Donald Trump vs Adolf Hitler

According to historians, the election of Adolf Hitler was the direct result of The Treaty of Versailles. There is only so much any people will tolerate and with huge chunks of Germany lost, her resources being plundered, the German people being murdered and abused in the lost lands, citizens dying in the streets for lack of food and shelter, and the Zionist takeover of its government, most historians look back and wonder why the movers and shakers of the times could not see a blow-back coming?

America has gone through some pretty bad times. We are humiliated on the worlds stage. Our downward spiraling economy is dragging the whole world down with it. Western Civilization is being invaded as a whole. You can’t turn on the T.V. anymore without seeing something gay or “transgendered.” The federal government has become dictatorial. Our leaders have the undeniable stench of corruption around them.

How much are a people supposed to take?

Because of this comparison of disgruntled populists the Trump haters want you to believe that the outcome must be the same as Germanys. Au contraire.

We simply aren’t there yet but we’re on our way. The entitlement economy will eventually run out of other peoples money. As America continues to wind downward there will be more attempts to diminish the dollar was the world default currency. America (and Europe for that matter) has too many immigrants for our culture to absorb both financially and socially and the 800,000 Muslim refugees haven’t arrived yet. Out social morality is almost nonexistent.

But there is still time to turn it all around. We are not yet of a time of pitchforks and torches but if Trump gets the majority of votes and delegates and doesn’t get the nomination you’d better keep an eye our for torches. Donald Trump is not the man who takes advantage of a totally destroyed nation. Donald Trump is that nations last chance before what by now we should be able to see coming, arrives. Because once the real hardships of entitlement-ism hit main street the monster will undoubtedly show its head. The trick is to avoid the monster all together not continue our relentless pursuit of it.

Sorry Virginia, Donald J. Trump is not the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler. Even if they had the exact same experiences it is unlikely that they would follow the same path. The demon you fear is just a few short years (or months) away. But it doesn’t have to end that way. Choose the “last chance” guy. Vote for the dragon slayer.




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