Sexism: So What


Sometimes when I listen to people on the television or read their comments and writings on the web I have to ask myself on what planet do these people think they are living on. This is especially true when it comes to the sexes. Let me be brutally frank here, women are not the equal of men and they never will be.

Perhaps you golf or you’re just been to a golf course and noticed that the womens tee (that is the place that a woman starts off hitting her golf ball) is always considerably closer to the hole then the mens tee. In fact in almost every sport women compete with each other because they are incapable of competing with men. For decades NASCAR has been trying to find one woman in all the world who can compete with the men driving a car around an oval track and to date the best they have been able to do is find a gal who at least every once in a while manages to finish a race.

The differences between men and woman are not dissimilar to the differences between a lion and a lioness. Yeah sure the lioness can make kittens and she does her best to protect them but it is the male lion who rules the jungle. It is his strength, his courage, and his brutality that protects the pride and ensures its survival. And it is the male lion who eats first before the lionesses or kittens get to gnaw on some bones and rightly so. Because without the male lion there is no pride and no kittens.

The truth of our world whether you want to face it or not is this, women are and have always been at the mercy of men. In fact in most of the rest of the world women are considered the property of their fathers until they are married and then become the property of their husbands. One might consider this a form of slavery except for the fact that the majority of women prefer this arrangement. Like the lioness she needs protecting and she also has a strong urge to breed and she understands that her babies will also need protecting and someone will have to provide for them while the female cares for the offspring.

That is the natural order of things.

In our modern day world of politically correct social Marxism we have determined that it is the men who are the weaker sex and that biological norms no longer exist. The feminine rule, the state raises the puppies and kittens, and the females think they should be the protectors and providers or at least that is what our politicians, special interest groups, and the media keep telling us. Somehow women will make a more peaceful world with more opportunities and benefits for everyone.

Or not.

People keep asking what the hell happened and yet gloss over this abomination of thought and action as if it has no relevance at all. Nothing could have more relevance. This is biology 1101 that we are rejecting here and we are rejecting it based mostly on the wants of a very small percentage of sexually twisted individuals who have been conning our children since the 60’s.

Feminism. Yeah that’s right feminism that lesbian subversive group that spawned the LGBT activist community and convinced little boys that it was ok to be fruitcakes and little girls that subjecting yourself to gang-rape in an attempt to prove a lie on the battlefield was a noble venture.

And yet like everything else people are afraid to honestly speak out because someone might point at us and start calling us names.

The thing is, while Western Civilization tries to live this lie, its enemies are not. Their women are popping out soldiers like rabbits and their cultures look at our culture as a great unnatural evil that must be destroyed in the name of God and all that is holy.

Imagine the male lion spending his days licking and tending to the kittens (or whatever the heck they call little lions) while the lionesses patrol the jungle. Sooner or later other male lions are going to arrive on the scene to straighten the pride out and odds are they will be brutal with that implementation.

The same thing is likely to happen to us. While our male lions are being replaced and/or watered down with lionesses and male lions who think they are lionesses our pride gets weaker.

And one day someone is going to come along at straighten us out.

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