Western Europe Deserves to Die


Western Europe is gone and there is no taking it back. That is the truth few people will tell you. Western Europeans simply don’t breed enough to maintain their majority after they foolishly let hordes of 3rd worlders into their nations who in contrast breed like rabbits. I hate to say it but Western Europeans deserve this.

Throughout the history of mankind civilizations have been pitted against one another. The weak have always fallen to the strong and Western Europeans are weak. Western Europe isn’t just weak on the government level but on the common people level as well and it is that weakness which has doomed them. How could anyone not see the hordes of human animals crossing their boarders and be content to look the other way yet most Europeans have done exactly that.

The first to fall has been London where not only the mayor is a barbarian but the city is so overrun with barbarians that the British people have already become the minority in their own capital. What did the citizens do to stop it? Not a dam thing. Germans seem to think that allowing barbarians to overrun their nation is a good thing and that is just plain insanity.

Sometimes bad things happen to good people because of circumstance beyond their control but that is not what happened here. The people were either suicidal or so delusioned by their socialist liberal agenda that they sacrificed themselves and their prodigy for that ideology. And what is worst of all is they think they can force this epic fail of an ideology on nations who don’t want to play the suicidal game.

Western Europeans deserve to be wiped off the face of the earth like so many other civilizations before them who refused or were incapable of defend themselves against foreign invaders. The world has never been and will never be rainbows and unicorns and destruction has always awaited those who think they could make it so.

Goodbye Western Europe. You will be sorely missed.


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