Sorry UK, France, Germany … it is too late



It took long enough. Too long. Western Europeans are finally showing signs of waking up. Across the continent Swedes, Dutch, Germans, Austrians, all of them are starting to show signs that they have finally realized what their leaders and the media have done to them.

It isn’t as if Islam and Europe have been living together in peace. Historically Islam has been working around the clock to dominate the world and Europe has always been one of its prime focuses. Turkey was once the hub of Christian orthodoxy and now is in the hands of a monster. How could anyone in their right mind open their doors to these people?

Then there are the Africans. Did anyone pay attention to how these people treat each other before opening Europe’s door to them? Anyone with even a clue about what is going on in the African continent knows that these people are accustomed to extreme violence and rape. Would you invite someone into your home who had a long history of violence, murder and rape?

And yet Europeans were spoon fed a pack of lies they wanted to hear. They fed into the racism propaganda and so wanting to prove that they were “progressive” they gave their nations away. Ignoring history, ignoring what these people truly were, ignoring the murders and the raped of women and children and even ignoring the fact that their children were being captured and sold as sex slaves buy the very people they were so desperate to prove how progressive they are to. Europeans ignored the growing problem for years as millions invaded their boarders to open armed women seeking something more than the beta males decades of feminism had created. Some even carrying signs saying rape was better than racism placing themselves and their children on the progressive sacrificial alter eagerly.

Only now are we beginning to see the seeds of discontent in Western Europe. Only now are some Western European countries beginning to stand up against the EU. Only now have elected politicians begun to feel the heat from their constituents.

Only now it’s too late. Western Europe will be dominated buy Islam and it is only a matter of time and these Muslims know it. They know it with such confidence that many are already speaking out claiming some of these countries now belong to Islam and demanding Sharia laws and in some cases getting those demands met at least partially, for now. We all know that eventually Muslims will simply out breed Western Europeans the math doesn’t lie. The only real question is how long will it take.

As I see it the only option for Western Europeans is to escape Western Europe. What has begun can no longer be stopped so unless you want to convert to Islam and live under an Islamic system it is now time to plan your escape. Eastern Europe is a good place to start and also many East Asian countries won’t tolerate Islam so there is a second option. Yes you’ll likely have to begin again from scratch but that is certainly a much better option than living under Sharia law. Let the mud sharks remain in Europe, Asian girls are pretty hot so who needs em.

It is time we accept this bitter red pill. The only thing Western Europe is now is an example to other Christian nations of what not to do. Western Europeans might think their traditions and heritage are worthless but most people in most countries around the world love their nations, traditions and customs so when your leaders try to pull something similar in your country remember Europe … a once beautiful peaceful place that is now neither and never will be again.

R.I.P. Western Europe …. you will be missed.



Do You really believe in Evolution?



As someone who has studied science in college I can tell you that the scientific community knows squat. Sure they act like they are omnipotent but science in its purest form is about hypothesis and theory and every scientist has been taught this. We tend to accept as facts, theories which have verifiable supporting evidence. One of these theories is evolution which suggests that living things go through a generally very slow process of constant change to adapt to their surroundings. This is in opposition to the theory of natural selection which suggests that each life form has numerous variations of itself in its gene pool and the predominant end result is caused by which variation is more suited for survival currently. Population replacement or as the term clearly states natural selection also takes time to fully manifest.

As to evolution, how has man evolved?

Most scientists believe man evolved due to strife. Events like droughts for tiny mankind capable of typically breeding one offspring every 9 months forced his brain to develop. Hasn’t done much for rabbits or a host of other creatures, but evolution chose man to evolve for no apparent reason. There are other aspects to mankinds rise above the other animals of the planet but one of the biggest contributors is mans need to defend himself from the other creatures of earth but more importantly from other men. Thievery, murder, rape, and conquest seems to have begun long before man started walking upright and it was these things in part which enlarged mans brain and developed his critical thinking skills especially in the area of innovation.

If this is in fact true, then we can postulate a theory that being without the influence of violent crimes and conquest, mankind may either cease to continue to develop or develop much more slowly than he has in the past. Recent scientific discoveries suggest that in our new age of relative global peace, mankind is actually moving backwards in intelligence instead of forward. If evolution is to be believed then it is imperative that we support and encourage violent crime and conquest.

Look around you. Everything you see and the comforts you enjoy are the result of warfare of some kind. Would mankind have developed iron if all he needed weapons for was to kill water buffalo? All these polymers in your car and furnishings are made of were developed for war. Peaceful societies that live in the forests and jungles have yet to develop the wheel. Yet their children can be taught to attend university. How is that possible according to evolution?

On the whole I would say that a majority of conservatives believe in divine intervention, natural selection, or simply are not sure but on the other side of the fence the majority  is straight up with evolution. To believe in evolution you must also accept the undeniable which is that one of the keys to mankind’s development is violence which might explain some of the behavior on the left.

Evolution, taken to its extreme suggests the absence of divine intervention or in simple terms an existence without God. So if there is no God there is no morality other than the one created in ones own mind. So you help mankind develop by killing as many people as you can in the most innovative ways that you can? Mmmmm. Yet are these not the logical conclusions from the evolution theory? No accountability no regrets kill em all and help mankind reach enlightenment whatever that means. Why even bother trying to be “good” when doing so stops progress?

Personally I like natural selection which leaves open the possibility of divine intervention. I like peace when we can find it and I don’t want to kill anyone unless I have to. I don’t even want to pound their face into the ground unless I have to. I think mankind has the potential to be more than it’s collection of DNA and instinctual reactions to environment stimuli. I believe in a scientific model that leaves more doors open than it closes.

Could just be faith in God too. I can live with that.

Dear Rino’s – GTFO



It’s time that the Never Trumpers and the RINO’s of the GOP face the facts. It’s not their party anymore. Hysterically trying to warn their constituency that it is becoming Trumps party they still, just like during the primaries and general election, don’t get it.

These are the arrogant pigs that always gave the Republican Party a bad name. I remember when I was a liberal during Billy’s administration because I couldn’t stand how these douchebags always had to involve themselves in peoples personal lives. Under the RINO’s the GOP was just about as totalitarian as one could get and I’m thrilled that they are losing power. Good riddance.

The Republican Party isn’t Trumps party. I am 100% convinced that Donald doesn’t believe it is his party either. Today the Republican Party is what it was always meant to be and what for way too long it wasn’t, the peoples party.

During the primaries the RINO’s all joined forces and told us Trump wouldn’t be president. During the general election the RINO’s told us Trump as such an evil candidate that they were going to vote for Hillary. Since his term began the RINO’s have jumped on every chance to attack our president. And you know what? No one cares. No one cares about the RINO so called journalists at The Hill anymore. No one cares about The National Review. No one cares about the Cheetos faced boy and no one cares about the Jewish midget even though there is obviously a lot of money and influence trying to help him get reestablished after the Michelle Fields debacle.  And God help you if you work at a conservative periodical and you bash Trump.

It is time for you old farts in the party who have been leeching off the taxpayers for generations to hit the skids. No it isn’t your party any more it is our party and if you try to stage a coup against us we’ll crush you. So pack up your carpet bags and say goodbye to your interns because it is time for you to go. You either support our president or we’ll kick you out and have a grand old party at your expense.

The previously silent majority is going to rebuild the party in our image and you’d better get used to it. If you can’t get used to it maybe it is about time you crossed the fence and join the DNC. Don’t worry you won’t be missed we didn’t really like you in the first place.

The American people and especially conservative Americans have had enough of you gutless losers. It is time you took the hint and go home. And stay there.



America’s 21st Century Civil War


Running TNN and MC Squared, one might get the idea that each and every day I review dozens of news stories, opinion pieces and videos and one would be right to think so. The latest narrative from both mainstream media and alternative media is that America may be facing a civil war and that this war is imminent. They were saying that 2 years ago too.

Who could blame anyone for thinking a civil war is on the horizon? Riots in the streets, attempted murder, sedition, vandalism, corruption, it’s all there and it is every day so sooner or later it’s gotta pop right? Wrong.

America’s 21st century civil war isn’t about to start, it is about to end.

America’s civil war has been raging for the last 3 years. I can’t believe that no one seems to have been noticing it. Ok so it isn’t nukes and submarines but when people are out in the streets confronting their opponents with projectiles, bombs, and chemical weapons that sounds a hell of a lot like war to me. Just because soldiers aren’t lining up in a field somewhere shooting at each other doesn’t mean war isn’t raging.

Modern warfare is a bit different than what mankind is used to.  Today’s wars are fought with drones, computers, trade and mass migration. They are fought on the TV set and over the internet. And yes wars are also fought among the people on the streets with the left being the clear aggressor. What modern warfare isn’t is a field of bayonets.

So why are we seeing an end to America’s war? Make no mistake it will get worse before it gets better but it is almost over. By all indications the Democrats will be routed in Novembers midterm elections just like they were back in 16. What we are seeing now is the death rattle of the left as it struggles to hold on to what relevance it can. November is due or die for Democrats and they know it. The only hope they really have is that Trump has a heart attack and dies or he makes some serious blunder like nuking Japan.

Democrats don’t have a plan all they have is hate and violence and that hate and violence is so consuming they can’t see it for themselves. They have become their own worst enemies and people are seeing this. It is getting to the point that even their own constituents don’t want to see them holding office or in positions of power.

The civil war is here and now but it’s almost over. If every patriot does their jobs and help to get out the vote out in states that have congressional voting this year, the Democrats will get routed again and they’ll be forced to give up all that talk about communism and socialism and social justice and open boarders and more taxes if they ever hope to be in a position of power again. Because once that 2nd routing comes in they’ll know they have no power and maybe even leave moms basement and get a job.

Though it might be a couple of decades before anyone believes in them again.

Liberty Uber Alles!


Ever since I was a little kid I have despised authority. Any kind of authority. As you might imagine I was quite a handful for my parents. I don’t like it when people think they can tell me what to do. Even as a small child my parents telling me what to do required an explanation. If that explanation didn’t satisfy me I’d take my beating. Screw them no one was taking my spirit away. As I grew up I got more stubborn about it. As I gained wisdom I learned how to manipulate those who thought they had the right to tell me what to do. It’s not that hard, people who assume authority over others aren’t usually that bright. Look at D.C..

I’ve never much cared for the law either. I’ve never killed anyone to the best of anyone’s knowledge. I don’t pick fights with people. I don’t steal from people. I don’t go around wrecking other peoples stuff either. I don’t trespass on other peoples property. As far as I’m concerned that is where authority ends. I do not believe anyone has any authority over me past these things I’ve mentioned here period end of story. Any other trip they wanna lay on me they have to convince me that I shouldn’t do or should do whatever it is they want me to do or do not. And because of this for darn near 60 years I’ve done pretty much whatever the hell I’ve wanted to do.

I was 19 before I got a drivers license but I bought my first car at 17 (a sweet 1967 Mustang convertible for $600). And yes I drove that car from the moment I took possession of it. The year before I had moved to Florida from New York so I swiped the plates my mother was no longer using and slapped them on the car. Obviously I didn’t have insurance. To be honest, from then until now I might have had auto insurance maybe 20% of my driving life. When I did have insurance it was only for a month just to get tags and the rest of the year none until I needed to renew. Screw the laws.

It wasn’t just traffic laws I skirted. I built an extension on my house without a permit, which came in really handy when I got divorced and my ex was giving me the screws, always nice to be able to screw back. When I was a biker (the real kind) I cared concealed weapons all the time in fact once down by the beach a cop frisked me and some friends who were drinking in public (another thing I did as I pleased) and missed my 5 shot S&W 38. It was a relatively small gun between my truckers wallet and my butt. I’ve driven on public roads in excess of 130 MPH (motorcycle) for long distances not just taking it to those speeds and backing off. Not to mention white lining tractor trailers on the interstate.

For those of you who don’t know, white lining is riding your bike straight up the middle of 2 tractor trailers that are riding next to each other on the interstate. Bear in mind they are generally doing at least 70 mph and you have to be going considerably faster than they are not to get sucking in under their tires. It would have been a quick death. Did I mention I did that drunk and dropping acid on several occasions? At the time I was drunk most of the time anyway. If you’re going to live that kinda life always make sure you are drunk or stoned when you get you photo taken for your I.D.. That way they think it is your natural state.

Can’t tell you how many times I’ve been pulled over for DUI and the cop knew I was 3 sheets in the wind. I handle myself pretty well when I’m drunk actually which is probably why every one of them let me go. One time I was blowing through this residential neighborhood at …. well it was a 1967 Lemans  with a big block 400 and a turbo 400 trans w/shift kit and I had the petal to the metal on pretty long length of road for a residential neighborhood so it would have had to have been at least 85 mph at 3am drunk off my butt coming home from a friends birthday party. So I get to the end of the stretch of road and got caught at a street light. A few seconds after having stopped for the light I saw headlights coming up at me fast and was quite certain whoever it was couldn’t stop in time so I spun my 60’s across the intersection to a closed gas station and pulled over after having noticed the red and blue lights. That act (and fixing my car in front of him; the battery had come loose because of how much torque I used to launch the car from a dead stop and then pull over as quickly as possible) got me set free. Just one example of how I “got away with it.”

I’ve done 3 kinds of drugs on a regular or semi regular basis during my life but most of my life I’ve just smoked pot. I was a biker when I did the other 2 semi regularly (acid and coke). In high school I sold weed. In college I sold weed. I never thought there was anything wrong with it and still don’t. Now I smoke it mostly for body aches and pains but I don’t sell it anymore and haven’t since college. See whoever it is that thinks they have an authority over what I put inside myself has never been able to convince me that there is in fact something wrong with it. Not to mention that there has always been a steady stream of these types getting caught doing it themselves. I’ve also partied with a lot of cops and they weren’t just drinking beer.

I don’t hate cops I’m glad we have em. Maybe because I’m always polite and respectful to them is why they have never harassed me. One time I was down at the station after being arrested for whatever the heck it was (I didn’t always get away with it) and about 3 cops stood around me while I sat in the chair giving them my information. Kinda like they had colluded. One of them asked me why I was so cooperative. I thought it was a stupid question. What would I have had to gain by resisting? I told them that. They smiled and I got processed quickly.

Some of you might be thinking “this dude belongs in jail.” Maybe so but I never hurt anyone who didn’t have it coming and I’m a pretty forgiving guy. I treat those who have earned it with respect. I have been in 2 accidents in my entire life and in both cases no one else was involved and the only person who lost anything was me. I sure do miss that Toyota 4×4. Not bad for a guy who used to white line tractor trailers on a Harley drunk off my ass tripping on acid huh. Can you sober people claim the same or a better record?

I have lived my life with the maximum amount of liberty that I was capable of living. The “capable” part is the important part. If you’re a jerk odds are you’re not going to be capable of living a life of much liberty. The government didn’t give me my liberty in fact they want as much of my liberty as they can get. I took my liberty and I took it because it meant more to me than anything else in this world. I would rather go to jail than stop doing something I want to do. Take it all or leave me the hell alone.

Perhaps you have missed the point of this glimpse into the rich and wonderful life I have had. If you want something in life YOU not someone else has to give it to you. The only one who is ultimately responsible for your life is you. If I had to, I’d hide in the mountains to be free but as it turned out I was capable of living in society as a free man because I took it well aware of the risks involved.

So take your life and live it as you please and within your capabilities while accepting whatever consequences that come your way. Not my way your way. Trust me, that is the only life worth living.


The E.U. is a Fraud



Does anyone remember how the European Union was formed? I just happen to remember. You see at the time I was brokering and trading foreign currencies and since knowing global economies and politics was all a part of doing my job effectively, I have a very clear recollection of what Happened.

Europe is full of lots of countries of various sizes and most Europeans travel to their neighboring nations on a pretty regular basis. This of course requires people to constantly carry different currencies or constantly exchange them. A bit of a pain in the butt. So someone came up with the great idea of having one currency for all Europeans. This of course should have been a huge red flag but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

What wasn’t supposed to happen is that Europeans would lose their culture, identity, and rule over their own lands. That decision was made by people far smarter than the Europeans themselves. These higher ups wanted to compete against the United States and they wanted to create a United States of Europe. The academics, men of industry, bankers and politicians sold their people a bill of goods for profit with disastrous results. Part of those disastrous results is that a group of unelected men and women have come to the conclusion that they have the right to fine and sanction countries who used to think they were sovereign. All this for the convenience of not having to exchange your Deutsch Marks for Pound Sterlings.

That is one hell of a shell game the globalists have going on there.

No sovereign nation should give up its status as a sovereign nation for a few shekels or for convenience.  Just like Obamacare the people were blatantly lied to in Europe and sold an empty carpetbag full of promises.

Europe should be the warning shot heard in every sovereign country around the world.

Don’t believe your leaders.

Don’t believe the press.

Protect your sovereignty above all else.

Otherwise you might be returned to serfdom just like the countries of Western Europe have been.

The Truth about Mexico and South America



There is a part about Mexico and South America that no one seems to be bringing up. While groups like La Raza demand we hand over California to Mexicans and numerous Leftist organizations demand open boarders, what everyone fails to notice or even comment on is that almost every people south of America’s boarder speak Spanish or it’s close cousin Portuguese. This is an area of land far greater than the United States.

This is also a rich land mass with a boatload of natural resources including the treasured Black Gold/Texas Tea. Mexico and South America have everything they need to produce a modern, viable society and yet Mexico and the other countries of South America have not. Instead many of these countries have embraced the poverty of socialism and communism and have been fighting for these failed social and economic ideals for decades.

Have you ever heard any South American or Mexican complain about their lands being conquered by the Spanish and Portuguese? Spain and Portugal are actually part of Europe. Their conquest of the Americas amounts to Mexico and almost all of South America.

What happens when Californian’s leave California for economic reasons? If you guessed that these people move to Texas and other states and continue to vote for the same policies that ruined California you’d be right. That is exactly what South Americans and Mexicans do. What do you think South Americans, willing to break the law and face the separation of their families and jail time will vote for when they get a chance (or are encouraged to commit voter fraud by Democrats). Of course they will vote for socialism and communism they did come here for the free stuff like medical care and education and the jobs White and Black Americans used to hold.

When I was a young man during Regan’s first year in office I worked a weed eater on a lawn crew that mowed housing communities and commercial properties. The crew was White and Black guys. I haven’t seen a White or Black man on a yard crew in years. None of the employees of the yard crew that mows my development speak English today.

Open boarders and massive migration from countries that are failing will only bring America down. Instead of trying to destroy what our ancestors and our citizens continue to try and build every day, if we want to help these people we have to teach them how to fix the messes they call their home countries not encourage them to escape them.

Who are the people of Mexico and South America anyway? They are Russians who traveled by land across the Ice Bridge that once connected the West to the East and the Japanese sailors who sailed around that perimeter. Those are your “native Americans.” They are also Black having taken the mass majority of slaves from the North Atlantic Slave Trade (USA only got 5% of African slaves). Germans escaping the brutality of the Allies post WWII. South America is actually pretty diverse. Much if not most of South America is populated by mixed race people. And yet it continues to fail.

We have enough failures in our country already we certainly don’t need anymore and people can see for themselves the crime and drugs many of these criminals (sorry all illegals are criminals) bring with them.  The 2 biggest groups of violent criminals in American prisons are Blacks and Hispanics.

Mexico and South America are like little birds afraid to leave the nest and America is their enabler. If these millions of illegal people who are in the US today had no place to run to, if they had to stay where they were and make the best they could out of where they came from, is it really such a wild stretch of the imagination to believe that they would make Mexico a better place? Would those same hard working stand up people make whatever country they lived in a better place?

The truth is they would eventually have to. People will always fight for freedom if they have no other choice but to fight for it. They will fight for opportunity and they will fight against being taxed and that is just the way of the world. If they will not fight for their countries perhaps they deserve to be slaves. If so then let them be slaves until they find it within themselves to be something more. Their home countries operate the way they do because the citizens tolerate it. Citizens always outnumber the authorities and anyone can be killed.

America needs to be that beacon of shining light on the hill. Not as a signal to escape your woes by leaching off Americans but as an example to be followed by the other nations of the world. If the West continues being the enabler for dozens of other counties around the globe nothing will ever get better for those countries not now not ever.

Americas prime directive when it comes to failed countries should be much like the one we all know from the TV show Star Trek. Let these countries develop as they may and at their own pace. We can show them the path to peace and prosperity but they have to prove that peace and prosperity is what they want and what they are willing to fight for, for themselves, their families, and their home countries. Providing them an escape is like being a drug dealer at the high school.