Cabbage Night


I’m not sure what kids do for Halloween anymore. For many years I’d be lucky to get 2 or 3 groups of trick or treaters but this past year it was much better and more families with children have been moving into the neighborhood as more and more of us old farts move to live with relatives, move to a retirement home, or just die off. When I was a kid we didn’t swarm around in big groups so it wasn’t quite so intimidating to potential at home Halloween celebrators.

Back in the 60’s when I was a kid we had something called Cabbage Night which was the night before All Hallows Eve. I bet they still do this in small towns but my guess is most of America doesn’t do it anymore.

Back then Halloween was the one time of year kids could pretty much stuff as much candy into their faces as they wanted which was a stark contrast to the mayhem that was expected on Cabbage Night. Depending on where you lived it was also referred to as Mischief Night or Devils Eve and probably a bunch of other nicknames like the one given to it by elderly people “Those God dam kids.”

Back in the days of the civil rights era, the deaths of John and Bobby Kennedy, MLK, and Malcom among others and with the cold war bearing down on us, drugged out hippies, and war in Vietnam the America people were much more reasonable than we are today with our divisions and illusions. Just look what they put up with.

Your parents would give you a bar of soap and a couple of rolls of toilet paper and the night before Halloween you sneak around and wrote things on peoples car and home windows with the soap and hung toilet paper in the trees of peoples front yards. Of course teenagers would get their hands on eggs and lob them at houses. It wasn’t uncommon to see smashed pumpkin in the streets either. Variations of this tradition go all the way back to 1790 England.

The next day the entire town would be a complete mess with TP hanging from every tree and Happy Halloween written on every car with soap. On Halloween all of the toilet paper hanging from the trees and the shadows they made from streetlights made it all very scary for trick or treaters.

The kids in my neighborhood have never heard of Cabbage Night.

That is probably a good thing. In todays fragmented America they might get shot just for TPing the neighbors tree.


The Stink of YouTube Conservative Celebrity


For some time now I have had a very uneasy feeling about many of the YouTube celebrities that are very popular on the internet among conservatives and even among many that I follow. You may have noticed that I rarely post anything from The Alex Jones Show or Info Wars on either Trump News Network sites. I point this out because I assume most people have noticed that but there are other organizations and individual YouTube celebrities that I used to post frequently but rarely do anymore. My instincts must be pretty good because many of these creators were the same video creators who fell for Red Pill Blacks con job.

What I have been seeing is YouTube celebrities chasing the almighty dollar instead of the truth and it seems to me that the more successful they become the harder they are chasing the payoff. The problem with chasing the payoff is that you end up falling into the exact same trap that the mainstream media fell into. Sensationalism and drama replace truth telling and alt media becomes no more reliable than corporate news. Instead of sincerity we get acting.

This is why I am always on the lookout for new talent when it comes to looking for news and videos for my pages. Celebrity corrupts and the more popular someone or some group gets the more susceptible they are to corruption. I want sources that are working hard for next to nothing not ones that are driving a Porsche, letting some minion do their research for them, and being chased by Paparazzi.  I have faith in the ones doing their own work and trying to make a real impact not just a swollen bank account.

Is Immigration Compassionate?


I understand why people, especially in relatively stable and wealthy countries want to help people who live in unstable relatively poorer countries. It isn’t easy to look at people who seem to have no hope for themselves and their children. As Christians it makes it even harder to sit back while others starve. We have a morality many others do not so perhaps images of struggling peoples are hardest on us of all. You don’t see Arab, Black or Hispanic run nations eager to take in hordes of refugees do you.

We should be able to agree that when we can, we should perhaps help those less fortunate than ourselves. The real question is, are we actually doing anything to help. This isn’t that hard to figure out if we take the politics and emotions out of the equation.

First let’s talk about the cost to the immigrant. Traveling anywhere costs money. Even if you walk hundreds of miles you still need food, at least one change of clothing, and shelter for the trip. Walking is an easy way to get caught. Most immigrants pay someone for the trip across the American boarder. During the Obama regime people from South America would pay $5,000 a piece to get someone to smuggle them across the boarder. How far do you think $5,000 would go in a place like Nicaragua or Venezuela? I bet you could start a business in either of those countries for $5,000.

Part of the issue of course is that many  illegal immigrants aren’t coming to America or Europe to be Americans or Europeans but just for the money. You see this especially with the Islamic community and groups like La Raza. Each of these immigrants who pay for this journey are talking money out of their relatively poorer country which of course in turn makes that country poorer. Additionally the brain trust of the countries are also being drained as the smarter more industrial people of the region move away being the only ones who can afford to do so.

These $5,000 trips are also very dangerous to the immigrants. Overcrowded boats capsize and people drown regularly most often the old and the very young. People stuffed into trucks and cargo containers like sardines often die or become critically ill from the heat, lack of fresh air, illnesses carried by others, and unsanitary conditions in these containers.

So for the immigrant, the trip is extremely dangerous, expensive, and is a financial drain and brain trust drain on their country of origin. These facts cannot be denied.

No let’s take a look at the host countries. Do they benefit? Whether that country benefits or not depends largely on who you speak to. For example while citizens are convinced that mass immigration is the compassionate thing to do, those a bit higher up on the economic and social ladder see it as an opportunity for cheap labor and to help them lower salaries across the board. That’s right government and industry leaders think you should be forced to work for less and they can force this through massive immigration which of course would severely limit job prospects for everyone eventually as well as gross reductions in pay offered because of it. So for Joe and Jane Main Street any immigration is bad news. Industrial and banking leaders and politicians who can manipulate the voting in their countries …… hurray! Do you know of any country that had 100% employment prior to the mass migrations?

Well what about war torn or violent countries? Shouldn’t those refugees be allowed to share in our wealth and prosperity?

What happens if you remove all the women and children from a warn torn nation? There’s no moral reason to ever stop fighting that is what. Stop fighting for the sake of the children? Nope. Protect and treasure our women? Nope. More like kill em all let God sort them out. Why else would the Allies during WWII go out of their way to target citizens?

But that isn’t what really happens. Men are much more capable of taking long and risky journeys so there will always be more male immigrants than female and child immigrants. In war torn regions that means by the men leaving, they are even more vulnerable than they were before. It isn’t just the women and children who suffer either.

How does a successful revolution begin that helps the people who live in any region? How about the American revolution? The Americans really had no place else to go. It was stand and fight or surrender. When people feel they have an escape route they’ll take it and if enough of them take it, cruel and oppressive regimes will remain in power forever. The people left behind. Think about them and tell me how immigration is compassionate. America and Europe can’t absorb the entire planets population.

Although the thought of helping people by allowing them to be a part of what you have is a compassionate point of view the reality is that allowing this is the exact opposite of compassion. It is a burden on the host country, it is a burden on the countries who citizens try to escape to the west, and it is a very dangerous and expensive trip than can result in death, deportation and/or incarceration.

All this even before we discuss things like the clash of cultures and the violence and crime people from counties who are not as warm hearted as those of Christians and whose opinion of life is rather cheap always bring. Always.

The only ones who benefit through immigration are individuals at the cost of their home nations and the host nations eventually causing irrefutable harm to both.

Maybe immigration, even legal immigration should be much more restricted than it currently is. Because in the real world, immigration does much more harm than good.

She just couldn’t Shut Up!


She just wouldn’t shut up and no one loved her enough to bitch slap her. Sometimes a girl needs a smack. Case in point:

Hillary Clinton could have walked away from the 2016 Presidential Election free and clear and a very rich woman. Very rich. Rich beyond her wildest childhood dreams. She was Cinderella with all the trappings of a princess but it wasn’t enough. It wasn’t nearly enough. The prize had slipped through her fingers and Donald Trump was to blame. All of her life had been in pursuit of being the first female president. As a woman she accomplished a lot of firsts but none of them were good enough they were all just stepping stones to the rainbows end.

First it was that dam half-breed. Hillary was supposed to be president in 2008. Everyone said she was a shoe in. The Republicans were finished and it should have been an easy coast to the big chair. She was robbed but it wasn’t over because she was going to be given Secretary of State as a consolation prize which would ensure her win in 2016.

2016 was supposed to be a shoe in for Hillary. The same people who said she was going to be president in 2008 said matter of factly that no matter what she’d be president in 2016. The DNC flat out cheated, huge amounts of verified voter fraud especially in California as well as many other places, the mainstream media was behaving like a super PAC, and with both Republicans and Democrats on her side how could this go wrong. They were popping champagne at 6pm on election night.

Imagine the moment Hillary realized she wasn’t going to be president after all that. Her lifes work gone in almost an instant. A night that zoomed past and dragged on all at the same time. It was over. Over forever and everyone knew it.

They say revenge is a dish best served cold. How could Hillary just walk away? What if Trump got impeached? She’d have another chance in 2020 and maybe if she painted herself as the victim a very good chance. She could be a shoe in again.

We all know what happened next.

If Hillary had just kept her piehole shut and accepted that even if Trump did get impeached she would never become President of the United States she could have walked away unscathed. Her only chance at that now is to die reasonably soon.

Hillary Clinton will go down as the worst wife in history. She made Bill raise Web Hubbles daughter, she was clearly (and may still be) having a very close “relationship” with her aide Huma and it didn’t look like Bill got invited, and she took her husbands legacy which managed to survive impeachment and completely destroyed it. Bill should have bitch slapped that shrew decades ago.

As a politician she will go down as corrupt, petty, and a criminal.

Some bitches just don’t know when to shut the hell up.

PragerU: We Are Suing YouTube for Censoring Our Videos


As you know, PragerU’s videos are available on a number of platforms, one of which is YouTube. And as you may also know, YouTube has chosen repeatedly to restrict some of our videos for violating their “Community Guidelines.”  Those guidelines are meant to protect users against viewing sexual content, violent or graphic content, and hate speech.

As a PragerU viewer, you know as well as I do that our videos contain nothing even remotely close to any of these categories.

To date, YouTube has restricted or “demonetized” 50 PragerU videos, addressing topics ranging from the Ten Commandments to the history of the Korean War.

More than a year ago, we filed a complaint with YouTube, hoping that there was some kind of innocent mistake.

That’s when we were told by YouTube that after reviewing our videos they determined that they were indeed “not appropriate for a younger audience.” Of course, we have this in writing.

Think about the millions of actually inappropriate videos on YouTube and then ask yourself, “Why is our content restricted?”

Unfortunately, the answer is rather obvious, isn’t it?  YouTube has restricted PragerU videos for only one reason: Ideological discrimination.

Of course, YouTube is owned by Google, which was founded to, ironically, “Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

YouTube has made some of our most important videos inaccessible to the very audience PragerU seeks to reach: young people.

Let me be clear: they don’t like what we teach and so they intend to stop us from teaching it. This kind of censorship is what we have seen on college campuses for years. But it is far more dangerous in this circumstance because the internet is where the world goes to get informed.

Can you imagine if the left owned the internet the way they own our universities?

Can you imagine what the world would look like if Google is allowed to continue to arbitrarily censor ideas they simply don’t agree with? 

Well, this is why Prager University filed suit again YouTube and Google. We are not fighting this only for PragerU—we are taking this on for America and possibly the world.

Now, I have to tell you … this was not an easy decision.

Over the summer, former Governor of California Pete Wilson — who has been a longtime supporter of PragerU — approached us and posited the idea: “We have to sue them,” he said. “Google is hubris.”

Those words weighed heavy on our entire team as we considered our options.

Obviously, a fight with Google will be hugely difficult and costly, and we hate the idea of deploying energy and resources away from producing more content and reaching new audiences.  We simply cannot do that.

So, before taking any such action, we decided we’d attempt a more diplomatic approach one last time. On the one-year anniversary of Google blocking our content, or the “BANniversary” as we had come to call it, we renewed our complaints to YouTube and re-circulated an online petition urging Google to change course. Many articles have been written and many people, including many very prominent and influential people, rallied in support of our cause. To date, well over a quarter-of-a-million people have added their names to our petition.

What was the result of our efforts?

Nothing. YouTube ignored us. In fact, they have since restricted 11 more PragerU videos.

With our hands tied, we knew Governor Wilson was right—Google’s hubris had to be challenged.

So, we have built an all-star legal team, including Governor Wilson’s Law Firm, Eric George, Alan Dershowitz, Barak Lurie, Kelly Shackelford, Mat Staver, and more.

It’s an impressive group, because this is an important case; not only for PragerU, but for the fundamental American right to freedom of speech.

But this is not going to be easy and it isn’t going to be cheap.

Despite the fact that our amazing attorneys have agreed to reasonably cap their legal fees, there will be additional personnel, research, marketing and public relations costs to PragerU.

This case will be tried in the court of public opinion as much as in the courtroom, and we intend to win in both venues.

However, we cannot deplete our operating budget to fight this case. Thanks to you, PragerU has reached more than 1-out-of-4 Americans on the internet. Sixty-three percent of them are under 34. We plan to continue to focus on this growth and reach 3 out of 4 Americans. We can’t let up now.

We are fully committed to the lawsuit but we won’t let them slow the growth of PragerU.

This is why our board of directors and many staff members have donated, in addition to our annual gift, to what we are calling the “YouTube Action Fund.” Dennis Prager, Allen Estrin, and I have all given extra this year.

Now, here is how you can help:

  1. Please go to our website and sign the petition against YouTube censorship. It already has nearly 300,000 signatures; please add yours if you haven’t done so already, and ask 10 of your friends to do the same.
  2. More importantly, please contribute to our action fund if you can, over and above your planned support for PragerU. Our initial goal for the legal fund is $1 million, and we think we can reach that goal with your help.

Many of you have already given so generously and I am embarrassed to ask for more. But if you think this fight is important please support us in whatever way you can.

It seems like a lot to ask…until you consider how much we have to lose.

Perhaps Goliath could teach Google a little bit about where hubris leads … when a David comes slinging.

Thank you, and God bless you.

Marissa Streit
CEO, PragerU

Donate to Prager University

Nov. 4th: Doomsday for Antifa


By now you’ve probably heard that Antifa is planning to ignite a communist revolution in America on November 4th, 2017. According to several sources members of Antifa have been training in hand to hand combat, with knives to stab people at protests and buying and learning how to use guns. Antifa actually brags about this kind of stuff.

A lot of conservatives have been wondering why the Trump Administration has allowed Antifa such a wide birth. The truth is Antifa is supported by the Democrats, the media and many local Democrat and RINO authorities. In Europe it is much worse with in many cases like Germany Antifa is actually supported by leftist governments. Clearly Hitler got that one right.

Had Trump aggressively gone after groups like Antifa, BLM and Black Block the deep state would have probably had him assassinated or allowed him to be assassinated. First the swamp had to be drained to the point that the swamp finally realizes it’s days are over. It has taken almost a year but that is finally happening. Hollywood, the strongest group against Trump has been completely exposed as sick and perverted. The DNC and Hillary have been exposed colluding with the Russians on both the election and in backdoor dealings  over weapons grade uranium. The press is the best outing of all. They dropped the ball on everything and anyone would be a fool to believe anything they say anymore.

And here comes Antifa making their move right on the heels of it all. Recently it has been reveled that The Department of Homeland Security has labeled Antifa (and other leftist groups) as domestic terrorists. You can bet government agents will be at the ready on November 4th in all of the locations Antifa is bragging about making their last stand.

Make no mistake this is Antifa’s last stand in America. One of 2 things will happen. Either hardly anyone will show up signaling the end of Antifa in America or mobs of Antifa with be swarming the streets and true to form destroying property along the way and causing physical harm to anyone who stands in their way or anyone can can label a “Nazi” or “fascist”.

Given everything that has unfolded in the last few weeks I think Antifa will be in for a huge surprise if their event is as successful as they hope it will be. I’m quite sure federal agencies have already infiltrated Antifa, is well aware of their plans, and will be ready to deal with them harshly if they cause any violence at all. Which if they show up en mass they will as they have always done. And now they have guns so they won’t be getting any quarter from the feds. Federal agents don’t give a rats ass about their feelings.

So as far as November 4th is concerned I suggest you get a 12 pack and nuke some popcorn because one way or the other November 4th is probably the last day of Antifa in America. Good riddance.

Stop with the Recreational Sex already


I’m starting to think the entire human race is batshit crazy. When did having sex become so important that everything else takes a backseat in our society? For what 5 to 30 minutes of banging away? The hell with my job, the hell with my family, to hell with the future.

Take a look at most young people in America. They have their entire lives to make something out of themselves and what do they do? Pretty much go out of their way to catch an STD. The men will spend a fortune in bars trying to get lucky. Could these funds not be better spent in investments, their career or even a better car or living arrangements? Or maybe they could just save the money for a rainy day.  But no they will piss away their future just for 5 minutes behind the dumpster in a bar. Or worse yet hit on or let women hit on them in the workplace. That is always a quick trip to career purgatory. This applies to all you girls too because we really do know how much money you waste to look like sluts when you go out.

And what about the women? Hey it’s girls night lets go out and get blasted and end up doing some guy behind the dumpster of the bar or blow some guy in the parking lot in his filthy truck. Oh yeah baby good times. Just throw the whole idea of family and kids out the window because who is gonna wanna breed the local bar fly anyway. Well you’ll probably get pregnant eventually and then you’ll have the choice between murdering your own child or being a single mom. For 5 minutes behind the dumpster or in the backseat of some strangers car.

Listen people I’m going to feed you a red pill here. We are not mindless animals that have to bend over or stick it in someone just because we have such natural urges. We are sentient human beings who are capable of rational thought. Sex cannot be the most important thing to rational people. Rational people don’t risk their health and fortune and reputation for 5 minutes of sweating and moaning.

And look guys women may be doing you left and right but the right kind of women, the kind that will be your friend and have your back even during the worst of times are never going to hook up with a guy who doesn’t have control of his sexual urges. Just like you don’t want to be with some skank that has had 10 different dicks inside her. Did you hear that girls? Good guys who want to settle down don’t want most of you. Let that sink in. Just because they want to bend you over the couch doesn’t mean they wanna stick around to meet the parent. Actually most men that want a family prefer a virgin no matter what B.S. they told you to get you in bed.

The truth is you people who are screwing around, even a little are not suitable prospects for marriage and children. It really is that simple. And if you don’t want those things go right ahead and turn yourselves into disease laden whores for all I care. But someday you might want that home and family life to be yours and being a sex fiend is one sure way that never happens.

But it is not my fault it is Disney and the media and the culture! When you are not responsible for your own behavior you are a slave. There are other people out there who had the same influences in their lives and they aren’t sluts.

Try this instead. Concentrate on your career goals if you have them and spend your time and money on that for a few years and see for yourself if your life doesn’t improve. If you’re a young girl who wants to have a family choose a boy who has potential, a original nuclear family, a good strong moral foundation, and has the potential to care for you and your children. Don’t worry bout your ages my folks got married in their teens as did most of the people who had kids in my day. If your cherry hasn’t been popped then keep it unpopped but do make the guy wait either way. No one respects a slut.

Life really isn’t that hard if you don’t succumb to your animal desires. You have the potential to die happy, to create wealth, to raise good healthy well rounded children, and every moment you waste and every dollar you waste chasing tail or being chased as tail is one more moment out of your life you had to be a better person and a better citizen.

There’s a better life out there if you want it.