Are Women Destroying America?

Most people don’t realize that Barrack Obama was put into office and elected for a second term because of the female vote. The largest voting group in America is in fact women and women overwhelming voted for Obama. That is the truth no matter what bullshit your wife or girlfriend or daughter or mother told you. They may have claimed that they agreed with you that Obama was unqualified or even the Antichrist but when your little darling entered the voting booth odds are she checked off the Black dude. That’s a fact Jack.

It would be nice to be able to blame everything that has gone wrong in America on one or two elections but the destruction of America has been going on for a very long time, one grain of sand at a time.

One of the biggest problems America faces is entitlements and anyone who has studied economics knows that entitlements are a nation killer from the Holy Roman Empire of centuries ago to the fall of Greece (and most of Europe) in modern times. Yet here we are with hundreds of years of evidence that entitlements and economic socialism are the kind of game changing theories that destroy nations and still we keep heading in that direction. Why?

Again we can return to the fact that the biggest voting block in the republic are women and from an early age they are taught that they are entitled to things they have not earned. While junior is out shoveling snow with dad in a blizzard our little darlings are inside their nice warm cozy homes playing with their Barbies or baking cookies. Boys can’t hit a girl even when provoked so some girls think it is funny to try to provoke boys and then cry bloody murder when the boy has had enough and gives her a wack and this carries on to adulthood. Women/girls are entitled to say/do anything they want to men/boys without fear of reparations. As girls blossom into women they learn that not only should they make the same as men in the workforce they are also entitled to free entertainment, free money, free services, free jewelry, free just about anything you can imagine at the expense of men and eventually they are entitled to everything a man earns. Woman in fact control most of the money in the country.

Entitlement is so ingrained into the female psyche that it has manifested into the kind of narcissism that convinces many women that the world does and should revolve around them and their wants. How many women are addicted to shopping? It is rarely their own money that they take with them to the mall to buy clothing and footwear they might wear only once or twice. Oh wait mens money belongs rightfully to them so in their minds it’s their money.

This attitude also bleeds into the destruction of the family. Women feed off of each others narcissism taking care to promote entitlement among themselves. They learn from each other that when they become bored with whoever they are with they can rid themselves of the physical male while still holding on the the majority of his wealth especially if they are smart enough to have children with said male while moving on and picking the pockets of their next victim. Statistics appear to bear this out as 71% of all divorces are initiated by women.

Given the females entitlement mentality who can we expect them to vote for? We can expect them to vote for the politicians who offer them the most entitlements.

What about patriotism and doing what’s best for their country? Are you kidding me? Do they care about their own children and try to work things out for their kids well being or do they convince themselves that children are resilient and that getting rid of the father and limiting his access to his children as much as they can is the best thing for them while hunting for the next walking wallet to loot? Having daddy around too much might get in the way of the next wallet.

Hillary Clinton shouldn’t have a chance in hell of becoming the next President of the United States of America. Her long history of unethical and criminal behavior should completely disqualify her as a candidate yet she is doing surprisingly well in the polls. Why? Because women believe she will do more for them than any Republican candidate  and they don’t really care about her behavior, deceptions and/or criminal activities as long as they get what they want. And they want it all.

Women are largely willingly dependent on men so why wouldn’t they want to be dependent on government?

The only chance Republicans have in getting the majority of female votes in America is if women can be shown that they can get more from working men than they can from the government. That is really what it all boils down to. And if Hillary can convince women that her government can give them more through the further looting of taxpayers and federal entitlements then the race is over and we will continue to slip into the abyss.


INGLEWOOD, CA – AUGUST 24: Beyonce performs onstage at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards at The Forum on August 24, 2014 in Inglewood, California. (Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)

Media Shenanigans: CNN’s Bogus Coverage

Not long after Donald Trump announced that he was holding a separate event from the GOP debate on FOX News we were told that CNN would be covering that event. Clearly CNN’s coverage of Trumps Veterans Aide Rally had the potential of drawing not just Trump supporters but a lot of other people who, out of either curiosity or for purely entertainment reasons would have been interested in seeing what was happening. The event hall only seated 700 yet thousands waited in the freezing Iowa weather complete with snow covered ground knowing they wouldn’t be admitted but only allowed to see the rally from outdoor screens provided by Team Trump. Some people got in line for those 700 seats at 11:00 to wait 6 hours in that weather to be admitted just to be in the vicinity of The Donald and maybe get a glimpse of him as he entered and exited the hall. That is a pretty dedicated group of people. All this unfolded in just 24 hours so you might think the CNN ratings for that event would be …. well you know ….. huge.

But instead of getting to watch the rally what the people who watched CNN Thursday night got was a round table of some of the most nauseating political pundits they could find who mostly sat around making the same statements and asking the same questions over and over again without even the event in a corner screen to provide a respite from the coma inducing nobodies who weren’t even sitting at the same table together. I’m pretty sure that there was more commercial time run than actual rally. I can’t imagine any Trump supporter or even anyone else wanting to see the rally solely for the entertainment value sitting through much of that. Odd how that program didn’t get very high ratings huh.

For those dedicated people who wanted to watch the rally they had little choice but to do so on their computer monitors (at least the ones who could find it) or on C-Span for those who have that service and surfed through all their cable channels and managed to find it. For the rest it is most likely that they just switched over to FOX to watch the rest of the Republican field make asses out of themselves. In that regard they weren’t disappointed.

What CNN did was commit not just fraud by claiming to cover a rally they actually had zero intention of covering properly but they also did a disservice to the American people who looked to them to do so. The fix was in and CNN was going to make sure that Trumps event got the worst ratings possible for his event. Duh! Now every news organization from here to Bangor could make the claim that Trumps rally was a mistake and failure despite the fact that it raised over six million dollars to help Americas war veterans.

As far as FOX ratings go their event was second to the bottom of the debates so far, which works out to about half of the ratings that their best numbers for all GOP debates churned out for this primary season. The worst rating came from the previous debate which was held on FOX Business which has and had a very limited reach compared to FOX News as not all cable companies carry FOX Business as part of their basic cable service.

So here we have CNN in bed with FOX News. Who would have thunk? But this should come as no surprise since we have recently learned that FOX News is only pretending to be a conservative news source and its real agenda is the open boarders progressive liberal NWO policy. No matter how many times they have failed this election season the media continues to believe that they and they alone write the narrative and by hook or by crook they can force us to come around to the kind of thinking they want us to have.

If CNN had any integrity at all their journalists (so called) would be hanging their heads in shame today over the fraud they perpetrated on the American people last night. They of course have no integrity as last nights so called coverage clearly demonstrated.

And the media wonders why Americans no longer trust them and continue to seek out sources on the internet to find their news. Trump wasn’t the big loser last night it was CNN who gave up the chance to earn ratings the honest way and decided to throw themselves under the bus in a fruitless attempt to stop Donald J. Trump at any cost.

We the people are and will continue to be #teamtrump.



Shame on CNN

Tonight (1/28/2016) CNN was to televise the Trump rally in Iowa for Americans Veterans but instead they spend their time with political pundits. Fortunately the event was broadcast live on YouTube and for once YouTube was practicing their heavy handed censorship as usual.

What was CNN thinking? Didn’t they realize they could have made a fortune just broadcasting the event? Instead they spent a bunch of money pretty much condemning Donald Trump. Have they learned nothing? You treat Trump unfairly you can pretty much depend on him treating you twice as badly. If (or rather when) Trump wins the Republican primary they’ll be begging him for interviews and I doubt he’s going to be bending over backwards after they screwed not just him but Americas vets.

But of course this is all just another establishment attempt to fight the will of the people.

America wants and needs Donald Trump and everyone who gets in the way of that will pay the price.

That means you too CNN.


Why Not Donald Trump?



As we get closer to the Iowa Caucus and the throngs of torch and rope carrying news media and establishment conservatives ramp up their rhetoric against Donald J. Trump the question must be asked, “What are they so scared of ?”

Let’s be honest here, these people are acting as if Joseph Stalin or Fidel Castro is making a run for the presidency. Not since Ron Pauls 2012 candidacy have we seen the establishment so bent on killing someones campaign. I read dozens of articles each and every day and you’d think The Rapture was scheduled for next weeks caucus.

There is something satanically wrong with the reaction from the media and the establishment. The Republican Party should be thrilled to have a candidate that is performing so strongly in the primaries against such a large field and one who is not just bringing minorities to the party but people who either have never voted or haven’t voted in years. Trump is a businessman and isn’t the conservative movement all about making things better for business? And as far as the media is concerned Trump is a cash cow who is making even the lamest news organizations rich beyond their wildest dreams during a campaign season. These clowns should be dancing in the streets not lighting torches and calling for the posse.

There is something very deep and corrupt that is being shielded from the American people and they sense it too which is why the more these talking heads react so badly the more Americans are flocking to Trumps standard. They are pulling out all the stops exposing themselves as the evil corrupt bastards we always suspected them of being and now have real evidence to prove. Yesterday we got a piece of just how corrupt the system is when it was reveled that FOX News, the network that claims it represents conservatism, is actually promoting open boarders.

So how far down does the rabbit hole go and what exactly are these people trying to keep from us? It must be pretty awful to go to such lengths to, as so many of them have put it, “Stop Trump.”

The Pesticide that Saved Lives

During the first half of the 20th century arguably the most lethal disease in the world that was responsible for killing millions of people as Typhus. Typhus is a disease carried by insects like lice, fleas and ticks. Anyone who hunts or has pets like dogs in tropical environments knows first hand how quickly these pests can spread and become overwhelming. Homes have been burned to the ground because of tick infestations.

One must also keep in mind that people were not quite as sanitary as they are today. Many bathed once a week or once a month so cleanliness wasn’t considered top of anyones list and in fact simply being clean would have saved untold amount of lives during this time. General Patton commented on the filthy way in which his allies the Russians lived on several occasions.

Typhus spread rapidly throughout Europe especially in areas where people lived closely together and in less than sanitary conditions. As some of you might remember from grade school lice tends to hide in hair so outbreaks of Thypus we often treated in part by sheering people body hair off robbing ticks, fleas, and especially lice from their safe havens on the human body. The body hair would of course have to be burned and if you have ever smelled burning hair you know it is not a pleasant smell.

Thypus was also addressed with 2 different pesticides. The Americans, French and English used a very dangerous pesticide called DDT. Some of you older people might remember DDT from the early 70’s when it was outlawed in America as a pesticide.

The Germans used a chemical called hydrocyanic acid. According to Websters dictionary hydrocyanic acid is:

“an aqueous solution of hydrogen cyanide HCN that is a poisonous weak acid and is used chiefly in fumigating and in organic synthesis”

The  Germans manufactured hydrogen cyanide HCN to fight fleas, ticks and lice infestations in humans and domestic animals under the trade name Zyklon B (the B stands for ‘Blausäure’, HCN in German).

Zyklon B is weak acid and is used chiefly in fumigating and in organic synthesis that could not have been used to murder anyone. To claim that it was is a blatant lie that most people are willing to believe because most people have no background in science or chemistry.

What else have you been lied to about?



Trump vs. Fox: Show or No Show?

Tomorrow (Thursday 1/27) is the final GOP debate before the Iowa caucus and once again FOX and Trump are at each others throats. Trump has threatened to be a no show at the debate and as the clock ticks away people are wondering whether he is actually going to skip the debate all together.

Before we get too deeply into the answer let us make one thing perfectly clear. Donald Trump thinks he is a “very smart guy.” After watching this man for the last 6+ months only someone in extreme denial could claim that Donald’s assessment of himself isn’t 100% spot on. Donald Trump isn’t just a very smart guy he is absolutely brilliant. At every turn The Donald has beaten every political pundit, journalist, news organization, political party and politician at their own games. He has whipped them all like a BDSM master and claiming to be a “very smart guy” is the most humble statement of the century. Trump has proved time and time again that he is much smarter than anyone and America is starting to wake up to that as his numbers clearly indicate. Frankly we should just put a crown on him, call the game and get to work making America great again. Imagine what he would do to our enemies without even firing a bullet at them.

First let’s pretend that Trump is a no show at the debate. Does anyone really think that the entire debate wouldn’t be about him? I doubt the moderators would be capable of asking a single question that the dopes onstage wouldn’t turn into a condemnation of their master. Remember the old axiom about publicity; good publicity is not different than bad publicity it is all good. Without even setting food on the stage his presence would be the dominating presence on that stage and everyone knows it. That is of course assuming that anyone would watch it. Ratings for primary debates have never been so high or even close to this high. People watch to see Donald, gripping on to the arms of their couches and chairs waiting on pins and needles for his response to anything. No one is going to go out of their way to listen to the rest of the corrupt field of wolves.

It is pretty obvious Trump has nothing to lose by not showing and FOX has everything to lose (big big money) if Trump fails to show. American media has become mega revenue entertainment and the simple fact of the matter is FOX can’t afford to see an empty space at the podium where the front runner should be. The dumbest thing they can do is throw all that money away over one “talent”. Is Megyn Kelly going to make up for that financial loss?

Frankly I don’t think Trump is intimidated by Kelly one bit. Trump wants something from FOX. Can you guess what it is?

A while back The Donald said that he thought FOX and the other news organizations should donate some of the profits they make because of his audience draw to a worthy cause and in his mind that worthy cause has something to do with American veterans as he has mentioned several times over the last few months. When asked what he would do with his time if he didn’t show up at the debate he even said that he wanted to have a fundraiser for war veterans hinting to FOX the path to making sure he ascends that stage on Thursday night. Just like Trump Wall, Donald wants some money for a pet project of his and he wants someone else to pay for it and by getting FOX to comply with this demand he will be able to prove to the American people two very important things; one that he is sincere about wanting to do for vets what all those other politicians on both sides of the fence have talked at length about and failed to accomplish and two that he can really really make Mexico pay for Trump Wall.

Perhaps he is not the candidate every American wants but without a doubt he’ll be the president every American needs.


Abortion: What They Neglect to Mention


If you look for womens “choice” things on the internet you might think that having an abortion is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I’ve seen women, some of whom are celebrities so proud of their “choice” that they even don tee shirts proclaiming “I had an abortion.” Some of the Madison Avenue tactics are so endearing if I was a woman I think I’d be trying to get pregnant just so I could get an abortion and brag about it later. It kinda sounds like a right of passage like an inner city Black man going to prison. You just aren’t really a woman until someone has scraped a baby out of your hole.

What never seems to get any mention is what happens to the woman after she has her abortion. As you get older no matter what sex you are you tend to judge yourself rather harshly for the mistakes you have made in life. For a woman, a creature who over thinks everything and whose mind generally runs at warp 10 constantly, it is pretty likely that at some point she is going to regret having an abortion. No matter how good the pro “choice” people are at convincing young women that abortion is the “right” thing to do, eventually that young woman is going to mature and when she does …. well it is pretty hard not to look at abortion as murder. The murder of a baby, your baby by your hand.

The truly sickening part is the level of pressure placed upon women if they do have an unplanned pregnancy. If she’s married her husband may convince her that they are not financially ready to have a child. They would not be able to give their baby everything under the sun and the lifestyle would change radically. Maybe they simply don’t have a house yet and it’s only $350 because the government subsidizes it.

If she isn’t married her boyfriend is likely to do whatever he can to avoid his financial responsibility and quite frankly who could blame him as the courts will sentence him to a lifetime of poverty and probably a few months in jail here and there. He has two choices if she has the baby and both of them will cost him his freedom, so he is going to lay some heavy guilt on her.

If she is a teen she can certainly depend on her parents to ride her about getting an abortion. Heck she is almost out of the house and their responsibility is almost over. This was supposed to be their time. She isn’t going to be capable of supporting the child and they don’t want to go through all of that again they had planned to go to Europe after the kids left. For many teens having the child would result in being kicked out of their parents home homeless and with a child. Even the President doesn’t want either one of his girls to have to live with a “mistake” all their lives.

Then there is the whole “a baby will ruin your body” argument. Yes in our shallow world of perfect princesses a woman who has had a child just can’t compete with a woman whose body still resembles that of a teenage beauty queen. And don’t forget what man wants to hook up with a woman or girl with a baby? Pedophiles and control freaks most likely because sane men don’t want someone elses brat in their lives and have to deal with that kind of insanity forever no matter how hot mommy looks. Oh sure she’ll get laid if she’s hot but normal guys aren’t likely to stick around.

Clearly the pressures placed upon women to have an abortion are tremendous so much so that abortion seems to be the much better option in every case of unplanned pregnancy.

And yet it isn’t her husband, boyfriend, piers, or even her parents who have to spend the rest of their lives burdened with what she has done. In the case of abortion she bears the cross and the pain of what she has done alone. No one else can understand what she is going through when she realizes that she has killed her baby and what she might go through her entire life for doing it.

People claim that having a child can ruin your life but the exact opposite can also be true it can save your life. Having a child means thinking about someone else more than your own selfish ass. It can mean that you are challenged to step up to the plate of life instead of floating through it with a purpose to succeed and do something good with your life. A child can be a god send for every life that child touches. It wasn’t that long ago when almost every child was born to teenagers and most of them turned out pretty well.

Abortion is the real war on women. A war that tells them that they are not good enough to even fulfill what biologically they were created for. A war that tells them that the only things that matter is how their body looks to others. A war that denies them their natural nesting instincts. A war that breaks her and fills the rest of her days with pain and regret and the people who have done this to her are those she respects the most and those closest to her.

Abortion isn’t just scraping an inconvenience out of a womans fuck hole, it is an immoral war against the very soul of womanhood itself. And American society, as sick and twisted as it has become, is replacing real womanhood with mentally ill men who think implants, makeup, and a party dress make them a real woman.

The war on women doesn’t come from the right it comes from the left.