Civil War Across the Civilized World


While we are preparing for our next presidential election the rest of the civilized world has been on fire. Without any mandate from the people, global social engineers have decided that wherever Caucasian people live, these places should be flooded with brown people and of course the opposite would never be allowed to happen.

Over the next several years millions of brown people will be flooding into Europe (both east and west) and North America. These people bring nothing with them not even job skills so they become and immediate burden on the people already living there and some become permanent wards of the state and even their offspring become permanent wards with little to no incentive to give up their entitlement cards. They are also breeding like rabbits and those hordes of bunnies also tend to become permanent wards of the state.

Economically this is an absolute disaster both short and long term for the host countries and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that there is no scenario where this flood of migrants becomes a positive for any country (except one and it ain’t us). The fact is that civil war in every host country has become inevitable. There is no way in hell that the citizens of all these countries will sheepishly tolerate the murders, rapes, and the abuse of their women and children forever. And even if the abuse of the local women and children does not smotivate these brain washed progressive liberal douchebags the economic effects on these nations cannot be denied nor can it become sustainable. Sooner or later these nations will run out of money and if they aren’t already heavily into debt they will be bankrupt and financially destroyed without some kind of revolution to stop the process.

Civil war across the civilized world is now inevitable. The people will rise up against their leaders who have stabbed them in the back and destroyed their identity, culture and heritage. Simply stated if they do not they will be annihilated by Islam. Muslim leaders in Europe are not even remotely shy about telling Europeans that in a few short years they will be the ones dominating the western world and that they will force the indigenous people to convert to Islam, pay a fine, become slaves, or be beheaded. Homosexuals will be beheaded en mass. Sluts will be stoned to death. The devil has come in full force and the leaders of civilization have let him in because they are afraid of offending him.


This is our future. Submission to Islam or civil wars raging across the civilized world. Because most of the people in the civilized world have been disarmed, these folks will look like Palestinians throwing rocks at their oppressors. Perhaps the only reason the United States isn’t taking in such large numbers is because the citizens still have the means to kill tyrants and their child armies. Gun control? More like revolution control. Even in America we see clearly now that those in power who play ball are above the law.

And here’s the rub, the architects of this unfolding scenario knew this would happen. They bought the right politicians and their families decades ago. This is exactly what they want. It isn’t enough to rule us behind the scenes they want us to know who rules over us but they don’t want us to know until it is too late to stop them and that is why they want your guns. Pretty soon it may not even matter if you have a Kalashnikov or an M-16 because technology will so surpass those weapons so you might as well have a flintlock in your hands.

The funny part is, the people who are doing this to us cannot be named as if they are some dark evil that only gets worse once you name it and frankly there might be some truth in that. You know exactly who they are. You’ve heard them referred to by all kinds of names like banksters and Hollywood and MSM but they are and always have been the same group of people most people are afraid to specifically identify. According to Voltaire they already rule over us because no matter what they do we are afraid to criticize them. George Carlin is right one day the curtains will open and these people will reveal themselves because they will have attained a point where we are no longer capable of stopping them.

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And on that day you will wonder how you could have been so foolish. The writing was on the wall but you refused to read it. You might be able to ignore what is going on around you and concentrate on your own little insignificant life right now, but there is an evil coming and hiding from it won’t help your children or their children. And they will look back at you with hatred for not doing anything about it while you still had the chance.




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