You Just Can’t Bully Donald Trump


The Teflon Don. That is what the press should be calling Donald Trump because it doesn’t matter what they sling at him he just brushes it off. I read a lot of news articles and commentaries and from the moment Trump announced his candidacies he’s been the victim of some of the most vicious false accusations that I have ever seen in politics. Never mind that they are disproven, the mud slinging machine has never stopped. And Trump? He shrugs them off.

Donald J. Trump has been bullied all his life. Yes he grew up privileged due to his fathers vision and hard work, but among the privileged class he wasn’t exactly at the top of their gene pool. Trump was new money. American money. That poser from Queens whose daddy built for the unwashed masses.

But Donald wanted more than a construction company in Queens. His father had taught him a strong work ethic and he wanted to show the upper class that he could compete with them because he was smarter and worked harder than they did. Along the way he identified with the workers at his fathers construction sites where he worked himself and who looked up to him unlike his classmates who looked down.

Trump did show his peers that he was smarter and worked harder than they did. He took what he knew out of Queens and into the limelight of Manhattan. He put thousands of people to work building and maintaining what he constructed and/or renovated. His hard work and intelligence built an empire that spans the globe …. but there are still bullies out there, many on his own team who think they can bully Donald J. Trump.

And like the bullies who dogged him all his life Trump continues to prove his bullies wrong time and time again. The turncoats have paid or will pay dearly for their treachery and the press ….. well nobody believes them anymore (6%).

You want a strong leader America? Do you want a leader who can’t be bullied by the other countries of the world? You want to see economic growth and a finished wall (we already have one such as it is) helping to defend our boarder? Someone who can’t be bought (coughs and mentions the Clinton Foundation). There’s only one choice.


One thought on “You Just Can’t Bully Donald Trump

  1. Trump has his thing going. His only real problem is sometimes he shoots off his mouth without checking in with his brain first like he did with that gold star dad at the Democratic National Convention. With that, he did more damage than he did with any other comment that he made, and he still hasn’t fully recovered from it. Before he made that comment, he had a commanding lead in the polls, something like 70% Trump to 27% Hillary among voters that already have their minds made up. I’m happy to say that he has since learned his lesson. It’s going to continue to be a tough road to hoe from that point on. He has GOT to win the election. The very existence of America depends on it. With me being an old “Make Love, not war” type hippie, I’ve seen how it was in 1967 and how it is now, and all the times since then. There’s a world of difference between the two. In 1967, America’s existence was not in jeopardy, but it sure is now. Maybe the people will wake up and see that this is no joke, we need a real leader. I have a pussy. We sure as hell don’t need one leading this country. We’ve already had two leading the nation for the last 16 years. Clinton was no prize, but at least he kept the budget balanced for the most part, and it sure as hell wasn’t because of the Democrats, either. When the Republicans took over control of both houses of Congress in 1995, the budget deficit fell dramatically the first year, and has been balanced or near balanced for the rest of Clinton’s term. Republicans and Democrats worked with one another, and the nation benefited greatly from it. Nowadays, they don’t.


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