College Doesn’t Make You Smart

As we watch university’s disintegrate across America many of us have begun to wonder if this generation of college students, who we have lovingly labeled as “Snowflakes” should be going to college at all. Even worse we have to ask ourselves whether our current batch of college professors are even qualified to educate them in the first place. The reason we must now ask these questions is because of the incredible amount of pure ignorance coming not just from the spineless little Snowflakes attending our colleges and universities but the unprecedented level of ignorance regularly displayed by their teachers.

Take economics for example. Capitalism is the newest economic theory to ever come down the pike and granted America has become less and less of a capitalistic nation as the decades have unfolded but it would be impossible to make a genuinely logical argument that capitalism, though not perfect, has not done more to improve mankind’s lot than any economic model that has ever been perceived. Because of capitalism millions of people are being fed, sheltered, and have more liberty than at any time during the history of the human species. Yet instead of celebrating capitalism’s monumental achievements our universities and colleges are teaching almost the exact opposite. Surely most professors would benefit greatly by being encouraged to retake history and civilization courses which they have clearly forgotten. A few classes in Freidman based economics wouldn’t hurt either.

How is it that professors and students have becomed so dumbed down that even obvious truths seem to allude them? It is as simple as the nose on anyone’s face, secondary education does not make anyone smarter. I know high school drop outs who have a better grip on economics than many professors that hold masters and doctorates.

So what does college actually do for the student if it doesn’t make them any smarter? Given the juvenile attitudes and opinions of many college students today these institutions of higher learning seen to be little more than elaborate day care centers. We have come to believe that an 18 year old man or woman is still a child and we see this in the Affordable Care Act that seems to consider people children until they surpass the age of 26. It wasn’t that long ago when societies believed that pubic hair and menstruation were the signs of adulthood and in comparison we seem to be encouraging a psychological illness known as arrested development.

The truth about college is that what it teaches is largely memorization and practicing certain rather fundamental skills and a college degree regardless of the level of that degree has become little more than a piece of paper that confirms that the student has memorized a certain level of information at best and at worst has learned to game the system. What college does not do is teach critical thinking skills. If you want to learn that you’d be better off learning the game of Chess and playing it often.

Colleges and Universities in America have become what our primary public school systems have become which is literally socialist/communist indoctrination centers. Our little Snowflakes are learning to embrace not reject the seven deadly sins and to blame others for their own shortcomings while your tax dollars are used to encourage this abomination. They are learning to feel entitled instead of driven towards their own success and given the tools to make that happen.

In today’s secondary education environment I would have serious reservations about encouraging any child of mine to go to college. They would be much better off learning a trade like plumbing or HVAC than signing up for what passes as an education these days. In fact just about any cheesy trade school would provide a much sounder foundation than wasting several years of ones life being indoctrinated into believing that historically failed economic and social constructs are something new or superior than what made America a once great nation. Colleges and universities waste students valuable time on subjects that have nothing to do with preparing them for the economic realities of graduation and at least a trade school gets right to the point and does so quickly and efficiently enough to get a driven persons foot in the door.

Before sending your young adult off for several years of extended childhood, sexual experimentation, spring break debauchery, and a lifetime of debt it might be a better idea to send them to night classes at your local middle school or high school where they can learn the basics of things like accounting in just a few short weeks and at a very low cost which will serve them so much better than “women’s studies” or any of the other silly requirements that will serve your prodigy in no valuable way when they are off on their own. Better yet encourage them to get involved in telemarketing for a few years first so they can learn how to correctly judge the people and situations around them because no one can make a living in sales believing the PC crap now being taught in America’s secondary schools of (cough) learning.



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