Emasculated Men


When I was a kid growing up I watched in horror as my mother looked for any excuse to degrade my step father. Nothing was ever good enough for her. “You need to spend more time with the kids,” she’d say in one breath and in the next, “You’re wasting too much time with the kids.” The poor man worked a full time job in a boiler room of a factory at night and then drive 35 miles one way to junior college every day and after that 70 miles one way to university to get his degree in teaching. On top of that my mother was very beautiful and would firth with men every chance she got and of course men were always eager to flirt with her in return (she denies this to this day). I couldn’t understand why the man tolerated this and though I respected him greatly for the obvious sacrifice he made of himself on the alter of family and children I swore I would never live the life he was suffering through.

When I got a bit older and became a teenager I began to suspect that my step father was cheating on my mother. He would speak at teacher conferences as he had become an expert on autistic people (when that actually meant something in the 1970’s) that would take him on the road for up to 3 days away from the family. I went with him once and saw this stunning blonde woman (who I secretly wanted myself) flirt with him and he back with her. I imagined what might have been had I not been on that trip.

But I kept my mouth shut about it. In my way of thinking any break and relief and pleasure he got from the occasional side action he may have been getting was well deserved. Even now in my 50’s I look back at that thinking he deserved a little happiness in the miserable life he was leading. Personally had I been him, I would have left my mother as soon as I had gotten my degree.

When I was 15 (or was it 16 it was so long ago) my stepfather finally got exposed. He had managed to get one of his side bitches pregnant and she showed up at our home to tell him. So my mother divorced him and moved with us kids 1,500 miles away to ensure that he would never get his 2 weekends a month (fuck the kids) but she sure as hell wanted her money from him. Last I heard he was living (barely) in a trailer.

Through his example I never in all my life allowed women to treat me the way my mother had treated him. It was my life and if a woman wanted to come along for the ride that was fine but if she wanted to bitch and moan or question anything I did she got shown the door. I didn’t give a shit about what they wanted and I still don’t. Oh it isn’t like I treat them like dogs (well not all of them anyway) they just were never the most important things in my life. I considered my Harley and my dogs to be more important to my life than they were. The women were easy for me to replace a good bike and a good dog not so much. See I’m a man so I live life on my terms and mine alone.

As I mentioned I did admire my step father but I also viewed him as a piss poor excuse for a man. I grew up idolizing guys like Errol Flynn, Clint Eastwood, James Bond and John Wayne. To me these guys were real men. Brave, strong, no nonsense men who reeked of integrity and never took shit from the women in their lives. These were the kinds of guys I wanted to grow up to be.

I look at today’s males and I wonder what John Wayne would have thought of them. I know what I think of them and it isn’t good. I think they are weak, pussy whipped, wastes of food.

The vast majority of boys turning into so called men these days are just pathetic shadows of what being a man used to mean. Afraid of hard work, afraid of women, afraid of society as a whole who before they have even become men have it beaten into their skulls that they have no real place in society anymore except as walking wallets. Raised in so many cases by single mothers who threw their children’s lives away because they had unrealistic expectations of the men they married and have no idea how to raise a man into a boy. The result of which is pink shirt wearing pussies who are desperately trying to connect with their feminine side. It’s a disgrace.

I often hear women ask the question, “Where are all the good men?” Well princess you and your mom destroyed them. They are gone and they are not coming back. In fact if you think you have a rough time finding a good man just imagine what it is going to be like for your daughters. The drumbeat of feminism and the lure of easy divorce and the prospect of looting the wallets of two men hasn’t gone unnoticed by the boys you have been raising. They have either grown up to seek the comfort of other men where they can be another mans bitch or they just keep adding notches to their bed posts screwing one of you after another playing whatever game you have taught them to get you in the sack and leaving a $20 bill on the dresser for your cab ride home (assuming they are drunk enough to let you spend the entire night in their bed). And it is getting worse with each passing year.

Many of them are even trying to be women so they might have some worth in today’s society. Take Bruce Jenner as the perfect example. This Olympic Gold Metal icon was on a show about his wife and step daughters who act like the biggest sluts and whores in Hollywood. The Kardashian women are the epitome of what is wrong with women today and guess what, it isn’t men who have made their joke of a relativity show so popular. And what role did this Olympian play on the show? At best he was in the shadows and at worst he was the joke. Little wonder that he wanted the fame he so craved and so deserved only to come to the conclusion that the achieve these things he had to be just like them. His phony transformation worked and suddenly he was a star again and the politically correct light of acceptance fell upon him once more.

The state of males in Western Society today is little more than a very sad joke. Weak men are the reason Europe is now opening its doors to violent male invaders who rape and brutalize women and children throughout Europe. Women continue to welcome invading men into their lands who will put them in their place and strip them of their rights and privileges and use them in any way they see fit. In fact Sweden has gone so far as to ban the public display of Christmas lights as to not offend their invaders.

Several months ago the YouTube personality “Black Pigeon Speaks” uploaded a video in which he gave a very compelling case of how women destroy civilizations. We can see with our own eyes how women are doing this in Europe and how they may very well do the same by electing Hillary Clinton as President who believes in an open boarders policy. We are literally watching as women destroy the most free and liberty centric civilization known to human kind. And I’m not sure there is anything we can do to stop it anymore.



One thought on “Emasculated Men

  1. Like always great write up and bulls eye !! I am a MGTOW which is gaining momentum everyday for males of all ages. I see even in my 60’s how the feminist bitches are looking for a sugar daddy to take care of their worn out leathery asses here in Florida. If I need a women for the night and not my retirement then I pay for it by the night and not with my assets and bank accounts, thus less drama and we both have an open understanding of why she is here . The next day it’s fishing or the gym, bike riding etc.. and no bitching at me for this or that.

    On Wed, Oct 26, 2016 at 4:56 PM, The McCarthy Chronicles wrote:

    > Patrick posted: ” When I was a kid growing up I watched in horror as my > mother looked for any excuse to degrade my step father. Nothing was ever > good enough for her. “You need to spend more time with the kids,” she’d say > in one breath and in the next, “You’re wasting too” >

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