What Year is This?


I think I must be losing my mind. I could have sworn that when I woke up this morning it was the summer of 2016 but now I’m not so sure. It’s like I’m in some bizarre episode of The Twilight Zone. They say history repeats itself ….. maybe that is it. Maybe there is nothing strange going on here or maybe I have just managed to live long enough to hear the record play over.

How is it that after more than 50 years many Americans, especially young ones seem to be stuck in the 60’s? We’ve got all the same protesting for all the same reasons except this time around the protesting is phony.

Back in the 60’s we had a war that you had to go to whether you liked it or not and a lot of Americans who didn’t want to go and fight the Vietnamese came home in a box. Today the only people who come home in a box volunteered for that risk. Women burned their bars back in the 60’s to protest not being judged like men and today we have a few doing that but a lot more wishing they could be housewives or just answer someones phone. In the 60’s Blacks were an oppressed people and today we have Blacks trying to oppress Whites and drive America into communism after 50 years of affirmative action and almost 8 years of a Black president.

This is what makes these times seem so much like an episode of The Twilight Zone because we have all these similarities but nothing to support them. Perhaps we needed something to protest but there wasn’t anything to protest so we just made up a bunch of junk.

Or maybe it was just boredom.

Whatever the excuse the truth is people are being murdered and harassed and bullied over “issues” that simply do not exist or at least didn’t prior to 2008. A phony president presiding over a phony social construct that if left unchecked will become the reality. How much more of Black Lives Matter will Americans (and now Europeans) take before Whites start to display some real racism. It is pretty hard to look at the behavior of the BLM movement without believing that whoever it is you are (White, Hispanic, Asian etc) is superior to Blacks. You don’t see Asian people murdering cops or Hispanics burning down their neighborhoods do you?

And feminism? Are you kidding me? Check your privilege ladies. This topic doesn’t even justify a response.

And War? Americans are tired of War? Americans don’t go to War wtf are they tired of? Hearing about it? America has more people who want to fight people like Isis than it knows what to do with. The U.S. has had to kick people out of the armed services even officers. If you’re “tired of war” and not wearing a uniform stfu and sit down you clueless puke. You’re tired of hearing about war? I’m tired of hearing you period.

So what year is it? 1984 of course.


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