Fatherhood in America


When I was a kid there were lots of great dads at least on TV there was. My Three Sons, Father Knows Best, Leave it to Beaver, The Brady Bunch, and Bonanza are just some of the programs that displayed the fathers love for his children. And perhaps my dad wasn’t Michael Brady or Ben Cartwright, but he was a lot closer to being like one of the TV dads of my childhood than todays dads are.

Who are todays dads? That middle aged guy living in an efficiency apartment he can barely afford if his car holds up. Our precious, fragile little college snowflakes aren’t going back home to live with dad. Mom has a basement and none of mommies little precious’ are ever going to have to worry as long as daddy is alive and mommy can still rub it in his face.

Todays dad sees his kids every other week if he’s lucky. Everytime the ex feels like jerking his chain he misses a visit. Lawyers aren’t much of an option when you’re barely able to pay for an efficiency apartment if the car holds out. He probably misses his garage and/or computer room. Todays dad might develop a drinking or drug problem while he adjusts to being single again. If he manages to find a woman who doesn’t mind all his baggage and the fact that he’s broke …. he’s already found a better woman and this makes mom nuts (as if she wasn’t nuts before).

Todays dad is a shell of a man on average. The best he can hope for is a 50/50 shot at having a family and if he tries and fails misery will undoubtedly follow him the rest of his days. Or at least for a hell of a long time.

And then there is the ultimate expression of American fatherhood the dad no one has ever seen. See kid when mom was a young girl her skin was smooth and soft and her breasts were supple and ripe and there wasn’t a decent looking guy in town who hadn’t bent her over their parents couch and spilled the beans. And if high school wasn’t enough your mom went to college where she experimented with lesbianism, slept with guys from other races and backgrounds and ended up with that case of genital warts her current fuck buddy keeps blaming her for. Somewhere along the line she got pregnant and she ended up having you because she was so high on weed she missed the deadline. That dad you’ve never known. Maybe Maury Povitch can find him.

For a long time in America we as a society have been abusing dad. He’s gotten smaller and weaker and indecisive preferring to spend much of his time in the kitchen making someone a sandwich. Any display of masculinity is absolutely verboten and so we have generations of confused girlymen. When we have a war with purses as weapons we’ll let those little bitches know. Destroying men destroys the family. Many young men today don’t even want to be in a relationship with a woman much less marry her and have children. Look America at todays college students and see what you have wrought.


2 thoughts on “Fatherhood in America

  1. Once again Pat you have nailed it! Most of todays women are misandrists and don’t even know it. I have been observing the educational system and media for the past 35 years really ramping up their feministic war on men and so now we are reaping what has been sown. The MGTOW movement has been gaining momentum and so even more young girls and women are resorting to lesbianism and sex toys in stead of men. Now with a society of manginas instead of real men out there our nation is ripe for the picking. Here in my area of Florida there is an abundance of old worthless hags running around trying to find a sugar daddy looking for his last hoorah with his retirement money and viagra. The young girls are frustrated not being able to find the Andy of Mayberry, John Wayne combo to be the father of their children and instead have a bunch of effeminates glued to their iphones and couldn’t shoot a gun or even throw a good punch if they had to. In tracing down the rabbit hole in search of how and why where very few tread, I have found that we can thank the Zionists who have sought to destroy us from the inside out since the early 50’s and we have allowed it and so we have what we have today. Women replacing the man’s role in society as police and political leaders, and manginas as Generals wearing skirts !! No wonder the world is laughing at us. I’m 65 and old school as they say, and we had stick ball, crossword puzzles, chess, card games, our good guys in the movies always won over the bad guys and few of us were fat! now it’s porn and Pokemon……….ugh!

    On Mon, Aug 29, 2016 at 6:50 AM, The McCarthy Chronicles wrote:

    > Patrick posted: ” When I was a kid there were lots of great dads at least > on TV there was. My Three Sons, Father Knows Best, Leave it to Beaver, The > Brady Bunch, and Bonanza are just some of the programs that displayed the > fathers love for his children. And perhaps my da” >

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  2. There are times that I, too want to take some of the women in my life and just slap the fool out of them. Some of them think that men are nothing more than a welfare check for their own selfish ambitions. That’s not right. I saw this one young woman, that I absolutely refuse to call a “lady” using their own children as a weapon against him. Several women ganged up on her and straightly threatened her, warning her of the consequences of ever doing that again in their presence. The ex-husband, wisely stayed out of the fray, but I saw him smiling because of all the allied support that he had. Who can blame him. About 20 minutes later, the police arrived and then they left after hearing more than enough of her whining. What I didn’t know at the time is that there was a custody hearing in court the following week. He ended up with a restraining order against her, and full custody of all 3 of his children. At first, I didn’t believe that he got custody, simply because it all sounded too good to be true, but it was true alright, and his kids are in a very stable, rock solid environment. Now there are some men that I suppose are worse than what I described above, but for the most part, men are not nearly as bad as what you and I’ve been told by some lying court official, usually a judge. And the women, for the most part, are not as good as you and I’ve been told by the same lying court official, again, usually a judge. Now, I know that opinions are like armpits. Everyone has at least two and some stink worse than others. Well, there you have it. My opinion on the matter. To some, I’m sure it stinks, and to some, I’m sure it’s quite aromatic. I guess I’ll take the Fox news claim on thin one. “I report, you decide”


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