Maybe it is Time we Grow Up on Racism. Maybe Just a Little?


I’m going to get right to it. The Knights of the Klu Klux Klan and Neo-Nazi’s are fringe groups who have been comparatively non violent for several decades now. That is a fact. Another fact is that if we look at an I.Q. chart that is all conclusive, we find that there are as many mentally challenged people as there are brilliant people and these 2 groups are going to have vastly different opinions on just about everything. You can’t fix stupid and you can’t fix elitism either. These 2 things are here today, they were here yesterday, and they will be here tomorrow.

It doesn’t take opposite ends of the I.Q. spectrum to have differing opinions either and if we have liberty and are free there can be no thought police. If we have liberty and if we are free we can think whatever we want, congregate with like minded individuals, and basically do whatever the hell we want as long as we aren’t breaking any laws right? If we are free and have liberty.

In our world shouldn’t you be able to love and even hate anyone for whatever reason? And if that is so then shouldn’t you be left alone to do as you please as long as you aren’t breaking any laws? Isn’t that what America is really about after all?

As far as I’m concerned the K.K.K. can light a dozen crosses on fire around city hall on Christmas Day if someone gives them a permit to do so. I don’t need to be there. In fact unless I’m in cuffs I won’t be anywhere near city hall on Christmas day. But that’s just me And just so you know up front, most city halls are closed on Christmas anyway.

I live in Boca and we had the Klan at Mizner Park on I believe was a Sunday afternoon. It was a large venue but only a handful of cars and trucks showed up with some Rebel flags (not Confederate flags) and their sheets and dunce caps. I went out of curiosity as did most of their audience. You could tell who the dragon guy was because he was in green and everyone else was white. They really do need to lose the hats they are ridicules. There was a lot of booing but mostly the Klan got to have their little event and peacefully go home. It was kinda nice that Boca brought out their mounted police for the event at it was kinda festive. Not to mention the elegant shopping and dining right behind the crowd.

As to the crowds reaction to them? Mostly laughter and booing. It was kinda like going to some lame high school play. When it was over I felt less entertained than I had expected to be but I went and made nice with a cop and we spoke about his horse.

That is the way this shit is supposed to go folks. No rock throwing. No armed opposition. Certainly not punching female reporters. What are we fuckin nuts here?

You can’t force people to have the same opinions that you have.

I need to say that again!

You can’t force people to have the same opinions that you have!

As long as they aren’t breaking any laws leave them the fuck alone.


This is The United States of America for Gods sake.

Wait What? Who is Isolated?


So now the mainstream media is trying to claim that President Trump is “isolated” because he didn’t jump through their circus hoops about Charlottesville. Who are they trying to kid? It isn’t Trump who’s being isolated it is the mainstream media.

Personally I don’t watch television news anymore … at all. Not 15 minutes of it. I don’t watch FOX, I don’t watch ABC, CBS, or NBC. I sure as hell don’t watch CNN or MSNBC and the last time I watched PBS it was to watch an Austrian conductor(Andre Rieu) who also plays violin conduct and play ……. cause I used to play cello. It isn’t like I don’t watch T.V.  I do and I wish I watched a lot less I just don’t watch television news in any form. The newspaper is for picking up dog poop and I swear to God that is the only thing I use it for.

Over the last few years I have just stopped letting other people tell me what is news and what is not. I stopped listening to people whose only real concerns were their careers. I got tired of Morton Downey Jr. news. When I was a kid we used to laugh at that shit even as children but today full grown adults buy it like gospel. Well some of them do anyway. What happened was, I learned to seek the news from sources I came to trust. Sources that are right much more often than the T.V. , newspapers or magazines.

I have friends who watch television news. Some of them are bloody retards but a lot of them watch it for the pure entertainment of watching these actors foam at the mouth. As far as isolated agenda’s and opinions are concerned the American people just aren’t that stupid. They just stopped swallowing the obvious leftist narrative. Except for the retards.

The people who are being isolated are the mainstream media and they know it. Rinos and Democrats have been isolated as well. These groups of people have been so isolated that that have had to exaggerate the impact of relatively peaceful fringe groups and hook up with violent radical fringe groups like Antifa and BLM to get any attention at all. We know what they have all done and we haven’t forgotten about it either. We are making them irrelevant and like an alcoholic that tries to justify being a drunk they point their wavering fingers at the people who want to help them and scream bloody murder.


Our Economy is doing MUCH better under Trump!


I always pick my shopping times carefully. I hate large crowds so I choose times in which few people are out shopping like I did last night around 9pm. School in Palm Beach County where I live started a couple of weeks ago so it was a school night and most folks are pretty much done after suppertime during the week.

My toaster took a crap and I like bagels or English Muffins (the corn ones) so not a day could go by without getting a new toaster so off to Walmart we went. I was also interested in picking up a couple of wife beaters and figured it would be a quick in and out.

I wasn’t really paying much attention when I was walking through the store other than noticing a bunch of people stocking shelves which is pretty typical during the off hours when I like to shop. It took about 5 minutes to pick the wife beaters I wanted and another 5 minutes to pick the toaster I wanted and it was off to the register to complete my quick in and out.

There were plenty of registers opened and every one of them had a long like so I decided to go the self checkout root but what I saw there made me discard the items I was going to purchase and head for the door. I just couldn’t believe my eyes. There was a huge line for self checkout. What the fuck? I’m no stranger to this store as I have been living in the neighborhood for going on 15 years. Why weren’t these people putting their kids to bed? Who the hell goes shopping at 9pm on a Wednesday night?

So instead I went over to Target which has been suffering ever since they started allowing men into the womens bathrooms. Even at Christmas this mega store was pretty empty during the weekday as people avoided this SJW outlet.

Well you can forget about a normal checkout line because each one had a line. At least the self checkout line had available units so I swiped my toaster and headed home.

I have never seen this kind of shopping behavior at either store in the 15 years I have lived in the neighborhood. Funny thing about where I live is that it is a shopping paradise with every store and restaurant you can possibly imagine all within a 5 mile radius. Were they all busy like this on a Wednesday night?

I don’t need anyone else to tell me or read any report to tell me that during Trumps brief stewardship America’s middle class is doing a hell of a lot better and he’s just getting started. Much of what he has done hasn’t even made it to Main Street yet.

Man I think this is going to be the best Christmas ever.

The Problem: White Supremacists are Correct


Say what you want about White Supremacists but for decades they have been warning us about a race war and White genocide and clearly they have been right all along. I remember a time when most folks thought they were batshit crazy (I certainly did) but it is hard to disagree with their warnings today.

There is a war on White people. Whether it is mass migration to Europe or the media and American politicians fueling it the Jews and the dark skinned people of Western Civilization want the White race either completely destroyed or enslaved or bred out of existence. Sadly many Whites seem to want the same.

Because this fact has now become so obvious Whites will if they haven’t started already begin to look very differently at groups like the KKK and Neo-Nazis. Who else is actually defending them? No one that’s who. Eventually the choice will boil down to escape or stand their ground and fight and Whites are very good at killing if properly motivated. What makes them the best killers on planet earth is their ability to innovate which they have proven to be capable of far better than the other races.

The race war is here. Let’s not sugar coat it. Every week there is another incident of Black mob violence somewhere in America. Every day there are several incidences of violent Black on White crime in America. Until now the media has done a pretty good job of hiding these facts but they completely dropped the ball both pre and post election and no one trusts them anymore and every day more and more people are out actively seeking the truth. And when they find it they are flabbergasted.

Many Whites will embrace those who wish to enslave and murder them. Many White women with open their thighs eagerly to the more aggressive Black, Latino and Arab men. In fact many White women are already actively working to destroy White men they are called feminists. All of this is driving White men to the only groups who show them any bit of kindness at all.

There is no real alternative either. Do nothing and just wait for their own destruction or fight back.

There will be blood in the streets.

Updated “Kill the White People” Song Lyrics


(insert reggae beat here)

I live in a project in some DNC American city

We got all our neighbors to riot at the local mall in a close by city

We have no money so we had to rob Pizza Hut

We got stolen guns so we don’t even give a fuck

Cause we want to kill the white people


We want to take all of their shit

Kill the white people

But cash my welfare check first


Tinawanda and Taqueeka started to get into a bitch fight

Right there at McDonalds

It was a fucked up Saturday night

But then we saw a minivan pull up to the drive up window

And someone pulled a gatt and made that white ho in the van a widow

Cause we want to kill the white people


We want to take all of their shit

Kill the white people

But first cash our welfare checks


Tryvone go hopped up an drank and decided to beat a beaner

He was so fucking high that night his duty couldn’t be much clearer

But instead of killing a white boy our nigga became a martyred  hero

That night it was Jewish Mexicans one and the cause a great big fat zero

Which is why we must kill the white people


We want to take all of their shit

Kill the white people

But for the love of God cash my welfare check first






What Really Happened in Charlottesville


It’s a story of people. Americans. People who might have a different view of the world than you or I. People who have been marginalized and demonized and silenced in the land of the free and the brave. These people wanted to gather with other Americans who shared their point of view in solidarity. By the highest law in the land these people had every right to gather peacefully as they meant to do.

But then the government stepped in. Image was more important than law. The Constitution could not be allowed to stain a city with a non PC marginalized group. Instead of being issued a permit these Americans had to fight tooth and nail to secure their rights. They did and they won.

Other people, not recognizing their fellow Americans rights, came to the gathering with evil intent.

For a time the event was peaceful in part because the people who originally came to the event were well armed and in part because of police presence. But the people who came to the event with evil intent was 2 groups BLM and Antifa each of which had a long history of violence throughout the nation and the former a history of murdering police officers. A reasonable person might think even before the event began that these two groups would be very likely to be violent given their recent history of violence.

True to form many if not most of the followers of both BLM and Antifa began threats of violence and of course the police did nothing hiding behind free speech, the same free speech that their city had tried to deny the group that initially wanted to gather. Because the police did nothing when the threats began it was not long before BLM and Antifa started throwing big rocks at people, spraying people with pepper spray and even moose urine, and even attacked people with fire as the police disappeared back into the woodwork.

A reasonable person might find a situation where violence was being executed and the police were no where to be found to be extremely dangerous and life threatening. To be honest I was a little shaken just watching the videos of the event prior to the traffic incident that resulted, which we will get to in a bit. I was genuinely fearful for journalist Faith Goldy when 3 or 4 large Black women started following quickly behind her yelling at her and telling her she had to leave just moments prior to the big event. It was also reported that another female reporter had been punched by a member of Antifa. Certainly looked like absolute chaos to me.

Let’s take a moment to talk about who these people the media labeled the “alt right” were. This was not a KKK or Neo-Nazi rally. It is true that there were members of or supporters of these 2 groups at the event but they all weren’t KKK or Neo-Nazis. And even if they were they had a right to be there, they were heavily armed, they never fired a shot or threatened anyone with their guns, nor did they throw large rocks, attack anyone with pepper spray, make threatening comments towards those trying to crash their party, threw moose or any other kind of urine at anyone, or started pepper spraying the people that were threatening them.

The initial violence came from leftists and they did all the things that the “alt-right” didn’t do and perhaps more.

And in that shitstorm of tension and violence a 20 year old kid was driving his car perhaps trying to leave (or not) in a very nice Dodge Charger which by the way may have been pelted with rocks and likely had people banging on that pretty paint job without regard for his property and that kid completely freaked out. Maybe he was mad and maybe he was scared. We’ll hear his story soon enough but a reasonable person might come to the conclusion that his actions, for whatever reason, did not represent the heavily armed people who hadn’t shot people or threw rocks at people or pissed on anyone.

Bear in mind your federal government considers a child to be anyone under the age of 26, because obviously children are not fully responsible for their own health insurance needs, and kids don’t have to worry about that until they turn 27 and apparently become full grown adults. My parents had 3 kids and a house when they were that age but I digress.

The questions that have to be asked are “If BLM and Antifa not shown up at a gathering they were not welcome at, would anyone have died?” Probably not. “If  Antifa and BLM had attended the event and done so peaceably, would anyone have died?” Probably not. “What if the police had done their jobs and swept in and began arresting people who were making threats and causing violence, would anyone have died?” Probably not.

With the answers to the above questions a reasonable person would conclude that what led up to the unfortunate incident in Charlottesville was the the result of the violent left and the ineffective police.

Is this the explanation you are hearing from politicians and the MSM?


Did YouTube Finally Wise Up?


Unless you have been living in a cave in Afghanistan you have heard that YouTube has been demonetizing conservative and/or alt media accounts across the board. In response there has been a shit storm of negative publicity aimed at YouTube for months and lately it has turned into a Tsunami of negative reactions from the people who have accounts on YouTube and also the media. Add to that Googles recent firing of an employee for daring to have an opinion outside of the sickening leftists perversions and …. well.

Something has drastically changed over at YouTube over the last 24 hours or so. Suddenly I’m seeing commercial advertisements on conservative and alternative news sites. No shit seriously. Now of course it remains to be seen whether the content creators are getting any slice of this pie but the simple fact that corporations are having their commercials attached to these videos means that the shit storm is having an effect and that is a very good thing.

Now of course we are still talking about evil Google here and they do own YouTube so this might all just be a temporary change in policy so that the shit storm subsides. That would be consistent with what evil companies do in general. Of course I will continue to promote as an alternative video uploading and sharing platform because I don’t trust monopolies and I especially don’t trust Google.

But hey who knows. Maybe they have just gotten tired of being covered in shit and some of the reactions they have gotten have finally sunken in. A responsible company would have gotten the hint but when was the last time Google or YouTube acted responsibly.

We’ll see what happens one way or the other.