I Hate Ignorant People


Believe it or not I used to shy away from telling the truth especially in the real world. It is much easier to hide behind my computer anonymously when talking about what is true and what is not because quite frankly some will get violent to protect the lies they have been taught all their lives. But that was then and this is now and over my many years of constant research I have garnered a relatively high level of contempt for ignorant people so much so that in a couple of real life situations I have come very close to being that guy who incites violence and I’m not a violent person by nature (though to be honest between 20 and about 35 I could get violent pretty quickly).

There is no excuse to be ignorant.

I discovered the internet in 1997 when my usual activities were working, fixing and hot rodding cars, truck and motorcycles in my carport, avoiding the wife by hiding in my deep hull 26″ Scotty ocean fishing boat and drinking beer (or sitting on the roof hiding from her drinking beer if it was a nice day, smoking weed and raising hell. Most of my life I didn’t own a telephone or purchase cable T.V. Why would I? I was hardly ever home and when I was home I was busy doing shit. If you wanted to contact me bad enough you’d know enough to see if I was at home or at one of the several biker bars I hung out at or hanging out at a buddies Harley shop.

Once I did discover the internet you couldn’t get me off it. No not because I wanted to watch porn (well ok maybe a little porn cause let’s be honest watching a Mexican donkey show is better than a train wreck) or type nonsense to a bunch of people I didn’t really know, but because I wanted to know everything. All my life I’ve wanted to know everything about everything and I have actively pursued that quest all of my life. In retrospect I probably would have been better off spending my off work time watching football or basketball on TV. I have nothing against sports but for you folks who can’t get enough I just have to wonder how much of your life you have wasted if you know who the players are in the sports you watch. How much more could you have accomplished in your life had you obsessed about something a bit more productive?

I’m not the only person who has this wealth of knowledge at their fingertips. Everyone, and I mean everyone does. Any fool can go to their local library for an hour or 2 every day and sit at one of the libraries somewhat vintage computers and learn everything about everything. I’m no rocket scientist, anyone can do this. You can even do it drinking beer and smoking weed. I do that all the time.

There is a difference between ignorance and stupidity but the bond between the two is unbreakable.

Back to why I hate ignorant people:

So as I was saying I am no longer reserved about speaking the truth in the real world. I don’t care whether you call me antisemitic, bigot, racist, revisionist, Nazi, a “white male” or whatever else stupid ignorant people puke out of their mouths every chance they get and if you make me care you’ll get a little more than a knuckle sandwich to remind you to be civilized when speaking to others. But when someone starts up with that mocking sarcasm of how they are some kind of knowledgeable person when I know for a fact they have absolutely no clue what they are talking about I’ll take them right to the mat.

We live in a world fueled with lies. Most of those lies come from politicians and the press. That is a fact and if you don’t know that by now you should kill yourself and any offspring you might have that are following your footsteps. But if you know the world is fueled by lies shouldn’t you be seeking the truth? If you know your partner lied to you regularly wouldn’t you  seek out the truth?

This is my process. When I run across a subject or topic that is considered even remotely controversial I start looking for anything I can find on the matter. I read articles I watch, YouTube videos, I ask people in real life questions whom I believe have knowledge on the subject. Some topics turnout to be pretty straightforward and other have taken years of research. I have worked very hard at learning everything about everything. Guess what, I haven’t even scratched the surface. That being said compared to most I have a pretty wide range of knowledge on many different subjects which came in very handy when I was a broker/trader.

But what I really hate most of all are the people who have done none of this, the people who have never questioned their handlers and overseers, the people who believe everything they have been told by someone else, the people who have garnered no real facts about anything and then turn around and defend the lies they think are true. Many do this with a healthy portion of attitude. I have always wondered how our species is ever going to evolve with neanderthals like this taking up so much of the human population.

See the worst part about the stupid and the ignorant is that they are really the driving force in our world. This may be why the elite at times show such contempt for the common man however what they fail to realize through their own ignorance and stupidity is that many of these “common men” know more about the subjects they are supposed to be experts in than they do. Their education pretty much ended after 4-8 years of partying at an adult day care center they call university. Still it is much more than most have and there is no excuse for that.

Universities are obsolete.

That’s right universities are obsolete. There was a time when knowledge was horded by those who had it and the only way to expand your mind was to either go to college or spend your life in a library reading 20 year old books. Now any idiot can turn themselves into a rocket scientist in their own homes or just learn how to weld without spending 5 years as someones apprentice and never stepping foot on a campus. And it is all free.

So why are there still so many stupid and ignorant people? Because they have chosen to be stupid and ignorant that’s why. Thinking hurts.  People who have chosen this path make me sick to my stomach.

There is no better example of a failed life than being ignorant and being ignorant is just stupid.



Democrats: Hate filled Extremists


Sometimes I feel like I’m on some other planet. Maybe one of the multiple earths science speculates exists but certainly not the one I’ve been living most of my life on. Even during the Vietnam era which I remember vividly, I have never seen the kind of behavior out of Americans that I see today. What has changed? What has made Democrats so bat shit crazy and violent.

The biggest slice of the blame pie obviously gets awarded to the press. Fake news from the press is hardly anything new but not reporting violence properly most certainly is. Who among us would be so quick to defend Muslims if what was really going on in Europe and even here in America was properly reported by the press? How about Black mob violence? Instead we have an agenda driven press that hasn’t come to terms with the fact that a large majority of Americans simply don’t trust the lies they have always told. Lies and half truths from the press is nothing new and all one has to do is read newspapers from either world war to realize that the press have been doing a lot more than just reporting the news. For decades they have been driving a narrative they they have invented. Like during WWI when the press claimed that German soldiers were throwing babies up into the air, catching them on their bayonets, and then eating them.

But the reason the press shoulders most of the blame is because they lied throughout the primaries and throughout the election. Election polls during the primary and election were flat out false with the press cherry picking who they would poll and in almost every case the fix was in with the majority of the people polled being dire hard leftists. Is it any wonder why so many people were surprised at the outcome. Even with the massive voter fraud that was conducted by agents of the Democrat Party I knew Trump was going to win because instead of passively sitting in from of the boob tube being told by the press what to think and believe, I sought out more trustworthy news sources and polls.

Another cause of the radicalization of the left in America is the Democrats voter registration drives. Intelligent people know socialism is bad and communism is bad so you’ll never be able to tell them otherwise mostly because they probably paid attention in history class. So the Democrats went after the very poor, new residents whose mastery of English is minimal at best, and illegal aliens(basically the stupid and the ignorant) with promises of free stuff. Of course that wasn’t enough so they also embraced anyone they could put in a minority box whether that was based on skin color, religion, sex,  economic status or anyone else they could cut from the herd. They did all this for power not to actually help anyone. In 8 years is Detroit better? What exactly did the left do for Blacks except radicalize a very large portion of that population. Don’t worry about your lack of jobs just blame Whites.

And of course we also have Democrats, even those in high offices condoning and promoting violence in the streets and even murder. Across America leftists, progressives, liberals, whatever the hell you wanna call them are destroying property, committing murder, causing physical harm to people just because those people do not believe exactly the way they do.

Finally we have characters like George Soros and Beyonce Knowles financing these radicalized leftists and telling them how to behave like zoo monkeys throwing feces at passers by.

What can be done?

First of all the money flow needs to stop so Soros and Knowles need to be investigated and their financial assets frozen. Many of these violent thugs in the streets are being paid to cause violence and others aren’t simply being paid but are being given food and shelter plus that paycheck for their violent behavior.

Second these “protesters” need to be rounded up and the full might of the law brought against them. I’m talking real and serious prison time here. These people are committing crimes against both their fellow citizens and our government and in many cases these people should be tried for sedition. It’s enough already and if they don’t have the moral fortitude to behave as decent citizens then they need to be removed and locked up like any other criminal. Americas prisons are full of people who have done a lot less than some of these bike lock wielding terrorists.

Thirdly we need to fire some teachers. A lot of teachers both in primary and secondary education who have been feeding their students a manifesto that encourages them to disrespect our government, voters, and our way of life. Or we could just drag them out into the streets and show them what a firing squad looks like. I’m good with either one.

And finally we need call these people what they are, terrorists and treat them as such. No more of this “college kids” bullshit they aren’t kids they are adults and just because they behave like spoiled children doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be called exactly what they are and be forced to pay the price for their radicalized behavior.

In fact while we are at it maybe we should hang a few of them and broadcast it on national TV as a warning to anyone else thinking about becoming a home grown terrorist.

The Greatest Cars Ever Built

I have owned many great cars in my lifetime (trucks and bikes too) and of all of the cars I’ve owned the one that was by far the most fun to own were air cooled VW Beetles. Fun to drive, fun and easy (most of the time)  to work on, and just over all, with out a doubt the greatest cars ever built. One of the best options for VW was custom fiberglass bodies and/or body parts that allowed you to turn your Beetle into just about any car or truck you wanted to turn it into. When I was a kid doing that was pretty popular but for those of you who aren’t all that familiar with VW conversions/replicas I’ve dedicated this piece to the endless possibilities of the mighty VW Beetle.

These are all Beetles:



























Should You Convert to Islam?


According to all television news, Islam is a religion of peace. It’s just a handful of very ill people who give Islam a bad name but the majority of Muslims around the world are sweet, kind, caring people who just want peace and harmony in the world like anyone else. In the West bigotry and racism reign supreme and Muslims have unfairly become the targets of Western bigotry and racism. Because of that Islam needs help and you may be uniquely suited to submit to Islam and if that is the case you absolutely should, as soon as possible.

Now obviously no one wants to force anyone to submit, they must be willing if not eager and they must understand from the start that to be a Muslim is to embrace the Koran. But more important than that, by converting you are proving to others by your own example that Islam is a religion of peace and not to be feared. It is the role of the hero to stand up for what is right and you could be that hero so lets see if you are suitable.

The following is a list of people who should convert to Islam:

Teachers: I think it is fair to say that by and large teachers of every level are very sympathetic to Islam. School administrators and teachers union officials should also immediately submit. These people are considered leaders in our communities and they should be the first to set an example for their students and the community by converting to Islam. It would also show that they practice what they teach.

L.G.B.T. Members and Associates: On many many occasions the L.G.B.T. community has used Islam to push their agendas. Claiming that most Muslims have no problems with homosexuals or cross dressers or anyone elses sexual preferences and practices they have been a very outspoken group in the defense of Islam. Surely for doing so Muslims would welcome them into Islam with open arms. Again I call upon this group to lead by example and convert to Islam en-mass. Frankly I’m a bit surprised that they haven’t already.

Feminists: I’ve never met a feminist that wasn’t angry most if not all of the time. As many a conservative has commented online, feminists aren’t often the most attractive girls in the room. In Islam women are treated like equals regardless of looks because all the women dress the same and their personality not their looks is what shines through. And if you are lonely, there is no problem finding you a husband you can share with three other feminists. Best of all no one will be leering at you because of your looks or judging you for lack of them. It is time feminists showed their solidarity with Islam and submit immediately.

Elected Officials: Elected officials should absolutely convert to Islam and most are hypocrites if they don’t. They take money from Muslims they push agendas for Muslims so why haven’t they converted already? It’s the religion of peace right? Isn’t that what they all say?

Owners and Operators of Facebook, Twitter & Google+: This group is so obvious that it totally goes without explanation and it just boggles the mind why it hasn’t happened already.

The Press: I have never seen a group of people work so hard in defense of any religion in my life. Good for you people of the press you are Islams first line of defense against the infidels and their racism and bigotry. Imagine if Shepard Smith converted to Islam on live T.V. Or any T.V. news personality for that matter. How about Megyn Kelly? Wouldn’t that be grand. These people could do more than just talk about how Muslims are peaceful but by becoming Muslims themselves they would be showing the world that they believe the words that they speak every night.

As for the rest of you, well I hate to break it to you but you’re probably not suited to be Muslim. That however doesn’t mean you won’t eventually have a place in Islam in maybe 20 or 30 years.

Islam needs slaves too.

How much for your daughter? Yes the little boy too.

Craig’s List, Offer Up: Buying from Private People is Dangerous.


I buy and sell from sources like Craig’s List and Offer Up all the time. Mostly because I enjoy refurbishing and customizing 3 wheel adult bicycles which has become a hobby of mine but I have also dabbled in musical instruments and lately I was on the hunt for a Kitchenaid standup mixer because I like making bread but I hate kneading dough. So though I’m no “expert” I have a substantial amount of experience buying from private people because I’m a cheap bastard.

When I was dealing in bicycles and musical instruments every deal went off without a hitch in fact I met some very nice people and wondered what all the “beware” these sources was all about. That all changed when I went seeking the stand up mixer.

If you’re not familiar with the Hobart mixer it is the only mixer anyone serious about cooking would ever consider owning and the prices for this mixer range from about $200 to over $800 depending on the model. Yes that is right you can buy an $800 mixer for your home kitchen. Even $200 seems a little out there to most people …. unless you like baking things and especially if you’re getting a bit up there in age and your hands aren’t working the way they did when you were a 20 year old snot nosed kid. To give a short explanation, it is a gear driven machine that is easily repaired (plenty of repair videos on YouTube), and has a real retro 50’s look to it so it looks great on your kitchen counter top. Of course if you spend that much on a mixer you’re not going to hide it in the cabinet so it becomes as much of a decoration as it does a tool for baking.

So why did I have so much trouble finding a Kitchenaid stand up mixer on both Craigs List and Offer Up that I broke down and shelled out $250 for a 5 quart Professional Series? Well first of all many of the sellers had a bloated idea of what a used counter-top appliance was actually worth because many had paid full retail for the item. That can be as much as of difference of $200 and you see these units posted 6 months ago on these sites with the sellers clueless about why their mixer didn’t sell.

Second is that the mixer is about the best bait for the criminally minded that you can imagine. See everyone who cooks wants one of these gems but not everyone is willing or able to dish out that kinda money at the mall for one so a lot of people seek the item. What I found was that the sellers of the mixers came in only two categories the ones who had overpriced their mixers and the people who make the hair on the back of your neck stick up.

The first incident was with a woman who lived about 10 miles from me. She had a black 5 series she was selling for $100 that looked like it was in great shape and I was good to go cash in hand. She wouldn’t give me her phone number or address so I just assumed she was a single girl and was being cautious when she said she wanted to meet me in the parking lot of a pet store right off the interstate. I would have been cool with that but I asked her were would I test the machine to make sure it worked. I never heard from her again. I emailed her a couple of days later and offered to let her bring it to my home and I live in a very nice neighborhood she could have Google mapped but I got no response. The ad is still in Craig’s list for a month now and at $100 it is a pretty good deal so it should have sold quickly. Obviously something was seriously wrong here. At the very least the machine didn’t work and at the worse I might have gotten mugged or worse.

I must have made offers on at least a dozen of these units and it was always the same. Either the seller had grossly overestimated the value of the unit or there was something seriously shady going on.

The point is this, if you are going to buy something on one of these sites one of the things you have to take into consideration is the desirability of the item. People who mean to do bad things to other people aren’t going to be offering something few people are looking for so extra care should be taken when looking for things like mixers and cell phones, things easily transported. Always Google map the location you are to meet the buyer or seller at. Sometimes I buy things in very shady neighborhoods and I also like to know the lay out of the neighborhood in case I need to make a quick exit. If there is any hesitation to give you a phone number or if they won’t give you the address until you are close to their location (ie call them when you get close) forget about it. Always tell a family member or friend where you are going and the contact information (addy and phone number) of the person you are meeting with even if you’re a tough guy. Women always bring an alpha male with you.

Look you might have bought hundreds of items from people from the newspaper or the internet without incident but it only takes one time and your well being and maybe even your life isn’t worth taking a risk you could easily aviod.

And finally, before you buy or sell anything do a little research. People aren’t going to these sources for a fair deal they can get that in the store, they are looking for a great deal so if you really want to sell don’t be stupid. Rule of thumb is that when you purchase a new item, the minute you open the box it is worth about half of what you spent on it and that would be its retail pawn shop value. Pawn shops are safer and less risky so you’ll want to undercut them to get someones attention.

I ended up purchasing the 5 Series Professional Kitchenaid mixer (in Empire Red yay) for just under $250 after spending a couple of hours online looking for the best deal. The best used deal I saw for the same mixer was $175 so the choice was pretty easy.

Social Network Nomads


It all starts so sweet an innocent. Oh look a new social network! In the beginning every social network online is pretty much the same. Sure aside from porn you can post anything you want come on in. Get comfortable. Have a seat. Relax. Check out our services. We really want you here. But that attitude doesn’t last very long.

Once the social network you start getting accustomed to starts doing well the bait and switch takes place. In small little increments you probably either won’t notice or decide to overlook your new online social network begins to assume control. I have watched the same scenario unfold on 3 different social network sites so far Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The more popular they get and the deeper they think they have their claws in you the more they start enforcing content control or in layman’s terms censorship.

What these social networks have created is internet social network nomads. Hang onto a site until it becomes unbearable and then move on. How many people who are reading this right now on Minds or Google plus once had Facebook accounts but do no longer? Or a Twitter account. Or (in the case of Minds) once had a Google+ account? If your comments to me over that last few months are any indication it is quite a few of you.

At the moment Minds.com is the new kid in town drawing a plethora of YouTube celebrities who are sick and tired of being constantly censored by the evil 3 and one can only hope that Minds continues to be a place free of censorship but given the trend they too may end up trying to control their users.

The sad part is that you have to be eternally vigilant if you want to be free to share your opinions and the opinions of others. These social media sites have determined that some opinions are dangerous and that they have the inherent right to control you. See you are the product. You are what they are selling and though a farmer might let 20 cows run free, if he has 1000 then those cows may never leave the barn. That is why they are so nice at first because they lack product to sell but once they have enough cows in the barn it is time to cull the herd.

I hope I don’t have to tell you how dangerous this is on a social and political standpoint. The more ideas and opinions that are quashed the more totalitarian our world becomes. That is after all what the big social media sites are promoting, internet totalitarianism and it gets worse every single day.

Computers and the internet were supposed to make our lives easier and freer. Well at least that was the promise but even the internet at large follows this pattern. Let’s be honest folks, porn built the internet and guess what will eventually happen to the internet porn industry. They were used to build the internet just like you were used to build social networks but once the building is up the user controls start kicking in.

And it is just going to keep getting worse so pack up your tent and water your camel because unless you’re as brain dead as a social justice warrior …. you’ll be moving to another social media site sooner than later.


D.C. Comics, Entertainment or Propaganda?

dc comics

Recently Marvel Comics has come under a bit of heat for what has become their lineup of movies and T.V. shows drifting a bit too far into the social justice arena. In most of their T.V. programming it isn’t easy to find a couple in a romantic relationship that isn’t interracial or gay. Nothing wrong with interracial or gay relationships for the most part but when almost all of the sexual relationships on numerous shows are interracial or gay you can’t be shocked when people start turning you off. Of course that is just a minor infraction compared to some of the other social justice themes Marvel pushes, interracial and gay relationships are just a fun example.

D.C. Comics is Marvels competition in the super hero movie and television world. They too push political agendas just like Marvel. Wouldn’t it be nice if they just focused on entertaining us.

I love stories about super heroes so I watch just about everything Marvel or D.C. has to offer. Happy to see season 5 of  The Green Arrow come up on NetFlix I couldn’t wait to find the time to watch it …… and then I saw episode 13. Now bear in mind I’m quite used to seeing a lot of progressive hogwash in superhero movies and T.V. shows but episode 13 really made me want to hurl chunks and soup. Let me share the basic outline of the story with you.

The location is Star City a crime ridden dangerous place to live full of meta humans (people with extraordinary abilities like flying), vigilantes, assassins, space aliens, time travelers … you name it. A guys wife and daughter get killed in a shooting at the local mall. He takes an AR-15 to City Hall, makes it all the way to the mayors office and kills 7 people. Eventually the City Hall shooter gives himself up nonviolently, gun control regulations are passed even though they would have changed nothing in either shooting, and it ends with a kumboyah moment and candles.

Now the story line itself is obviously trying to make some statement but what will surely grab your attention is the flat out lies the story claims are facts. The AR-15 is not a military grade weapon or an assault rifle yet D.C. Comic writers claim it is and unlike some of the other statements made on the show while they are trying to pretend to give both sides a fair shake, this point is not contested by any of the characters. Another statement made by the show was about Blacks being more likely to be murdered without mentioning that they are more likely to be murdered by other Blacks. Instead the blame is on the tool which in essence is what a gun is. See by making it appear that both sides are getting a fair shake you’re not supposed to notice the tear jerking music or the uncontested points which are fundamentally incorrect being pushed by the shows writers.

And let’s be honest here, violence and sexual innuendo aside it is mostly kids and young adults watching these shows. Kids and young adults who are being fed lies and a political agenda from programming based on comic books. And we wonder why so many young people fall into the social justice warrior mindset. While you were doing something other than teaching them their minds were being filled with “programming.” And you’ll find some of the same political agendas in all programming aimed at younger people.

I hope that season 5, episode 13 of The Green Arrow is the worst show D.C. Comics ever does. It was a bit over the top even for indoctrination T.V. That shit don’t bother me because most of the crap on T.V. is pretty much propagandized anyway. I’m also mature and knowledgeable enough to shrug most of it off. What bothers me are the developing young minds that are watching this kind of programming and not having the experience and knowledge to shrug it off as typical liberal Hollywood mind forming.

The only way to combat this is to watch T.V. with your children. When I was a kid the T.V. wasn’t on unless the entire family was sitting in front of it. Well except for Saturday morning cartoons which we got to watch a couple of hours of with limited supervision. My dad used to call it the idiot box. He was right then and he’s even more right now. So before your kids turn into something you don’t recognize anymore … pay attention to what they are watching.