Escape the Chains of #Google+ and #YouTube


Unless you have been living under a rock (which would make you a leftist) you might have figured out by now that Google and YouTube is systematically attempting to erase all conservative opinion from their platforms. This can’t be making anyone happy.

There are alternatives and you should be at the very least preparing for the inevitable. Why has it become so obvious to me? Before the presidential election The Trump News Network was getting between 3-4 million views a week. Today that number is about 35K a week. Google+ is actively seeking to crush our reach so that our message never gets heard.

As most of you know YouTube is doing the exact same thing as well as demonetizing conservative creators. Because they think they are the only game in town. They are not or at least not anymore.

Here are conservative alternatives:

Google+/Facebook/Twitter –

YouTube –

The Trump News Network @ –

And don’t you worry the leftists will follow us there because without us they are nothing.

Let’s put an end to Google+ and YouTube. They are un American and it’s as simple as that.

Drums of War: North Korea


It seems pretty clear right now that a military conflict between The United States and North Korea is inevitable. This event could have been avoided had the last administration dealt with North Korea before it had the nuclear capabilities it brags about having today. Given the rhetoric from North Korea it is obvious that something must be done and given the overall size of the North Korean army any action taken by the United States must be devastating without quarter.

Kim Jong-un is clearly mentally unstable. There is no scenario in which North Korea is not turned into a wasteland by the United States and it’s allies. Simply stated, although North Korea may have the ability to launch ICMB’s the rest of their arsenal is badly antiquated. For example the entire N. Korean submarine fleet runs on diesel engines making these subs easy to detect and destroy. Their air force, though high in number is also quite antiquated and as these planes are near the end of their productive lives they have mechanical issues quite frequently.

Both Russia and China have warned the United States against taking military action against N. Korea but these warnings have no real teeth. Neither country is in a position to go against the U.S. militarily. China’s military is a boarder line joke and though the Russians have advanced aircraft they simply don’t have the numbers to go against the U.S. in the skies. More importantly going to war with the U.S. would have a devastating economic effect on both countries for decades to come which could result in the economic collapse of either or both nations.

People die in war and thousands and perhaps hundreds of thousands will die. However if N. Korea is allowed to continue its nuclear development program unchecked there is a future potential of millions dying in a war triggered by Kim Jong-un who is without a doubt batshit crazy.

This issue should have been resolved long before now and had it been addressed during the Obama regime before N. Korea was capable of launching ICBM’s thousands of lives could have been saved. That is exactly why the Trump administration must deal with N. Korea now before the number of potential lives lost jump from hundreds of thousands to millions.

Additionally, the failure of the Obama regime to deal with N.Korea properly has emboldened other enemies of the United States who rightfully see the U.S. as a paper tiger because of Obama’s inaction. Iran in particular has been poking the bear looking for weakness and Iran is another country on the verge of building a nuclear arsenal. Wiping N. Korea off the map will send a clear message to America’s enemies across the globe that the U.S. has teeth and if you cross the line with us things will go very badly for you.

Peace is attained through strength alone. Diplomatic solutions are band-aides and delay tactics by our foes to buy them time to build their armies and military capabilities. It also must be known to America’s enemies that attaining nuclear capabilities does not make them immune from America’s wrath. War with NK would go a long way to prevent other nations from trying to acquire such weapons themselves for such a purpose.

Are we going to war with N. Korea? The answer is that we must and we must do it soon while the window of opportunity is open and doing so can still make a difference on the world stage.  If we don’t act now make no mistake, North Korea will act in a future when their nuclear arsenal is a threat to the entire world.

What SJW’s Don’t Know

Ever meet a social justice warrior? Frankly I try to stay away from people like that because they have nothing positive to offer me. What do I mean by that?

Have you ever met a SJW who knew how to weld or pound a nail with a framing hammer or could give you good investment advice? I bet you haven’t. In fact if you have met social justice warriors I bet there are a lot of things most adults take for granted like baking bread (3 ingredients) and doing laundry that they can’t do either.

I was watching Bill Whittle on a video make this exact point and it hit me like a ton of bricks. These “people” really don’t know how to do anything. Changing a flat tire must seem like rebuilding a lawn mower engine to them (which is also pretty basic).

In fact a lot of young people in my neighborhood don’t know how to do anything either unless you consider playing video games and looking for trouble skills. But their parents aren’t much better. Look I’m a man and cooking isn’t exactly my forte but I can out cook any woman in my neighborhood. How is that even possible? They should be decades ahead of me in the kitchen but they aren’t. Of course those women lean to the left so ….

I’d like to know how an adult of any age manages to live their lives without knowing what just a generation or two ago people thought were simply basic skills? And yet we have at least one generation of dummies whose only skill seems to be screaming filth at women and children. They don’t even know what civilized behavior is.

So before you allow the next loudmouth SJW to suck you into their bullshit turn to them and ask them…. “Can you change a car tire?” “Can you make bread from scratch?” “Do you know where the electrical breakers are in your home/apartment?” “Do you know how to use bleach in laundry?”

Because in the end these defenders of whatever don’t know how to do shit. No wonder they want communism they are utterly useless as humans.

Remember Moldy Locks that nasty Antifa woman who got punched in the face? She had a coffee shop that went bankrupt. She could lay on her back and take a cock (porn) but she couldn’t even make a decent cup of Joe.

Antifa is Dead in America


I went to YouTube today looking for pro Antifa accounts. Only one could be found and it was so ridiculous that most of the commentators claimed it was just a troll site. Lead by a couple the male of which looked like the kind of dork who probably got his ass beat a lot in high school and some bimbo with big tits showing her ample cleavage (but of course not her face). Most of the comments were in fact about this bimbos tits.

Antifa can’t even capture the internet which is really the only safe environment they have. Across the nation Antifa members are being arrested some facing some pretty harsh crimes guaranteed to result in prison time and a future of struggles in the job market (assuming they ever leave their moms basements).  Not to mention that the people are sick of them and their bullshit fighting back and plowing through their lines in cars, trucks and motorcycles.

Of course we can never ever take or boots off of the neck of Antifa because like all communists they can never be allowed to feel safe in the land of the free. But that being said Antifa has effectively been neutered by the same people they hate so much.

So goodbye Antifa. For a very short time you provided America with open eyes towards the left. You have done more to destroy the left than all the whiny college snowflakes combined. Today you are nothing more that a joke and a source of trolling and comedy.

Thanks for the laughs.

It isn’t Russia it is Google


There is no entity that interferes with America elections more than Google (Google+, YouTube, Google search engine), Facebook and Twitter. Every single one of these entities is guilty of influencing elections by preventing conservatives from getting their message out and others from telling the truth. It should also be noted that all of these organizations are run by Jews as is the ADL a Jewish organization which targets conservative content creators.

The reason why these organizations have stopped pretending and amped up their censorship programs with threats to do more regardless of how their users feel about it is because they are seeking to influence the 2018 and 2020 elections because Donald Trump is fighting against their demands of open boarders and social engineering.

What these entities are doing should be viewed as a crime because that is exactly what it is. They should be held accountable for their actions but the 2% of Americans who are Jewish are also the most powerful political force in America. They control social media and the mainstream media which explains that despite the negative reactions they are getting continue on censoring people regardless. These entities no longer behave as companies but as PAC’s.

And you thought Jews were our friends right?

They never have been.

The Completely Immune Democrat Party


There is no longer any question as to whether Hillary Clinton is guilty of crimes. Even though anyone with an I.Q. of 70 can figure this out on their own there has never been an indictment made against Clinton or anyone on her staff much like the Obama regime. People can read. People can watch videos on YouTube. Everyone now knows some very shady things have been occurring on the left side. And yet instead of going after politicians and their subordinates the media and Washington are completely focused on Trump and his family although no real evidence has ever been presented.

This is how deep the deep state really is. Corruption from Washington and the press has gotten completely out of control and America is as much on the brink as it ever was.

People on Main Street are not stupid and they are seeing how dirty things really are. We plebeians can end up in prison or at least in trouble with the law for the flimsiest of reasons but America’s elite are immune from even the worst crimes. Oh sure sometimes they present us with a sacrificial lamb who is usually some nobody or someone who has fallen out of favor with the deep state and the press but by and large  the left is immune from any real legal threats.

We can’t continue to tolerate this. Yes there are calls for investigations but they never go anywhere. Remember the Benghazi investigations? Who was prosecuted? Who went to jail? No one even though they all lied in Americas face about the incident blaming it on a obscure video they knew dam well was not responsible.

Most people just shrug their shoulders hoping it will either go away or just ignoring it all believing that America is already lost and there is nothing they can do about it and who can blame them. We elected Trump hoping he would drain the swamp but the swamp is going after him with a vengeance and doing everything they can to destroy our president and his family.

It’s time to stop reelecting RINO’s and politicians who have outlived their place in our government. I hear so many people talking about term limits but we wouldn’t need term limits if voters came to their senses and imposed term limits without laws that dictate them.

If you have voted for politicians who have served more than 2 or 3 terms in office then it is on you not some law you wished passed. You keep electing the same scumbags decade after decade like a 16 year old slut who keeps returning to her bad boy boyfriend even though he is sleeping with the entire cheer-leading squad.

The bottom line is this …. you have allowed this to happen. You took the bribes of federal funds continually offered by “experienced” politicians over purely self serving interests. And now you demand laws to protect you from yourselves.

So either take responsibility or stfu because all of this is on you for failing to stop it and allowing it to continue and if you continue to do nothing, nothing is exactly what you’re going to end up with.

And Democrats will continue to be immune from the piper.

Affirmative Action’s Time is Over


After 50 years it is time to end Affirmative Action. I’m not actually convinced the program ever did anyone any good in the first place.

To make an argument that Affirmative Action is still necessary is to admit that not only has the program failed, but that Blacks haven’t been able to get their shit together for 50 years. A quick look at the city of Chicago or Baltimore might suggest that is true. Additionally the Black “culture” that has developed since Affirmative Actions began is bad for Blacks and bad for the nation as well.

The problem with giving anyone things that they have not earned is that they will always demand more and we see this today with demands that Blacks get free college educations even though they already get scholarships based solely on race. In my own experience many Blacks dropped out of college by the first semester midterms so sending them to college for free wouldn’t be enough. Many would demand unearned degrees next much like the unearned jobs many got do to Affirmative Action.

Affirmative Action was never meant to last forever. Blacks who work hard have made amazing accomplishments as have some who have not worked quite so hard. However it could be argued quite effectively that the programs are unconstitutional. How does anyone justify hiring someone who is less qualified or admitting someone to college in place of someone else who is more qualified based solely on race.

Slavery? Bullshit. Even the term slavery comes not from Black slaves but from White slaves. The entire slavery narrative in America is based on half truths and complete falsehoods. The first legal slave owner in America was Black and during the time of slavery in America some Blacks were slave owners as well as slaves.

There comes a time where even a mother bluejay kicks her children out of the nest to either die or thrive on their own. That time has come for Blacks in America. Fifty years is enough.