Trumps Cabinet


People seem to have some major misconceptions about the kind of cabinet Donald Trump should be putting together. Trump has never pretended to be interested in forming any other kind of cabinet than he is putting together now. In his own words he has stated on more than one occasion that he is interested in capable people not nice people. The Democrats had “nice people” and you see for yourself how that turned out for America.

Donald J. Trump is a businessman not a politician. He isn’t trying to make you or I happy with the cabinet appointments he makes. He is looking to get things done. Consequently he is seeking the best of the best for his cabinet positions regardless of how he personally feels about these people.

Take Mitt Romney for example. He is far from being the darling of the voting masses and he was more than a little vocal about his opposition to a Trump presidency. So why does it seem that Trump wants Romney as Secretary of State? As I recall during the 2012 election Romney made several international predictions that ended up coming true. At the time he was mocked for saying such things. The fact is Romney knows his shit and he is a businessman and regardless of how any of us feel about him it is a pretty good bet that he would be effective in such a position. Certainly much better the Hillary Clinton who seemed to view the post as an excuse to travel the world with her brat.

Doubtless there will be cabinet positions filled with people I personally don’t particularly like. Maybe you too will find some of these people less than desirable.

But I don’t think we the people elected President Elect Trump so that we could drive from the backseat. He has shown us that he understands where our true concerns lay and already even before taking office we see things improving almost overnight in some areas. We elected our leader and now it is time for us to follow the leader we elected. He’s got 4 years to prove to us that we were right about him.

Second guessing his every decision when we are not at the negotiating table with him does no one any good. Donald Trump is my President and unless I see something catastrophic occur due to something he does I intend to give him a pass on any decision he makes until I see for myself the results of those decisions. Maybe you should too.



Jill Stein Punks Hillary


Hey you remember Jill Stein dontcha? She was that Green Party (roflmao ikr) Presidential candidate. You probably wouldn’t have ever heard of her if it wasn’t for the fact that just before the election took place Ms. Stein condemned Hillary Clinton as a war monger who would think nothing of sending nukes to anyone who resisted the will of the U.S.A. I’m pretty sure she even stated that if America elected Hillary there would be a third world war not long after. It certainly seemed as if Stein has crossed the Rubicon and had given her sigil to Team Trump.

After the election with riots in the streets of many major American cities Jill decides she is going to stage a recount.

Now before you start calling Dr. Stein batshit crazy …. ah yeah she’s a physician. In fact Dr. Jill Stein graduated from Harvard and in addition to her medical studies also studied psychology, sociology, and anthropology. Stein practiced medicine for 25 years and was also an instructor of medicine at Harvard Medical School. The woman is no dummy. In fact given her studies in psychology, sociology, and anthropology it would be fair to say that she would be an expert on how to manipulate people. Only a great fool would underestimate such a person. She is obviously up to something.

To be real here nothing Jill Stein could do would at this point jeopardize Trumps inauguration. Not a dam thing. But it was epic level bait for someone Stein seems to loath. Yes Stein got just enough media coverage especially from the right to get Hillarys attention and that’s all it took. As soon as Steins “movement” looked like it might gather a little steam crooked Hillary hopped on board. If you wanted to destroy the Democrat Party you couldn’t have come up with a more effective finishing blow.

On a social level Hillary has proven her word(s) mean nothing as she did in fact concede the race to Donald trump. The Democrats also share this label with her as she represents them as their leader (or former leader) and the bat shit crazy Democrats (journalists, politicians, SJW etc.) come across as not just unpatriotic but as enemies of our way of life. They also sound extremely desperate.

Then there is the can of worms Dr. Jill opened up. Because of what the good Doctor has done over the last several days there will be multiple investigations both public and private into voter fraud and election rigging across the United States and this will go on for months if not years cementing the general public against such tactics and the public demanding justice for everyone involved. There was a tremendous amount of voter fraud during this election with dozens of people being arrested and charged across the nation. President Obama suggested that it was ok for illegals law breaking aliens to vote so the number of phony votes could be staggering especially in places like California or even Massachusetts.

All of the voter fraud of the 2016 elections would have gotten swept under the rug just like the voter fraud of 2008 and 2012 but not this time. This time the voter fraud issue has legs post election not just during an election. And guess what. The democrats have been getting away with voter fraud for so long now that their overconfidence ended up in Project Veritas videos which severely damaged the party and if a nationwide investigation does take place which quite frankly is already moving forward the full corruption of the Democrat Party (not just a few at the top and bottom) will be exposed to the world. Man that is an extinction level event.

By sucking Hillary Clinton into her money making scheme (which she clearly lifted from the Clintons) Dr. Jill Stein is bringing down the house on election fraud and the Democrat Party. Hallelujah!  And god bless you Dr. Jill.


I’ve Changed my Mind: Lock Her Up


A few days ago I wrote an Op-ed in which I suggested that America not prosecute Hillary Clinton. The election was over and Mrs. Clinton suffered humiliations galore as her well honed career was crushed by a TV reality show host. Well thanks to Jill Stein I’ve changed my mind.

The truth is Hillary doesn’t give a shit about America. What exactly does her little recount going to accomplish? Nothing. She conceded. It doesn’t matter if the recount gives Clinton a 75% lead on Trump the woman conceded the race. It’s over. The fat lady finished singing and the curtain came down.

The only thing Clinton can hope to accomplish at this point is to cause as much interior turmoil as she can. If the partisan hacks overseeing the recounts can come up with some excuse to claim Hillary won then Trump would be forced to sue every state Hillary won for a recount as well. January 20th could come and go without a new president and with Obama still in office doing his best to finish the job he started ie: destroying America.

Going high eh? This is scumbaggery at epic proportions. With such a low regard for the welfare of her own country Clinton isn’t just disqualified from being president (actually she should have been disqualified because of the laws pertaining to her e-mail scandal) one could argue that her quest to undermine the voting process qualifies her for treason.

Well Hillary you had your chance to walk away. Even Donald said he didn’t want to hurt you. Do you think he still feels that same way? I doubt it.


My 1965 Schwinn Bike


I was all of 5 years old when my parents took me to the little Montgomery Ward store in our one horse town to get my first real bike. Yup I was a big boy now and it was time. Up until then it was paddle cars and trikes. It wasn’t even my birthday or anything and I got to pick it for myself.

As soon as I saw that orange beauty I knew I had to have her. Ok so she was wayyy to big for a small 5 year old boy but I could not be deterred (it was orange) and if I couldn’t have that one I didn’t want a bike at all. It wasn’t that I was spoiled. This was 1965 and parents didn’t spoil their kids. It was just part of my personality that I knew what I wanted and never wanted less. My mother offered to get me a car when I was 16 but it was a four door and I turned her down flat. It was another year of walking in the hot Florida sun or riding a bike before I bought my first car with my own money and it sure wasn’t a 4 door.

So after a bit of carrying on the salesman convinced my parents that I would grow into it and my cheap ass father saw less money he had to waste on the kid long term so they put a set of training wheels on it and I literally had to climb onto it even with the seat all the way down which made the handlebars higher than my shoulder. It was practically a chopper. I suppose a 5 year old kid wanting a chopper was pretty unusual in 1965 but I was always a strong willed kid.

Well my dad got the financial windfall he hoped for. I rode that bike until 1974.

My fathers financial windfall aside that bike, that 1965 Schwinn banana seated orange beauty was the most important “toy” I even had as a kid. You might think that if a bike lasts 9 years it is well taken care of especially if it is owned by a child. Nothing could be further from the truth. I beat that bike like a red headed stepchild. We really didn’t have a lot of toys back then. My bike a few matchbox cars. Christmas was socks and underwear. So there really wasn’t much else to do but play on our bikes.

Being the opinionated, strong willed and stubborn I had to have the best bike and be the best at riding bikes. We rode our bikes everywhere even in the woods which were never far away. Racing down hills and locking up our brakes and I was a total daredevil taking risks no one in their right mind would. Consequently my fathers financial windfall was short lived as I went through tires and tubes and tire patch kits like crazy. But I learned how to take the tires off the rims and patch up tubs. Behold my baby steps into becoming a pretty skilled back yard mechanic.

My bike wasn’t just my childhood iron horse it was my canvas. When the original paint mostly chipped away I painted it red. I think I painted it quite a few times often with model paint. As I got older I wanted more of a chopper look so I cut some aluminum from some old lawn furniture (gee I think it was used or was that one of those times I got my ass beat?) and made fork extenders out of them and boom chopper. Eventually the extensions came off because the one undeniable fact about choppers is that they don’t handle very well.

My bike was my freedom. It was a chance to get completely away on my own without parents or siblings wanting something from me all I had to do was peddle away. And it was my vehicle to juvenile fame as I indeed gained a reputation as one crazy kid on a bike. At some point I stopped using the handlebars most of the time. It had become a part of me and I didn’t need to put my hands on it to tell it where to go anymore.

At 14 my mother decided it was time for her young man to get off the kids bike and get something suitable for adults.


I kinda wish I had kept that old bike. But I kinda wish I kept every bike I ever had. The Schwinn was special. She wasn’t just transportation she was everything.

Power, Sex and Morality


There is a certain school of thought that believes that the amount and type of sexual encounters anyone experiences is based on availability to the individual. The more situations that arise in ones daily, weekly, monthly, etc. lives that have the potential to turn into sex the more likely that the individual will have more sex with more different partners. In fact some believe that if you put yourself into such situations in the first place you are in fact seeking sex and with as many different partners as you can. This of course would be a primary human trait to ensure procreation and it is perhaps the strongest trait among all humans regardless of relatively minor variations in the species.

So we have established that the more available sex is the more often it occurs.

Some of you might remember how exciting it was the first time you had sex. No doubt you were experiencing many different emotions throughout the entire process from pre to post. In general sex is exciting especially if it isn’t a common thing in your life. Unfortunately the more you have sex the less exciting it becomes and as it becomes less and less exciting many (if not most) turn to fetishes to help make it interesting again.

From time immortal the well to do among us have been pushing sexual diversions into some pretty deplorable areas. This is nothing new and it will likely continue long after we are gone into the ashes of time. After all these elitists can have sex on demand. The world will never run short of young women who will give up their bodies for comforts. And still even young women at ones beck and call are not enough if you have them all the time or young men as well for gays and cougars.

I could go further down the rabbit hole of sexual perversions but I am confident I have gotten my point across and also confident that as adults you are familiar with many perversions even if you do not partake in them.

Putting the #pizzagate issue aside for a minute perhaps the narrative being pushed on this situation is the wrong one. Oh I’m not saying that the people involved shouldn’t be in prison that is not the narrative I’m talking about. The one I mean is the one demonizing the well to do. My guess it that if anyone reading this had the same opportunities for sexual encounters as say Madonna or Elvis ….. ah but for the grace of God. I think it is fair to say that many if not most people given the same opportunities would far just as fall down the well of perversions as even the politicians and Hollywood celebrities always have.

And that is what this Op-ed is about, sex.

Sex is the most sought after and most potentially destructive element in the lives of humans. It has pitted family members and best friends against each other. It is used to manipulate and blackmail. It is responsible for the deaths of millions of unborn humans. Its excesses have destroyed lives both literally and psychologically. It is the roots and cornerstone of slavery. It destroys careers and even nations. Is this the reason some religious beliefs regard sex as solely for procreation?

Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t have sex or shouldn’t enjoy sex. Might as well cut the twig and berries off if no one is going to use it. Who needs that junk flopping and bouncing around all the time anyway. No sex is good but too much sex can be very bad and sex with people you’re not supposed to have sex with is even worse. It also must be pointed out that one of the reasons historians believe the Roman Empire fell was because of sexual perversions and then of course there was post WWI Germany where sexual perversions ruled the broken nation for years before someone put a stop to it.

What we have in the West is a serious problem with the moral fiber of the people in general regardless of what economic or political class they are in and the further we slip down this slippery slope the closer we are to our own demise (as almost occurred during the current regime in the U.S.). We have to change the narrative and the nations focus away from sex and toward some other goal. And as I have said many times before … as a nation we must return to church and do so every week so that we and our families can be reminded each week about what is right and what is wrong because obviously too many people think they know the difference but don’t. Does anyone really want to see America turn into the Berlin of post WWI?

It took a grass roots effort and independently thinking people to get Donald Trump elected president of the United States of America against all odds and it will take a grass roots effort to bring morality back to the nation. Not oppressive morality but morality that reminds us that having sex with children …. or goats ….. is bad.



Keep Your Feelings to Yourself!


I think every Trump supporter in the world is having a great time watching social justice warriors and progressive liberals melt down since the presidential election. I know I have and I’ve watched hours of them. Never in all my years have I seen such a pathetic display and it makes me wonder who the hell raised these people because somewhere along in their upbringing they missed one of lifes most important lessons.

When I was a kid it was stiff upper lip and chin up. No matter how you felt inside you were not to expose any weakness you might have to anyone much less the general public. And when I say anyone I mean especially not to your family, friends and lovers. Psychobabble would have you believe that “sharing” your feelings is somehow empowering¬†(because they want your money) but the exact opposite is true. Exposing your weakness gives others a chance to exploit you by exploiting them and rest assured someone will come along to exploit you. It is human nature.

Have you ever seen one of those island funerals where the women are wailing and throwing themselves to the ground? I bet your first thought wasn’t how empowered those women were. Perhaps your first thought centered more around her ability to display any self control and perhaps even a sense of revulsion at having to witness such a display. And perhaps after 2 or 3 minutes of listening to that wailing you were thinking about smacking them in the back of the head with a 2 by 4 just to shut them up.

The thing is no one really cares about your fucking feelings anyway. Seriously they do not. They might very well pretend to give a shit and do a convincing job at it but in truth they have their own feelings to deal with and try to master and that trumps whatever extinction event issue you might be having. Not only do they not give a shit about your precious little feelings but they are repulsed by displays by others (including you). What gave you the right to disturb their tranquillity with your problems anyway.

This is what it means to be an adult. To own your own shit.To be responsible for your own life. To act …. like an adult. Part of being an adult is self control and also acceptance of things we cannot change and working with the grain instead of against it. This is what adults do because adults have more than their little feelings they have the example they must set for the upcoming generation in general and even more importantly for their own blood and legacy. When was the last time you saw anyone in a position of power come apart at the seams?

Displayed feelings is weakness. You might as well glue a neon sign on your forehead that you are a victim. And though that might not seem fair that is still the reality of this world and it isn’t going to change in your lifetime. Those feelings are yours and no one elses. Guard them with your life.


Don’t Prosecute Hillary


I know what you’re thinking (aside from the “I wanna kill this guy” thingy). There are laws for serfs but none for the ruling class right? Well that is correct and people of means have been getting away with things like murder forever so this is nothing new. This kinda makes sense if you consider that those who produce more should get more benefits that someone who does not. If you have enough money in America you can afford the best lawyers on planet earth and we all saw how that worked out for O.J. Simpson. Any poor or middle class person given the same circumstances would be lucky to be serving a life term.

But of course we also believe in justice and justice can take on many forms not just prison. Al Capone received the ultimate justice by dying of syphilis which was by far more humiliating and probably more painful than any prison sentence he might have served. The same with O.J. who got off for murdering his ex wife but ended up in prison anyway.

So how does Hillary pay for what she might have done? Ah karma don’t fail us now.

Let’s look at Hillarys life for a moment. Not her criminal life but the life she believes she led. Hillary Clinton spent her entire life grooming herself and consolidating power. From her college years until today she has always managed to put herself in the right place and in the right time. From failed attorney, to first lady, to senator of a state she hadn’t lived in prior to her running for that office, to finally Secretary of State. Everything Hillary did in her life was to set herself apart and acquire firsts as a woman to ensure her place as one of the greatest women in history. On November 8th 2016 it all came tumbling down.

Let’s not mince words here. The Democrats cheated in the election. This wasn’t the first time they cheated either in fact they have cheated in every election since 2008. On top of that the entire television news media (yes including FOX) was in Clintons back pocket. And heaped on top of all that, paid thugs of the Democrat Party were sent to Trump rallies in a fruitless attempt to get Trump supporters angry enough to lash out at them. Even after all this …. Hillary still lost and with that loss ended her dream of becoming the first woman President of the United States. An entire lifetime of scheming and plotting and abusing the system and in the end the prize she so desperately wanted and needed was stripped from her by …… a reality show host. Humiliations galore.

Hillary will spend the last few months or year(s) of her life knowing America didn’t want her and that millions of Americans actually wanted to see her in prison. She also destroyed in husbands legacy in the process. With one child out of wedlock that many think is as ugly as a blob fish the Clinton legacy has come to an end all under Hillarys watch.

We also have to be concerned about the country. These types of court cases can last years and would probably still be in the works when Clinton dies which may not be so far off as many believe. There is also no doubt that a prolonged Hillary trail would be such a distraction to the nation that most other things would get swept under the rug. Basically a Hillary trail would be humiliating to America, a major distraction, cost millions, and given the kind of money the Clintons have would likely end up in acquittal assuming Hillary survived it at all. And then there is the press who would spend every waking hour turning Trumps presidency into shit.

There is an old saying, “Sometimes you need to fish and sometimes you need to cut bait.” Unless Clinton can be directly tired to a murder or something on that level it is in all of our best interests to just let Hillary slowly disappear into obscurity. It is over. She is finished. Let’s move on and make America better than it ever was. One person isn’t worth the effort or the risk.