Election Fraud: The Real Truth


For evidence of election fraud all one has to do is look at the Democrat primaries. By now every Sanders supporter knows without a doubt that their candidate never stood a chance. This of course is not the first instance of voter fraud either. Ron Paul was also the victim of voter fraud by both the Republican Party and the mainstream media who helped the GOP make sure that Paul would never gain enough momentum. The GOP also interfered with their own voting process not unlike the Democrats. We also have the example of the 2000 presidential race in which Jeb Bush stationed Florida State Troopers outside of key voting locations to discourage poor people from voting in a swing state. So yes election fraud happens and it has happened in every election in this new century so it doesn’t just happen it is common place.

So why are some in the media been acting as if Trump has some kind of duty to accept the election results no matter what? Well of course they are a major part of the establishment and have not only turned a blind eye to voter fraud when it serves their agenda but have been active in the fraud itself. Just ask Ron Paul how fair and balanced FOX News is.

But there is a little secret the press and the Washington establishment don’t want you to know. They want you to believe in massive voter fraud. Make no mistake that regardless of their rhetoric they want you to think that the election is predetermined and that you have no voice in anything government related especially presidential elections?

Why you might ask?

They know there will be people monitoring the polling stations. Citizens (hopefully you) are going to be hovering outside of those polling stations listening to the press ask people how they voted when they exited the polls and this time around it isn’t going to be nearly as easy to con the public as it was before even with the press protecting them. The people don’t trust the MSM anymore regardless of which side of the fence they are on politically.

You see what the shadow government and the press want you to do is stay at home. These false stories about Trump being behind in the polls (Hillary supporters do not attend her rallies apparently) and voter fraud are specifically designed for you to lose heart. They want you so depressed about Trump being behind in their made up poles and the idea of election fraud that you will just stay home and think “what difference does it make.” It is psychological warfare against you and if enough of you fall for it and fail to do your duty and go to the polls to vote for Mr. Trump they might get away with their fraud after all.

They are playing you for fools because they think that that is exactly what you are. Sheep that they can turn in any direction they want with a whistle.

On election day we will find out if they are right.



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