John Galt Exposed!


In 1957 Russian immigrant Ayn Rand penned one of the greatest novels ever written, “Atlas Shrugged”. For those of you who haven’t read this book yet it is a must read. The novel takes place in a time not unlike the one we live in presently, in which government makes doing business practically impossible and whatever profits business does make is looked at as entitlements for those who are either too lazy or stupid to make it on their own as adults on the economic stage. As this unfolds industrialists, innovators, and other producers start to disappear shortly after being contacted by a man mysteriously known as John Galt. As these movers and shakers begin to go missing the economic structure of the world begins to disintegrate.

The title of Rand’s book “Atlas Shrugs” is a metaphor for what occurs in her novel. In antiquity Atlas holds the world on his shoulders and he represents the people who create innovation and jobs who in a more realistic context hold the worlds economy and many might argue Western Civilization together. Atlas shrugging indicates that Altas has had enough of holding up the world and allows the world to fall into destruction. So it is in Rands book when the people who keep the economy afloat decide that there is nothing for their efforts and just disappear leaving the parasites and leeches to their own demise.

Over the years the phrase “Who is John Galt?” has become a rallying cry for both capitalism and freedom, both economic and personal. In 1957 John Galt would have been seen as the captains of industry and the owners of large corporations but that can no longer be the view as most large companies and corporations are no longer owned by single entities but by you and people like you who have stock portfolios, I.R.A.s, 401K plans, and mutual funds.

So if John Galt can no longer be considered the captains of industry anymore because they have largely become extinct, who is John Galt? Who has had enough of being accused of everything and having everything taken away from them which they have earned by those who have earned nothing?

It appears from all the evidence that Ayn Rands story is now unfolding before our very eyes and it is important to look at Rands work as a metaphor to see it. The people who created democracy, constitutional republics, capitalism, and most of the innovations everyone now enjoys have just about given up. They have tired of holding the world on their shoulders which they have done for many decades if not centuries to the ungrateful who refuse to acknowledge their accomplishments and instead demand and equal share of what they have not earned themselves while demonizing them. John Galt is a race of people known as Caucasians.

Caucasians are allowing the rest of the worlds races to rape their homes, their culture and their accomplishments and doing so without much of a fight. In fact they are welcoming them to do so and within a handful of decades they will become inconsequential leaving the rest of the world to do as it will.

And what will happen to the world when the innovators of economics and political constructs are no longer the influential force in the world? One simply needs to regard how the rest of the world is to see what will unfold.

Atlas has shrugged and dropped the world from his shoulders and in the near future the rest of the world will see what it has wrought upon itself.


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