Perverts in The White House: A Bill and Hillary Adventure


Sex and the Clintons. Is Hillary a lesbian? Is Bill a pedophile? Accusations about inappropriate sexual behavior have dogged these 2 almost as long as the trail of deaths that seem to follow them everywhere they go. What I find interesting is that Bill seems to be the main focus of conversation when it comes to sexual escapades when the evidence certainly suggests that swinging sexually was something they were both willing participants in.

Before I go too much into the sexual escapades of the Clintons I think it is important to point out that I do believe Bill and Hillary loved each other or at least did for the majority of their relationship. I think a divide between them didn’t occur until the cigar incident and not because it happened either. A divide opened because Bill was stupid enough to get caught. Hillary has had her eye on the presidency since college and Bill being caught spoiled her plans at least for the short term.

Hillary didn’t need Bill after his impeachment. She could have dropped him on the spot or at the end of his term which at that time wasn’t very far off and still been elected as a senator in New York. In fact with the sympathy vote it would have been a landslide. Instead she stayed with him knowing it could damage her political aspirations. Instead she rebuilt his reputation with the Clinton Foundation….or someone did.

Let’s now take a trip down memory lane when the Clintons met. Bill was a stoner so let’s get that out there. Didn’t inhale my arse. I inhale, I know what it looks like, and photos with him back then looks like he’s stoned most of the time. I got no problem with that he was in college just setting the stage so don’t hate. It was the time of bumble bees and trees and great acid and free sex. So basically people were messed up all the time and screwing whoever came along. And if you were anywhere near a college campus…..well you know. And like many women Hillary likely “experimented” in college with other girls.

Maybe Bill and Hillary had 3 somes? If  Hillary had in fact “experimented” with other girls she might have liked it especially if she was high on any of an incredible long list of recreational drugs that were easily available at the time. That kinda thing will either completely gross a man out or glue him to your side. Can you guess which one Bill was? And of course both Clintons were close friends of cocaine runners soooooo.

Doesn’t it seem odd that Hillary Clinton would be totally unaware of Bills sexual activities for what decades? It wasn’t like he was shy about it until he became elected as president. And then there is testimony from at least one woman who according to her was a teen at the time who had “slave” sex with the former First Lady. They seem a lot more like a couple of swingers than an innocent wife and a pig for a husband. In fact if you look at photos of their daughter Chelsea before her cosmetic surgery it seems pretty obvious that she is Web Hubbell’s daughter not Bills so Slick Willie probably wasn’t the only one getting his grove on.

Then there’s Huma Abedin. If you’ve been following Hillary and Huma around it is pretty obvious that there is a lot more going on between them than just a business and/or friendship relationship. Poor Anthony Wiener …. his ole lady is bi and he isn’t getting in on any of that action. Little wonder he’s wacking off to young sluts on Skype.

You throw into all this mix both Bill and Hillary’s visits to Pedo Island and it is pretty obvious that these 2 are sexual deviants who associate with a lot of other sexual deviants. So the next time Hillary Clinton puts on her granny face and wants to bake you cookies ….. bear in mind that if you eat one you’re probably gonna get roofied.


The World Should Celebrate Columbus Day


The most recent scientific evidence suggests that it was in fact people from the region in which Columbus lived who were the first humans to visit the New World so obviously Columbus did not discover America. He did however uncover America to Western Europe so as far as what was then modern western civilization it was a discovery and the impact that discovery had on both continents was more than just a little fascinating. For Western Europe and for most of the world outside of the Americas, Columbus’ journey was a major discovery that would permanently change, well just about everything.

Maybe not everything. Europe certainly hasn’t changed very much. Still defending itself against Islam (and losing), still government controlled speech that can result in imprisonment, still unelected royalty dictating who may do what. The castles are still there but instead of kings and queens Europe is owned by the banks and their puppet politicians. For the people the only thing that has really changed is quality of life which of course will prove to be a temporary change as wealth is redistributed to the incoming horde whose sole purpose is draining the wealth of Europe and providing cheap labor that is more easily manipulated than that of the job/career entitled indigenous peoples.

The truth of the matter is, most of the rest of the world is still a dung hole. Slavery is more popular now than ever, citizens have to be careful of what they say in public and in many places. Even in the west, some people must be careful what they say in private as well. Murderers, rapists, and violent criminals thrive.

The only really big changes came to the Americas themselves. Prior to the invasion by the west, the people who were living in the Americas (no they were not indigenous nor were they the first humans on the continent) were a similar version of what had been going on in the rest of the world and often a little worse. Civilizations went to war with each other sometimes killing one group off. Children, young women, and captured enemies were often sacrificed for one reason or another in often the most brutal of ways. Many westerners idolize these people probably based on some hippy professor or Hollywood movies but these people were just what most westerners of the time thought they were, savages. And unfortunately for them far behind the Europeans in technology.

In fact when you look at the world prior to European colonialism what you’ll find is most of the rest of the world was still pretty much in the stone age. There were civilizations in Africa (and likely other places) that had yet to invent the wheel. Ask anyone in any part of the world today; How would you rather live? With a basket on your head living in a mud hut or sitting in the air-conditioning, drinking a beer and watching a flat-screen TV set. The answer is pretty obvious but exactly what parts of the world would be living in today’s luxury if Columbus hadn’t the nutsack to cross the Atlantic? Given the level of innovation and invention in the Americas since the Europeans invaded the Americas and the answer is maybe nobody.

Columbus changed the world by “discovering” a place in which a shining beacon for the peoples of the entire world could be born. We showed them about freedom and liberty. We showed them the results of capitalism the most successful economic theory ever developed. We showed the rest of the world what would happen if what was important was the people and not the rulers. And thank God for that because the rest of the world would have continued to be a miserable place to live ones life and though it still is, The United States represents unprecedented success and something that is priceless ….. hope.

With all her faults and she has many, The United States of America is the greatest country that was ever created around the rights, liberties and freedoms of the common man. That was Columbus’ contribution to the world and why the entire world should join us in celebrating Columbus Day.

What is going on at Breitbart?



Something has changed over at Breitbart recently and I doubt Andrew Breitbart (RIP) would be breaking out the party favors if he were alive today.

As most of my readers know I read more news articles and opinion pieces in a day than most read in a month. Running a conservative news page means having Breitbart as a bookmarked news source is a given and I usually post a couple of stories on my news pages from Breitbart every day. During the primaries it was a lot easier to find stories I could use. In fact back then it was more like, which 2 or 3 of these great stories am I going to post today. That’s changed.

Ever since Steve Bannons return to Breibart there has been a noticeable turn to the left. I review most of their stories and read ones I find interesting but lately the tone and conclusions the authors present aren’t exactly what I might call Main Street America. There is definitely an anti Trump undertone.

To be fair throughout the primaries and the general election Breitbart was pretty middle of the road and at times seemed a little pro Trump or at least pro conservative. And to be fair Breitbart has been leaning more towards the left since the election so it wasn’t Steve Bannon’s fault alone. Was it something in  the water or was it the money and notoriety from finally making it as a news source? In either case I no longer regard Breitbart as a dependable conservative news source and frankly when I see people trying to profit from the death of a great man I am always just a bit suspicious.

Besides what sells? It’s the negative shit isn’t it and Breitbart has more advertisers on it’s site than any news organization I know. Perhaps this is what happens to all news organizations eventually. They get big and start chasing the dollars instead of the facts. Why pay for an investigative reporter when we can just rewrite someone elses report and sell it as the end of the world. And if you look to see how many advertisers are on news sites you know exactly how much they have sold out for. They all sell out.

What is a patriot to do? Where can I find the truth.

That is pretty tricky actually.

Let’s say you want to know all about North Korea and South Korea and the United States and how these countries are involved in a triangle of saber rattling that could result in at least a limited nuclear war. First you’ve got to study history in the region and world history for probably at least a couple of hundred years ago and in some places in Asia a lot longer than that. Then you have to study the people involved and after that military capabilities of everyone involved as well as military strategy. Since one source of information will always be slanted either left or right you have to look at each individual topic with the eyes of many different sources. All this of course is just the tip of the iceberg in professional reporting and research or at least it should be and it is the peoples desire to know the truth, that makes it possible for so many news sources to exist. There is a great hunger (and fear) for truth in our world.

In my opinion all the signs are there that suggest Steve Bannon has sold out or perhaps Trump Mafia (YouTube) is correct and Bannon was never all that conservative in the first place. Breitbart is beginning a slow but noticeable drift to the left. Reports suggest a collusion between Bannon and George Soros but that cannot be confirmed. The stink of Lindsey Graham, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are all over this.

The fight for our President and the integrity of our Republic will never be over and to keep both or either we have to fight tooth and nail every single day because there are a lot of very rich and very powerful people working around the clock to keep us in chains.

Be free instead.



The War Against Evil


Since recorded history mankind has been in a constant struggle against evil. Even in the heavens, angels or other such creatures who are a few notches up the ladder than mankind is battle evil according to our most sacred texts. Surely evil has been around a very long time and given its track record can be expected to be around for a bit longer.

Evil surrounds us. Some evil we can choose to ignore like atrocities carried out in far off lands and other evils are in our faces every time we turn on the T.V. set or read the morning paper (not confident that many do the latter anymore). Slavery is still alive thriving and well, human life is still cheaply extinguished, and power, violence and intimidation still rule the day as they always have.

These things will never change. We could be in star-ships traveling the stars and exploring space and still there will be someone in chains in someones basement, someone getting raped and/or beaten, and some sick pervert sexually molesting children. Someone somewhere will always want your stuff and be willing to kill you to get it or want to have sex with you and rape you to get that. You cannot wish or legislate away evil.

There are battles against evil we can win and we must fight to win them solely for goodness sake but the war can never be won. It can however be kept at bay and it is through our successful battles that we can win the day if not the war. It should be our sacred lifes quest to battle evil whenever the opportunity arrives not to win a war we can never win, but to win the day and keep evil at bay even for a short time.

How does someone battle evil? It is the simplest and at the same time the hardest thing to do. You battle evil every day by doing good and succumb to evil when you do bad things. What I mean by bad things is the things you darn well know are bad but made excuses for doing them anyway. There is always an excuse for betrayal and violence yet these are purely evil things. There is more but you understand the things that you do which are evil, are evil and yet you find yourselves doing evil things anyway. Let those who live without sin ….

This personal war between good and evil that goes on inside you is just like the ones you face every day in the world. It can’t be won. It can however be kept at bay and we do that by resisting the urge to do evil and by doing good acts. The more good you do the easier it is to keep the evil inside you at bay and this of course translates back into the real world. The more good we do in this world the easier it is to spread goodness throughout the world.

It may well be that the war against evil both inside us and in the outside world can never be defeated but there is no doubt that it most always be fought. We see every day what can happen to people like the Las Vegas shooter who succumb to evil instead of taking up their sword to battle against it.

So let the light shine inside of you and resist evil and do good.

The side you choose my turn out to be very important to you someday.



Indoctrination through Gaming


Do you really know what kinds of games your kids are playing on their gaming consoles and on the internet? They are all pretty harmless or so you’ve been told even the violent ones right? It isn’t like violence on the video screen translates to violence in the real world. Besides studies show that video games makes kids smarter right?

What about ideologies in video games? It could be that our children are being indoctrinated into certain ideologies that maybe you shouldn’t approve of.

Case in point the video game Assassins Creed.

Assassins Creed is pretty much exactly the way it sounds. Players take on the role of an assassin and kill the bad guys. This might seem innocent enough until you discover who the assassins are and who the bad guys are. Now get this, the assassins that your children play are Spain’s invading Muslims and the bad guys are Europe’s Knights Templar. That’s right Assassins Creed is a not so subtle attack on Christian Europe.

Don’t believe me? That’s fine you won’t even have to sit through hours of game play or buy the game to watch the games intro this game has become so popular in America that merchandising is off the chart and even Michael Fassbender who started in X-Men as a younger version of Magneto stars as the main character so go watch the film for the back story.

As the film describes it assassin comes from an Arabic word (which it does) and those poor Muslims who invaded Spain in an attempt to conquer the known universe are the victims and the Knights Templar and the Spanish Inquisition who are the ruthless oppressors of these invaders.

I was shocked when I recently saw the movie. I have often seen Assassin Creed images tied to patriotic American symbols like our flag so I just assumed that …. well I never saw the real backstory of the character coming and I bet most of the parents who purchased this game for their children have no idea about the anti Christian narrative in the game.

So here is your kid playing a game every day that tells him that Muslims are victims and Christians are evil. Arab Muslims are the heroes and European Christians are the villains.

And you wonder what happened to the kids who turned into Antifa.

Naw it couldn’t be that a video game contributed to the Islamic apologist mindset.

Death of the NFL a Good Thing?


I’ll be perfectly honest, I have never been a fan of watching sports on T.V. This always seemed like a colossal waste of time to me and frankly if I need an excuse to drink I’ll go fishing. See I wanted to do more with my life than spending 3, 10, 20 or more hours a week watching someone else play a game I would have rather played myself. I think pro sports might actually have interfered in peoples actual participation in sports. When was the last time you had a simple toss with your dad or your son or your best friend or some stranger(s) at the park? Maybe watching someone else throw a ball really well is intimidating to someone who throws the ball not so well …. but is willing to scream at a guy on T.V. for doing it wrong and then explaining how he should have done it right.

But free time for your career, family, friends, and social life aside, most people would be shocked at the amount of money the taxpayers dish out through taxes to support professional sports. How are these organizations unable to support themselves? Shouldn’t they be taxed or something? I don’t even watch this crap and I still have to pay for it. How is this remotely constitutional? Yeah that’s right folks you are the ones paying for the stadiums in most cases as well as the land and parking. And it is a lot of land and a lot of parking.

What I hate is after all the subsidies and tax breaks and freebees given to these sports organizations, these S.O.B.’s have the nerve to charge me $8 for a six ounce beer, $12 for a hot dog, and $40 for a tee shirt. In most cases these people are playing kids games. Most adults go to work they don’t play ball.  But I guess someone has to pay out outrageous salaries so that people can watch adults play kids games. I know people with outrageous talents in very important areas who don’t make anywhere near as much as running, jumping and catching pays. There is something seriously wrong with that scenario.

And then there is the watching it on T.V. thingy. I swear when I do watch sports on television I feel like I’m seeing more commercials than game play. There are stock market type bars running on the bottom of the screen and on the sides of the screen and in the corner is the networks emblem. What the hell did I buy a 65″ television for?

Now of course professional sports will never go away but perhaps the NFL’s suicidal tendencies will make people stop and think about how much of their lives they are wasting in the pursuit of televised sports and how much of their tax dollars are being spent to fund this activity. I think the ladder is going to dry up pretty quickly. Taxpayers will not stand for funding spoiled rich attention whores who disrespect the nation that made them all multi millionaires. The players of the NFL will put and end to the taxpayer gravy train that pro sports has enjoyed for so long. Contracts will be renegotiated as viewership drops off. And guess what?

Maybe we’ll be able to go outside with our loved ones and have a toss.

Antifa or Isis, who turned Paddock?


So far two groups are claiming responsibility for the murders of concert goes in Las Vegas, Antifa and Isis. The question is which one really got to Paddock. So let’s have a look at Stephen Paddock and the circumstantial evidence we know so far.

Stephen Paddock was just some normal everyday guy who just happened to work for the government at some point in his life. From what we know so far Paddocks life was unremarkable. Not a failure by any means but just unremarkable. Had he died of natural causes prior to the shooting there wouldn’t have been any special article in the local paper besides his obituary.  It would be fair to say that many people his age in refection of their own lives wish they had a do over so they could make a real difference in the world.

Paddock had been in a long term relationship with an attractive Japanese woman. Now of course interracial sexual relationships are nothing new and no longer a big deal but Paddock had been alive long enough to remember a time when it was a big deal. It would also be important to point out that very few Japanese are Muslim and the Japanese people don’t want Muslims in their country and have been very effective in keeping out as many as they can.

As everyone knows the venue of the shooting was a country music festival in which one might expect the vast majority of attendees to be church going Christians, conservatives, and mostly President Trump supporters.

First Isis’ claim. Isis hasn’t been doing very well lately. The Russians and to some extent U.S. and its allies forces have been kicking the crap out of Isis for months and it is not the organization it once was. Isis has never been incorrect about something they claimed responsibility for in the past but that was then and this is now. Desperate people do desperate things like make desperate claims. This incident is consistent as it is inconsistent. Has Isis attacked concert goers before. Yes of course they have. Had they attacked a specific infidel party or political ideology? No they pretty much hate every non Muslim and especially non Muslims in the West. If it was Isis they didn’t target the concert goes for any reason other than it was a large group of people. They just didn’t know any better because one infidel is as bad as another.

Now Antifa’s claim. Antifa has been an active violent movement supported by the traditional media and many in government. They have at least attempted to link with BLM whose supporters who already have a record of killing police, Whites and Asians. YouTube shows Antifa carrying guns in a group in public, which of course isn’t illegal in many places and shouldn’t be illegal anywhere, but their intent wasn’t meant to be a political statement about the second amendment but was meant to be threatening and intimidating. Antifa members have been encouraged by their leadership to get gun training and purchase guns. Recent threats from Antifa indicate they they intend to up their game soon to stabbings and murder.

There is also video evidence that there may have been multiple shooters.

People often talk about the similarities between Antifa and Jihadists and clearly they have much in common. There are good, solid reasons to believe that either one of these groups were at least partially responsible for Stephen Paddock’s mental breakdown. It takes some very strong conditioning to take a man in his late 50’s and condition him to the point that he would throw his life away and murder innocent people in the process. Both Antifa and Isis have proven track records of indoctrinating the weak minded.

When the rubber hits the road if I had to put my money on the table I’d have to go with Antifa. Just 45 minutes before the shooting a woman at the concert was acting freaky touching peoples hair and telling people they were going to die that night. That doesn’t exactly sound like something a Muslim woman would do but it sure sounds like something one of those female Antifa nutjobs would do. I also believe that Paddocks choice of dating partners would be the “in” Antifa could use to turn him …. racism, sexism, intolerance bla bla bla. Where’s Isis’ “in”? Someone who gambles regularly isn’t exactly seeking a death cult.

People are grossly underestimating the cult of Antifa. These are the dregs of society with very little if anything to lose who seek fame and notoriety above all else. I think it is time we take them a lot more seriously than we have in the past. In recent weeks they have told us that they are going to start killing people. Maybe we should believe them.