Trumps Self Funding Out the Window


Many of Trumps followers aren’t going to be overly pleased when Trump takes what belongs to him. Donald J. Trump is the Republican nominee for President of the United States of America and that makes the Republican Party Trumps party. Donald Trump is the leader of the Republican Party like it or not and he is entitled to all of its vast resources including political funding. He’s earned it and this sword is his to weld mostly as he sees fit.

Trump did what he set out to do. He ran a mostly self funded Republican Primary race and won buy quite a large margin. The general election is a completely different matter. It takes tons of money just for national T.V. spots which are critical in Presidential elections. Bases of operations now have to be spread over the entirety of the United States all at once not just one or a small handful of states. The Republican Party war chest is now Trumps war chest. Get over it he more than earned it.

There will also be Super PACs who are also eager to spend their money to defeat the Democrat Party nominee. Super PACs represent lots of different people like Unions do but without a centralized entity like Unions have. There is no one group to answer to and the Democrats will most certainly rely on them themselves. There are also people like me and you who want to be part of the process and put our money where our mouths are and donate to the campaign. Trump earned this. He got to the top on his own and on his terms and now it belongs to him. And he needs to use it.

This is the reality of the Presidential race here in America. We probably need some kind of campaign reform but do you think there is a chance in hell of that coming from the left? Yeah they’ll talk about it they have for decades now. Maybe Trump will change the way campaigning is done or not but if anyone is going to it will be him. Or another few decades of B.S. Then again maybe we like this show because if the people wanted it to end it would.

So yes Donald Trump will have to take donations and use resources he didn’t have to use in the primaries. Yes the man is very rich but let’s give the guy a break he is doing this and doesn’t want a paycheck as President. Even as rich as he is flipping the bills for 6 months of a general presidential election would destroy just about anyone’s fortune. The people don’t need to be the cause of that. We have integrity. Vote Trump.


We Do Owe Japan an Apology


I read many news stories every day from mostly conservative and libertarian sources and during the last several days these sources or at least the majority of them were trying to create drama around the possibility that President Obama might apologize to the Japanese over the targeting by America of civilians namely the atomic bombs dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The truth is America and her allies specifically targeted large civilian populations during World War II murdering hundreds of thousands of civilians if not millions of them. This is no great secret. In fact the allies weren’t very friendly to civilians even after the war was over with some estimates of up to 1 million people who were starved to death in Eisenhower’s Rineland death camps.

We owe the Japanese an apology but not simply for murdering a few hundred thousand people with 2 nuclear weapons, but for committing acts of war against the Japanese long before they attacked Pearl Harbor. Let’s be clear, preventing any country from executing trade is an act of war. America commits acts of war against other countries all the time from no fly zones to the freezing of bank accounts. In many ways it is fair to say that America is a bully nation that basically picks on countries who can’t defend themselves against us. The United States surely wouldn’t be pulling stunts like that against countries who wouldn’t tolerate it for a second like China.

The United States of America used Japan. FDR wanted in on the war in Europe but the American people didn’t want anything to do with it. Many understood that America had gotten suckered into WWI and wanted no part in another bailout of aggressor countries namely France and England both of whom were responsible for escalating a relatively minor war in Europe into a world wide conflict. One again France and England had declared war on Germany and the truth is most Americans greatly admired Adolf Hitler at that time.


What FDR needed to sway public opinion was an event but not just any event one that would bring the entire country around to attack the axis powers on a global scale. So he started poking the bear. Japan has very little in the way of natural resources and depends completely on imports so FDR started a trade embargo that was crippling Japan hoping they would retaliate and give the President the excuse he needed to join the war in Europe. Japan had little choice but to retaliate and they did and did as much damage as they could. All things considered their attack resulted in a surprising low loss of life.

Now bear in mind that at this point in history radar was the newest technology available to the military and Pearl had a radar station that was able to track the Japanese fleet. On the weekend of the attack FDR told his son in law that before the weekend was over America would be joining the war so he knew what was about to happen. It would be fair to say that it was FDR who murdered those people at Pearl Harbor, the Japanese were simply defending their sovereignty as we would if some country has done the same to us.

Years after the war General MacArthur was quoted as saying that it was a mistake to attack the Japanese. In Asia Japan is considered the mother of Asia who gave her life to put an end to colonialism in Asia (the post war result).

So to some up, America provoked the Japanese to attack and then to make its war go easier dropped 2 nuclear weapons on the citizens of Japan. For this evil we do owe the Japanese an apology.

Citizens Need to Back Cops!


When I read the story about the little boy who begged his father to stop being a police officer a profound feeling of sadness overtook me. Now I’ll be the first to expose and condemn any police officer or police department for any abuse against any person, but I do respect the badge. I know it is a hard and dangerous job that must be done and I’m glad it is a job I don’t have to do.

But I think a lot of folks forget about the husbands, wives and children many of these officers leave behind each day as they gear up to keep the bad guys and girls at bay. These men, women and children never know if daddy or mommy is coming home at the end of their shift and for them that is every single day he or she puts on their badge. I can’t even imagine the kind of stress that puts on a family. And when daddy or mommy doesn’t come home?

I think we as people should do more than just support police officers in spirit. You look at some of the situations these brave folks find themselves in like the cop who had blood all over his face at a political rally in Chicago and you start to realize that there are times that they need more than your good wishes.

As much as I believe (screw the Supreme Court) that the police are hired by us to protect and serve us I also believe that if a situation starts to get out of control it is up to each one of us to protect our police as well. I mean this in a physical sense. If you see someone getting the better of a cop pull your gun or physically help the cop detain the suspect. Shoot the perp if you have to. If you don’t have a gun or are not physically able, get some help and encourage others to help. Let the courts figure it out but in the meantime don’t just stand there and let some police officer get brutalized or even killed when you could have done something to stop it. I think this is our civil duty and moral responsibility. It is our business.

There are a lot of good cops and there are a lot of bad cops but in dangerous situations let’s just assume the best. Let’s make sure that daddy and mommy make it home tonight and every night as best we can. Just like we would hope the police did everything they could to make sure we make it home to our little ones and loved ones.

Climate Change is Small Potatoes for What’s Coming


Something has been bothering me for a couple of weeks now. Here in Florida we are experiencing the kind of day length that one might expect in the summer yet it is May. The more I thought about that the more it bothered me so as with other subjects that I have interests in the ole noggin went to work to solve my conundrum. Was I nuts? Was old age robbing me of my senses? Apparently not because others reported that they too had been curious about this. Now though it is true I majored in educational science in college that was several years  ago and the only answer I could come up with on my own is that somehow earths axis had shifted. Not really satisfied with what might seem obvious I started doing a little research and what I discovered is a bit disturbing.

Earth is currently facing several factors that suggest a potential for upcoming disasters. Reports of plate tectonic shifts and projected increases in such activities seemed to be the hot news in the geological sciences. Eskimos were also reporting that their stars had changed giving credence to my speculation about an abrupt axis and/or earth wobble change over the last year or so. Here in Florida the thunderstorm and lightning capital of the world we’ve been having unusual thunderstorms that are so loud and abrupt that my entire house shakes and even though I’m very accustomed to thunderstorms and they are frequent here the ones this year are extremely loud and earth shaking often one right after the other. I’ve also gotten reports from Oklahoma, Central California, Arkansas, Texas and Germany of similar activities which suggest this might be going on in many other areas around the planet. I have also read several reports that the earths magnetic field, which is a defense mechanism has been weakening as much as 5% per year in recent years and the speculation is that the poles are close to reversing. And finally we seem to be a bit overdue for a semi predictably large solar flare that would in all likelihood shut down most electrical systems on a planetary scale.

Now of course none of these things are even remotely unusual for planet earth and none of these things have anything to do with anything mankind may or may not have done. But what these activities suggest is that we may be very close to experiencing some pretty nasty planetary changes that will manifest itself into a somewhat unusual increase in volcanic activity and earthquakes. The scientific community has also been pretty quiet recently and that has also been noted in several articles I read while I was doing my research. This suggests the situation may be coming to a head and they don’t want people to panic.

What can we do about all this? The simple answer is not a dam thing. If you live near a fault line you might want to consider moving closer to the center of one of earths geographic plates but other than that (unless you’ve built a star ship in your garage) there really isn’t anything you can do about any of this.

You can however prepare for the worst. If we are about to experience some serious planetary changes in the relatively near future you can bet the ranch that if the shit hits the fan you’ll be absolutely responsible for your own survival. Learning some survival skills would probably be a good idea. You’ll also need to stock some supplies for at least a couple of months worth and canned foods are your best bet and you’ll need to be very well armed to protect your supplies. A word of waning here: the government monitors your weapons, ammunition, and food purchases so absolutely do not go to Cosco and buy 20 cases of ravioli at once because they will come with weapons drawn to take those items away from you if the shit does hit the fan. Best to find a place to bury your supplies and arms away from your home and be careful that you’re not observed doing so. This is about the only preparation you can take.

Something is definitely going on. But hey don’t fret you might get hit by a bus before anything happens.

Peaceful VS. Violent Economics


There is a difference between capitalism and socialism or communism and that is violence. Both socialism and communism require force for implementation whereas capitalism does not.

Socialism and communism are totalitarian ideals at their core. If you live in either society you simply are not allowed to pursue capitalistic goals. They want your things for the common good and they are going to take those things away from you whether you like them or not. You are no longer an individual you are just another part of the collective for the common good. This is great if you produce nothing and want to make a minimal effort at life itself but for everyone else it amounts to slavery.

Capitalism on the other hand does not require force. You can live like a communist within a capitalistic society. There are communes throughout the United States where groups of people band together, buy some land and share their combined resources irrespective of who contributes the most or the least to that society. Capitalism and its brother libertarianism are ideologies based on service not violence. In capitalism if you provide a service that others want you will do well. No one is forced to purchase whatever it is you’re selling it is your job to provide something that someone with money wants and at a price they want to pay for it.

In a practical way you can see the peaceful and violent differences between these ideologies play out in this years primaries and in all likelihood in the upcoming general election. Those who want more capitalism and more liberty are generally very peaceful unless provoked and even then show an amazing level of restraint. However those who want to push the country further to the leftist socialist/communist model are screaming obscenities at those who disagree with them and their children, spitting on people, blocking people and even emergency vehicles on the roads, assaulting police officers and threatening more violence and mayhem if they don’t get their way.

This fundamental difference above all others should be more than enough evidence that socialism and communism are violent and dangerous ideologies that should be shunned by any peace loving person.

There is always a price to pay for what someone else is claiming is free. In this case the price for what is claimed to be free is freedom itself.

It is Time Black Folks


First of all you really can’t blame white folks for thinking black folks are bat shit crazy. Never in the history of mankind has a majority race ever bent so far over backwards to try to do right by a minority race in any country anywhere on earth. In fact Barrack Obama would have never been elected President had it not been for all those white voters who were hoping and praying that this man would seal the racial divide and bring us all together as one people. Why else would they have voted for a man who never held a real job and only had a couple of years in the Senate in which he mostly gave speeches and voted present when he actually showed up for work. Why else would whites vote for a man whose names sounds more like a Muslim terrorist than a president and who is in fact a Muslim?

Now I know there are a lot of decent hard working black folks out there and some of you have made your voices heard but clearly no one seems to be listening to you. You are being shouted down by other blacks who have sent race relations back at least 50 years. Your fine, god fearing, good work ethic is being drowned out by the murderers, leeches, and opportunists among you. What is worse is that your young people are following these scumbags because your voices aren’t being heard.

It’s time for you and those blacks who are like you to stand up and scream at the top of your lungs if you have to. And trust me I know this is a major risk for you given the criminal and socialist element among you who are so quick to resort to violence if you step outside of what a PC black person is supposed to think and feel. I get that. But what is the other choice? To allow this farce to go on until there is either a race war or blacks start feeling some real honest to goodness oppression? If things continue the way they are it can’t possibly turn out well for anyone black or white.

No one can fix your culture and community for you. The people who are promoting the “black culture” are promoting the worst of mankind not the best of mankind. I can’t believe that is what you want for your children and grandchildren. Pimping, drugs, prison, gangsterism, abortion are all negatives and you know that. These things were not forced upon your community by white people.

Respect has to be earned and though you have probably earned respect from your coworkers and others who have witnessed your hard work and solid ethical values you know the black community as a whole is not respected in this country not because you are black but because of the behavior and actions of people like Al Sharpton, Barrack Obama, Susan Rice, Bill Cosby, Jessie Jackson and groups like The Nation of Islam, The New Black Panthers, Black Lives Matter and the N.A.A.C.P. These are the people and groups who have set the narrative for your race and it isn’t a peaceful and productive one.

In this ideological battle you cannot afford to be an island. You cannot just sit there and mind your business because if the current black narrative doesn’t change things will only get worse and they will especially get worse for the youngest among you who will either reap the benefits of what you do now or pay the price for it. The time of sitting on the sidelines is over. You cannot stand by while the worst elements among you make your race out to be incorrigible. You are better than that. You deserve better than that.

It is time for the silent majority of blacks to stand up and fight for their race. Not by burning down your neighborhoods but by earning respect and fighting against those in your own communities who are making demons out of you all. You must hold other blacks accountable for their actions within the black community and shun the criminals and sexual deviants who have children without responsibility.

White people have done more for your race than any other race on earth. You were not the only slaves in the Americas and in fact the U.S. had one of the smallest percentages of African slaves of almost any country in the Americas (5%). Whites died by the hundreds of thousands to set your people free because whites knew in their hearts that it was the right thing to do. No we don’t expect you to kiss our asses but we do want your race to be seen as productive, responsible, peaceful and sane. I know you must want the same.

The only truly free man or woman is the one who can take care of himself and his own business. Be that man or woman.

You Bet I’m a Racist and Dam Proud of It


If you’re a conservative you’ve probably been called a racist before.

There is an urban legend that has been floating around for some years now, that the word racist was coined by Leon Trotsky, for the purpose of cowing and intimidating opponents of leftist ideology. In his History of the Russian Revolution Trotsky applied the word racist to Slavophiles, who opposed Communism.

Although it is unlikely that Trotsky coined the word it is likely that he used it in a negative connotation first. That’s right before Trotsky the word racist meant something a lot different than the narrow definition that the social Marxists have decided it should mean and that several dictionaries now claim it does mean. What it originally seemed to mean is similar to nationalism where instead of countrymen, people are proud of their own race and support and promote their race as one might support or promote their nation.

The things is, if you don’t love your own race above all others, if you don’t think your race is better than everyone elses, well that isn’t someone elses problem that is your problem and it is a deep fundamental psychological problem kind of like the problem Bruce Jenner is exposing in himself right now. Bruce Jenner doesn’t like who he is and who he was born to be. Call it god or call it fate but Bruce Jenner was born to be a man and he hates god, fate, and himself.

I love my race. I’m Caucasian. I love being Caucasian and I love other Caucasians more than I love people of other races. I have and will continue to support and promote my people.

This doesn’t mean I don’t like people from other races. This doesn’t mean that I lack compassion for other people nor does it mean I don’t admire their culture or customs. It doesn’t even mean I wouldn’t date people from other races because I have. It means I love myself and those who are like me more. It means I’m much more likely to go to an Irish Bar or an Octoberfest before I go to anywhere that plays hip hop music or a restaurant that serves soul food.

When someone calls me a racist I say “you’re dam right I’m a racist and proud of it too man” because it shows that there isn’t anything psychologically wrong with me at least when it comes to self identity. More importantly it completely disarms them. People only call you a racist when they believe it will hurt your feelings but throw it right back at them and and watch their reaction.

So once again I’m going to say stop playing their game. Love whoever you are and your own people above all others. Support and promote them above all others.

Hell yeah my people are better than yours. Fuck you. Get over it.