loser picking an even bigger loser? This can’t turn out well for Cruz (unless the female population in America is just as insane as he is).

What about Fiorina herself what is she thinking? Yeah ok she’s jobless and probably desperate for work but how could she possibly believe that becoming a losers VP choice could possibly advance her political career. She’s supposed to be a smart business woman but accepting Cruz’s insano plan says a lot about her judgement and it isn’t good.

Ted Cruz isn’t just proving how desperate he is to be president he is also showing that there are no lengths he won’t go to for that end. For the last couple of years or so he has been carefully grooming himself as a man of integrity but this moves clearly shows integrity is something he completely lacks. And again this displays his own judgement and it isn’t good.

It’s time to put Raphael back in his FEDEX box and ship him back to Canada where he belongs. He’s a charlatan with a case of snake oil who does not have the integrity to hold the highest office in the land. Obama was a disgrace as a president but Cruz would make Barry look like a church mouse.

Ted Cruz


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