Things Men Should Know: Watches


In this day and age wearing a wrist watch seems almost retarded. Much of the time you’re probably in front of a computer screen and the time is a glace away and there is always that cell phone you never leave home without. It’s right there in your pocket and you know that no matter what, if it’s getting a signal you’re getting the correct time.



Men, real men, men who live their life with direction and purpose wear watches. Why do they wear watches you might ask? First thank you for asking and second if you are asking you might want to write this down.

A wristwatch serves several purposes for men the most important of these is creating his image. What does a man wearing a wristwatch convey to others? It shows that the mans time is valuable to him. He’s probably not going to spend his time sitting around a drum circle singing “Kumbaya”. Write that down if you’re looking for a job or planning to attend any meeting. There is also the bonus of glancing at your wristwatch subtly and often if you’re looking for an escape from the immediate situation. A few quick glances and without even opening your mouth you have established that time is running out.


The kind of watch you wear tells the world a lot about you. A Timex tells the world that your time is valuable, you are a no nonsense kind of guy, and you might be around situations in which a wristwatch might not survive and it’s not worth investing a lot of money into wrist jewelry. After all it is one of the very few pieces of jewelry (a real watch has jewels inside it) that a man can wear.

The there’s the Breitling. Breitling makes somewhat expensive military watches that don’t make you look like you’re prancing off to the Broadway musical. If you hunt around for a bit you might find one for about 3K in a pawn shop or some estate sale. They project success and accomplishment in a manly way and the name is well known in affluent circles. The watch itself is very recognizable. I can identify a Breitling from 20 feet away.


There are also many very respectable watches in the under 2k zone like Mavado, Seiko, Citizen, Tag Heuer, Omega, Invicta, etc. Here’s a little video to help you find one under $1,000.

Aside from the Mavado you want a heavy watch. A Roxlex for example is a very heavy watch because it is a mechanical watch with several jewels inside. A heavy watch will also wear the hair off your wrist so that even in the sauna (don’t wear your watch in the sauna) people will know your time is valuable. Even a $500 dollar watch can be passed on to a son and he’ll be happy to have it especially if you’ve warn it for 20 years and it becomes considered vintage.


Women are also more attracted to men who wear wrist watches just try to stay away from the sports watches. They know that mans time is valuable so they want to take up some of it to validate themselves. Get a watch that looks like you mean business and save your sports watches for underwater cave diving. Many men have several watches for different occasions so wrist watches for men are often a sizable investment. Mavado for the opera or any Black Tie event, Invicta for a business meeting or going to a club, and Seiko for shopping and casual social events is a good goal to set if you’re beginning your collection.

So how do you want the world to see you?



A Message to my Followers

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Prediction: Bannon already gone at Breitbart


I announced several days ago that TNN would no longer be posting stories from Breitbart as long as Steve Bannon was still in charge. Nonetheless I have been monitoring the site regularly because I believed that Bannon’s days were numbered and I wanted to be on top of the story the minute that happened.

For the last several days as I recently reported, there were many negative Trump titles on the Breitbart site. I am now reasonably confident that Steve Bannon has been removed as CEO of Breitbart and that the announcement is imminent.

My reason for believing this is that as of Sunday morning (Jan 7) the tone has changed over at the Breitbart site. There are no handful of stories about the book or the dolt. That’s not Steve Bannons doing. There is no one blowing his horn this morning.

So call your bookie and make some quick cash. I give it 48 hours though it could also happen today to lesson the impact if that is in fact what Breitbart is interested in doing. Monday might suggest they want to throw him under the bus.

Destroying Black Identity


One of the many things the made up language Ebonics and the made up holiday Kwanza tell us is that American Negros have an identity problem. And when a group has to resort to such extremes this problem is obviously pretty serious. Most other racial groups have a pretty clear identity sometimes it is very specific like being Chinese or German and others more generalized like European or Asian for those who bred with other regional cultures.

The issue of identity as in regards to the American Negro population is that it really isn’t an African population in general. American Blacks are hybrids. For example most Caucasians can claim that their entire families linage is from the same continent. I’m not sure that any Negro whose roots go back to American slavery could make the claim that their entire lineage is African. American Blacks also don’t look much like Negros in Africa and just about the only way an African is going to get all buddy buddy with an American “African” is if they think the American has money.

The thing is, American Negros once had an identity in America.

When I was a kid movies and television often portrayed Blacks in comedic rolls in which they made fun of stereotypes made of them. By todays standards this would be considered exploitation and racism. At the time these rolls  exposed Caucasians to Negros in a positive manner. Believe it or not there were places in America where Blacks simply didn’t live. I was in upstate New York and in my entire county there was one Black family. But no one was fooled into believing that this was how Black people were because we had many other examples of Negros on the T.V. that weren’t singing a happy song because they were slaves. Even as a child I understood this as humor and this exposure helped American Negros to get Caucasians to support their civil rights.

Back during these times Negros did have an identity. It was an identity any race could look upon with pride. They had persevered. And they had persevered in grace. I remember seeing Blacks going to church each Sunday in suits and dresses. Even the children wore suits and dresses. They had faith. Negros had to work harder to succeed and tell me if I’m wrong but a good work ethic is something to be admired. Black families stuck together. They had no one else but each other for support.

Of course the Democrats, the same people Negros vote for over and over again got many in the negro community hooked on government subsidies. Like any school yard drug pusher the Democrat Party fed them a little and first and then a little more and a little more until Negros no longer had to depend on each other or work harder than anyone else or have faith. That entitlement mentality has chained people into the belief that they cannot succeed and that someone owes them. Not the most constructive mentality to foster.

You see Negros did have an identity. They had an identity anyone could be proud of. An identity of handling challenges with grace, working hard, close families, and faith.

The Democrats destroyed it all.

TNN to no longer post YouTube Videos


This is an official notice from The Trump News Network.

TNN will no longer post videos from YouTube on any of its pages (Google+/Minds) . This has been a long time coming and it was YouTubes deleting of Colin Flahery’s accounts that was the straw that broke the camels back.

Video content creators are encouraged to upload their videos on which TNN will continue to use.

As long as Susan Wojcicki is CEO of YouTube TNN will never post a YouTube video again.

Breitbart Sucks: Destroying Andrews Legacy


The moment Steve Bannon showed his true colors I stopped posting articles from Breitbart. Of course that does’t mean I don’t monitor the site. I’d like to share with you some of the story titles I found at Breitbart today. Does this sound like the kinds of things Andrew Breitbart would publish? Steve Bannon has to go.

Book Claim: Mitch McConnell Says Trump Will ‘Sign Anything We Put in Front of Him’

Wolff Book: Sec. of State Rex Tilerson Really Does Think President Is a Moron

Wolff Book Claim: ‘Almost Every’ Senior Trump Staffer Says President is ‘Like a Child’

ESPN Refuses to Suspend Katie Nolan for Calling President Trump ‘A F*ck*ng Stupid Person’

ANALYSIS: Michael Wolff Makes the Argument for Removing Trump Under 25th Amendment

BOOK CLAIM: Rupert Murdoch Called President Trump a ‘F**king Moron’

Trump Book Ban Fails as ‘Fire and Fury’ Sales Soar

BOOK CLAIM: Elon Musk Tried to Sell Trump on SpaceX Plan to Colonize Mars

Harnwell: Bannon Is ‘Concentrating’ on Helping Trump Fulfill His Agenda


Anne Rice and Chateaux Des Amerois


Editors note:

I tried writing this op-ed yesterday but when I tried to upload it to my WordPress page it just disappeared. No record of it anywhere not even in trash. This was worrisome and I spent the last 24 hours trying to decide whether to write this again. Such a thing has never happened before and I have to ask whether I got a little too close to the truth or whether it was just a freak anomaly. Regardless I have decided to try this again. So let us begin.

Have you ever heard of an author named A.N. Roquelaure? If you have odds are you are a pervert. A.N. Roquelaure is a fake name used by someone you have probably heard of author Anne Rice. Rice used this name to write a trilogy of books which according to the author herself is pornography and indeed it is. The first in this series of books is called “The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty” followed by “Beauty’s Punishment” and finally “Beauty’s Release.”

Rice’s Sleeping Beauty series isn’t just pornography it is a story of severe sexual BDSM in which young royals are indoctrinated into the roles of monarchy leadership by being used and abused as BDSM sex slaves. These young royals are exposed to sexual situations with men, women and groups to somehow prepare them for their future roles as monarchs. The books do extremely well considering the very small niche they attract and according to Rice the royalties from these 3 books would be enough to keep a normal person well financially. These books are also pretty disgusting and I found it difficult to finish them as many of the scenes described in the books made me want to throw up.

The strange part is that there is such a place as Rice described in her books in Belgium called Chateaux Des Amerois nicknamed “The Mothers of Darkness Castle.” The castle is also often referred to as “Castle of Kings” as monarch “programming” was being conducted there. It has also been stated that Satan worship and the ritualistic sacrifice of children occurred there.  In fact children’s copses were exhumed in a park not far from the castle.

Was Rices story’s actually about The Mothers of Darkness Castle? She mentions 2 things that might be telling. First she did not use her real name initially because according to her “she wasn’t strong enough.” Could it be she just hadn’t gotten famous enough at that point to use her fame to protect herself? The other striking comment that she made was she was interested in what people might find in her books as if there was some hidden message to be found.

I find this similarity between Anne Rice and Chateaux Des Amerois to be a bit too coincidental. Anne Rice is known for her perverted vampire tales and yet writes a story completely out of character and then tries to hide the fact that she wrote it at least for a few years. Was Rice doing what Seth McFarland did in an awards show to Harvey Weinstein and what he did to Kevin Spacey on his TV show Family Guy namely try to get people to pay attention to something sinister? It certainly seems that way to me.

Regardless The Mothers of Darkness Castle should be investigated and whatever truth may be should be told.