Debbie Wasserman Schultz Saves America!


Poor Bernie Sanders. Really? I don’t think so. In fact if Debbie Wasserman Schultz did anything she helped America dodge a bullet. No communist should ever EVER be allowed to get that close to the White House again. Sanders should have eaten a bullet long before he was robbed of the Democrat nomination for president. The man took his honeymoon in the former U.S.S.R. for Petes sake. Something horrible has happened to a large section of the American people that would cause them to support an enemy they defeated  just a few short years ago.

There is nothing about Bernie Sanders that remotely suggests that he would make an adequate president. Period. I shouldn’t have to give a big list (and it would be a big list) of reasons why. You should have enough gray matter between your ears to know why. You are not a child or some sheltered Judge who needs to hear evidence that proves that H2O and water are the same thing. This is what the people of America have allowed themselves to be reduced to. There is no more common sense. You are not like those who came before you, you are enlightened and must know the truth. Prove it.

I’m tired of hearing “prove it” over the tiniest details especially when the answer should be known through experience and common sense. My neighbor knows I spent years in which my sole transportation was a motorcycle in a place where severe tropical rainstorms are the norm (not to mention the hurricanes) and he just can’t understand why I’m a better mechanic on his motorcycles than the people with plaques and trophy’s and degrees and whatever other accolades they can pile on the clueless young man who suffered through hours upon hours of studying in which he learned to plug the computer into the motorcycle so he could find out what’s wrong with it.

The jury has rules and quite some time ago socialism and communism were ruled as unquestionably epic failures with the wonderful added frosting of force and violence by government that reminded each citizen of their role as the great unwashed serfs who toil for their masters. Systems in which wealth and power are concentrated in the smallest number of hands and the middle class gets negated to an annoying buzz and eventually disappears all together. Prove it. The mantra of the anti education class.

Regardless of how incredibly stupid a large percentage of Americans have become, as evidenced by the popularity of Bernie Sanders, Bernie Sanders could not be allowed to beat Hillary Clinton in the Democrat Primary. This was an extremely dangerous bullet we dodged and America, all of America owes Debbie Wasserman Schultz our gratitude. She has made the ultimate sacrifice  to protect America from a communist infestation that could have completely destroyed America within just a couple of election cycles. And that is more frightening than all of Khrushchev’s I.C.B.M.’s.

It isn’t that Schultz’s only contribution to America isn’t saving us from Sanders either because of the way she did it and how she got caught and her incredible timing she just gave our man Trump another bump and reason for Americans to either vote Trump or just stay home if they are swingers of the left.

And let us cut the bullshit and stop dreaming about Sander’s voters coming to our side. The truth is Sanders would have had enough of a challenge getting these people to actually vote in the first place. I didn’t see a lot of what I’d call early risers at the Sanders rallies. I did see a lot of White people who looked like they were trying to belong to some jungle tribe and of course the academic wing of the left (pssssst we call them commies) with their khaki shorts, Sperry Topsiders, Izod golf shit and Indiana Jones hats. The typical gaggle of snowflakes who have never walked out of the halls of expensive education and into the light of the real world. And of course the dregs of society and if you don’t know who they are you might be one. Which in all truthfulness wouldn’t seem out of the ordinary if it wasn’t for their growing numbers and you can bet that if Sanders had been allowed to win the nomination it would be much worse than just a buncha outcasts and degenerates but that these outcasts and degenerates would be running one of the top political parties on planet earth. But without Bernie they will never be able to get out of bed to go vote. They will keep procrastinating just like they have about everything else in their pathetic little lives so just forget about them. They are gonna stay home crawling back into their little Marxist dream world.

So from those of us across the isle who love America and the American way of life, from the bottom of our hearts Debbie Wasserman Schultz thank you. Thank you from saving our country from communism for now and maybe slowing down the drive to socialism (aka communism lite). I feel kinda bad thinking and saying all those nasty things about you over the last several years but when you had to come through for America you did, and you did it in a HUGE way. So go to Club Med for a few months, relax and enjoy yourself because what you did for America is priceless even though you’ll probably never get the credit for it. Some of us know and we love you Debbie! Thank you, thank you so much.



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