Once You Go Black …….


I’ve been thinking about writing on this subject for several moths now but no matter how I thought about framing it, it always sounded like it was going to be a racist rant. Then I remembered my time in the investment world. In the investment world they don’t care if something sounds like it is racist or sexist or considered some kind of phobia they can’t afford to give a crap about such nonsense. In the investment world you have to make deals to feed your family and the more deals you make the better your family is fed so there is no room for anything that even remotely resembles political correctness. They only care about what is true and what is not because you can’t make deals on rainbows or unicorns. It is what it is.

I remember it was almost 20 years ago the first time I heard the expression. I was in between jobs working as a telemarketer in a home improvement outfit pitching cabinet refacement demonstrations to people who were trying to eat their dinner. There was an interracial couple at the office both anyone would consider above average in attract-ability, in their early 20’s consisting of a young Black man and a young White woman.

One Saturday afternoon most of the crew was taking a 15 minute smoke break minus the Black man, and his White girl was bragging to her girlfriends about how hot her Black boyfriend was. Eventually, whether true or not, she made some reference to the size of his junk and then proceeded to say something along the lines of “You know what they say, once you go Black you never go back”. Funny how quickly a groups aura can change from the humorous to the uncomfortable. After a few moments of silence a New Jersey Guido (flamboyant Italian American) chirped in “Because we won’t let you” and of course everyone burst into laughter and then she said “What does that mean?” genuinely perplexed, and then the laughter became so uproarious and I’m quite sure a couple of the ladies might have wet their panties just a little. By the way it was a very mixed racial group of people.

As funny as that day at an otherwise insanely boring job was, it does highlight a topic most people are afraid to discuss openly which of course is interracial relationships. My greasy headed, garlic breath wannabe gangster friend was absolutely right, there are very few White men who with enter into a relationship with a White woman who has slept with even one Black man. He’ll never get the thought out of his head and even if, during the rare instance that he might date a White woman he knows has slept with Black men that relationship is doomed to fail. Part of the reason is because White men have a love/hate relationship with White women, they don’t like the way they are treated by their women so when they watch porn it is more about humiliating the White woman than it is about watching her having sex with someone that looks like his friend or boss. So what kind of porn do they tend to watch (other than lesbian porn)? They wanna see one or even many Black men with 18″ tools tear apart a pretty young white slut. The kind they could never hope to score (or maybe the kind that looks like an ex girl who dumped him). And they wanna see her beg for it. This is not an image a man wants for his wife or even girlfriend. Even worse if his friends find out he’ll be known as the guy who can’t do better than a Mud Shark.

Now before you go all half cocked about racist White males, this phenomenon isn’t exactly a White phenomenon. Asian men will rarely touch an Asian woman that he knows has been with Black men and the same goes for most men of non Black races. A lot of Hispanic men are the same if their women date anyone outside of whatever the heck the Hispanic mix is supposed to be.

The point is, if you’re a non Black girl or non Black woman and you do think about sleeping with a Black man make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. If you prefer Blacks in general and you expect that will continue throughout your life then by all means follow your dreams. But if you’re a White female and you’re just trying to make daddy mad, or get back at an ex, or just see that one in a million Black man that you find attractive be aware that there may be no road back. There is also a 71% chance that if he gets you pregnant you’ll be a single mom (good luck hiding your interracial escapades after that) and a 33% chance that you’ll contact genital warts which you’ll have for a lifetime of fond memories.

Oddly the reverse isn’t true. White women won’t turn a White man away for a relationship just because he has slept with Black women. In fact with many White women it might actually be a good thing.

These are just the facts Ma’am.



A World Without Christmas


There seems to be a war on Christians around the world. Atheists, Muslims, Jews, Agnostics and others taste the blood in the water of a muchly fragmented religion that has more different sects that a fur tree has branches. The beliefs and histories of those attacking Christianity in various forms and methods appear to be incontestable.

Yet once a year it is Christianity that brings people together all at the same time to celebrate joy, good tidings and that worships the act of giving. Not taking, not killing not martyrdom, but giving unto others as God gave unto the world with his ownly begotten son (holy crap I’m sounding like a preacher).

Could you, would you want to imagine a world without Christmas?

Without Christmas we’d have nothing to whine about in July when the Hallmark Channel started it’s first B-rated Christmas shows of a season several months away. Instead of Dad hanging Christmas lights and watching football while Mom cooked Thanksgiving turkey, Dad would just be moping around the house before and after the game. And you can forget about the Thanksgiving Day parades that are always more about Christmas than Thanksgiving. No lights and decorations in towns all over … the world. No happy children hoping for gifts when it isn’t even their birthday. No Santa or Rudolph. No Carolers.


Vendors all over the world (even in places where Christmas is mostly verboten) depend on the Christmas season to survive and feed their families. What about all the great sales? I got a great deal on a 55″ LG TV last year that would have cost me significantly more without the sale putting it into of my price range. How about all those manufacturers, shippers, wholesalers, retailers, and jobs that would go missing?

I like tinsel. I like dressing my home up in pretty colorful blinking lights and I also like that sometimes it isn’t that way. Without Christmas they would either be there or they wouldn’t you wouldn’t be climbing ladders risking life and limb more than once.


What about the food? Oh my God Christmas food is the best food of the entire year no matter what country and culture you are in. If you pigged out the way you did during Christmas all year long you’d be a diabetic that weighed 400lbs. Would anyone drink eggnog if it wasn’t for Christmas? If it wasn’t for Christmas fruitcake we’d have nothing to hold our homes doors open with.


The point is that no other religion that has ever existed on planet earth has offered so much happiness and joy to so many people in so many places. Even for people who aren’t Christians. I once worked for this Jewish guy whose wife would put up 3 Christmas trees every year (even one in the garage). Whether you are Christian or not it should be your business to shield it and protect it because in so many ways it positively affects your life and the lives of your family, friends, and associates. Christians have given the world one moment each year of hope, happiness and joy and no other group can make the same claim.

Christians deserve better than what they have been getting.

Money: Why You Can Never Make Enough


I was at a Christmas party recently when someone asked me “When it is enough?’ referring to how much money is enough money. You hear that same comments from the left, often as if there is something wrong with acquiring wealth. As if wealth is a bad thing. Well money may not buy you love but I’d rather cry in a Bentley than in a Yugo. Maybe that is just me.

My answer to their inquiry was met with faces that were full of shock and dismay when I told the people I was sitting at the dinner table with that it is impossible to make enough money. Impossible to make enough money you say? That is exactly right.

What would or could you do with a million dollar? How about a billion dollars or even several billion dollars? Of course you might buy a big house and a handful of luxury and sports cars (and who wouldn’t) but of course at some point you’d spend about as much on yourself as you possible could. So what would you do with the rest?

The first thing you might do is start a business or perhaps even several of them as Donald Trump has to help protect the money you have and even make some more. Those businesses would not just create jobs for many people who might not have jobs but they would also benefit other businesses around them. Restaurants would likely get a lot more business and they too might hire more staff creating more jobs. Car dealerships and auto repair business would see an upturn in business again creating more jobs. And of course then there are vendors selling and maintaining phones, computers, office supplies, raw materials … the potential is endless and some of these places that would benefit through expansion and job creation might be hundreds and even thousands of miles away from the businesses you create. Isn’t that a good thing?

How about charities? Not only can you donate money to charities that desperately need your help, if you are a substantial donator you are also in a position to be a watchdog and make sure that your donations go to where they should be going and not get eaten up by administrative costs. That is a lot of power to have and you can make a big difference to hundreds and thousands of people.

Politics is also another area in which you can have a huge influence with your money.

Sure you can stay poor and bitch and moan about all the other rich people who you think aren’t doing enough with their money or you can man or woman up, make a fortune and show everyone that you can make a real difference in our world instead of  taking to the streets and destroying what someone else busted their behind to make.

Protesting  never does a dam thing but money is power … real power that in the right hands can change the world for better or worse. If you want to be the sword of justice or positive change in the world your first step is to go out in the world, bust your arse and make your fortune. They call that being successful for a reason.


The Lefts Hatred of America


Prior to the election on November the 8th many speculated that Trump would win the popular vote but lose in the Electoral college. Both Julian Assange and George Soros stated publicly that this was the likely scenario. It was then and only then that the left and the mainstream media demanded that Donald Trump accept the election results and again all this occurred prior to the election. As it turned out the exact opposite was true however whether Hillary actually won the popular vote is debatable considering the massive voter fraud of illegals voting illegally and in several cities around the country voter fraud by the left has been uncovered with Democrat pollsters finding themselves in handcuffs in the back seat of a police cruiser.

Now only a great fool would be focused on the popular vote when it is the Electoral College that has the final say so Trump focused his campaign in the areas which offered him the best chance to win electoral college votes. Duh. What would have been the outcome had Hillary won those votes and lost the popular vote? The hypocrisy of the left knows know bounds.

But this Op-ed is about how much the left hates America so let’s get right to that.

The Second Amendment is one of the most important amendments to the Constitution according to the framers of our Constitutional Republic. Our founders believed that the people should always be in a position to take over the country by force if the government failed to act in the best interest of the people or if for any reason the people believed that their government should be disbanded and replaced. We all know leftists work tirelessly to assault this amendment. The underlying reason is of course because leftist policies must be implemented by force and doing so is much easier when people are defenseless.

Today our First Amendment rights are also under attack by the left and RINOs who are angry because they are no longer relevant and no longer control the narrative unopposed. Leftist social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are thrilled to promote this farce hiding behind the fact that they are private entities and can limit freedom of speech at will which all 3 groups having so done repeatedly. You have the right of freedom of expression just not on the internet because somehow the internet is not viewed as a public space. YouTube does the same thing by denying advertisement revenue to posters who do not tow the politically correct line.

And finally leftists want to do away with the electoral college so that only big cities full of people on government assistance, illegals and leftists will ever be able to determine who becomes president locking out everyone else.

The left is about control it always has been. In Europe there is very little in the way of freedom of expression in the socialist states whose socialism only exists because it is propped up by America in the name of defense. These countries could not afford to continue their socialist programs if they had to pay 100% of their own defense or have to bail out their own financial institutions (America did that) after the housing market collapse of 2008. These people are forced to keep quiet in most cases when it comes to questioning the actions of their own governments ie: leftism by force.

Leftists now see the stranglehold they have had on America for the last 8 years slipping away. They didn’t just lose the presidential election they lost elections across the board and across the country in state elections as well. They have never experienced and ass kicking like the one they got on November 8th ever.

Some people just want to watch the world burn and in this case the left would rather see America burn to the ground than give up control. Right now they are in panic mode grasping at any straw they can but it gives the whole country a chance to see who they truly are and for that America owes Donald Trump and all of his supporters the debt of gratitude. The lies have been exposed. Leftists are not peaceful, loving, or empathetic they are violent, full of hate, and don’t give a dam about this Republic and everyone can see this clearly now.

But they never learn. They still believe they can get their way by force lying and cheating their way back to a position of dominant political power. They dug their own grave and if they continue on this course which is very likely, the only thing they will destroy is their own ideologies and credibility … which is just fine.

Keep up the good work leftists. We can’t destroy you without the help you are so eager to give.


Proof: Journalists are Clueless about Economics


I’ve been reading a lot of articles over the last several days regarding the Federal Reserves intent to increase interest rates during Trumps first year in office. First let me point out that these interest rates determine how much the FED charges other banks who want loans from them.

Throughout the Obama regimes entire stewardship the FED has kept interest rates at near zero in an attempt to support failed economic policies of the regime. The Japanese did the same thing for years with disastrous results. By keeping interest rates near zero Japan was able to avoid painful market corrections that would have hurt them in the short run but would have eventually resulted in economic growth. Instead, by falsely propping up their economy unnaturally by manipulating their interest rates Japans economy flattened and growth ( a requirement for a healthy economy) stagnated. Having traded currencies on the world stage for several years I saw this first hand as trading the Yen became a suckers folly.

Many in the media (especially on the right) are trying to make the case that the FEDs recent announcement regarding up to 3 interest rate increases during Trumps first year in office is an attempt to derail Trumps presidency and nothing could be further from the truth. Even if you do not have much of an understanding of world economics this should sound like nonsense to you.

The FED is a cartel of banking firms who, like any other business seeks to profit. Like any other business it will charge what the market can/will bear. So if the FED has very low interest rates one can deduce that the market is weak because it cannot bear more. Consequently if the markets are doing well the FED can charge more for its loans because the market can bear it. Just like any other business.

The only reasonable conclusion that can be made as a result of projected Reserve interest rate hikes is that the FED expects the economy to improve significantly and given their announced 3 increases very rapidly and we are already seeing the seeds of this potential economic boom unfolding as companies have been announcing more interior investments and jobs coming to a neighborhood near you soon. And of course the domino effect will be that other businesses will profit and expand because of what these companies intend to do.

The FED raising interest rates is a great thing and don’t let anyone try to convince you otherwise. It is a clear sign that Trumps election has turned the economic tide and that the 93+ million American workers who have given up even looking for work have new hope and that very soon they will be able to enter the workforce again.

Donald J. Trump claimed that he would become the greatest job creating president in history if elected. He isn’t even the president yet and that promise sure seems to be being kept. Just imagine what this man is capable of doing for the people once he actually takes office. It just warms the heart doesn’t it!


Is the Establishment Insane?


As we near the day the Electoral College votes for Trump it is starting to become pretty obvious that there are establishment forces attempting to steal the election from Donald Trump and the People. At this point one is forced to ask if these people are insane.

Exactly how to these people think things will pan out of they succeed? Do they honestly believe the people of America will just take this coup lying down or that somehow the next day it will just be business as usual? If they do they are fools.

An election coup on December 19th or any interference by the Obama regime would undoubtedly result in the end of America. It is one thing to be upset with how the election turned out and quite another to steal the election outright. The people they would be stealing the election from are most likely the best armed citizens in the nation.

Already this narrative is making America look the fool to the world.The level of corruption within Washington and the press is humiliating.

We are 5 days away from either confirming Trumps election or the beginning of the end for America as a nation.


Trebuchet Idea Returns


Last year when Trump declared that he would send illegals back across the Mexican boarder the idea of using the French trebuchet as a cost effective way of sending these criminals back across the boarder was promoted. This idea gained a great deal of support as even after the Great Trump Wall was completed the ancient weapon would still be able to clear the wall sending illegals back to Mexico where they had violated U.S. federal laws. Unfortunately the type of wood required was only available (ash trees) in volume in the Bavarian forests of Germany limiting the amount of trebuchet’s which could be constructed and effectively killing the plan.

Prior to the presidential election several celebrities claimed that they would be moving to Canada if Trump was elected president. As we all know Trump won the election however not a single person who threatened to move to America’s hat has packed up and moved. People should make good on their promises and if they won’t do so on their own accord it is the consensus of the majority of Americans that they should be rounded up and shipped off the Canada as they previously promised to do.

The trebuchet is back on the table exciting several workers unions who see an opportunity to return many of their members who have lost their jobs during the 8 years of the Obama regime back to work. Several union leaders have been seen going in and out of Trump Tower in New York City vying for the opportunity to build trebuchets once again as a cost effective method of disposing undesirables such as progressives, socialists, and communists (yeah we all know they are the same thing).

To be clear the trebuchet method is still just on the drawing table but many are hopeful that this time it will succeed as the Germans have clearly surrendered their nation to migrating hordes of vicious killers and rapists. This of course frees up the Bavarian forest ash trees for construction making the trebuchet method viable once more. And of course since the progressives/socialists/communists are a much greater threat to America than illegals firing them across the Canadian boarder has become an immediate priority.

Updates as soon as they become available.