Americans are at War!

this means war


The people of the United States of America are at war. We are not at war with some foreign enemy but instead our war is within our own homeland against what has commonly been referred to as the establishment. No not just the Republican establishment but the entire establishment including the media and the left.

Never in my half century of life have I ever seen such a disgraceful display of corruption. If the founding fathers could have seen the future they would have surrendered to the British. It isn’t just the establishment that American patriots are at war with it is also a rather large percentage of criminally ignorant citizens who either don’t have a clue how the world works or just don’t care as long as they get theirs.

But I digress.

Let’s take a good hard look at what happened in Wisconsin where the term “fair play” had no meaning. When Trump won Arizona the people in the television news media were pretty certain that Cruz would take the cheese head state. After all it is full of a bunch of lunatic evangelists who are the only people hypocritical enough to embrace a man who is pulling every dirty trick in the book to corrupt the process and who likely cheated on his wife with several women including prostitutes. Not to mention the cold hard fact that the founding fathers did not intend for someone like Cruz to be eligible for office in the first place no matter what the shysters try to tell us. The point is that before Trump could get his plane off the runway in Arizona it was pretty clear that Trump was going to lose a handful of delegates in the home of Harley.

Since Trumps commanding win in Arizona it has been a full press assault by the Republican Party establishment and the news media against The Donald. Newsmax (#Newsmax) which used to be a fairly even handed news source has gone completely anti Trump. I mention Newsmax because it is a pretty popular online news source but they are only one of dozens of so called news organizations who have spent every day since Arizona attacking Trump and printing any news story or editorial against him they can come up with. Others guilty of this is Breitbart News Network (#breitbartnewsnetwork), Conservative Review (#conservativereview), Real Clear Politics (#realclearpolitics), Business Insider (#businessinsider), and so many others I could fill this page with them and still have some left over. The television news media has been even worse in fact it has gotten so bad that the least guilty of trying to end Trumps rise is MSNBC. MSNBC? Let that sink in for a minute.

The media has been working overtime against Trump but so hasn’t the Republican Party. Whether they have a brokered convention or not and if so whether they give the nomination to Kasich or not they want you to believe they they will never allow Trump to be the nominee no matter what the voters think or how they vote. They want you to believe this because they hope that by believing this you will support someone else or better yet stay home all together if you’re a Trump fan. Now of course they know Cruz can’t catch Trump and they would never nominate him anyway but if they can show Trump support to wane before the convention then it buys into the narrative they have been trying to create all along which is Trump is just a flash in the pan and they can look like heroes instead of the true villains they are when they put one of their corrupt compatriots in the position of party nominee.

And then there is the George Soros gang of usurpers. Millions spent on paying “protestors” to make it appear that there is something horrible about Trump. Millions spent on dozens of anti Trump campaign  political action committees. This is the stuff we know about but you know that rich bastard and his friends are doing much more behind the scenes. Money corrupts a lot of people.

When Trump said he was the Lone Ranger he wasn’t kidding it is literally him (and us) against the machine and the machine is incredibly strong and powerful. Trumps entire campaign has literally been a grass roots effort having spent very little of his own money in comparison to the bus loads of cold hard cash the machine has been throwing against him.

But fear not Trumpamaniacs. The fat lady hasn’t ascended the stage just yet. Now is the time for us to get off the couch and start returning the establishments full court press with our own. We have to show our fellow Americans what is really going on here and we have to be diligent in our duty to our country to make sure Trump wins the nomination. Remember Wisconsin was in the bag for Cruz a long time ago so nothing that happened there comes as a surprise no matter what spin is currently being put on it.

The coming months will decide who really owns the U.S. Will we once again sit idlely by while our lives are run by others or will we break the back of a 100 year long usurpation of our constitutional rights to run our own nation and lives and not have a bunch of career politicians, bankers, and the corrupt media do it for us.

When the rubber hits the road we must all decide whether to go on as the serfs we have become or take out country back and if we choose the latter then we must also back it with our own individual actions. What’s at stake? Everything.


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