Why Men Secretly Hate Women


Being with a woman isn ‘t much different than being with a child except for the sex part. Women are demanding, unrealistic, and have impossible standards no one can ever meet. They are selfish and self absorbed and are rarely accountable for their own actions. These are just some of the reasons men secretly hate women.

There is an old saying “If it wasn’t for the patch between their legs there would be a bounty on them.”

Recently one of my followers complained to me about all the negative things I post about women. Boo hoo here’s a tissue. I’m almost 60 and throughout my entire life women have been acting as if being a man and having male attributes is a sin. It gets a little worse every year too. Remember when the big catch phrase was “a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle”? Yeah women talk that shit in their 20’s when their sexual market value is at it’s peek but not so much later when they have screwed up their relationships and no one wants some crazy middle aged hag anymore.

I have to be honest and I think if a lot of men were being honest they would tell you the same thing which is aside from my sex partner I find conversations with women tedious and uncomfortable. I just don’t care for their company in general. I go out of my way to avoid social situations that involve women and when I do have to speak with one I try to make that conversation as short as possible. Even with my sex partner conversations often make me want to slam my head against the wall because all she really wants to do is make excuses and listen to herself talk.

I used to read these old science fiction books about a planet that experienced a real war between the sexes because of the way women behave and of course the women lost badly. After that war women had 2 choices (well the ones who had choices) in life which was to either be the obedient wife of a man or a sex slave for every man.

Women are getting out of control in our world and it is clear their end game is to rule over men. What they don’t seem to understand is that in every way the majority of men are much stronger than the majority of women and there will be a breaking point in the not too distant future. This makes me wonder if those old science fiction books from the late 60’s were just science fiction or a prophesy.

Take this as a warning ladies. You’ve already gone too far and the clock is ticking. At some point if this continues there will be a major backlash and when that moment comes things aren’t going to go well for you.




2 thoughts on “Why Men Secretly Hate Women

  1. At 66 surviving open heart surgery, throat cancer treatment, melanoma and two lying bitches as wives who both divorced me because they didn’t like the truth being told to them!!! Wife #1 asked the question of me while standing in front of a mirror trying on a tight fitting dress…..honey…does this make my ass look big? My reply was ….why no of course not ! Your ass just makes the dress look small! two months later I was single again. and then theres wife #2 who gained a hefty 75 lbs over a 17 year period and wondered why I wasn’t interested in sex with her anymore. Now I’m out of California and in the land of nasty old hags of the treasure coast of Fladeeda! and these ugly assed overly plastic surgery faces and fake tits with cottage cheese thighs actually think I want them and get pissed if I look the other way when having to talk to them at stores because they are so rough on the eyes. It is proven through history that when a woman or girl are placed in authority they fuck everything up! I don’t care how much some bitch screams and yells, if they have a pussy, they don’t belong in law enforcement, the navy, air force, army, marines, government, etc….they belong in the home!!! I had a mother that abandoned me at 11, and two sisters that are man haters( misandrists) in which I have nothing to do with and both fucked up their marriages to a couple nice guys. Because of the feminist movements screwing up the nation the MGTOW movement for young and old men alike is taking off and women are starting to notice the table is turning. The only thing in the way is the number of manginas and white knights who defend and come to the rescue of these bitches when they get what’s coming to them. I personally am not going for the third strike and am enjoying my freedom and although I have lady friends, the doorways in my trailer will only fit slender chicks especially my bedroom! So as the saying goes for me it’s…No Fat Chicks!

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