Is The Trump News Network Fake News?

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Here at The Trump News Network we like to give you the other news. Now the reason I saw “we” is because many of this organizations followers contribute to this network, some without even knowing they are doing so. By other news I mean the stuff you won’t see on TV or likely read in your morning paper (people still do that?). You know all that stuff they omit or take out of context.

But we are not your mommies. Aside from articles written by The McCarthy Chronicles and a few memes, everything else presented here is the responsibility of various news organizations both conventional and alternative and of course editorials are the responsibility of the individual conventional  journalists and the organizations they represent, and citizen journalists whose works are chosen to be posted on our network.

Whether any of it is true or not is completely up to you. No I’m not saying truth is subjective because it isn’t. What I am saying is that TNN trusts you to be able to make that determination without anyone’s interference. If you’re older you may be able to make a determination of truth based on cumulative life experiences and if you are younger by a few minutes of curiosity surfing on the internet.

You can think of TNN in the same why you might think of Real Clear Politics or The Drudge Report. These are organizations for the most part share news stories and editorials from other sources. Of course they are also rank amateurs while TNN is the shining light on the mountain top but I don’t want to rub salt into their wounds so … moving on.

Because of our trust in you TNN posts stories regardless of topic or even source. One thing I learned very early on in life is that everyone, whether they are a CEO in a glimmering tower or waiting to be executed on death row has some bit of wisdom to offer if you’d only listen. Even CNN and The Daily Stormer has something to offer if only because even a broken clock is right twice a day. If something looks interesting or is well written and well thought out or well researched it is gonna get posted here even if the author is David Duke (who btw holds a Phd). I bet even Moldy Locks has said something brilliant once in her life. Whether she did so on purpose or in a drug induced delirium would be anyone’s guess.

But TNN isn’t for the weak. If you get triggered ….. ever ….. TNN is not for you. If you’re a feminist, member of BLM or NBP, or Antifa, LGBT activist, some gender other than male, female or confused, socialist, communist or believe in any number of leftist dogmas you probably wouldn’t enjoy much of the content posted on TNN sites. Not that we don’t want you around on the contrary, please read stories and watch videos because you need this network most of all. Just a heads up so you won’t start screaming profanities, throwing bottles, killing people, or start blubbering about safe spaces. There are no safe spaces dumbass and if you think you see one start moving in the opposite direction because odds are a mass shooting isn’t too far away.

For the rest of you, yeah I do the best I can to post truth which is why I wait on some stores before posting them but some get away. I posted a show from The Discovery Channel once thinking it was a channel which was scientific and fact based. Imagine my surprise when I discovered a few days after watching their show that mermaids and mermen don’t really exist. So yeah on occasion TNN posts fake news. In fact on occasion TNN posts fake news on purpose to fuck with you and see if you’re paying attention. I’m always a little taken aback by what some folks are willing to swallow.

So we ARE fake news. But we are mostly real news and we believe most of you can tell the difference. #fakenews #realnews

A Nation of Mechanical Retards


I remember when I was a kid men knew how to make things. All kids of things. In fact the only time I ever remember seeing someone who got paid to fix things at my house was when we switched from coal to oil for heating. The house I grew up in was built just before WWI when people were still riding horses. In fact our 2 car garage was originally  a horse and buggy barn with a chicken roost in the attic.

Most kids my age learned how to work with tools by playing with their daddies tools. Yeah our fathers had tools and not the pretty kind that come in the nice plastic carry cases but real worn well used tools. What did we learn to use those tools on? Well our bikes of course. You can’t really do much with a tool and a matchbox car. Plus no one was buying us new bicycles every year or two so if your bike broke you had to wait around for the old man to have the time and inclination to fix it. That gets old fast when your bike is your ticket to unsupervised freedom.

So we learned how to fix our bikes. Sometimes more successfully than others but sooner or later we’d figure it out. I mean it’s a fucking bicycle not the lunar rover. An 8 year old by should be able to figure out how it works. Am I right?

Fixing your bike is the first step to figuring out how mechanical things work. Every kid I knew got in trouble at least once, and in my case many times, for taking something apart and not being able to figure out how to put it back together. It was just part of growing up. As we got a little older we worked on our dirt bikes and mopeds and later on that first junker of an excuse for a car.

These days you won’t find too many kids who know how their bikes work or why they work. In fact even their parents don’t have a clue how to make the smallest adjustments on their kids bicycles. Just put it out there by the curb and off to Walmart for another one. I know, I recently was asked to fix a neighbors adult 3 wheeler that had been sitting in the garage for months and only needed very minor repairs that I would have thought an 8 year old could do.

If you never learn how to fix your bike as a kid it is pretty unlikely that you’ll never learn how to fix much of anything. I mean really if you can’t fix a bike how are you going to fix that plumbing problem. Plumbing is very easy work which I’m sure most of you don’t know. But for most folks even plumbing is somewhere between a miracle and alchemy.

But it gets even worse.

Most of the people I have seen and spoken to who are doing various repairs on my neighbors houses (I like to talk to tradesman because I like to talk about fixing things I’m a man damnit) have what boils down to only a basic knowledge of their trade. Most of them assume that the homeowner is clueless too and pad their bills. I had some A/C guy come out to the house trying to tell me that a sweating drainage line was leaking and he wanted to cut a hole in my drywall. He just about left my house at the end of my boot. No tip for you jackass.

Do you know that a lot of great inventions (if not most of them) are the result of some guy tinkering with whatever tools he had? So who is inventing and innovating now if grown men can’t fix a bicycle or replace the hardware in their toilet tank? Folks this is a disaster and surely falls under the column of national security. But what do we spend our tax payer investment dollars on? Summer camps pretending to be bastions of knowledge for immature brats.

Instead of paying off some irresponsible brats over glorified 4 year summer camp I have a much better idea that will cost the government (meaning we the people who actually work and pay taxes) a lot less than dorm rooms and spring break. How’s this, when a young lady graduates high school she is given a Kitchenaid Pro mixer and the young man gets a wood or metal lathe (his choice). America desperately needs women who know how to be wives and men who know how to be husbands and a woman should know how to bake and a man should know how to fix things.

Or maybe you people with kids could just stop buying your kids new bikes every couple of years and get them a tool box instead and tell them to figure it out.

Stefan Molyneux: Pandering for Gold


Before I continue with this tirade I want to point out that I am a big fan of Stefan Molyneux  and I have been for several years now.

A few weeks ago Stefan posted a YouTube video of an interview he did with some Jewish “researcher” who claimed to have found new evidence about the events of WWII. After no more than a couple of hours that video disappeared from Youtube because of an avalanche of negative comments by Molyneux’s fans.

If you are not familiar with Molyneux he is a modern day philosopher who takes on modern times issues in rather long winded tirades that often requires quite a bit of patience to get through as often his thoughts are less than linear. Given that, it would be fair to say that Stefan’s collective fan base is above average in intelligence not just because he tends to be a bit long winded but because to understand him and the concepts he puts forward requires a higher than average level of intelligence and a broader base knowledge than the average person has or is willing to procure. In essence Molyneus fan base are knowledge seekers not just passive knowledge absorbers.

So why would Stefans fan base be outraged at a post which at its core would promote and confirm the official narrative of WWII? Again we must return to who his fans are as knowledge seekers and not passive information absorbers. Molyneux’s fans, whether encouraged by him or because of their own level of intellect do research themselves as these people tend to have curious and open minds. What this particular video represented to these people, many of whom have done their own research on that war was some pretty shady propaganda. As anyone who has researched this issues knows England had a ministry of Black Propaganda post WWII whose soul purpose was to destroy the German people so anything coming out of England is highly suspect and could and should not be taken as face value. England is where this “new” information came from.

Clearly Molyneux was not aware of this fact  (I assume) or he probably (I assume) would have researched this topic before interviewing his guest who of course would be incapable of being impartial because …. well he’s a Jew and they have their own agenda.

What I fail to understand is why, after several weeks Molyneux has not addressed it. Ok that’s a lie I do understand both why he removed the video after only a couple of hours and why he has not addressed it since and even why he possibly has not researched this himself.

I watched Stephan’s struggle early on as a YouTube philosopher. Watching him struggle to build his fan base and watching him struggle to earn a living doing so. In some of his earlier videos he actually sounded quite desperate trying to get people to fund his channel. It was a long hard road that he traveled before he got to where he is now which of course is a bonafided YouTube celebrity and I’d be the first to tell you that it is well deserved.

Here’s the thing, as a YouTube celebrity and someone who depends on contributions to make a living Stephan has likely learned that celebrity has to be protected. Just ask Kathy Griffith who career has literally been destroyed because of an incredibly foolish act. Here today gone tomorrow and Molyneux has a family to support. He certainly didn’t want to alienate his fan base but even worse he likely knew that if he goes against the official narrative of WWII that Jews would destroy his ability to make a living on YouTube just as they have done to others who question the Black propaganda machine.

What has been seen cannot be unseen. Perhaps this is why Molyneux seems to have round filed the topic and moved on to other topics even though his fan base obviously has an extremely different opinion about what really happened in the first half of the 20th century. But there is a real point to my tirade.

One always has to take the opinions of others with a certain grain of salt and be critical and suspicious of what you’re being told. The basic question of what a commentators motivations are and what outside forces help to shape or alter their comments must always be addressed.

I don’t blame Molyneux for protecting his income. He has a family to support and his celebrity as far as I know is his only working source of income (other than possible market investments), but as viewers of his works we must not just take his words as facts but rather use his videos as the motivation to seek truths ourselves and not just have them fed to us.

And frankly, I believe that he would agree.

The Tide Has turned.


After better than 6 months of a complete mental breakdown by the left the tide is turning. Maybe it took 6 months for the left to figure out that all their protests and outrageous claims didn’t mean a hill of beans at the end. Indeed it would be had to imagine anyone on the left trying to claim any victory at all. Or perhaps it has been the complete shutout of the Democrat party in the 4 state elections since Trump was elected president. Or maybe it was because for the first time in a decade they actually had to deal with real resistance after owning the narrative for so long.  And still maybe it was because many of them suddenly found real jobs because of Trumps magic pen and negotiating skills. Whatever the reason the tide is suddenly changing.

People are being arrested for threatening the president. The MSM is being chastised by some of their own. There seems to be a civil war developing within the Democrat party. And finally the protesters have lost steam and support because of their own violent nature. No matter how you slice it Trump and Trumps supporters have won.

Trump is the only one of any of the Republican candidates who could have weathered this onslaught and survived it without completely folding to the establishment. Without a doubt we chose the right person to become president. We are back on track as a nation to becoming what our Forefathers envisioned and as the last whimpers of snowflakes drift away into the void we have a real opportunity to become great and perhaps greater than we have ever been.

And here we all are now alive to witness the rebirth of a great nation. One that not too long ago was on the brink of becoming another morally and ethically bankrupt Europe.

Yes we need to stay forever vigilant against the power hungry left because they will forever try to rob us of our freedom, liberty, and our very lives. But right here right now we have every right to claim victory. Our enemies have been for all intensive purposes vanquished and it is a new dawn for the beacon on the hill.


I Don’t Buy from Minorities Anymore

Buy Or Sell

As some of you know I do a fair amount of business on Craigslist and OfferUp because I like to restore and customize adult tricycles. One lesson I have learned the hard way is to not purchase from Blacks and Hispanics. Why you might ask? Because every single time I have I’ve gotten ripped off.

The first time it happened I was purchasing a used Miami Sun 3 wheeler. The price was just ok but when I went to go pick it up it looked great. The seller was Hispanic. The tires and rims looked good, there was some rust but there usually is but it looked like it was a good candidate for customization. The seller went on and on about how great the bike was and kept me engaged throughout my visit to his home. He was very nice so I gave him the money packed it up and off we went. About halfway home I was looking at it in the back of the Prius when something caught my eye. It looked like the rear axle was bent. Sure enough when I got home and looked at it closer the axle was bent. The bike would have been totally worthless but I disassembled it and used the axle and rear wheels to make a bike trailer by flipping the axle upside down. An expensive trailer but at least it wasn’t a total loss.

The next time I bought a 3 wheeler was from a Black man. I was a little rough but everything was in order plus it came with a canopy so that was a plus. I had to drive into a pretty scary part of Riviera Beach (ok all of Riviera Beach is pretty scary if you’re White) but the man was very nice and again I packed it up. He was asking $325 and I had offered him $75 because his asking price wasn’t even close to the actual value of the bike. It sat in my garage for a couple of weeks before I got around to working on it and again there was an axle issue. A spacer that looked like a Lincoln hat was missing and when I went to price the spacer I found out that I’d have to buy a new axle for $50 which would have killed any chance of me making any profit on the bike if I chose to customize it and a loss if I was only going to restore it.

Both of these people would have known that these bikes had these issues and both were very good at distracting me while I was at their homes. It isn’t just bikes either but on other items I became a bit more wiley and these were the only 2 cases in which I got ripped off. But in every other instance in which I tried to buy a used item from either a Black person or a Hispanic person these people were trying to deceive me and rip me off. Basically they were trying to sell garbage.

I have not had this issue dealing with Whites. They are always quick to tell me the shortcomings of the products I purchase from them and what if anything might require a repair. They are basically honest with just a couple of exceptions both being women.

I also will not sell to Hispanics or Blacks because I don’t want them anywhere near my home. If they contact me and I even hear a hint of ghetto speak or accent I tell them the item has been sold. I do this because my experience with them on a business level has always been negative.

Now you can sit there and think “man that guy is a racist asshole” if you want but you can shove that up your ass. Remember the definition of stupidity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. I’m more interested in reducing my own risk than bothering with anyone elses idiotic opinions. I have Black and Hispanic friends (or at least I like to think they are my friends) but when it comes to doing business it just isn’t worth the risk anymore.

Just like when I was an investment broker/trader. I did not take minorities or women as clients because they are always problematic (something I learned the hard way) and it just wasn’t worth the risk to me. From my own experience these people completely lack integrity in business. A Hispanic man fixed my garage door. A week later it was broken again.

I have learned the hard way only to do business with White men. Though some aren’t always above board the odds are much higher that when I do business with a White man we both profit.

The Truth About Who is Behind it All


There is a group of people who are behind everything, the invasion of Europe, Antifa, the deep state attempt to remove Trump, inciting riots, social justice warriors, BLM, all of it. And the thing is any dipshit with a brain bigger than a walnut can figure this out. It isn’t like they are hiding. The truth is there for all to see and hear and I shouldn’t have to be telling you this, but for most of you I do. Some truths are just so horrible that most people would rather put their heads in the sand than face a very ugly truth in part because there has been a global brainwashing of the people to avoid justice from being served. In fact the brainwashing is so complete that anyone who publicly speaks out about this group will have their lives ruined.

Let’s see if you can figure this out on your own without having to spoon feed it to you and we’ll do this by taking a test to see if you can get this right.

  1. Who profited the most from 9/11?
  2. Who controls most of the world banks?
  3. Who controls the entertainment media?
  4. Who controls the mainstream news media?
  5. Who has thousands of groups in America to protect it?
  6. Who leads the American Atheist organization?
  7. Who is responsible for WWI?
  8. Who is responsible for WWII?
  9. Who was involved in child sacrifices in Europe?
  10. What group of people did the founding fathers debate about letting them become a part of the United States?
  11. Who established the North Atlantic slave trade that brought Africans to the Americas in chains.

In honor of Spinal Tap I’ll end this list at 11 but I could go on.

Do you know what the answer to all of these questions are? If you don’t you are either a complete moron or suffering from a severe case of cognitive dissonance because the answer is as obvious as the sun rising in the east.

If you answered “Gods chosen people” then congratulations you are not completely brain dead. “Oh but Pat the Jews are our friends!” Is that why they vote overwhelmingly for leftist ideologies? Because they are our friends? Is this how you pick your friends by how many levels of betrayal they lay on you? Perhaps you might be more accepting of the fact if I listed all the congressmen and government officials who have duel citizenship with Israel? What if I listed the RINO’s whose campaign war chests were largely paid for by wealthy Jews even though these same patrons vote leftist? No not even then right?

Because so many of you have been brainwashed since birth you just can’t come to terms with what has been staring you in the face your whole life. Blame the banksters, blame Wall Street, blame the insurance companies, blame Hollywood, blame the mainstream media …… but don’t you dare blame the people who actually control these entities. Because that would require something we see so little of today which is courage. So much easier to sit there in front of your computer screen and just blame some intangible and because of this fear to know and speak the truth these people are never held accountable for their behavior. They continue to do exactly as they please with no chance of being called to the mat over it and they will continue to undermine the West without fear of redemption.

But it isn’t all the Jews Pat? True. And it isn’t all the Muslims who are on Jihad quests or all the Muslims who want to dominate the world either is it? You can’t have it both ways. Either both Islam and Judaism are plagues or neither one of them are. Just because one uses bombs and guns and trucks, and the other uses the media, politicians, and money does not change the results. In fact all things considered at least Muslims are in your face about what they want instead of lurking in the shadows pretending to be our friends.

As long as the plebeians continue to turn a blind eye towards what the Jews have been doing, they will continue to do these things and things will continue to escalate and get worse, much worse. It’s ok though. You can just keep blaming the bankers, Hollywood, MSM, ect. while you watch your civilization being burned down before your eyes.

Maybe the Talmud is correct after all. Maybe the Goy are no better than animals and are here to serve their Jewish masters.


LMAO as the Left Destroys Itself

C9nRbUsUAAAgNUX.jpg large

These last few months since Donald Trump became President of the United States has been the best few months in America’s history. For decades people with open eyes have been shouting from the roof tops that the press has always been nothing but propaganda and that the Democrats have always been working against the values of the United States to mostly closed eyes and minds. Those of us who do research these things and have for years have always known the truth and none of this is anything new to us but to the general population that knowledge did not exist in their wheelhouse.

And we could have gone on screaming on the rooftops while the left convinced everyone that we were just a collection of tin foil hat conspiracy theorists if it hadn’t been for the Democrats and those who support them. The epiphany of the general population finally seems to be taking hold and unfortunately those of us curious enough to do some hard research all the time don’t get to take credit for it. Well maybe a little credit now that people are coming to us for information.

The reason the left is being destroyed is because of the left itself. They thought they had us all over a barrel and after 8 years of Obama’s decimation of Whites and conservatives from the federal government, the left was secure in their belief that they had in fact “assumed control” and would be running things here on out forever and ever.

Then nothing short of a miracle happened, Donald J. Trump decided to really run for president instead of just teasing us with the possibility. Trumps everyman style was a refreshing breath of fresh air to the people, many of whom had completely lost faith in Americas government and in America itself. Instinctively they knew that America was in dire straights and the people were looking for a real champion to save them.

News media sources across the nation realized that Trump was a serious threat to liberal lunacy and globalism long before Trump won the primaries and did everything they could to steer the narrative against Trump but even their phony polls and blatant lies could not save them. It was already much too late. Republicans saw the lineup of 17 or so candidates who were mostly RINO’s and they picked the boldest person on the stage. They picked a real Boss!

Because of the medias deceptions and lies when Trump finally won the plebeians of the left were totally taken off guard. How did this happen? They had prepared for so long. Even while the vote counts were starting to come in the press kept reporting that Trump had no path to the White House and predicted a landslide election in favor of the Wicked Witch of the West. Little wonder these seditionists blew a gasket when they finally realized that their time was over and it was never coming back.

The left loosing its collective mind over the November election is quite possibly the best thing that ever happened to the Republic and certainly without a doubt is the best thing to ever happen in modern times. I would be remiss not to point out that the people who need to be thanked is the mainstream press. Where it not for the press Democrats may have just accepted the results of the election and just went home to lick their wounds but because of the fake polls and the lies convincing them that deathbed granny was a shoe in the left was finally eager and willing to show America its true soul.

Five months of Democrat politicians exaggerations and blatant lies, five months of violence from the left, five months of the heavy dictatorial hand of the European Union destroying ancient civilizations, five months of rioting trying to be passed off as protesting,  five months of watching the press foaming at the mouth hoping desperately to find some way to get rid of Trump have shown Americans what Democrats and the liberals truly are in their hearts and it is ugly, mean, violent and murderous. Any citizen who at this point would even consider voting Democrat should be put in a mental institution and you can expect big losses in the next election cycle for the newly fringe elements of society.

All of these wonderful leftist ideology killing actions, and the best part of it all is they not just did it to themselves but continue to do it to themselves each and every day. It feels like every day is Christmas. Donald Trump has saved America there is no question about that and he can wear that badge of honor if he just sits back and does nothing (which of course he won’t because he’s a hard working man).

So as we all watch the Democrat Party and a host of leftist centric groups completely destroy themselves thank god the we missed the bullet called Hillary Clinton and thank God that the tide has turned and the left has embraced self destruction. Several people have told me that they believe Trumps presidency is an act of providence and as I watch the demons and devils and liars and leeches destroy themselves I can’t help thinking that there can be no other explanation.

Thank you God for blessing America …. again.