England is to Blame for the Downfall of Europe


When Germany came to the aide of its friends at the start of WWI both France and England saw Germany as a treat to their extensive empires. The Germany army was strong and had France and England not declared war on them there would not have been a WWI at all in fact the war that started it would have been over very quickly. But both France and England got schooled by the Germans for interfering and were both losing the war badly as was Russia who was also involved. Germany, which didn’t really see either France or England as true enemies offered them both peace the terms of which were that all things would return to the way they were before that war began. This was probably the best peace offering in the history of warfare.

This offering however was humiliating to the two nations who had both been the controlling entities of Europe for centuries. Both countries still had massive empires and losing to Germany was akin to England being beaten by the American revolutionaries. So when the leading Jewish banks from mostly Germany came to England with promises of financing England’s war effort and also promising Americas involvement for a little scrap of land in the Middle East, England welcomed them with open arms. It only cost America 150 lives through the sinking of the British ship Lusitania which at the time was illegally trafficking arms shipments from the U.S. to England to get America involved in the conflict, yet even with Americas help no Allied troops ever breached the German Boarder. For The Jewish bankers betrayal of Germany they were rewarded with the Balfour Declaration which eventually led to the State of Israel.

When WWII broke out with Germany’s invasion of Poland it would be hard to call that invasion unjustified. After WWI large areas of Germany were carved up and much of Germany’s former territory was given to Poland. In fact part of the land given to Poland separated Germany into two unconnected parts. If that wasn’t bad enough after the war Poland had designs on Germany and to that end had tried to get France to join them in not just invading Germany but completely conquering Germany splitting the country down the middle forever wiping Germany completely off the map.

To add insult to injury native German people who after WWI found themselves to be a conquered people and part of Poland were being systematically abused by the Polish government and the Polish people. Thousands upon thousands of murders, rapes, torture, and the destruction of homes and businesses belonging to these Germans are well documented. Polish snipers also had great sport shooting German refugees who were trying to escape to what had then become a much smaller Germany.

Initially Germany under Adolf Hitler tried to work with the League of Nations a European version of the United Nations to resolve the issue offering several different plans through diplomacy but to no avail. With no relief from the international community and Poland threatening Germany boarders, Germany had no other real option than to invade Poland which obviously they did with extreme efficiency.

Once again the empires of France and England could not tolerate an equally strong Germany and declared war on Germany ensuring another war for the world to fight on their behalf to protect their dominance as world powers. England most of all desired another war with Germany long before the first shot was fired as some of Churchill’s statements indicate.


To ensure that Germany was forever to be the sniveling nation it has become today the victors of WWII picked up on a lie told by the Jewish Communists in Russia to try to distract the world from Russia’s own slaughter of between 40 and 60 million of its own people namely the Holocaust. The plague that devastated¬† Europe during the first half of the 20th century Typhus, was turned into the Holocaust and a pesticide, Zyclon B was turned into cyanide and claimed to be used to exterminate 6 million Jews. Two things should be noted here. First the International Red Cross has never claimed that more than 500,000 people died in Germany’s detention facilities (most according to them from Typhus) and second that according to the Jewish World Dictionary no significant loss in the population of the Jewish people was evident. Six million Jews represented about 1/3 of the worlds Jewish population at that time.

So here we have the situation in Europe today born from the seed of the Balfour Declaration in which Germany is still an occupied nation controlled by a shadow government due to the treaty of Geheimer Staatsvertrag enacted on May 21, 1949 which robs Germany of its ability to govern itself until 2099, committing cultural suicide driven by Zionists and with it taking the rest of Europe along for that suicidal ride to hell with millions of Muslim African and Middle Easterners destroying what little is left of Europe’s culture. Population estimates confirm that Europe will be dominated by Islam sometime within the next 20 or 30 years.

We could blame Jewish bankers for this entire mess and be quite justified for doing so because they held out the carrot but it was England that took the carrot. No one forced England to take the carrot instead of the generous offering of peace from the Germans. It was England’s arrogance and greed that set the wheels in motion and it is ultimately England who is to blame for beating down the German people until they weren’t even capable of protecting themselves from their own annihilation.

Now look at England today. The empire is long gone and Muslims have taken over large areas of their little piss ant island. I don’t cry for England not one tear. What is happening to England today and what will continue to happen to them in the future is richly deserved. Karma has prevailed.




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