Sarah Palin for Vice President


To anyone who thinks Sarah Palin lost the 2008 Presidential election I’m here to say unequivocally that you sir or madam are full of shit. You are the result of progressive liberal programming and you don’t have a clue what you are talking about. And the fact that you would allow this to happen to you speaks volumes about how little attention you have paid to politics throughout the years.

When John McCain chose Sarah Palin to be his running mate he did so for all the wrong reasons. Mrs. Palin was a virtual unknown at the time and she is obviously a woman, which are the two major reasons McCain picked her. A former beauty queen turned political activist she shot her way up very quickly to governor of Alaska and among the people of Alaska she was an extremely popular governor. Her fiery speech at the convention turned the tide for the Republican party with her classy looks and her strong conservative values and for a short time it looked like the McCain/Palin ticket was actually going to overcome Bush’s bullshit wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as the real estate bubble bursting. That was one hell of a speech and one hell of an accomplishment for a little girl from bum fuck Egypt.

Instead of letting Sarah find her own path  McCain and his team took someone who wasn’t ready for the big stage and micro managed her as if she was some kind of puppet. The kind of puppet the McCain had quite frankly been looking for. Predictably Palin began to come apart at the seems from being micro managed to dealing with the pressure of being in the national spotlight and the unrelenting attacks from a progressive liberal media who was acting like a political action committee instead of the journalists they were claiming to be. CNN as well as other news networks were openly stumping for Obama for no other reason than he was Black and clearly that turned out so well.

The media and the progressive liberals didn’t just attack candidate Palin they also attacked her family and even the state of Alaska. These character butchers were so intent on destroying her that they even began to pile nuisance lawsuits against her and this is an important piece in the puzzle because after the 2008 loss she was forced to resign her governorship because of these lawsuits. You see unlike just about every other state in the union Alaska does not protect its governors from lawsuits while in office. In the other states you cannot file lawsuits against a governor until they leave office. Because this protection did not exist for Palin she had to defend herself while at the same time run a state. Sure she could have held her post and taken her paycheck while only pretending to still be in charge but instead she did something very noble in withdrawing which was the right thing to do. How many politicians do the right thing anymore?

Then there was Tina Fey’s near perfect Sarah Palin look and mannerisms that managed to convince people that Palin actually said she could see Russia from her house.  She never actually said that but even now 8 years later a majority of Americans think she did. Talk about being brainwashed.

Over the years Sarah has learned a lot about international politics and foreign affairs. A lot more than most of my readers have. She has had a couple of successful television programs centered around her love of her home state and she has still managed to be a wife to her husband, a mother to her children, and a grandmother to her grand children all the while dealing with the exact some kind of family issues normal people like you and me deal with on main street.She has continued to stump for the conservative cause and has been a strong voice for conservatism, Christianity and the Constitution even with the media and progressive liberals continuing to try to do everything they can…even after all these years to try to destroy her and her family. I wonder how many of you would fair as well against such an onslaught. The simple reality is, she is a remarkable woman no ifs ands or buts. She is battle tested and if Trump picks her as a running mate I feel sorry for the opposition because she’s going to shred them like the mama grizzly bear that she is.

Whether she gets the VP nod or not it is long overdue that conservatives start giving Palin the accolades she has earned and deserves. She has stood by us while in breech and it is long overdue that we stand by her. We owe her that much.



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