The Death of Western Civilization:


There is zero doubt that the greatest civilization ever created by mankind has come from Europe and has now extended via Europe’s decedents to America. From the seeds of democracy in Greece to the Holy Roman Empire to the American Revolution Caucasians have opened the world up to ideals of freedom both socially and economically unheard of in the rest of the world until mass communication showed the other peoples of the world the possibilities that lied ahead of them by embracing the same ideals that Europeans had. This is all about to change.

I recall during the 60’s and 70’s when groups like the KKK and Neo Nazis were enjoying the last of their heydays thinking of how ridiculous their rhetoric was. Even the spawn of Americas legal system Charles Manson declared an impending race war. How ironic that now in the 21st century these people appear to have been right all along.

The truth of the matter is Western Civilization, or more correctly White Civilization is rapidly coming to an end. This has been accelerated so quickly that if you have young children it will most likely happen during their lifetimes.

This should not be of concern simply to members of the White race but to all people. All people, whether they know it or not, depend on Whites to improve their lot and protect them against elements, often from their own people, who seek to enslave them and rape them of any marginal amount of freedom they presently enjoy or hope to enjoy in the future.

One needs only to look at the other civilizations in the world to know what dread is coming to the world when Western Civilization disappears. Take South America as a whole. People have incredibly corrupt governments, crime lords are the real de-facto rulers in South America as they are in other civilizations like Africa where bands of warlords reek havoc on the innocent population. One hardly needs to mention the barbarity of Islamic countries which represent the fastest growing religion in the world. The fact is that in areas which suffer from a lack of Caucasian influence life for the average person is at best suffer-able.

Who will carry the torch of freedom and liberty when Europe and America falls into the hands of the people who have screwed up their own civilizations? Who will be there to rescue those whose lives are threatened by the yoke of totalitarianism or who suffer through natural and man made disasters? The answer is no one. The loss of Western Civilization means the loss of both social and economic freedom for everyday people world wide. This is why the people of other races should be every bit as concerned as Whites should be.

So who is doing this to the world? Most of those involved in this process are simply useful idiots but it is the people who control the media, the universities, and the monetary system who are making this happen. In their minds the other cultures and civilizations are much more easily controlled than are Caucasians as history has proven time and time again.

Gun control is one of the keys that the worlds shadow government needs to ensure that this process is completed. If the White population is incapable of defending itself there is nothing to stop mass migrations and with those migrations comes a complete loss of any sense of nationalism or identity.

Political correctness is also a very important tool which allows those holding the puppet strings to make Whites feels as if they are somehow to blame for the worlds woes instead of the worlds saviors which is the role they actually have.

Finally a weakening economy in all areas where Western Civilization currently exists keeps the population busy with economic concerns. The media and politicians would have you believe that on an economic basis mass migration is necessary because Whites do not procreate fast enough. Of course they don’t because in Western Civilization abortion is encouraged by these same groups and having a child is often portrayed as an inconvenience and even a “mistake” in ones own personal life growth and goals.

Europe is gone there is no saving it now and Europe is the cradle of modern civilization. Their lack of nationalism and their unwillingness to defend themselves relying on America to protect them by and large because of propaganda of the world wars means they haven’t even the means to defend their countries anymore. They can’t even defend their own women and children anymore. America is just a few small steps behind Europe.

I can’t tell you that everything will eventually work out for the best. Unless America stops all immigration from anywhere but Europe (in part to save what Europeans we can) very soon it will be much too late and the odds of that happening are slim to none and slim skipped town.

This is not the first time in history this has happened either. Several months ago I read a story that I will have to recall from memory. I will post the story on this page if I ever find it again but it is a story from ancient civilization so I’ll do my best to recall it for you.

There was a time hundreds of years ago in the Middle East in which Caucasians had built a paradise. It was the gem of the Middle East and I believe it was in what is now called Iraq. Eventually these Caucasians invited other races to join them in the paradise they had created at first because they needed cheap labor. After a few generations these other races, envious of what these Caucasians had created took this land from the Whites killing many if not most of them while the rest escaped north to Europe. Once the White people were gone paradise quickly disintegrated and disappeared all together from the Middle East. (I’m sure someone in this group is familiar with this story and can provide a greatly appreciated link).

Is this legend true? When it comes to history it is difficult to tell as history, even recent history, is diluted with the curse of propaganda. As victors write history it is unlikely that we know much of what real history actually is we only know the explanations of the winning teams. That being said most tales have an element of truth in them and this tale certainly mirrors what is happening today but on a global scale. History tends to repeat itself.

Right now, until the rest of the races realize how important Western Civilization is to them and how important it is to preserve it we can only slow down the process not stop it. At this moment in time it appears that our best hope lies with the Russians. The leaders of Europe and the United States have sold us out and continue to do so.

We could have stopped this long ago but instead we encouraged it.
This will be our legacy if the trend continues.



2 thoughts on “The Death of Western Civilization:

  1. Many people are afraid to say the word Jews! but according to real history and not the propaganda forced on the American public for the past 6o years of my life that I have witnessed, in every aspect of life the jews have taken control and driven our society into the pit of degradation in order to take control of our nation as they have done. For now their is a lot of information of the other side of the coin about the fake holocaust and lying jews rewriting history for their take over of the world. I have been labelled anti-semite and bigot, as well as racist for exposing the truth about these people but now everything I warned about is coming true here in America. Our forefathers warned us of the jews and to keep them out of our government and finances….why? because all one has to do is see out of all the races of the world they have been thrown out of every country they inhabit. They cannot and will not live peacefully with anybody unless they control them as their masters and the same goes for Muslims ! they both come from the same DNA ( Father ). Thats only if you wish to use the biblical account of their recorded begining.

    On Sat, Jul 9, 2016 at 8:54 AM, The McCarthy Chronicles wrote:

    > Patrick posted: ” There is zero doubt that the greatest civilization ever > created by mankind has come from Europe and has now extended via Europe’s > decedents to America. From the seeds of democracy in Greece to the Holy > Roman Empire to the American Revolution Caucasians ” >

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