Did YouTube Finally Wise Up?


Unless you have been living in a cave in Afghanistan you have heard that YouTube has been demonetizing conservative and/or alt media accounts across the board. In response there has been a shit storm of negative publicity aimed at YouTube for months and lately it has turned into a Tsunami of negative reactions from the people who have accounts on YouTube and also the media. Add to that Googles recent firing of an employee for daring to have an opinion outside of the sickening leftists perversions and …. well.

Something has drastically changed over at YouTube over the last 24 hours or so. Suddenly I’m seeing commercial advertisements on conservative and alternative news sites. No shit seriously. Now of course it remains to be seen whether the content creators are getting any slice of this pie but the simple fact that corporations are having their commercials attached to these videos means that the shit storm is having an effect and that is a very good thing.

Now of course we are still talking about evil Google here and they do own YouTube so this might all just be a temporary change in policy so that the shit storm subsides. That would be consistent with what evil companies do in general. Of course I will continue to promote BitChute.com as an alternative video uploading and sharing platform because I don’t trust monopolies and I especially don’t trust Google.

But hey who knows. Maybe they have just gotten tired of being covered in shit and some of the reactions they have gotten have finally sunken in. A responsible company would have gotten the hint but when was the last time Google or YouTube acted responsibly.

We’ll see what happens one way or the other.


2 thoughts on “Did YouTube Finally Wise Up?

  1. Of course in the statement I am going to make is simple..very simple and full of history to back it up! but first…all one needs to do is look at who is in charge and at the helm……a WOMAN! and a LIBERAL one at that! No I’m not a misogynist I love me some nice pussy even at my age . But it is a known fact that women placed in leadership over companies and corporations as well as countries, will destroy them because they are nurturers by their very DNA and not able to make decisions without the tug of war with their feelings getting in the way. It’s just the way their made and so I will always see their place as in the home and deserving of all the respect possible in raising kids and everything else there is in keeping the home intact. Call me old school but I don’t care! it’s plain to see for those of us who can get out of the comfy box to take a look around and have the balls still to tell the bitch who’s out of place to get back in the house and stay there!

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