It’s Time for Patriots to Lock and Load


If you currently do not own a gun it is time to go out and buy one and buy as much ammo as you can. I would suggest 4 weapons, a high caliper handgun, a 12 gauge shotgun and plenty of slugs for it, a deer rifle with a good scope, and a slingshot the kind that has a strap that braces it on your wrist.

It is time to stop messing around and hoping everything is going to work itself out because that isn’t going to happen.

America is being attacked on every front. We have terrorists within our nation who are practically immune to the laws of our land, a Jewish run media encouraging radical leftists, Rothschilds trying to cripple our economy, subversive elements within our own government, North Korea desperately trying to start WWIII backed by China, and Muslims doing what they have done since the time of Muhammad which of course is attempting to dominate the world.

Unless you’re a fucking unicorn and rainbow retard you can’t be blind to the writing on the wall. Even George Washington had a vision of elements trying to destroy our republic from all sides and we are seeing his vision come to light before our very eyes.

It is going to come to war and it could be reasonably argued that the war has already begun.

If I’m wrong the worst thing will be that you’ll be well stocked with weapons to protect yourself but if I’m right and I know many of you think I am, you don’t want to be defenseless when the shit hits the fan. You should be prepared for the worst right now. Not tomorrow not next week but right now.

Look I sure hope that everything works itself out and for a time I thought it might but the enemies of our republic aren’t letting up at all in fact they seem to be getting worse. It is better to be armed to the hilt and not need it than to be defenseless in these times.



How to Build an Empire


Who do most people seem to admire the most in history? Except for a few religious men and inventors what we remember the most about our history as a species are the “great men.” Alexander the Great (that last part should tell you something) is admired by most history buffs but in fact he was a failure. Yes he did conquer empires and create his own but what he failed to do was make it last. It only lasted as long as he lived.

What Alexander the Great (you have to say the last part) failed to do was to create a legacy. To create a legacy one must acquire a legitimate wife, have sons, and hope that one of them survives the many perils of life, long enough to replace him successfully. He did no such thing. The only alternative to bearing his own fruit was to groom a successor. This of course is a poor alternative as it is rather likely that your protege will be the one to bring your existence to an untimely end.

It is for the benefit of the people that you wish to rule over that you build or build on (in the case of inherited rule) a legacy that lasts for hundreds of years. This can be partially achieved by continuity of leadership which in most cases is what legacy ensures. Unless of course the child your queen pops out is retarded or otherwise mentally challenged. Any legacy can end in a single generation which might explain why so many of Henry the VIII of England had wives which had to be beheaded. Their lives were not worth the lives of the people as a whole which would be adversely affected without continuity of leadership. Few common people live well or even live when rulers fight over who is ruling.

Ruling an empire is every bit as important as creating one. One of the most important parts is brutal retaliation. Someone screws up badly you skin them alive and light what’s left on fire and do so in front of as many people as you can. And of course there is nothing like decorating your strongholds walls with the skulls of those who have paid your price for their misdeeds. Humans cannot voluntarily sit still so you have to sit them still. There can be no doubt as to who rules.

Obviously simple and consistent brutality will destroy your empire. Unless ….. unless most of the people are living relatively well. People who are fairly content don’t want to be one of their skinned alive and burned brethren. Give a man something to lose and he will behave himself.

Slavery is also an important and often pleasant part of ruling an empire. It is also a part of or an alternative to skinning and burning. The alternative part is obvious as the person to be “punished” might prefer slavery and as a part of, there might be wives and/or children who might starve to death and should be enslaved for their own well being and also in service to your empire. Let’s also not underestimate the value of attractive young women and children. You might not wish to participate with the latter but human history has proven that it is likely most of your royalty do and probably many in whatever clergy you subscribe to so it is very beneficial to have such commodities at hand.

Finally in building your empire the most important part of all is that your enemies fear you. Fear does run an empire after all and that fear must extend well past your empire. Of course eventually you will want to make your neighbors a part of your empire and it is a nice thing when you can convince them that it is in their best interests to do so. They must bend the knee. If not they must eventually be crushed because they will always be a threat as they will want what you have no matter what they say to your face. When you conquer them you must also kill every family member of the ruling class. That should go without saying.

Empires are an important part of humanity. With all the cruelty that must be implemented it provides a stable and relatively secure life for the masses. Left to their own devices they would butcher each other over commodities such as food, coin and women. An empire provides the stability for the masses to live in relative peace and harmony rewarding those who work hard for the empire and destroying those who do not.

All empires eventually fail by failing to adhere to the empire building fundamentals. In time they get soft and may even allow the populace to have a voice in their rule. These weaknesses are guaranteed empire killers. But let us also not forget that the longest living civilizations have all been empires.

American Patriots at War with the News Media


Let’s get real here. BLM, Black Block, and Antifa have all been promoted by the mainstream news media. These news entities have empowered these violent radical groups by going after anyone who even whispers that these groups are violent and subversive which in fact is what they are.

Take Charlottesville as just one of many examples. I have watched dozens of films which have recorded what actually happened there and it is painfully clear that the media has been trying to hide the truth from the American public. Only a complete idiot would have suggested that the violence that broke out was initiated by the conservatives at that event. Not a single MSM news organization has exposed the authorities in Charlottesville for creating situations in which the only result could have been violence.

“Peaceful protestors,” is all we ever hear about Antifa, BLM and Black Block from the press and yet any idiot who has gone to YouTube and seen the videos of Trump campaign rallies or alt left gatherings in numerous cities especially in peace loving California would have to be deaf dumb and blind to believe these leftists are peaceful. They are violent extremists and anyone with more than 2 ounces of brain matter in their heads knows this.

Lately these same people in the news media who have been trying to hide the truth in an obvious attempt to have Donald Trump removed as president have been complaining that they may not be safe from conservatives lashing out against them. Well boo hoo they should be afraid. When you try to subvert the very foundation of our republic you should be running for your life and afraid to stick your head out from whatever rock you’ve been slithering under.

And what about conservative non MSM journalists who have actually been attacked by leftists while they try to report what is actually occurring? Not a peep from the MSM. No condemnation of Antifa for attacking innocent journalists or people. Just the same broken record about “peaceful protests.”

The mainstream media has declared war on the American people and the United States of America. These enemies of the state are only one group that is at war with our way of life. Imagine if the MSM acted like this after Obama was elected president or if conservatives had acted like Antifa after Obamas election. They would have called out the National Guard and machine gunned us down in the streets while the MSM would have promoted it as justified.

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How to Save America


I’d like to remind my American followers that we still live in The United States of America and that still means something even if for a short time it didn’t seem to mean anything anymore. But appearances don’t always mirror what lies beyond the surface.

As Americans we expect adults to be able to exercise a certain level of civility towards each other. For example we greet strangers we run across where other, less than American civilizations do not. We are better educated than most of the rest of the world and we got that way by mostly modeling ourselves after Western Europe with some tweaking here and there like rights to defend yourself and not have to rely on “authorities” and the right to say what we dam well think. It frankly makes us a better people than the rest of this god forsaken planet.

And as Americans we, even as individuals, have a responsibility to behave in a civilized manor not rush to the burning neck tires and butchering of human lives we see going on in so many other countries around the world. What we believe is that the answer to peace, love and freedom lies in debate and a system of representative government that shares power rather than centralizes it.

One of the pillars of the United States of America is that we believe in good sportsmanship which might explain why soccer has never been popular in the states past elementary school. That belief in good sportsmanship extends well beyond the ball park. We are the kind of people who accept our losses and when we lose try to improve and proceed. Like civilized people do.

Over the last year or two we’ve seen a lot of uncivilized behavior in America. The kind of behavior that is subversive and treasonous. This uncivilized behavior has it’s champions on the left, what some might call RINO’s on the right, out of country interests, and the mainstream news media which is kind of redundant to include separately as all television news is leftist or leftist leaning (yes even FOX).

This is a rather large group of subversives. So many people who could care less about America’s integrity or America itself. They would just assume the country break out into civil war and burn to the ground and there is no reasoning with these people not even the ones who claim to be educated journalists.

So how do we stop these traitorous subversives? We behave like Americans that’s how. We stop buying their products, watching their programming, actively support political candidates who haven’t forgotten what it means to be either an American or a statesman. We call, write, fax or in whatever other means available contact our congressman regularly letting them know what we disapprove of but just as importantly what we approve of. This is what is known or used to be known as civic duty.

This massive rioting (or protesting) is not America. Attacking people because….well for any reason really, isn’t American. Sure we had a shady history just like any other nation on earth but we evolved and got better. Some might rightfully argue better than any other country on earth. We don’t have to tolerate this type of behavior either but we do have to act now and for as long as it takes to make it go away.

Make no mistake, groups like BLM, Antifa, the MSM and the Democrat Party among many others are the enemies of America. They would burn the country down to get what they misguidedly think they want.

How we win and save our nation boils down to simply remembering who we are and being active in politics. It really is that simple.

Even God doesn’t understand Women!


Did you know there was a woman on earth before Eve? Gods first attempt at a woman was a gal named Lilith. God had made her independent of Adam and Lilith was a bitch. So much of a bitch that God kicked her the hell off his planet. You’d think an omnipotent being would have seen this coming right? But clearly that was not so. Not so friggen omnipotent now are we.

So gods first attempt at making females turned out to be an epic failure. So he had this great idea. Instead of making her so independent of Adam, he’d make her our of a piece of Adam permanently tying her to him. It seems pretty obvious that God did not consult with Adam before ripping a piece of  his endoskeleton out. How do you convince someone that this is a good idea? Especially after the way Lilith turned out. Maybe Adam decided he wasn’t so lonely after all.

One gets the feeling that God is more into creating than he is into maintaining whatever he creates. The whole man woman paradigm suggests a factory designer who creates something and then gets someone else to make more of them. Make 2 of everything and send them on their way. Kinda makes me wonder whether he actually wanted dinosaurs to go extinct or he just wasn’t really paying much attention at the time.

So anyway God rips one of Adams ribs out with Adam screaming and writhing on the floor …. remember boys and girls the God of old was that mean eye for an eye and kill your sons to prove your devotion to me kinda guy … and makes Eve. God gives Adam and Eve a beautiful home, a peaceful home with shelter and plenty to eat and tells them to fuck their brains out. And just before he sends them on their way to make more of them he gives them but one command in exchange for their lives and their good fortune.

What’s the first thing that bitch does? As soon as God leaves them alone Eve gets bored with Adam and starts hanging around a black snake.

I’ll wait.

Ok that must have sunk in by now and this black snake talks her into breaking Gods one command and boom it all disappears. I would think that at this point Adam creates MGTOW. From his point of view his dad set him up with some skank the first time and a total psycho the second time. How God ever talked him into screwing Eve after that…..well maybe the first few girls were immaculate conception or something and we just don’t hear about stuff like that.

God never really got it right when it came to women. He didn’t know how to deal with the first one or the second and he made them. So what chance does a mere mortal man have of ever figuring them out. Maybe it’s best that we not try. Or what …. you better than God?


Poor Culture in America


If you were thinking this op-ed was going to be about how shitty America’s culture is, well snowflake it isn’t. Parts of American culture are bad and parts are good, very good. The culture on the table today is the culture of the poor. The perpetual poor. Blacks living in ghettos and Whites living in trailer parks among others and why even after more than an entire generation they still seemed chained to their nightmare.

You see all people who remain in a generational cycle of poverty have many of the same characteristics regardless of race. Take education for example. It isn’t always the case that the brightest child in school is showered with accolades from his classmates with the exception of some private schools. Being too smart in school is always bad news but kids from generations of poor families tend to be proud to be stupid. A smart kid is a blessing to a well to do family but to a poor family they are more of a threat than an asset.

The poor also mock the “trappings” of success. Business attire is for funerals. I fact any attire other than blue jeans and tee shirts or a variation at the trailer park, or pants hugging your ankles and a pair of Jordans in the hood and you’re pretty likely to get your ass beat in a poor neighborhood. In both places you”ll find someone named Beaucephus.

There are reasons why poor people are poor and stay poor and it isn’t the “system.” The system provides opportunity, your job is to discover what opportunities exist and which ones you can exploit the most. Period. There are many factors that can make it extremely difficult to climb the economic ladder especially when you’re on the bottom but it is almost impossible then your surrounding culture condemns everything associated with success.

***BREAKING*** Liberals Lose Race War


It’s over. The race war is over the time of jubilee us upon conservatism!

Finally the left has gone much too far and what we are hearing now from a movement that disappears further and further into the fringes is its death rattle. No longer can the left fain the appearance of taking the high road. The Democrats have gone from “When they go low, we go high!” to “How low can we go?”.

In the lefts latest sign of unhinged desperation their “movement” has mirrored Isis in the destruction of historical statues and monuments. Even Americas founding fathers are not immune from the hysteria leftists have done their best to turn multiculturalism into. Oh how leftists love multiculturalism. When using “the children” gets old they can always toss out a few darkies and butch lesbians. Good ole minority plantation.

It isn’t as if America has a ton of historical statues and monuments. It is still a relatively young country. Imagine a movement in Italy that wanted to destroy all the Roman Empire buildings and statues because the Romans kept slaves. I’m sure Italians would be as thrilled about that as a growing number of Americans are so thrilled that the left wants to wipe Americas founding fathers out of the history books. But then again as Italy is being overrun by Negros and Muslims and Negro-Muslims perhaps that will soon be their fate as well.

Politically the left is finished. No one wants any more of the social and racial division promised by groups like Antifa and BLM. No one has time for that kind of nonsense anymore. The summer is over and it is time to go back to work and back to school anyway. Yet in a final act of desperation both the Democrat Party and the mainstream media have aligned themselves with the very groups Americans are coming to despise. A handful of R.A.T.’s (Republicans against Trump) can also be expected to feel America’s wrath when the time comes.

Not all Americans take to the streets when things appear to have gone wrong. Most Americans vote as they did for President Trump, and or boycott news organizations and corporations that align themselves with radical ideologies. Just ask Kelloggs or Target. The further the Democrats push toward leftist ideologies the more isolated the party and anyone who aligns themselves with it become and there isn’t much further left they can go anymore which might explain why they have been struggling to raise money from the people. They have to rely on mega foreign donors like George Soros.

So let us raise our glasses to the death of the Democrat Party. It’s about time the plantation was closed.