Trump on Abortion

There is so much wrong with America today. The fundamental change Obama talked about in 2008 has come to pass and the one thing no one can deny is that it isn’t a better change. And this “fundamental change” has touched every aspect of our very lives. You can’t escape it the stench is everywhere.

Earlier this week Trump was asked about punishments for abortion seekers and Trump rightfully replied that there probably would be. You simply can’t make something illegal and then not punish everyone involved. In his last statement Trump seemed to indicate that the issue was now carved in stone and it should probably be left alone.

The truth is that it is a sad day in America when the murder of gods children with the consent and often encouragement of the state is placed on the back-burner of priorities. And yet perhaps that is exactly where it should go at least for now. When Trump is elected president there are several projects he’ll have to get to immediately in a town where nothing is in a big hurry unless someone gets paid off. The wall, shipping illegals back home, Isis, the economy, Americas standing in the world, the culture of division … start. If he succeeds in these areas in his first term he will have attained the kind of Trump card that can get anything done.

Now the media and Trump haters know that considering the mess America now finds herself in, abortion doesn’t exactly weigh in on the top 10 anymore. Your 30 year old kid with the masters degree is living (if you can call that living) in your basement and that kind of thing is a little higher up on your list at the moment. For months they have been looking for a “gotcha” moment and are hoping to turn this into one.

When it comes to abortion Trump will likely get his shot at it at some point in his presidency and at that time I’m sure he will do the research required to come up with the best deal possible in saving human life. But I just don’t see how he possibly has the time to deal with that at the moment, with all these other items on his plate. Then again I can also see Trump a little annoyed with his own responses to the question that I wouldn’t be surprised if right now he isn’t on a plane somewhere reading a book about Roe vs. Wade.

The thing is this part of the election cycle is kinda like watching the end of a boxing match that went one too many rounds … or five too many rounds. All of the presidential contenders must be exhausted by now. I’m exhausted running a page so I can’t even imagine how they might feel. I imagine that before it is over they are all going to say something stupid or poorly thought out or even gobilly gook. Just like the wild swings a boxer flings at an opponent he can’t see anymore.

I trust Donald Trump to start busting his behind on the very same day that he takes his oath and to keep busting his behind for as long as he can for the American people. I don’t know if he’ll manage to get to everything or fix everything but he’ll get us back going in the right direction and the people can do the rest.




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