They Must Think We Are Stupid.


Once again we see the media and the establishment pushing what would be obvious to anyone with a peanut sized brain as a lie. The New York Times is claiming the 2 women have come forward accusing Trump of groping them. Now right off the bat this story reeks of bullshit. Two women? Really? What have they been waiting for an act of God? Surely they had plenty of reason and opportunity during the primaries. Yet they said nothing as if the e-mails of the Clinton campaign hoping Trump would be the winner of the RNC as a soft target was also part of these women’s plans. Could it be that it would be difficult to find females who support Clinton who would be willing to lie about such a thing? Probably not.

If you have been paying attention for the last year you might have noticed that there have been a lot of false stories about Trump over the past year and in almost every single case each story has been proven to be false days later after doubt has been created in peoples minds. I see no reason to believe that this story is any different. Clearly attention needs to be taken away from the former Presidents habit of infidelity and rape and how convenient that after a debate in which Trump simply repeats common knowledge about Bill Clinton that someone, no wait two someones come forth with such a story.

And lets us get real here for a minute people we all know women who have lied about such things for various reasons. Without any hard evidence this boils down to he said she said and the media and the establishment is going to press hard that Trump is something that Bill Clinton undeniably is. If you want to believe this malarkey I can get you a great deal on a major bridge in NYC with only a few thousands dollars down. And if you act now and FEDEX me cash I’ll throw in the toll booths for free.

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