There is NO Cop on Black Problem in America


The truth is there is no Cop on Black problem in America. That might sound like an odd statement to make given a couple of recent events that have yet to be thoroughly investigated, but for one reason or another 2 more  Blacks could be shot by cops today and it wouldn’t change that truth. Whites get shot and killed by cops all the time and no one gives a crap. Hispanics, Asians, Eastern Indians we all take the bullet and it isn’t always the case that the police officer or officers are justified in using deadly force. In fact often they are not justified. But unless you’re Black no one gives a shit. Boo hoo that’s the price of living in a free society.

Across America it seems that police departments have gotten a lot more militarized. It  isn’t just the frightening why they look with their tanks and assault army gear and machine guns. Christ when I was a kid it was 2 guys in a squad car. It is mostly the tactics they employ. They tell you to put your hands up and then they take you to the ground like a cowboy taking down a rodeo calf for almost anything. A lot of these guys also looked all pumped up on steroids. You can bet they are consuming something that “pumps them up”. Some of them are ex-military so fresh off the boat they think they are still in Afghanistan. Their police academy training in 2016 sure is a lot more military than a Sheriff Andy Taylor too. You couldn’t have set a better stage for excessive violence on behalf of police officers who somehow got it in their heads that they “enforce” laws. They do not. Juries do.

But this tinderbox of failed procedures and military training effects all Americans negatively not just Blacks. All of us are potential innocent victims of the police. All of us are potential victims of unjust prosecution and these things happen to all of us.

So what is Black Lives Matter doing? Perpetuating crime as if the Black community doesn’t have a big enough problem with its young Black men and more recently young Black women going to prison. As if fighting a negative stereotype by being worse that the stereotype could, on a cold day in Hell ever make anything better for anyone. Black Lives Matter and The New Black Panthers are the side show that prevents any significant change for the better and they are the tools required to not make the situation better, but to make it worse. Much worse for them and everyone else. That is simply shameful.

And I hope I don’t have to say that no matter who the victim of excessive police brutality is, violence is never the right answer.


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