Can the Republican Party be Saved?

Can the Republican Party be saved? Perhaps a better question is should it be saved. The correct answer is that yes if possible the R.P. should be saved simply because it is the establishment. Take a look at the Tea Party. It still exists but it has made a series of poor choices over the years and then there’s the bad press any new party is likely to attract (unless it is the Black Panther Party). We need the framework of the party to promote conservative values. If the Republican Party falls by the wayside by suicide it could be decades before a new conservative party emerges with enough strength to protect our Constitution among other things.

Unfortunately the ranking officials over at the GOP and their donor class would rather watch the party burn down around them than do the will of the people they claim over and over again like a broken record that they represent. They will not save themselves. They are like kids on the playground. If the kid with the ball doesn’t get to be the captain then he’s going home and no one gets to play. They will not save themselves.

The choice of whether the G.O.P. continues in its role as one of Americas premiere political parties or not has always fallen upon the people not any group or individual members. The Republican Party has made it abundantly clear that they don’t give a dam what their constituency thinks. Probably never did. Their only concern is their own money and power and how can they get more.

At this point in the primaries there is only one way that it can turn out well for the G.O.P.

Kasich and Cruz cannot win among the people. Both of these guys are merely place kickers for the guy the establishment has waiting on the wayside just in case the convention has more than one vote. If that happens and it becomes a brokered convention Hillary Clinton becomes the next president and the Republican Party at best falls apart. The end.

We the people on the other hand have the power to save the Republican Party despite itself. If you go into those primary voting booths and you vote for either Kasich or Cruz you are literally voting for a brokered convention. The only way to stop the mess that will certainly happen without it is we have to make sure that Trump reaches the required number of delegates that would ensure but one vote. That is the only way this primary can turn out well for the GOP and for conservatism as a whole. This may sound risky to some however it is the only viable option.

The time has come and gone to pick the Republican nominee. He is chosen. Neither of the other candidates can overcome Trumps lead before the convention that is a stone cold hard fact. You can either help save the Republican Party from itself or help burn it to the ground. Your choice. But if you choose to waste your vote on Cruz or Kasich and Trump fails to secure the nomination don’t say you weren’t warned.



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